The daypo method is designed to help the memory. Mainly is a repetition method to memorize and fix the concepts. You can supervise your targets due to the visualization of times, percents and failures. All that can motivate and make you progress.


The daypo method has two parts. If you don't complete all the questions of the first part correctly, you will not reach the second one. The aim of daypo method is to repeat all the wrong answered questions. In the first part, you can find questions of the type 'option', that means the correct answer is between other options and you have to choose the right answer. In this first part is good to use mnemonics rules in order to help you fixing concepts, as we explain ahead.
In the second part you have the same questions, but you don't have any options for choosing, you must to write the answer. That will compel you to look in your mind to find the right answer, and if you find it you know it. Again, in this part you will not be able to finish the questionnaire until you have not answered all the questions correctly. With the daypo method, the questions will be repeated as much times as be necessary in order to retain all the concepts. It's simple, once you have not any wrong answer that means you have passed the test. Example: PAINTERS AND THEIR PICTURES

Study techniques

You must consider some basic rules that will be able to help you:
  • Understanding: you can't memorized anything that you don't understand and know its context and meaning perfectly.
  • Concentration: In order to memorize the mind must be concentrated and without distractions, with tranquility. You physically must be in a comfortable position and nothing prevents your concentration.
  • Training: The mind is like a muscle and If it is usual to memorize, every time it is easier to do it, for this reason you must training.

Mnemonic Rules

  • Association of images: Associate a image with a word can help you to remember the word easily, if the image is graceful or striking drives you to remember better. For example,to remember that the snails are Gastropods, the word 'Gastropods' is looked like 'gangsterĀ“, so you can to imagine a snail with black suit, hat and pistols, surely you remembered it always.
  • Association of places: It consist to associate what you need to remember to a place or a route that have habitually.
  • Follow a History: Is the same case that previous but in this time we associate what we must memorize with a history or we invent a script of a film.
  • Help Words: It Consist to invent a word or phrase that serves you to remember what you must memorize. For example 'Virus' could serve to you to remember the Ohm's formulate. V=IxR (Voltage equal to intensity multiply resistance).
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