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What is a benefit of an Oracle Cloud Dedicated Region? Static workloads Yearly Flex model for pricing Security of the private cloud High latency.
Which storage is used for VM DB systems? Block Storage Local disks Local disks and NVMe flash cards Local NVMe disks.
Which pricing model is NOT supported by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Weekly Universal Credits Monthly Universal Credits Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Annual Universal Credits.
Which three methods can you use to create or modify Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources? (Choose three.) Serial console connection OCI Console REST APIs Secure Shell Commands-line Interface.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service is NOT available as part of Oracle Cloud Free Tier? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata DB Systems Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Data Warehouse Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.
What is a key benefit of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machine DB Systems? No need to create database indices. Automated disaster recovery Automated backups to OCI Block Volume. Support for RAC DB systems .
What characteristics are defined by an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute shape? Availability Domain and Fault Domain locations Public or private visibility of the Compute instance Number of OCPU, amount of RAM, bandwidth Number of vCPU, amount of RAM, bandwidth.
Which describes a key benefit of using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? OCI offers consistent performance with a predictable pricing model. Only bare metal workloads are supported on OCI. With OCI, you can run only cloud-native workloads. With OCI, you can only run Java based workloads on bare metal.
Which should you use to distribute incoming traffic between a set of web servers? Internet Gateway Dynamic Routing Gateway Load Balancer Autoscaling.
Which Oracle Cloud infrastructure service can you use to assess user security of your Oracle databases? Oracle Data Safe Audit Service Oracle Data Guard Audit Vault and Database Firewall option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
Which offers the lowest pricing for storage (per GB)? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage (standard tier) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume.
What does Oracle's Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) attestation of compliance provide to customers? Customers can use these services for workloads that process, or transmit cardholder data but not store it. Customers can use these services for workloads to process applications for credit card approval securely. Customers can use these services for workloads that provides validation of card holder transaction but only as 3rd party vendor. Customers can use these services for workloads that store, process, or transmit cardholder data.
Which three services Integrate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Key Management? Functions Block Volume Object Storage Auto Scaling Identity and Access Management File Storage.
Which service is a cloud based, PCI compliant, global security service that protects applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic? OCI Web Application Firewall (WAF) Data Safe Data Protection Federation.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management capability helps you to organize multiple users into teams? Policies Users Groups Dynamic Groups.
Which is NOT considered a security resource within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Security Lists Network Security Group File Storage Service Web Application Firewall.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service is best suited for running serverless apps? Oracle Functions Audit Streaming Virtual Cloud Network.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure storage service can provide a shared file system across multiple compute instances? file Storage Local NVMe Object Storage Archive storage.
Which statement accurately describes an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Region? Each Availability Domain has a single Fault Domain. Each Availability Domain has three Fault Domains. Each Fault Domain has multiple Availability Domains. Each region has a single Fault Domain.
In what two ways does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offer industry leading price-performance? (Choose two.) OCI backs performance claims with Service Level Agreements. OCI does not over subscribe CPU, but only memory. With OCI, pricing is low and predictable across all regions and services. OCI leverages advanced encryption that results in fast performance. OCI hypervisor provides industry leading performance.
Which OCI construct protects against failures within an availability domain? Tenancy Fault Domain Compartments Load Balancer Regions.
Which statement is true about OCI Architecture and its core components? Fault Domains act as logical data center Each Fault Domain has three Availability Domains The physical location where OCI data centers are located are referred to as OCI Regions All OCI Regions have three interconnected Availability Domains to ensure high availability.
Which statement is true about OCI architecture and its core components? All OCI regions have three availability domains. Each fault domain has three availability domains. Fault domains act as physical data centers within an availability domain. Each availability domain has three fault domains. .
Which is a factor that impact OCI pricing? Availability Domain OCI Region Fault Domain Resource Type.
Which is a valid target for setting OCI budgets? Tenancy Compartment Region Availability Domain.
Which types of traffic is charged under the data transfer cost? Egress is charged to and from the internet Ingress and Egress both are charged to and from the internet Ingress is charged between two availability zones Ingress and egress are charged between instances in different availability zones.
Which type of OCI account allows opening a support ticket? Demo Accounts Paid Account Always Free Account 30 Day Free Trial.
Which of the following is not covered in OCI SLAs? Performance Manageability Reliability Availability.
You are facing an issue with the DB system in your tenancy and you want to raise a service request with Oracle Support. As a customer, which information is not required to log a service request? Tenancy OCID DB System IP Customer Support Identifier Resource OCID.
Which statement is true about OCI? Availability domains share infrastructure such as power, cooling, or internal availability domain network within a region. An availability domain is a logical data center. A single fault domain can be associated with multiple availability domains within a region. An OCI region is a localized geographic area.
You have subscribed to an OCI region, which has one a single availability domain. You want to deploy a highly- available application with two web servers and a 2-Node database. Place the servers in one fault domain and the database nodes in another fault domain. High availability is not possible because there is only one availability domain in the region. Place one server and a DB node in one fault domain, and the second server and DB node in another fault domain. Place all the components in the same fault domain.
How is a resource in OCI identified? Tenancy ID OCID Username Compartment Name.
Which is NOT a valid statement regarding OCI Compartments? Compartments are restricted to a single region. Resources can interact with other resources in different compartments. You can give group of users access to compartments by writing policies. Each resource belongs to a single compartment.
Which statement is true about OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM)? It is used to control access to resources. It enables bring-your-own-devices. It enables only authentication for the tenancy. It enables only authorization for the tenancy.
Which feature of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Identity and Access Management (IAM) service specifies authorization for various actions for authenticated Principals? Compartment Role Group Policy.
Which is NOT a valid method for authenticating a Principal in OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM) service? OCI Vault Master Encryption Keys Console user name, Password Auth Tokens API Signing Key.
Which statements are true about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Load Balancing service? It works with public IP addresses only. It distributes traffic to different backend servers in a virtual cloud network (VCN). It supports TCP and HTTP protocols only. It can span across OCI regions.
Which virtual cloud network (VCN) component blocks inbound traffic, but enables outbound traffic to the internet? Internet Gateway Service Gateway NATGateway Internet Gateway.
Which components are created by default with the creation of a virtual cloud network (VCN)? (Choose three) Local Peering Gateway Default route table, with no route rules Dynamic Routing Gateway Default set of DHCP options, with default values Default security list, with default security rules.
You want to edit a compute instance in a running state to support changes in your application workload. Which parameter is NOT modifiable? Amount of Memory Fault Domain Number of OCPUs Primary Private IP address.
Which is NOT a valid compute shape option within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute service? Bare Metal Dedicated Virtual Machine Host Container Instance Virtual Machine.
Which statement is true about OCI Compute Service? It provides a single size for different types of workloads. It is used only for running databases. It provides options to create Bare Metal or a Virtual Machine instance. It doesn't support Windows workloads.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute shapes does not incur instance billing in a STOPPED state? Standard GPU Dense I/O HPC.
Which two Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources can be used to group/categorize expenses? Compartments Tags Groups Policies Users.
Which is a feature of the OCI OS Management Service? Automated Patch Management Autoscaling Disk Encryption Cost Management.
Which storage option is NOT available in OCI? File Storage Archive Storage Object Storage NetApp Cloud Volume .
Which statement is true about the OCI Block storage service? It stores data in variable sized blocks. It can be attached to a compute instance. It is only supported for Linux instances. It is not durable.
You want to store the backup of a database in cloud storage for an extended period of time. Which type of storage should you configure for these files? Archive Storage File Storage Block Volume Object Storage.
Which fully managed database would you use to achieve a single-digit millisecond latency with high performance workloads? DB System NoSQL MySQL Autonomous.
Which task is NOT performed by default by an Autonomous Database? Data Loading Backups Firmware Patching Database Upgrades.
Which database edition would you use to launch a two-node Oracle RAC DB System? Database Enterprise Edition Oracle Enterprise Edition - Extreme Performance. Database Standard Edition Database Enterprise Edition High Performance.
Which infrastructure option is available for creating and managing an Autonomous Database? Bare Metal Infrastructure Dedicated Infrastructure Exadata Cloud@Customer VM DB System.
Which types of DB Systems is NOT available in OCI? ATP DB System Exadata DB System Bare Metal DB Systems VM DB System.
Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service allows you to run code without provisioning any underlying infrastructure resources (such as virtual machines)? API Gateway Oracle Functions Storage Gateway Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) Compute.
Which is not a characteristic of the OCI API Gateway service? It is an Oracle-managed serverless service. It provides a deployment platform for your API implementations. It supports both Oracle and 3rd-party OAuth servers. It appears as a network device on your Virtual Cloud Network.
You are required to host several files in a location that can be publicly accessible from anywhere in the world. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service should you use? OCI Object Storage Oracle Functions OCI Storage Gateway OCI Block Volume OCI File Storage.
A banking platform has been re-designed to a Microservices-based architecture using Docker containers. Which OCI service should be used for deployment of these new Microservices? Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes Streaming Service Events Service API Gateway.
Which OCI Monitoring service feature uses metrics for monitoring and consists of a trigger action and notification method? Queries Triggers Namespace Alarms.
Which services is NOT part of OCI Observability and Management services? Monitoring Logging OCI Registry Logging Analytics.
Which OCI service will send you an alert for high CPU usage? Monitoring Events Logging Analytics Logging.
Which types of logs is NOT supported by the OCI Logging service? Custom Logs Audit Logs Service Logs Alert Logs.
Which two statements are true with regard to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging service? (Choose all correct answers) It can analyze critical diagnostic information that describes how resources are performing and being accessed. It enables you to monitor cloud resources using metrics and alarms. It enables you to analyze cloud resources using custom metrics It is a centralized single pane of glass for all logs in a tenancy. It can index, enrich, and aggregate log data from applications.
Your organization consumes and analyzes data from a wide variety of sources. Many departments are struggling with finding trusted data sources. Which OCI service should you use to harvest the metadata and provide a central repository? Data Flow Autonomous Data Warehouse Data Integration Data Catalog.
Your client needs to move their Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). They want to take a no-code approach. Which OCI service should you recommend? Data Catalog Analytics Cloud Data Science Data Integration.
Which TWO statements correctly describe the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Accelerated Data Science SDK? (Choose all correct answers) It is a JavaScript library that makes common tasks faster, easier, and less error prone. It is an additional cost to the Data Science service. It is a PHP library that makes common tasks faster, easier, and less error prone. It is included as part of the Data Science service. It is a Python library that makes common tasks faster, easier, and less error prone. .
What is NOT a capability of an Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer? High latency 99.95% availability SLA Pay-as-you-go Pricing Model A VCN can only have one public subnet and more than one private subnet. Self-contained cloud region.
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution uses what type of compute shapes? Virtual Machine Exadata Bare Metal Autonomous.
Which is NOT a desired scenario to us Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer? To support applications that have local data residency requirements To support applications that have stringent data privacy requirements To support applications that have extremely low latency requirements To run a publicly accessible e-commerce site with varying demand pattern.
What is NOT a primary use case for the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution? Cloud Migration Hyper-V workloads Disaster Recovery Data Center Extension.
Which key encryption algorithm is NOT supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vault service? Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) JSON Web Algorithm (JWA).
Your IT team has created a web-based marketing site that needs to be protected against internet threats including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) security service should they use? Vault Vulnerability Scanning Web Application Firewall Bastion.
Which statement is true about Security Zones? They are associated with a compartment. They are associated with an availability domain. Data in a security zone can be copied to another standard compartment. Existing resources cannot be moved to a security zone.
You want to centrally manage the encryption keys and secret credentials that protect your data. What should you use to achieve this? Data Safe Vault Encryption Wallet Cloud Guard.
Which OCI service would you use to distribute incoming web traffic among a set of web servers? Autoscaling Private Load Balancer Public Load Balancer Internet Gateway.
Which of these are part of Load Balancer core concepts? (Choose two.) Provides traffic distribution to multiple Regions Can be configured as Public or Private Provides traffic distribution to Backend Server Load balancers supports only HTTP connections Provides traffic distribution for Internet connections only.
A customer would like to deploy two web servers into OCI. Which service should recommend to distribute incoming traffic between the web servers? Autoscaling Load Balancer Web Application Firewall Internet Gateway.
Which security service is offered by oracle cloud infrastructure to discover, classify and protect your data? Key Management Data Safe Web Application Firewall MFA.
You want to use an orchestration service that can reduce time and cost to build modern cloud native applications. Which OCI service should you use for this? Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) Data Science Data Flow API Gateway.
Which of the following services support the use of customer-managed keys for resource encryption? (Choose three.) Container Engine for Kubernetes Dynamic Group Block Volume Object Storage VCN.
A developer wants to develop docker based applications on OCI and deploy it on a managed service that supports containerized applications. Which service supports this requirement on OCI? OCI Streaming OCI Streaming Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) OCI Cloud Shell API Gateway.
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