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11634 Tests Indexed
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Biológia LF UK. 921-940203
moje ink 3310
Biológia LF UK. 901-920201
BIO 1210 - 1230192
SZZ - Inkluzivka995
Biológia LF UK. 881 - 900202
Biológia LF UK. 861- 880204
Opakování MO 1-7201
MO - 2, 9, 11, 23294
biológia 1230- 1259302
Biológia 1260-1290302
Biológia LF UK. 841- 860205
BIO 1161-1186251
BIOLÓGIA 1291-1319294
Biológia 1320 -1349307
Bio 1136-1161251
biológia 1350-1375312
bio 1111-1136251
Biológia LF UK. 821-840204

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If you are a teacher you can make a exam, the program menage de answers randomly, then you print it, you can examine yours alums and upload de test to the daypo web page for your alums checking the answers theirself.