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Which two condition cause workflow rules to fire? Choose 2 answers Changing territory assignments of accounts and opportunities Updating record using bulk API Converting leads to person account An Apex batch process that changes field values.
To which primitive data type is a text area (rich) field automatically assigned? Text Blob Object String.
In the code below, what type does Boolean inherit from? Boolean b= true; Enum Object String Class.
What is a good practice for a developer to follow when writing a trigger? (Choose 2) Using @future methods to perform DML operations. Using the Map data structure to hold query results by ID. Using the Set data structure to ensure distinct records. Using synchronous callouts to call external systems.
What is a valid source and destination pair that can send or receive change sets? (Choose 2) Developer Edition to Sandbox Sandbox to Production Sandbox to Sandbox Developer Edition to Production.
Universal Containers (UC) has an integration with its Accounting system that creates tens of thousands of Orders inside of Salesforce in a nightly batch. UC wants to add automaton that can attempt to match Leads and Contacts to these Orders using the Email Address field on the insert. UC is concerned about the performance of the automation with a large data volume. Which tool should UC use to automate this process? Process Builder Process Builder with an Autolaunched Flow Workflow Rules Apex.
A company that uses a Custom object to track candidates would like to send candidate information automatically to a third -party human resource system when a candidate is hired. What can a developer do to accomplish this task? Create an escalation rule to the hiring manager. Create an auto response rule to the candidate. Create a Process Builder with an outbound message action. Create a workflow rule with an outbound message action.
In Lightning component framework, which resource can be used to fire events? Choose 2 answers. Third-party Javascript code Javascript controller actions Visualforce controller actions Third-party web service code.
A developer creates a Workflow Rule declaratively that updates a field on an object. An Apex update trigger exists for that object. What happens when a user updates a record? No changes are made to the data. Both the Apex Trigger and Workflow Rule are fired only once. The Workflow Rule is fired more than once. The Apex Trigger is fired more than once.
What si the debug output of the following apex code? Decimal thevalue; system.debug(thevalue); Undefined 0 Null 0.0.
A developer has a unit test that is failing. To identify the issue, the developer copies the code inside the test method and executes it via the Execute Anonymous Apex Tool. The code then executes without failing. Why did the unit test failed, but not the Execute Anonymous? The test method has a syntax error in the code. The test method relies on existing data in the database The test method use a try/catch block The test method calls an @future method.
What would a developer do to update a picklist field on related Opportunity records when a modification to the associated Account record is detected?A. Create a process with Process Builder. Create a process with Process Builder. Create a workflow rule with a field update. Create a Lightning Component. Create a Visualforce page.
What is a valid statement about Apex classes and interfaces? Choose 2 answers: The default modifier for a class is private. Exception classes must end with the word exception. A class can have multiple levels of inner classes. The default modifier for an interface is private.
How would a developer change the field type of a custom field on the Account object from string to an integer? Make the changes in the developer console, and then the change will automatically be reflected in the Apex code. Mate the change in the declarative UI, then update the field type to an integer field in the Apex code. Make the change in the declarative UI, an then the change will automatically be reflected in the Apex code. Remove all references in the code, make the change in the declarative UI, and restore the references with the new type.
A developer needs to avoid potential system problems that can arise in a multi-tenant architecture. Which requirement helps prevent poorty written applications from being deployed to a production environment? SOQL queries must reference sObActs with their appropriate namespace. All Apex code must be annotated with the with sharing keyword. Unit tests must cover at least 75% of the application's Apex code All validation rules must be active before they can be deployed.
The Account object has a custom formula field,Level c, that is defined as a Formula(Number) with two decimal places. Which three are valid assignments? Choose 3. Long myLevel = acct.Level c; Object myLevel = acct.Level c; Double myLevel = acct.Level c; Decimal myLevel = acct.Level c; Integer myLevel = acct.Level c;.
An Account trigger updates all related Contacts and Cases each time an Account is saved using the following two DML statements: update allContacts; update allCases; What is the result if the Case update exceeds the governor limit for maximum number of DML records? The Account save succeeds, Contacts are updated, but Cases are not. The Account save fails and no Contacts or Cases are updated The Account save is retried using a smaller trigger batch size. The Account save succeeds and no Contacts or Cases are updated.
Which two conditions cause workflow rules to fire? Choose 2 answers Changing the territory assignments of accounts and opportunities Updating records using the bulk API Converting leads to person accounts An Apex Batch process that changes field values.
A developer creates a new Visualforce page and Apex extension, and writes test classes that exercise 95% coverage of the new Apex extension.Change set deployment to production fails with the test coverage warning: "Average test coverage across all Apex classes and triggers is 74%, at least 75% test coverage is required."What can the developer do to successfully deploy the new Visualforce page and extension? Create test classes to exercise the Visualforce page markup. Select "Disable Parallel Apex Testing" to run all the tests. Add test methods to existing test classes from previous deployments. Select "Fast Deployment'' to bypass running all the tests.
An apex trigger fails because it exceeds governor limits. Which two techniques should a developer use to resolve the problem? Choose 2 answers Use the database class to handle DML operations Use maps to reference related records Use SOQL aggregate queries to retrieve child records Use lists for all DML operations.
A visualforce interface is created for Case Management that includes both standard and custom functionality defined in an Apex class called myControllerExtension. The visualforce page should include which <apex:page> attribute(s) to correctly implement controller functionality? A. StandardController = "case" and extensions =" myControllerExtension" B. Extensions=" myControllerExtension" C. Controller=" myControllerExtension" D. Controller = "case" and extensions =" myControllerExtension".
How can a developer warn users of SOQL governor limit violations in a trigger? Use ApexMessage.Message() to display an error message after the number of SOQL queries exceeds the limit. Use PageReference.setRedirect() to redirect the user to a custom Visualforce page before the number of SOQL queries exceeds the limit. Use Messaging.SendEmail() to continue the transaction and send an alert to the user after the number of SOQL queries exceeds the limit. Use Limits.getQueries() and display an error message before the number of SOQL queries exceeds the limit.
How can a developer use a Set<Id> to limit the number of records returned by a SOQL query? Reference the Set in the LIMIT clause of the query Pass the query results as an argument in a reference to the Set.containsAll() method. Pass the Set as an argument in a reference to the Database.query() method Reference the Set in the WHERE clause of the query.
Which type of code represents the Controller in MVC architecture on the Force.com platform? (Choose 2) JavaScript that is used to make a menu item display itself. A static resource that contains CSS and images. Custom Apex and JavaScript coda that is used to manipulate data. StandardController system methods that are referenced by Visualforce.
Which two automation tools include a graphical designer? Choose 2 answers Approvals Flow builder Process builder Workflows.
What must the Controller for a Visualforce page utilize to override the Standard Opportunity view button? The StandardSetController to support related lists for pagination. The Opportunity StandardController for pre -built functionality. A callback constructor to reference the StandardController. A constructor that initializes a private Opportunity variable.
Which tag should a developer include when styling from external CSS is required in a Visualforce page? A. Apex : includeStyle B. Apex : require C. Apex : includeScript D. Apex : stylesheet.
Which actions can a developer perform using the Schema Builder?Choose 2 answers Create a custom field and automatically add it to an existing page layout. Create a view containing only standard and system objects. Create a custom object and define a lookup relationship on that object Create a view of objects and relationships without fields.
A change set deployment from a sandbox to production fails due to a failure in a managed package unit test. The developer spoke with the manager package owner and they determined it is a false positive and can be ignored. What should the developer do to successfully deploy? Select 'Run local tests' to run all tests in the org that are not in the managed package. Select 'Fast Deploy' to run only the tests that are in the change set. Edit the managed package's unit test. Select 'Run local tests' to run only the tests that are in the change set.
Opportunity opp=[select id ,stagename from opportunity limit 1] Given the code above, how can a developer get the label for the stagename field? Call"opp.stagename.getdescribe().getlabel()" Call "opportunity.stagename.label" Call"opportunity.stagename.getdescribe().getlabel()" Call"opp.stagename.label".
Which three methods help ensure quality data? Create a lookup filter Adding an error to a field in before trigger Sending an email alert using a workflow rule Handling an exception in Apex Adding a validation rule.
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