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Inglese 2 Pasquali

inglese 2 Pasquali completo

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A: I'm taking the train to Boston tomorrow. B: Oh. What time ____________ it leave? does will none of the above did.
I...... drink, but now I have stopped used to didn't used to none of the above didn't use.
Mary ..................... drink milk when she was a baby. used to use to didn't used to none of the above.
I didn't ..................... play football. use to uses to none of the above used to.
I ........... drive a new car. didn't use to don't use use to none of the above.
They always ............................. be afraid of the dark. used to none of the above didn't used to use to.
I .............................. like Indian music, but now I do didn't use to none of the above used to don't use to.
I ............ like dance music, but now I don't. Complete the following sentences using one of the choices. used to none of the above usedn't to use to.
That room........... be a cinema. used to didn't used to none of the above use to.
_______ well on that quiz? Did you do none of the above Were you Did you.
In ancient times, people ................ travel on horses. used to uses to none of the above didn't used to.
Anne, when __________ the Tandem Cafe on the Internet? did you begin you began were you beginning none of the above.
While I __________ to work, I saw an accident. none of the above worked was working was worked.
When __________ yesterday morning? did you have breakfast were you having breakfast none of the above had you breakfast.
When I saw John, he _______. was working worked wasn't worked none of the above.
What __________ when you got to the stadium? were the players doing none of the above the players were doing do the players do.
We were having dinner while it __________. WAS RAINING RAINING none of the above RAIN.
________ when it started to rain? WERE YOU DRIVING ARE YOU DRIVING none of the above DID YOU DRIVE.
You have a good memory. I __________ to your school for only a month. WENT WAS GOING none of the above GO.
Did she .................... go to the mall? use to uses to used to none of the above.
I'm dizzy. I think ________. I am going to faint I will faint I'm fainting none of the above.
Who ... that house? bought did bought none of the above buyed.
I haven't made any plans for Easter. I___________ in Hong Kong. will probably stay stay will stay am staying.
We were shocked to see her. ________ been expecting her. we'd not none of the above we are we have.
My uncle ________ smoking in the box. had been none of the above has had.
There are no clean socks. I should ..... the laundry yesterday. have done none of the above not have done do.
Where ............ you born? were did are none of the above.
The train for Milan ............ at 8.00 leaves will leave is leaving is going to leave.
I_______ for my exam on Sunday afternoon am going to revise revise will revise am revising.
A: 'The phone's ringing'. B:"OK. I .... Answer it" will am not am am going to.
I ___________ my friends for dinner after work tomorrow. I've already booked in a restaurant. am going to meet will meet meet am meeting.
A: There's a rock music concert in the park tonight. B: Great! I think __. I'd like to hear some good music. I'll go I'm going I go none of the above.
A: _______John call back this afternoon? B: He promised to call, but he's usually in the gym afternoon. will is does none of the above.
Take your umbrella. It ________________ rain! is going to none of the above will will be.
A: I can't believe I got into medical school. B: You..... a doctor in just a few years. will be none of the above are being are.
A: There's a time management seminar next week. B: Really? I think ________ I missed the last one. I'll go none of the above I'm going I go.
A: Do you have any predictions about next year's election? B: I think Obama __________. will win wins is winning none of the above.
What time __________ tomorrow? does the sun rise is the sun rising will the sun rise none of the above.
A: Jane and I_______________ for the test every day next week. are studying will study study none of the above.
Who ..... there? went didn't went none of the above did went.
__________ when the telephone rang? Were you having a shower Had you a shower Did you have a shower none of the above.
When ... you ... there? did, go did, went __, went none of the above.
We _______ our parents yesterday. invited invite didn't invited none of the above.
I drove by your house this afternoon, but you __________ home. weren't wasn't not none of the above.
Where __________ to elementary school? did you go you went went you none of the above.
The homework was hard. How long __________ you? did it take it took took it none of the above.
John _______ his exam because he _______ very hard. passed/studied none of the above was past / studied past / was study.
How _______ you _______ to drive? did / learn was / learn are / learn none of the above.
When I was 7, I _______ to be a doctor. wanted want was want none of the above.
What time _______ your Math class _______? did / start did / started were / started none of the above.
My aunt _______ English. taught was teach teached none of the above.
Anne _______ play tennis last month. didn't wasn't don't none of the above.
Where did you ... this novel? buy none of the above bought buyed.
What film ... you ... last night? did, see did, saw ___, saw none of the above.
Why ... she ... ? did, cry ___, cried did, cried none of the above.
Who ... ten minutes ago? did call did called called none of the above.
He didn't ... last Sunday. call called calld none of the above.
She ... yesterday. cried cryed cryd none of the above.
I ... TV yesterday. watched watch none of the above watchd.
Anne has always wanted .................... her own shop. to open opening she opens none of the above.
He took accounting courses ............. for his business. to prepare for preparing prepared none of the above.
Last month Jim succeeded in .............. a loan from his bank. getting got he getting none of the above.
We all celebrated her .............. Anne's kitchen. opening to opening opened none of the above.
A: I'm happy we did that. B: ...............I. It was a lot of fun. So am either is Neither am none of the above.
When he first opened, he avoided ............. people to help him. asking to ask none of the above ask.
At first Roxane was terrible at ............ the restaurant. managing none of the above manage to manage.
..... experience is important, so I told him to keep trying. Getting He was getting none of the above To get.
Recently, he's been having me ........... entire meals. prepare none of the above prepared to prepare.
A lamp will "illuminate" this street nicely. light up put up take up blow up.
Don't "belive" that offer. It's probably a scam. fall for put up run into get along.
My University days were great! I "remember them" often. think back on them leave them on run into look them up.
When did you "hire" John? take him on get along take him off work him out.
She was tired, but we couldn't ............. her accept our help. make made making none of the above.
Do you think Japanese food will ever "become popular" here? catch on set up try out touch up.
If you have an idea for a topic, please talk it ......... with me out over in off.
Instead of arguing about the issue, let's "discuss it"! talk it over try it out take it away charge it up.
A: "Da Gino" doesn't accept credit cards. B: This shop .......... But don't worry, I have enough cash on me. doesn't either But it does neither did none of the above.
This paint is scratched. Let's "improve it" as much as we can. touch it up make if up give it up bring it up.
The Black list on my iPhone is a great app! Who "invented it"? thought it up give it on charged it up let it on.
I'm not a customer care operator. Please, don't "end this call"! hang up drop out let it out call back.
My smartphone is "causing problems". Can you help me, John? acting up drop up keeping out setting up.
Anne works so hard that she's sure to "succeed" get ahead give up run into work off.
Giorgia "got" some interesting ideas from the Internet. picked up set up called up pointed out.
If you make a lot of mistakes, do the assignment .... over up down in.
Jason wanted to be an artist, but he "unexpectedly went" to medical school. ended up going tried it out dreamt up going figured out going.
Be careful with those chemicals! They could "explode"! blow up come off break down call up.
Why did my phone charge "increases"? goes up fills up brings up calls up.
Fill .......... the school questionnaire completely out on down off.
Clear .......... any problems you have about your homework assignment before you start. up in off down.
Next week, I will pass ........ a list of suggested topics for your project. on off up out.
A: I should't have any more cake. B: ...............I. I wouldn't be able to sleep. Neither should none of the above Either should But should.
After a few months, he let .............. help her cook. me none of the above mine I.
A: I'm full! B: I ......................... I can't eat another bite. am too not either am none of the above And but I.
Mirella is looking for a new job. So is Michael But Michael doesn't Michael does too none of the above.
Maria lives in New York. So does Mike none of the above But Mike does Neither does Mike.
A: Didn't she use to live in Las Vegas? B:........... She lived in Manchester. No, she didn't. Neither did she. none of the above Yes, she did.
Mary got married 4 years ago. So does Mark. none of the above Neither did Mark. Neither did Mark.
A: Danielle is going to Japan, isn't she? B:..........She's flying there on Monday. Yes, she is But she is No, she isn't none of the above.
Does Tom work for Pirelli & Co.? Yes, he does Neither does he He doesn't either none of the above.
A: I'd love some dessert. B: ..................... I. The pear cake looks delicious. So would none of the above Would either Too would I.
Alice has been working in London for five years. But Jim hasn't So does Jim Jim hasn't either none of the above.
Chiara has an interview tomorrow, doesn't she? none of the above SO does she Yes, she will Yes, he does.
Alex should look at the employment advertisements. Nadia should too Nadia shouldn't either none of the above But Nadia should.
Wasn't Rossana going to speak to her boss? No, she wasn't Neither does she none of the above So is she.
I've never eaten here before. I haven't either I either have I have either none of the above.
I don't like chocolate. Neither does John John doesn't like chocolate So doesn't John none of the above.
A: My dish tastes very salty. B: ....... mine. We're going to be really thirsty later. So does Neither does none of the above So is.
A: My sister often made this dish. B: My mother ............ It was always one of my favourites. Did too Too she did didn't she none of the above.
A: I was planning to invite Jane to join us. B: That's great! I ................ I'm sorry we didn't. was too none of the above either she was has too.
I ..... a flight attendant if I didn't get airsick. would become had become none of the above became.
She's going for a walk in a few minutes. He may ........... at Jane's on the way. none of the above have stopped stop stopping.
You're not coming tonight? It's already 8 o'clock! You .... let me know sooner. none of the above must have can't might have.
You should ................ Fear Factor tomorrow night. I hear it's going to be a really exciting show. not miss none of the above have missed miss.
Mayan buildings are beautiful. The Mayans must ....... an advanced civilization. have had none of the above had had had.
I don't understand this show. Jane was in London on Monday, so she couldn't ........... the money from a Manchester bank that day. have stolen stole had stolen none of the above.
I'm sorry, but I ................ able to meet you for lunch tomorrow. won't be none of the above don't be can't be.
I .... late for work if the bus doesn't arrive soon. will be am none of the above have been.
I'm so busy these days. I wish I ..... more free time. had none of the above had had have.
What do you do when your train .... late? is had been will be none of the above.
If I ..... you, I'd just go for dessert. were none of the above had been am.
I'm going to Jane's for Thanksgiving, but I can't stand to eat turkey. What ...... if that happened to you? would you do did you do will you do none of the above.
If I hadn't been fascinated with flying, I .... a pilot. wouldn't have become became none of the above wouldn't become.
If you ..... early enough, we can't save a seat for you. don't check in have checked in will check in none of the above.
This train is full. ..... Someone gives up a seat, you won't get on this train today. Unless none of the above When If.
If the teacher cancels class today, I ... you. will join have joined join none of the above.
Kate did not buy her sister a birthday card. She must ....... have forgotten forget forgets none of the above.
My wallet is missing. I ..............dropped it in the store. none of the above might could have must.
There are no clean socks. I should ..... the laundry yesterday have done none of the above not have done do.
Anne wants better grades next term. She ............. harder. will have to study shouldn't study none of the above must not study.
Tickets ..... from any travel agent or directly from the airline. may be purchased are purchase none of the above may purchase.
Today Creole, a mixture of languages, .......... spoken widely. is was none of the above are.
In the early days, many languages could ........... in Africa. be heard none of the above hear have heard.
Jamaica was settled ......... people from Africa and Europe. by from none of the above at.
Florida ........... avoided in autumn because of dangerous storms. ought to be should have none of the above should.
Go deep sea fishing, and get your picture ............... with your catch. taken none of the above be taken take.
Swimmers and divers ............... Cuba's stunning beaches. enjoy are enjoyed by none of the above enjoys.
Music lovers from all over the world can .............. found at the festival. be none of the above been have.
This wonderful festival ............ be missed. shouldn't isn't none of the above hasn't.
Reggae music is .......... at Jamaica's Sunsplash Festival. performed none of the above perform performing.
The girl ________ was sitting next to me was your sister. who which what whose.
She ______ on holiday in Italy. enjoyed herself enjoyed her enjoyed enjoyed himself.
My train _________ at 2 pm next Tuesday. will leave leaves is going to leave leave .
When we arrived at Gianna's house, dinner _____. had already started already start was already started started already.
I forgot to bring my pen. Can I borrow _________? yours you him my.
It's too cold in here. Can you _______ the heater on, please? turn have do make .
This car is more ________ than that one. modern fast faster fastest.
This shop _______ be a bookshop a few years ago. used to were use was.
Have you ever been to France? Yes, I ________ there last August. went gone am have been.
She hasn't written to me ______ the last time we met. since when ago for now.
It's a small town in the south _____ England. of from by to.
She doesn't like _______ to the cinema. going go be goes.
I _______ breakfast when Julie arrived was having have used to have am having.
London is the _________ city in Europe. most expensive more expensive expensive expensivest.
I ________ since midday. have been working was working am working works .
Amanda ______ me she got a new job! told asked says said.
I'm _________ student of English as a Foreign Language a x the an.
Do you like ______? watching films being watching films watch films to watching films.
We never ________ how the exam went. found out found stood out passed out.
___ to Canada? Have you ever been Have you ever gone Have been Has you never been.
Sylvie _________ at 10:30 pm arrives go come can .
The fridge is ________ the kitchen in under from on.
Arthur ___________ play the piano very well. doesn't isn't does don't.
Dolphins and __________ other sea creatures use sophisticated navigation systems many any little much.
This car is ______. mine mine's my's my.
It ______ since yesterday. has been raining have been raining rains rained.
The robbers ___________ by the police. have been arrested arrested have arrested was arrested.
This house ______________ in 1970 by my grandfather. was built has built has been built built.
It ___________ that the painting is fake. is now believed believed now believes is believing.
Jamie couldn't come to the park because she ______ go to work. had to have have got has got.
Henry arrived _____ the station _______9. at/at on/in in/by to/by.
If I ______ Oliver, I would have invited him to the party. had seen would see will see saw.
You _____ take an aspirin if you want to feel better. should need won't want.
Archaeologists _________ the gold in a cave near the top of the mountain. discovered was discovered were discovered discovers.
It's just started raining. How will you get home? I'll take a taxi I take a taxi I am walking I go home.
What did you have for dinner last night? I had a steak With John I ate with pleasure I love eating.
What do you like to eat? Pasta I like eating on Saturday evening I eat with my family.
What did you do last year for Christmas? I had dinner with my friends I have had dinner with my friend I would like to have dinner with my friends I have dinner with my friends.
What is your favourite day of the week? Saturday every week the weekend all the day.
How many hours a day do you spend reading? Half an hour more or less In the morning Never In the afternoon.
What's your job? I am a teacher I have had this job for years I don't like this job I work part-time.
What kind of music do you like? I like pop music Always Yes, I do No I don't.
How long did you work last night? for three hours in my office twice a month all the time.
Where do you usually go in your free time? to the cinema at work never with Jennifer.
How often do you play football? twice a week on Tuesday for two hours for long .
Our plane _____ at 8 tomorrow. leaves was leaving will leave is going to leave.
The window ______ by the kids. was broken had broken breaks broke.
Mark is older _____ Jennifer. than to as then.
Anthony came _____ train. by on from with.
Claire and I see each other _______ a month. twice one time two times one.
____ a sofa in the living room? Is there There is There are Are there.
Where ____ you put your exercise book? did has does are.
If it _____ nice tomorrow, we'll go to the park. is was would be will be.
Where's your brother? at work working work by work .
When the phone rang, she _____ a postcard. was writing had written will write writes.
I _____ English since I was a child. haven't spoken didn't speak don't speak spoke.
Their parents came ______ car. by with using from.
If she _______ Peter, he'll stay. asks would ask asked will ask.
Mr Duvée is _______. French France Franch a French.
About half an hour ______ I saw Mr. Brown. ago for since yet.
Frank can't go to see Claire tonight. He hasn't got ______ time. much more some a.
Your letter __________ yesterday morning. arrived arrives will arrive has arrived.
If I_________, I would express my feelings. had been asked asked were asked am asking.
Lisa ________ me the truth about it. told says spoke said.
What are you .........?" " I'm ......a delicious cake. doing/making doing/doing making/making making/doing.
How long did you study last night? For three hours With Bob Never In my room.
Where do you usually eat lunch? In the cafeteria Never Sandwich with Jane.
How often do you play tennis? Almost every day On Tuesday For two hours For now.
You'd be able to buy that dress you like if you ................ each day. saved have saved will save save.
You .............. show your I.D. Card at the airport. must have to should can.
Passengers ............. open the door before the train gets into the station. It's very dangerous. mustn't don't have to shouldn't ought not to.
You haven't got my dictionary, ........ have you? haven't you? got you? have you got?.
While you were cooking, Mary ................ the radio. was listening to listened to listened was listening.
When Mark got to the airport, he realized he ........ his passport at home. had left was left left had been leaving.
If you had caught the bus, you ______ late for work. wouldn't have been will have been would have been would be.
What where you doing yesterday?" I ...... The show. was watching have watched had watched watched.
What time ............ to bed? do you usually go you usually go you go usually do you go usually.
What time .......... Home yesterday? did he arrive he arrived did he arrived arrived he.
What about ............... tonight? going out to going out go out to go out.
What kind of work do you do? I'm a piano teacher I work every day I always work I worked for five years.
Jill .......... act but she's a good singer. can't wish would would like.
Tim always ........... a big breakfast. has has had eats have.
This time tomorrow, Bessy and I .......... in Tokyo. will be will are be.
....... for an hour but not one has come. I have been waiting I waited I have keep waiting I have waited.
There isn't ......... wine left. much all little a drop.
They always go ......... France ...... holiday. to/on on/on in/on to/in.
They arrived right ........... time. on by in at.
The new TV show is ......... than the old one. better the best as good more good.
The items in this shop ............ in the other shop. aren't as cheap as are more cheap aren't cheaper as aren't more cheap.
This house (is) .......... than the other one. more comfortable most comfortable comfortabler as comfortable as.
The comedy ........... was on TV last night was quite boring. which what where there.
The Americans eat more junk food ............ the Italians. than that as then.
Mckenzie _____ play the violin that well. can't wants isn't does.
What kind of novels do you like? I like spy novels No I don't Yes, please Yes I do.
How many hours a day do you watch TV? About two hours With my family I watch the news In my living room.
This is Lucy and that's __________ sister. her hers she his.
You _________ eat more vegetables. It's good for you. should would have might not.
There are ________ mugs in the cupboard. some a any none.
Are there _________ books on the table? any no a some.
She goes home ___________ the morning. in on when at.
Dennis writes ________ a pencil. with on at by.
My mother ________ at a hospital. works work job don't work.
The pictures are _______ the wall. on in below under.
_____ do you eat for breakfast? what when who why.
I _____ ice-skate very well. can know need may.
We ________ go to the concert if the rain stops. We don't know for sure. might mustn't need have to.
The passengers _________ wear their seatbelts during takeoff. must could should can.
You ______ smoke near children. shouldn't have to may should.
_____I use your pen, please? May Have to Must Should.
I _________ like to buy a bigger television for my house. would could must may.
____ I have another cup of coffee, please? Could Must Do Would.
What is your busiest day of the week? Tuesday In the morning With friends In my life.
His mother _____ to him if she had known that he had a problem. would have talked talks would talk will talk.
I ________ that if I were you. wouldn't try won't don't try will not.
If you come tonight, I ________ really happy. will be would be am would.
How long have you been playing the trumpet? For four years About 50 cm With friends In my room.
What are you going to do after dinner? I think I'll take a bath I take a bath I am making a bath I took a bath.
When are you going to post that letter? After work I'll do that Last night To Jane.
Where do you do your homework? At home Always With John About one hour .
Where's Mike? At school Yes, he is At eight For three hours.
What are you doing this afternoon? I'm going to an exhibition I went to an exhibition I will go to an exhibition I go to an exhibition.
What are you doing? I'm working I work I ate I will be eating.
What did you eat last night? Spaghetti At six With my family I don't like eating.
What would you like to drink? Coffee yes, please Saturday evening It's my pleasure.
What did you do yesterday? I went swimming I never swim I am swimming I have swum.
How long have you been playing the piano? for three years in my house since three years when I was free.
I phoned the restaurant _____ complain. to for to by for.
__ I have a glass of water, please? May Must Need Should.
We have meetings on Sundays ______. as well as far as as well as as long as.
Passengers _________ bring their passports when travelling internationally. must can could should.
You ______ drive when you're very tired. shouldn't have to must should.
_____I leave a little early, please? May Have to Must Should.
My wife _________ like to buy an expensive house by the sea. would must could may.
Kids _________ not eat junk food. It's bad for them. should would might need.
___ we have more salt on our salad, please? Could Do Would Must.
Her brother _____ to her if he had known that she had a problem. would have talked will talk would talk talks .
My friend's _______ are adorable. children childs child childrens.
My ________ are very clever. brothers brother brothers' brother's.
She called me _____ give me updates. to about by for.
I'll come back as ......... as I can. soon far fast long.
She said she got a new haircut, but I ______ like it. may not cannot doesn't shouldn't.
I have bought a new tie for Frank, but he ______ like it. might not cannot shouldn't don't.
She sings and she ______ plays the piano. also too as well as like.
We _____ all speak two languages in my family. can need may would.
The teacher hasn't come _______. yet never always already.
Dinner hasn't been served ______. yet never always already.
He goes to the office dressed ______ clown. as a like such as as .
He asked me what I _____ if I failed to get the job. would do would be doing will do would have done.
Could you help ____? me mine's my I.
Sally _______ her mother. looks like looks as looks by looks up.
I found him sitting at a table ________ in papers. covered cover covering to cover.
I _______ Robert since I was six. have known knew know do know.
Colin is landing ________ midday. at on from in.
Betty says she ______ never liked her job. has had did have.
Money ________ important. is not do not don't aren't.
This is the second time I _______ you. have called will call call called.
Everest is _______ mountain in the world. the highest the most high the more high the higher.
I ________ go for a walk if the rain stops, but I'm not sure. might have to mustn't need.
____ do you usually have for lunch when you are at work? what why who when.
I ____ thirsty. am don't do have.
What do you think your father ______ you for Christmas? will give presents to give does give.
He said he _______ a good film ___ a long time. had not seen/for doesn't see/in saw/since is seen/to.
When Tony _____ back they _________ in the library. came/ were sitting come/sits comes/ are sitted didn't come/ will sit.
Pamela has been __________ to be the class representative. chosen choose choosen chosed.
Robert is ____ working so hard. tired of boring of tired for bored to.
Why are you so attracted _____ the mountains? to at for of.
I have ____ nicest ____. the/parents an/parents one/parents a/parents.
He can't come to the phone. He ____ a shower. is having has does make takes.
Last time I ____ you, you _____ to start a new job. saw/were going see/would will see/were have seen/are going.
He had already _____ in Assisi for three months when I ___ to see him. been living/went being lived/go living/have gone had living/goes .
The postman has ______ come. already still yet been.
I phoned the restaurant ______ order to complain. in by on to.
You ______ rest if you're pregnant. should shouldn't mustn't may not.
This shop _____ every day ____ 9 am. opens/at starts/on open/in will open/to.
How are you _______ now? feeling feel at do.
There's no shampoo left _______ the bottle. in at under over.
Her husband ______ politics. isn't interested in hasn't got interested isn't interested to doesn't interested in .
I write to ______ of my children _____ a week. each/once all/only them/onces every/one.
They _____ Madrid have never visited did never visited don't never visited haven't never visited.
The people in my office _______ very nice. are has is to be.
When it ________ I always _______. snows/go for a walk snows/will walk snow/going walking snow/out walking.
____ there any coffee in the cupboard. Is Were Does Are.
He used to _______ to school there. go went came comes.
The _____ saved my ______ 's life. doctor/husband dottor/housband dactor/hasband doctors/housband.
How will I recognize you when I get there? Tell me _____. what you look like your image how you are wearing how you are.
The first flight ______ _____ 6 am. leaves/at go/at start/at is/for.
_____ difficult ________ see in foggy weather. It's/to It's/in It's/for he's/for.
They took a long _______ last summer. trip fly holidays travel.
My younger sister ________ at a school downtown. works goes don't work work.
Jackie arrived ________ Rome at 2 o'clock. in to at by.
I ______ hungry. am do haven't have.
I'm not _______ child anymore. a x used to one.
My brother Frank is _____ than my friend Lucy. taller as tall tall tallest.
Jackie and Tom see each other _______ a month. once all the time every one time.
My bus _______ at 4 pm next Friday. will leave leaving is going to leave leaves.
Where _______ you put your laptop? I need it right now. did are does x .
I'll go to the wedding if they ______ me an invitation. send sent will send would send.
Mr. Brown is _______. English England an English an England.
Ron arrived ________ the airport ________ 10 pm. at/at by/on by/at to/for .
When Katherine called, I _________ for an exam. was studying studying studied would study.
I ______ French since I was at school. haven't spoken don't speak spoke didn't speak.
Their friends came _______ foot yesterday. on x with by.
If you ______ John, he'll do the right thing. ask asks will ask would ask.
A couple of years ________ I met Anthony by chance. ago for while since.
I would truly enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir right now, but I don't have _______. any a some left.
Don't touch this phone. It's _____. mine me mine's my's.
If Claire ___________ harder, she would have got the promotion. had worked would work would have worked works.
We went to the airport as Oliver came _______ plane. by on with from.
We couldn't come to the party because we ____ study for the test. had to needed have need.
We were all _______ lunch when the phone rang. having had have to have.
I don't particularly enjoy _______. reading to reading to read read.
This part of the city is more _______ than the centre. peaceful newer old oldest.
I come from a small town in the South-West ______ Portugal. of from to in.
Gianna hasn't written to me ______ we saw each other last month. since for now when while.
Has she ever been to Vancouver? Yes, she ______ there last year. went were has been has gone.
This ______ be a school, but now it's a house. used to uses use was.
This is my grandma and that's __________ brother. her his hers him.
If you want to get fit, you ________ exercise more often. should may had to need.
My friends and I ________ sing very well. can might may should.
Teenagers _______ smoke. shouldn't don't have to have to don't need to.
Forrest comes back from work _____ night. at during on in.
____ a couch in the bedroom? is there were there are there there is.
This cake_____ by my friend. was baked bakes were baked baked.
Would you like______ more juice? some a few so many.
I look forward _______ from you. to hearing to hear hear hearing.
They asked me ________ going to the party. if I was that I was if I would where I was.
Do you _______? always come here come always here come never come here always.
I hate ______ I'm doing. what which how while.
I wish I _________ to go to work today. didn't have don't have haven't mustn't.
Your luggage ____ too heavy, you've brought _____ suitcases. is/too many are/too many are/too much is/too much.
I can't talk right now. I _______ a hurry. am in am am of have.
The actress was awesome _______ Lady Macbeth. as like as like as such.
I'm used to _______ up early every day. get getting got gotten.
She likes ________ new books. starting starts start the start.
This is the hospital ________ I was born. where whose which while.
Henry arrived _____ home _______10 pm. x/at at/from to/at at/to.
I don't like this job, so I'm _______ a better one. looking for looking after looking to looking up.
That's what Angela ______ to me, but I don't know if it's true. said tells told spoke.
Katherine ______ me _________. always gives/advice give/more advice always gives/advices gives always/advice.
You ______ stay in bed if you want to feel any better. should would like will want.
Everybody ______ a good result. wants hopes want wishes.
He insisted on ________ me flowers. buying buy to buying to buy.
____sunny day! what how a what a how.
Jane was really sad _____. to leave leaving for leave leave.
The waiter hasn't come _____. yet already never just.
Look _______ me please! at to on by.
These letters are ready ______. to be signed sign for be signed signed.
Nobody agreed with you, ________? did they didn't they didn't he they didn't.
Where can I put these books? Put ________ on that shelf. them they their it.
Dad didn't let me ______ to the gym. go to go going to be going.
They have bought a flat in London and they _____ there next year. are going to move will move move move.
The man _______ upstairs is a policeman. living to live lives who living.
Jane was here _______ from morning to night. all day always every days whole the day.
Trisha is going to ............ playing volley. give up give off quit off quit up.
While he ............ in London he went to the Harrods. was were be had been.
My mechanic suggested.... the brakes on my car. changing to changing change to change.
A."Excuse me, ...........does it take to get to Rome from here by train?" B. "It takes about e hours". how long how much how much time what time.
Anne: "I have a cat." John: Anne just said _______________. that she has a cat none of the above that she been having a cat that she had before a cat.
Sherri and Dan: "We enjoyed the concert." Sherri and Dan told us _______________. none of the above that enjoyed the concert they enjoyed the concert that they enjoying the concert.
Byron: "I don't know what Dan said." Byron stated _______________. that he didn't know what he said that he didn't know what he did say none of the above that he didn't know what he did said.
Mary "I love chocolate." Jill: "Mary said (that) she ___ chocolate." loved loves loving none of the above.
Mary: "I went skiing." Jill: "Mary said (that) she ___ skiing." had gone none of the above has gone went.
Mary: "I had a cat." Jill: Mary said (that) she had ___ a cat." had have had had none of the above.
She said it _____ raining when she got here. had already started already started none of the above Either could be used here.
She said that no one _____ to the meeting last week. had come has come none of the above is coming.
They asked me _____ going to the cinema with them. None of the above that I were if I am If I have been.
If I __________ enough time tomorrow, I will come and see you. get will get had got have got.
......... a stomachache. I've got I'm got I'm have I got.
..... always sit near the door at the restaurant? Why do you Why are you Because you Why you.
...... any milk in the fridge? Is there Is it There is does.
A. "I don't mind going to the office by bus". B: "............... Neither do I Nor, I don't Either do I But, I don't.
I had a great time. Hugo told Franca ..... had had a great time. he you none of the above I.
A. "The phone is ringing!" B. "Don't worry, ................. It". I'll answer I answer I'm answering I'm going to answer.
A jet is ........... a helicopter. faster than faster then fastly more fast.
A sceptic person is someone .......... doesn't believe to what you say. who which whose whom.
A. "Would you like to go to the park?" B. " Sorry , I can't. I need ................. For my exams. to study studying to have studied study.
A. "What's your new English teacher ...........?" B. "She seems ok." like looks like look like likes.
Are you free ............... Saturday? on in by at.
Geena has bought another pair of shoes. She really likes collecting them, .............? doesn't she? does she? is she? isn't she?.
Can you ........... the door? open to open be able to open opened.
....... people were singing in the concert? How many? Who? What? How much?.
Could you please look ......the screen and tell me what you see? at on to for.
Please sir, ........... this form. fill in write down fill write.
Does Tony ........... the date of your anniversary? remember reminds remind remembers.
Does Emilia .............. a lot? study studys to study studies.
...... early in the morning? Do you usually get up Do usually you get Usually get you up Get you usually up.
Colin: "I have missed the train, but I'll catch the next one." Colin said ___________. he had missed the train, but would catch the next one none of the above he has missed the train, but was catching the next time he has missed the train, but can caught the next one.
Don't drive fast. Colin told Anne ..... fast. not to drive to not drive don't drive none of the above .
There's a bank one on Queen's Road, .......... the supermarket. next to near to back next.
...... bag is this? Who's Who Whose Of who.
If you _________ Maths at school, you would find commerce difficult to understand. didn't learn won't learn doesn't learn learned.
If you __________ to learn a musical instrument, you have to practise. want would want have wanted wanted.
I know it's not likely, but if she ________ her plea to guilty, she would get less than five years in prison. changes changed none of the above had changed.
I believe that mankind is generally honest. Most people will tell the truth if they _______ to do so. swear none of the above had sworn swore.
When the jury comes into the courtroom, they __________ straight at the accused. will look none of the above would look would have looked.
If they __________ to arrest until last month, she would have left the country. had waited none of the above waited wait.
If the police had found the murder weapon, she __________ put in prison last year. would have been would be none of the above will be.
It is her decisions, so I will ask her if she __________ to accept your offer. wants wanted had wanted none of the above.
I am sure she didn't do it, so if my client ________ to the crime, she would be lying. admitted had admitted admits none of the above.
There is some evidence against your client. If she admits to the crime, I _______ sure that her sentence is lenient. will make make would make none of the above.
Colin is a serious criminal. If he _________ one more crime, he will be sent to jail. commits committed none of the above had committed.
Michael is a banker and he enjoys his work very much. However, if he went back to college next year, he __________ a teacher so he could help children more. would become would have become none of the above will become.
If it rains, the boys ______________ volleyball. won't play don't play would not have played wouldn't play.
If I __________ to Leipzig, I'll visit the zoo. go had gone went have gone.
We ought to get together more often. We all said that we ..... together more often. ought to get should have gotten ought to have gotten none of the above.
If the wall weren't so high, he ___________ it up to take his ball down. could climb is climbing climb couldn't have climbed.
If the tree hadn't been so high, he _________ it up to take his kite down. could have climbed climbed climb could climb.
She wouldn't have given them all that money if we ____________ her to. hadn't advised wouldn't advise wouldn't have advised won't advise.
John would be taking a great risk if he ________ his money in that business. invested would invest invests had invested.
Will you be angry if I _________ your pocket dictionary? steal stole were to steal had stolen.
If ________ as I told her, she would have succeeded. she had done she would do she did she does.
______Paul tonight, tell him I want to see him. Should you see If you had seen If you seen Had you seen .
You look beautiful in that dress. She told me ..... beautiful in that dress. I looked none of the above I'll look you looked.
Have you met Bill and Jane yet?. John asked me ....... Bill and Jane yet. if I had met did I meet if I met none of the above.
Is Tory coming tonight?. I asked Jim ............ Tory was coming that night. whether none of the above did when.
I'm not sure. He told me ... sure. he wasn't none of the above I wasn't I'm not.
Why don't you ride home with us? John invited me ....home with them. to ride riding none of the above not to ride.
Call me tomorrow. Anne said .... her the next day. to call me to call none of the above call.
It may snow tonight. He said it might snow ..... at night none of the above that night tonight.
Lance is going .......... Tijuana tomorrow. to at in none of the above.
If that was John, why _______ he stop and say hello? didn't do don't did.
Sonia, ............ a cheap restaurant near here? is there is it it is there is.
If I........... time, I'll go to the hairdresser's. have will have would have had.
Tom is ............. to Miami next month. flying fly to flying will fly.
My son ............ the piano. He's very good. is playing play is play is played.
Last week Lisa .......... to the doctor's. had to go had to going must go should go.
Jane ............ a job. isn't able to find hasn't able to find hasn't able to finding isn't able to finding.
Jonh .............. to him... the phone. spoke/on speaked/on spoke/at speaked/at .
I wont't go to Naples if it ............. tomorrow. rains will rain would rain none of the above.
Jen .............. hear me. couldn't did not could did not can shouldn't .
It's very hot. ............ the window? Can I open? I open Do I open? Would I open.
It started to snow while I .............. for the cab. was waiting had waited waited was to wait.
I saw Bob in the park ............. 2 weeks ago for 2 weeks 2 week ago since 2 weeks ago.
Is Marta in ............ bedroom? her hers his he's.
I'm not watching that film. It's ................! frightening frightened frightenying frighten.
......... for a pizza! Let's go Let go Let's going Let us go.
If you ............. tell me, I'll call the police! don't won't wouldn't shouldn't.
...... a video last night? Did he watch Has he watched Does he watch Should he watch.
___this word in the dictionary. Look up Look out Look at Look for.
I ................. Here ...... 2001. have been living/since have lived/since have been lived/since had lived/since.
I think you ............. sell your car: it's too old! should have to need may.
Grace's job is ............ than mine. better best as good as well.
I always .......... a tuna salad on a hot day! enjoy eating enjoy to eat enjoy eatting enjoying.
I need a workbook ............... has the answers. that then there where.
Fred hasn't finished his homework ....... yet still already just.
Ted was ........ last year. hired hyred hiren hire.
I'm ........... the show on TV tonight. watching to watch watch will watch.
I love it when mommy cooks: .......... muffins are just delicious! her hers theirs their.
We like going to the mall ........... Summer. in for on at.
Florence has got a lot of museums ......... you can visit. which where when for.
Stephy'd like .......... on holidays. to go go to going going.
Where people buy meat? .......... At the butcher's At the butcher From the butcher In the butcher'.
...... me tonight after 8.00 pm? Can you call Do you can call Can call you You call.
Mike will send you an e-mail before he .......... leaves would leave will leave leave.
My dad goes to work ........... 7:30. at on by at the.
How much .......... where you live? do flats cost do flat costs are the flats-costs? do a flat cost.
... from your window? what do you see how do you see what do you look what you see.
Ben .......... cooking. does not like not like dislike do not like.
..... France is expensive, it's definitely worth visiting. Although However, If Meanwhile.
....... from England? Does Noah come Noah comes Does Noah comes Do Noah comes.
...... go to the cinema after the conference? Would you like to Do you want Would you like Do you like.
Hello, ..........? is Mary at home? is there Mary at home? is Mary in home? is there Mary?.
My dad has a ........... experience in selling cars. wide big much large.
My brothers earned ............... money last year. a lot of many several how much.
Farhan looked tired, because he .............. all day. had been travelling had been traveling have been travelling travelled.
Mandy passed the exam very ........ easily good well easier.
Gabriel ......... a shower before he goes to work. has does makes has had.
Paul taught in a local school for 1 year, but he doesn't teach there ........... any more no more more ago.
Honey is ............. than chocolate. sweeter more sweet sweetter the most sweet.
How many people ........... in your class? are there are they are are them.
Heric was cutting the grass when he ............. Walter yesterday. saw have seen had seen would see.
How ............ Barbra meet her friends? often does often do does often.
Dany's the woman .............. lives in Germany. who that/which whoever whom.
The doctor ............. His patients last week. has met meet met has meet.
Danielle ............ drink too much. It's not good for her. shouldn't mustn't should doesn't have to.
Rachel ............. a house in the northern part of the city. has got have got have got.
She ............ Russian. is learning is to learn learns will have learn.
We got ready .............. a moment. in for after at.
There aren't ......... seats! enough some many a few.
She used to live in China when ........... for that company. she worked she has worked she is working she works.
Smith ................ New York. has never been to has ever been in has never been in have ever been to.
..... high school does Frank go to? St. Gloria's or Hordon's? which where what within.
I asked John ............ not to go away to not go away don't go away not going away.
I am ................ the person talking. listening to listening hearing hearing to.
I ............ live in Barcelona , but now I live in Rome. used to usually to was used to had used to.
Which of these would not be acceptable in a formal letter? Wouldn't I am Do not Cannot.
One may write a(n) ____ letter find out information, to apply for a job or a course, or to send an apology. formal none of the above Informal Chain.
Which salutation is linked to the "See ya" letter closure? Hey Mary Dear Mr Higgins Never acceptable Dear Sir/Madam.
You are asked to write an essay to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific topic. You are going to write a(n): for and against essay none of the above transactional essay an opinion essay.
Imagine you've bought a new TV, and it doesn't work. What are you going to write to express your dissatisfaction? A letter of complaint none of the above A postcard A letter of application.
You are writing an email to a good friend. How would you end it? Katie, Love the photos on Facebook of last weekend. Fancy catching up over a coffee later this week? Call me. Love Best wishes Regards All the best.
How would you finish this letter? Dear Mrs McDonald, I am writing to apply for the Head of English position advertised in this week's Times Educational Supplement. As you will see from my application form, I have extensive experience of teaching English and have successfully led colleagues before. Please also find attached a copy of my CV. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. _______________(Signature) Yours sincerely, Yours Yours faithfully, All the best.
How would you start this email? Dear _________ Over the weekend, we started having problems with our heating. Please could you call me as soon as possible so we can discuss having repairs done. As you will appreciate, the weather is very cold and we are finding having no heating a major inconvenience. Thank you in anticipation for your speedy response to this matter. Take care XXXXX Joe, Mr Smith, Joe: Mr Smith:.
A letter may be written to communicate something that's difficult to say face to face. true none of the above it depends on the context false.
Emails, cell phones, and social media are slowly declining the use of personal letters. true none of the above it depends on the context false.
A complaint letter is an example of a(n) ________ letter. formal formated personal informal.
Information necessary to include in a formal letter are _______. dates, names, and addresses date, relationship, and age dates, serial numbers, and locations date, preferred language, and race.
A formal letter does not use salutations or complimentary closings. False True none of the above it depends on the context.
____ letters are letters to people who we don't know on a personal level. None of the above Chain Reference Informal.
I am writing to express my disappointment" is a typical formulaic expression of letters of complaint greetings Emails to a friend informal letters.
Which salutation is linked to the "Yours sincerely" letter closure? Dear Mr Swift Never acceptable Hello Jane Dear Sir/Madam.
Which salutation is linked to the "Yours faithfully" letter closure? Dear Sir/Madam Hey there Never acceptable Dear Mr Smith.
All formal letters have one thing in common professionalism none of the above publicity an unknown purpose.
When writing the headline, use the simple present to describe recent events use the imperative to describe recent events none of the above omit the verbs.
What should you always do when writing a formal letter? Use correct sentences Use paragraphs Put in some colourful pictures Make a cup of tea before you start.
When writing an essay, we write our personal opinion in the conclusion in the first sentence in the introduction in the main body.
If we attach a resume to our email, we are writing an application email a congratulation greeting an informal letter a condolence mail.
When writing an informal letter, we can adopt a friendly tone a formal tone a solemn tone a professional tone.
Which of these is a correct formal letter introduction? Dear Mr Jones Hello Mr. Jones Hello John Alright Mate.
____ letters are generally precise and to the point, without any unnecessary detail. Formal Semiformal none of the above Informal.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. It hasn't taken Sam long to learn Spanish. PICKED Sam has picked up Spanish very quickly Sam has picked in Spanish very quickly Sam has picked off Spanish very quickly Sam has picked down Spanish very quickly.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. I can't wait to see the sights in London. FORWARD I am looking forward to seeing the sights in London. I am forwarding to see the sights in London. I am looking forward to see the sights in London. I am having forward to see the sights in London.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. We must take as much advantage as possible of any opportunity to speak English. MOST We have to make the most of any opportunity to speak English. We have to do the most of any opportunity to speak English. We have to let the most of any opportunity to speak English. We have to sit the most of any opportunity to speak English.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. We are noticing a rise in the cost of living again. APPEARS The cost of living appears to be rising again. The cost of living appears to rise again. The cost of living appears to have rised again. none of the above.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. Will your neighbours look after your dog when you go away? TAKE Do you know if your neighbours will take care of your dog when you go away? Do you know if your neighbours will take advantage of your dog when you go away? none of the above Do you know if your neighbours will take after your dog when you go away?.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. This new dining table is bigger than the one we had before. NOT The dining table we had before was not as big as this new one. The dining table we had before were not as big as this new one. The dining table we had before was not big as this new one. none of the above.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. The family always spent their holidays climbing in the mountains USED The family's holidays used to be spent climbing in the mountains. The family's holidays use to be spent climbing in the mountains. The family's holidays were used to be spent climbing in the mountains. The family's holidays got used to be spent climbing in the mountains.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. I think it's time the children went to bed now. HAD I think the children had better go to bed now. I think the children had to have gone to bed now. I think the children had gone to bed now. I think the children had been to go to bed now.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. I'm not going to tolerate this untidiness any longer. UP I have no intention of taking up with this untidiness any longer I have no intention of putting up with this untidiness any longer I have no intention of sitting down with this untidiness any longer I have no intention of letting up with this untidiness any longer.
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. Could you speak English when you were younger? ABLE When you were younger, were you able to speak English? When you were younger, you were able to speak English? When you were younger, was you able to speak English? When you were younger, have you been able to speak English?.
In Modern English, grammatical relations are signaled by word order and prepositions. This means that this language is Analytic Synthetic Analogical None of the above.
In Old English, grammatical relations were predominantly signaled by endings on nouns and verbs. This means that this language was: Synthetic Analytic Analogical none of the above.
During the Middle English period, from which two languages were many words borrowed? Latin and French Celtic and Old Norse none of the above Urdu and Iroquoian.
Which one of the following texts was composed during the Old English period? Beowulf none of the above The Canterbury Tales Othello.
What is another name for Old English? Anglo-Saxon none of the above Celtic Middle English.
Which of the following Old English works documents the early history of England? The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Beowulf none of the above Boethius.
Varieties typical for social groups are called: Dialects none of the above Jargons Sociolects.
When, according to most scholars, did English start to become a global Language? At the end of the 16th century, with the start of the colonisation of the West Indian and North American Colonies During the reign of Henry VIII Immediately after the Norman Conquest In 1858, when Britain took over formal rule of India.
Which of the below is NOT a subvariety of US English spoken by a distinct ethnic/social Group? Cockney African American Vernacular English Tex Mex Pennsylvania Dutch.
What does the acronym ESL stand for? English as a Second Language English as a Spoken Language English as a Scientific Language English for Students of Literature.
Which of the below is NOT generally considered to be a danger of having a global language? A growth of Bilingualism The death of lesser spoken languages Cultural and linguistic imperialism Complacency about learning other languages.
Who were the original speakers of English? The Angles, Saxons and Jutes The Angles, Celts and Jutes The Angles, Saxons and Celts The Angles, Saxons and Vikings.
In which language family do the ultimate origins of the English language lie? Indo-European North American Latin none of the above.
The change from synthetic to analytic is a major development in the history of English. What is one of its main manifestations? Grammatical functions are expressed by word order and prepositions rather than endings Grammaticalization has become dominant The expression of thought is now more analytical Many forms are always used to express a single form.
Which of the varieties of English below is the oldest? Hiberno-English US English Australian English West Indian English.
What is meant by the abbreviation RP? Received Pronunciation Rest in Peace Receive a Prize none of the above.
Over one billion people worldwide are currently learning English: True False It depends on context We cannot state such specific data.
When is the first attended usage of the phrase “inkhorn term” dated? 1543 1700 1925 1850.
Did the printing press also serve to standardize English? YES NO It depends on the historical period we investigate none of the above.
The Great Vowel Shift only affected vowels of the following kind: Long High Short Low.
It is often maintained that English is used as a lingua franca? What does that mean? A lingua franca is a language that is used as a means of communication between people who are not familiar with each other’s native language. A lingua franca is NOT a language that is used as a means of communication between people who are not familiar with each other’s native language. A lingua franca is a language that is used as a means of communication between people who are native speakers of that language. none of the above.
Standard English emerged in this century: 16th 20th 15th 17th.
The Norman Invasion happened in this year (AD): 1066 1010 1262 874.
According to you, which of the following words does NOT derive from French/Latin: Ghost Consideration Spirit Reflection.
One of the following statements about Early Modern English morphology is false: Prepositions are inflected Agreement on verbs almost disappears Pronominal forms change none of the above.
bed/bad is: a minimal pair a dipthong none of the above a rounded sound.
A position slightly further back than alveolar, with the tip of the tongue bent or ‘curled’ backwards, is called retroflex none of the above uvular glottal.
If the change is brought about by pressures which are internal to the linguistic system, the change is: endogenous exogenous introgenous none of the above.
In the USA, the compound washcloth corresponds to the British: flannel fennel channel none of the above.
The UK is part of the: inner circle outer circle none of the above expanding circle .
The understanding of linguistic differentiation is studied by: sociolinguistics phonetics pragmatics morphology.
People need English for secondary education, politics, law, business. This is true for countries belonging to: outer circle none of the above expanding circle inner circle.
The varieties of English, especially those with official status, are often referred to as: New Englishes Old Englishes None of the above Middle Englishes.
How is Kachru’s model defined? circle model mouse model square model none of the above.
The various allophones constitute the: phonemic output phonemic inventory phonetic output none of the above.
India is part of the: outer circle expanding circle none of the above inner circle.
According to you, Italy is part of the: expanding circle outer circle inner circle none of the above.
ELF stands for: English as a Lingua Franca none of the above English as a Foreign Language English as a First Language.
Who proposed an American Standard in 1789? Webster Halliday Wordsworth Austin.
SLA stands for: Second Language Acquisition English as a Lingua Franca none of the above English as a Foreign Language.
According to Graddol (1997), first-language speakers are: 375 million 500 million 750 million none of the above.
EFL stands for: English as a Foreign Language English as a Lingua Franca Second Language Acquisition none of the above.
Most people have English as first language. This is true for the countries of: inner circle outer circle none of the above expanding circle.
TRAVELED is the: AE spelling BE spelling none of the above IrE spelling.
People need English for communication in business, politics, education. This is true for countries belonging to: expanding circle inner circle outer circle none of the above.
An intralingual process where a new word is created by adding affixes to an old one is named: derivation clipping hypocorism acronym.
"The man as was driving the car" is a typical ......... feature of BE nonstandard grammar none of the above extrastandard grammar standard grammar.
Double or multiple negation (I couldn’t find none nowhere) is a .......... feature of BE: nonstandard standard none of the above extrastandard.
Scots as a spoken language was used by the rural population and the working classes: True False None of the above it depends on context.
Borrowings such as clan, galore ‘in abundance’ have been introduced by Sir Walter Scott Sir Gawain and the Green Knight None of the above Sir Winston Churchill.
The voiceless ending is a historically based Scots feature. "selt" stands for: sold None of the above sent bent.
The distinctiveness of Scottish English derived from the influence of other languages, especially: Gaelic, Norwegian, and French Gaelic, Norwegian and Spanish German, Japanese, and Italian None of the above.
British "courgette" comes from: French Italian German Spanish.
‘A pile of stones that marks the top of a mountain or some other special place’ is in Gaelic cairn sporran book none of the above.
‘A small furry bag that hangs in front of a man’s kilt as part of traditional Scottish dress’ is in Gaelic: sporran cairn boko none of the above.
Blogs and online games become typical lingua-franca situations. true false None of the above it depends on context.
Welsh and Gaelic speakers, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines have switched to Gaelic. FALSE TRUE It depends on the historical moment none of the above.
The model is above all the teacher’s usage. true false It depends on the countries involved None of the above.
Exposure is what the English learners listen to or read. true false it depends on the countries involved None of the above.
Seidlhofer (2010) recommends adopting English as an official lingua franca, but making it clear that this is exclusively British English. false true It depends on the countries involved none of the above.
The Commonwealth of Nations uses English. true It depends on the occasions None of the above false.
Italian is increasingly used as a corporate or company language in multinational corporations. false true None of the above it depends on context.
The most obvious effect of English on other languages is borrowed lexis. true false None of the above It depends on the languages involved.
English affects the code of other languages, above all their: vocabulary syntax pragmatics phonetics.
What factors led to the use of English as a sort of lingua franca? This was made possible first of all by historical events. This was made possible first of all by cultural events. This was made possible first of all by religious events. none of the above.
What do African-English literatures have in common? All the new African-English literatures have shared similar styles and approaches, have dealt with the same basic themes, and gone through the same phases of development. none of the above All the new African-English literatures are less interested in introspection and psychological analysis or in elaborate experiments in language and structure. All the new African-English literatures have have arisen around the globe throughout human history.
The term ‘apartheid’ came from an African word meaning change. FALSE TRUE None of the above It came from a Japanese word meaning change.
Chinua Achebe was born in 1930 in a small ........ village. Nigerian Australian Canadian none of the above.
A lingua franca is a language systematically used to make communication possible between people not sharing a mother tongue, in particular when it is a third language, distinct from both mother tongues. TRUE FALSE It depends on the countries involved. None of the above.
What is the name of the protagonist of Thigs Fall Apart? Okonkwo Okinowo Okinawa Okorowo.
Midnight's Children covers the years: from 1915 to 1977 from 1930 to 1978 from 1920 to 1980 from 1940 to 1985.
In Runaway, when Carla started to live with Clark, she only looked at mobile homes villas mansions pile dwellings.
What is the central idea of Midnight's Children? The central idea of the book is not just that public life affects private life, but that, thanks to the act of writing, any historical event or person may flow into people’s lives and thoughts. The central idea of the book is that nothing has to be taken for granted. The central idea of the book is that private lives of Indian people show somewhat selfishness and lack of consideration of other people's feelings none of the above.
The Remains of the Day was published in 1989 1982 1980 1986.
Ishiguro uses: a formal language none of the above a semiformal language an informal language.
In Runaway, Carla didn't use to... consider mobile homes as real homes none of the above live in a big house like mobile homes.
V.S. Naipaul was born in trinidad in: 1932 1952 1922 1942.
According to the text you've read, what did Article 5 of the Constitution in Iran establish? Article 5 stated that the highest authority in the Islamic Republic was the Leader, who exercised the supreme political and religious powers and was a manifestation of the integration of politics with religion. none of the above Article 5 stated that the Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour. Article 5 established that the government had the responsibility to confiscate all wealth accumulated through usury, usurpation, and bribery.
The peoples of the Islamic countries, according to Naipaul, are: poor, fragmented, backward and confused none of the above rich, supportive, forefront and sterne poor, supportive, backward and sterne.
What is the main theme of Beyond Beliefs by V.S. Naipaul? The main theme is political philosophy which cannot and should not be combined with religious faith. The main theme is the clash between love and death. The main theme is religious enslavement which cannot be subverted. none of the above.
In Midnight's Children, what are the children a metaphor for? For hope and opportunities betrayed For slavery and corruption For guilt and selfishness none of the above.
In Midnight's Children, what colours are in the flag of the new nation? Saffron, white, and green Black, grey, and blue Black, white, and red Orange, white, and green.
Shalimar the Clown was published in: 2005 2004 2006 2010.
In Midnight's Children, what happens at midnight? The two babies were born and India awakens to life and freedom Vanita and Amina get married and fly away from India There was a bombing in New Delhi which destroys entirely the city Vanita killed Amina and then flies away from India.
In 15th August 1947, who is Miss Mary Pereira? a midwife an English teacher a secretary an actress.
The system of apartheid brought about: a long international arms and trade the granting of citizenship to all racial groups. none of the above black political representation.
Writers living in the ex-colonies and the Commonwealth who write in English: find themselves torn between their two cultures. judge England as outsiders. reject the popular tradition of their countries. judge England as saviours.
Things Fall Apart was published ...... years before Nigerian independence. 2 10 8 5.
How did the clansmen react to the Ibo interpreter? At first everybody laughed at him, then all listened to him. At first everybody celebrated him, then all prepared a birthday cake for him. At first everybody laughed at him, then all joined to slaughter him. At first everybody beat him, then all joined to kill him.
Where does the title of Things Fall Apart come from? The title of the novel comes from W.B. Yeats’s poem The Second Coming The title of the novel comes from S.T. Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The title of the novel comes from Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist The title of the novel comes from W. Shakespeare's Macbeth.
The aims of Things Fall Apart is to show Nigerian people how the strength of their own culture could help them build a nation. TRUE FALSE No, they are people from Cuba, and not Nigeria Apart from Nigerian people, there are references to Gods.
The Satanic Verses was published in 1988 1989 1987 1983.
The Remains of the Day is written in: first person narrative none of the above second person narrative third person narrative.
When did India gain its independence from British rule? 15th August 1947 10th May 1945 2nd June 1946 1st December 1944.
Do you think Stevens' behaviour is the sign of ......? someone who is slave to his work a true professional none of the above guilt.
In Runaway, Flora appeared: in Carla's dreams. in Fiona's dreams. none of the above in James's dreams.
In the second part of the passage from Runaway you've read, the narrator writes about Lizzie. Lizzie is: a horse a goat a cat a woman .
in Runaway, Clara: helps her husband with his work none of the above helps his husband stealing money from the rich doesn't help his husband with his work.
In Runaway, the couple is: quite poor quite wealthy none of the above really rich.
From the first lines of the excerpt you have read from Runaway, the couple lives: in the countryside in the Philippines in the city in New York .
In Things Fall Apart, Achebe describes the gradual decay of the Ibo traditional society from colonial times to independence and neo-colonisation. TRUE FALSE There are hints of this decay just in the first chapter There are hints of this decay just in the last chapter.
Which theme is amongst the most salient ones in The Remains of the Day? spontaneity guilt prejudice none of the above.
Which of the following themes can you find in The Remains of the Day? love and lost opportunities prejudice none of the above guilt.
All the new African-English literatures have: recorded the disillusionment with the outcome of independence. created revolutionary techniques. dealth with memories of the past. dealt with different themes.
What is Miss Kenton like? She understands Mr Stevens and wants to help none of the above She is interfering in Mr Stevens' private affairs She is not very sensitive.
The only consolation for the protagonist of Runaway is: a goat a sheep a squirrel a dog.
The protagonists of Munro's works are mostly: Canadian women American girls none of the above European young men .
Alice Munro has become famous for: her short stories none of the above her novels her poems.
Midnight's Children is set in India, Pakistan and: Bangladesh Japan Indonesia China.
Saleem Sinai sees himself as a metaphor for: the nation. mankind. women. the body.
In Midnight's Children the children become a metaphor of guilt. false true only in the first part of the work only in the second part of the work.
Alice Munro is .......... writer. a Canadian a British an American a Jamaican.
How does the reader learn of Stevens's true feeling about his father? none of the above from the other characters from Miss Kenton from Mrs Mortimer.
Alice Munro was awarded: the Nobel Prize for Literature the Booker Prize none of the above the PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction.
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