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Oracle Integration Cloud Certification

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You are assigned to review the specifications of the SOA Composite applications that have been deployed to your SOA cloud service instance. Part of this analysis requires you to catalog the service component Architecture (SCA) components that are implemented within each composite application. What is a valid SCA component in an oracle SOA composite application? BAM Adapter Mediator B2B Agreement Split-Join MFT Adapter.
Your organization maintains two SOA cloud service instances used separately for testing and production. What is the best practice for defining the property values and endpoint addresses that may be unique to each environment when deploying the same SOA composite application archive to both instances? Create two separate configuration plans that contain the environment specific values for properties and endpoint address and then associate the appropriate plan with the SOA archive deployment. Edit each application’s deployment descriptor to dynamically retrieve values for properties and endpoint addresses from the environment upon deployment Manually update any required values for unique properties or endpoint address in the fusion middleware control immediately following the deployment of the SOA archive You Cannot deploy the same archive to two different environments. Instead, define the specific properties and endpoint address statically within two separate SOA archives.
What are two key benefits of Oracle Web Service Manager (OWSM) in the management and security of Web service across the organization? Security is controlled by the developer of the service and this gives greater control to the development of the service OWSM provides a framework that is externalized and declarative outside of the web service implementation OAuth services are used for REST band service Developers no longer need to understand security specifications and security implementation details.
Which JNDI name value must be provided when configuring the properties of a new database adapter outbound connection pool to support dependent SOA composite applications? The corresponding XA enterprise resource adapter application deployed to the same WebLogic cluster. The corresponding XA datasource configuration deployed to the same WebLogic cluster. The corresponding XA database adapter connection factory configured for this WebLogic domain. The corresponding XA database adapter plan deployed with this database adapter outbound connection pool.
When defining the frequency for schedule orchestration style integration runs you can choose either Basic or Advance option? Which expression language is used for defining advanced schedule runs? XSLT iCal Groovy JavaScript XPATH.
Which two are valid considerations when leveraging the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) connectivity agent for higher availability onpremise environments? You should install the connectivity agent on the same host as the target application, then specify different agent group identifiers for each agent its installation The File Adapter is not supported in high availability environments. When using the File Adapter and if some groups have multiple instances, use a dedicated agent group (with one group agent only) Each host on which the agent is installed must be configured on separate subnets and assigned to the same OIC agent group You cannot have more than two agent instances per agent group. Attempting to include a third agent instance in the same group during installation results is an error You will need to have the OIC ServiceDeployer role permissions in order to download and install the OIC on –premise connectivity agent.
Which process type should you use to model a non-sequential process in an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process application? Structure Process Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Process Unstructured Process Dynamic Process.
Within an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process application business process, the Integrations flow element provides you an option to easily integrate with other service. Which THREE can be added and managed from the Integrations flow element? OIC reusable processes hosted within the same OIC environment OIC Functions deployed in the same OIC compartment hosting the OIC environment Web Service Connectors OIC invokable dynamic processes hosted within the same OIC environment REST Connectors OIC integrations hosted within the same OIC environment.
You are tasked with provisioning a Managed File Transfer (MFT) Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Which statement is valid concerning MFT provisioning? You must include the B2B cluster configuration since the MFT service runs within the B2B framework. MFT requires creating an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance and choosing “MFT Cluster” as the service type. Defining virtual machines (computer nodes) for the WebLogic Server cluster is no longer required. Because MFT requires an Oracle ATP database, the database instance must first be provisioned in OCI.
You have a use case requiring the design of a synchronous OIC integration flow that will return a custom business fault message to the client if processing fails due to an external runtime fault encountered during the integration instance execution. Which implementation strategy will best satisfy this requirement? Implement the Global fault handler to catch the runtime fault, and then use the Re-throw Fault action to send the custom fault to the client Implement a scope fault handler to catch the runtime fault, and then use the Fault return action providing mapped data for the custom fault. Implement a scope fault handler to catch the runtime fault, then allow the Global fault handler to automatically send the runtime fault to the Error Hospital Create a custom scope fault handler to catch the runtime fault, and then use the Re-throw Fault action to send the fault to the Error Hospital.
You are implementing a synchronous OIC integration flow that is processing file records within a while loop action. At the end of each loop, you want to delay processing of the next record for a certain period of time. Which is a valid consideration when using the wait action? The wait action can only be positioned as the last action in the loop The minimum wait time cannot be less than five seconds when configuring a wait action in any integration flow The wait action cannot be used in synchronous flow The maximum wait time cannot exceed two minutes when configuring a wait action in a synchronous flow.
Your design of an asynchronous OIC integration flow includes the requirement for additional processing logic that is conditionally based on the result returned to the integration instance from earlier external service invocations. You have decided to leverage the switch action to facilitate this implementation. Which is a valid consideration concerning the configuration and capabilities of the switch action? Data objects returned from action within a branch of a switch action will not be visible in the main flow of the integration after the switch action XPath version 2.0 functions can be used to create more complex conditional expressions for a switch action branch if the function returns a Boolean result Nested switch actions are not supported, therefore you may need to create more complex conditional expressions if necessary. All branches within the switch action must have a conditional expression defined to include the otherwise branch.
To Use integration Insight to map milestones to actions in and oracle integration cloud (OIC) business process implementation, certain prerequisites and conditions must be met. Which is Not a valid consideration for models and mapping milestones? Extraction criteria for the milestone indicator is defined with an XPath expression Milestones in a single model can be mapped to multiple business processes The model must be in draft state in order to map a milestone to an integration action. Extraction criteria for the instance unique identifier is defined with and XPath expression A business process implementation can be mapped to milestones within only one model.
Integration Insight in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) dramatically simplifies the process of modeling and extracting meaningful business metrics, allowing business executives to understand, monitor, and react quickly to changing demands. After a model has been activated, which is NOT a valid Instance state? Recoverable Failed Terminated Healthy Successful.
Integration Insight in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides a business-friendly experience, allowing users to model, collect, and monitor metrics for their business process. Which statement is NOT true about Integration Insight models? The model Identifier value must be unique and is extracted only once for a model instance and cannot be changed Each model instance is a unique occurrence based on the business process that is associated with the model A model must have both an initial milestone and a terminal milestone created in order to be activated. The activity associated with and Integration Insight model is a model instance Integration Insight models can define milestone activities in either OIC Integration or OIC Process business processes Model indicators are limited to only one of two types: Dimensions and measures.
In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process, you can use human task to model user’s interaction with the application. You can assign the human task to a specific user, to a group of users, to users with a certain role, or to the same user that already acted on the instance for a certain role. When assigning the human task based on a dynamic expression, which is a valid option? You can use an expression to calculate the user or group, but not shared role You can use an expression to calculate the user, group or a shared role. You can use an expression to calculate shared role, but not users or groups. You can use an expression to calculate the group or shared role, but not specific users.
Which fields are used to define static or dynamic list of values in web forms of process application? (Choose the best answer.) Date, Time, and Number Fields Links, Email, and Message Fields Text Input and Area Fields Checklists, Radio button, or Select controls.
In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process, you create web forms to interact with end users. As part of creating a web form, you add its controls, configure its data, and define form behavior. Which statement is true about creating web forms? You can assign only one stylesheet and only one presentation to a web form You can assign only one stylesheet and one or more presentation to a web form You can assign one or more stylesheet and only one presentation to a web form You can assign one or more stylesheet and more presentation to a web form.
In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process web forms editor, which three background colors are displayed? Red for invalid binding names Purple for complex binding names Blue for unmatched binding names Orange for unmatched binding names Green for valid binding names Blue for complex binding names.
In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process, you can configure a human task that enables you to model approval task interactions. What are the available options when configuring the Escalation and Expiration tab of a human task? Expire, Reset, Escalate Never expire, Expire, Never Escalate, Escalate Expire, Escalate, Skip, Reset Never expire, Expire, Renew, Escalate.
You have an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) synchronous integration flow that updates external systems with several invocations. However, several of your OIC integration clients are reporting that they are experiencing timeouts waiting for the response confirmation from this processing. Which is a legitimate strategy to mitigate this issue? Change the design implementation strategy to an asynchronous flow that provides a separate notification to clients when the processing is complete. Split into smaller synchronous integration flows that can be orchestrated sequentially from a master Synchronous flow.. Increase the blocking timeout within the OIC integration settings to allow for extended time Change the implementation logic to invoke multiple fine-grained external API calls within a single loop.
One of your downstream applications is becoming overwhelmed with too many individual synchronous invocations from your current Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) integration. It has been recommended that you redesign the integration to take advantage of the batch processing capabilities of the application. Which is the MOST appropriate approach for implementing this OIC design best practice? Use the Append option in the Write File operation of the Stage File action within a loop to create a single batch file to be sent to the application. Crate a custom batch call function, register the function as a Library in your OIC environment, then use the JavaScript action to invoke the application Reactivate the integration and use the disable tracing and message tracking option which will optimize performance for each invocation to the application Throttle the individual synchronous calls by adding a Wait activity prior to each invocation to the application within the loop.
Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC) as available in two editionsStandard and Enterprise. Which OIC Enterprise Edition capabilities are ALSO available in the OIC Standard Edition? (Select two) Enterprise Application adapters ( such as EBS, JDE,SAP, and Siebel) Process Applications Integration Insight Visual Builder B2B Trading Partner Agreements File Server.
Which statement is valid regarding Connection components in Oracle Service (OIC)? Each connection component associated with a SaaS adapter type will also require a Lookup component configuration All connection component configurations require the association of an active OIC Connectivity Agent group. All connection components must be associated with an adepter type regardless of role configuration Connection component can be configured with either a Trigger role or an Invoke role, but not both.
What are three main capabilities of oracle Integration cloud (OIC)? Internet of Things (IOT) application development Business process automation Web and Mobile application development Application integration Digital assistant application development Blockchain application development.
Which is Not a key Advantage of using Oracle integration Cloud (OIC)? Data Mapping Recommendations User Choice of IDE for Development Prebuilt integrations Public/Private Cloud Portability Auto-association of Oracle SaaS Applications.
Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a fully managed cloud service that provides many components and use case capabilities when an OIC Enterprise Edition instance is provisioned. Which three capabilities does OIC Enterprise Edition provide? Create digital assistants (chatbots) and skill using natural language conversations to facilitate integration with oracle SaaS applications. Leverage an embedded continuous integration server to automate CI/CD workflow. Create integrations the use B2B e-commerce, which support the EDI X12 business protocol. Leverage an embedded SFTP-complaint repository for storing and retrieving files Deploy SOA Composite Applications (SCA) developed with JDeveloper SOA Extension and BPEL constricts Model and extract business metrics in real time and gain insight into business processes by using dashboards.
You are tasked with creating a new integration Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) that will be exposed to clients as a SOAP web service. In addition, this integration will be invoking an external SOAP web service as part of the orchestration flow logic. Therefore, you must first create two SOAP adapter connection resources (one for the trigger and one for the invoke action) With regard to the creation of these SOAP adapter connection resources, which is a valid statement? Suppress insertion of timestamp into the request and Ignore timestamp in the response message are optional fields only for the outbound Invoke connection configuration. The WSDL URL property value can be defined by uploading a file for either the inbound Trigger connection or the outbound invoke connection configuration The SAML and OAuth security policies are available options for creating either the inbound Trigger connection or the outbound Invoke connection configuration You must explicitly specify the target server TLS version for the external web services outbound Invoke connection configuration.
Which operation is NOT supported by an OIC Connection resource configured with the FTP Adapter in the Invoke role? Write File Read File Delete File Read File in Segments Download File List Files.
You are designing a new integration in OIC the need to expose a REST-ful interface trigger for client applications. When choosing request and response options using the REST Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard, which is a valid consideration? Although you can define both query and templates parameters, only template parameters will be available for mapping in the mapper because query parameters are considered optional If you select a PUT or POST action (HTTP method), you must define a JSON response payload format. Both standard and custom HTTP headers can be defined for either the request or response File attachments can be accepted as a request option for the Trigger interface, but you cannot include attachments WebLogic Server Console B2B Console.
You are defining application data in an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) process application and are seeking to use Business Type view because it provides the tools required to create and manage various business types. Which task CANNOT be performed in the Business Types View? Import schema files Create enum objects Create business exceptions Import a business object from XML Import a business object from JSON Create business objects.
Which statement is NOT true about decisions models in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process? A decision service exposes output decisions of a decision model as private internal REST to the Process application. A decision model must contain at least one decision service in order to be used in a Process application Decisions created using the Function notation return a value only when invoked from another decision In the Graph view, you can create decision requirement diagrams (DRDs) to visually represent your decision models, but only one DRD per decision model is supported.
Within the scope of an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Process application, which TWO statements are valid concerning Decision Snapshots and Decision Models? Decision snapshots, once activated, cannot be used independently in multiple applications Decision rules are expressed as rows within the table and consist of only one input entry and only one corresponding output entry A decision model can be activated on a Decision Model and Notation (DMN) server A decision model snapshot cannot be deleted once it has been activated Decision snapshot are read-only copies of a decision model.
You are designing an OIC integration that will be processing files in a shared file system located within your on-premises data centre. You have decided to leverage various Stage File Action operations within the integration flow in conjunction with an on-premises OOIC connectivity agent. With regard to the restrictions on using Stage File Action operations with the file and attachment features of the Connectivity agent, which statement is NOT valid concerning file operation capabilities? With regard to both the Read Entire File and Read File in Segments operations , files uploaded through the connectivity agent can only be read with a file reference Files uploaded through the connectivity agent cannot be unzipped using a file reference Files uploaded through the connectivity agent are not available with the List File operation Files uploaded through the connectivity agent are not available with the Zip File operation.
You need to create an OIC integration that will be processing many records individually that are contained within a large file. You have been advised to use an implementation approach that includes using the Download File operation of an FTP adapter in conjunction with the Stage File Action Read file in Segments operation to mitigate issues with memory consumption. When using this approach, which is a valid consideration regarding the use of the Read File in Segments operation? The Read File Segments operation allows for you process the segments sequentially or in parallel Segment size will default to 50records but can be configured to any other segment size You must provide the actual filename because file reference cannot be processed by the Read File in Segments operation You will need to explicitly configure a Scope action for this operation if you want to add additional actions during the procession of each segment.
Which two statements are true about implementing an API first strategy? The code to execute business logic needs to exist and to be exposed as an API first before you build a strategy around it It generally is assumed that SOAP/WSDL are the key specification for defining the API The API is to be developed first before any UI or new business logic are created. You define ate API definition/contract first before any work on its implementation or any application that use it.
With regard to oracle integration cloud (OIC)lookups, which two are valid statements? You cannot clone and existing lookup if it is being currently referenced in one or more active OIC integration. A Custom OIC XPath function must be used to retrieve data from a lookup in the Data Mapper Changes that are made to lookups referenced in active integrations will take immediately without reactivating those integrations Lookup values are retrieved from a backend database at runtime Lookups values must include two or more domains associated with corresponding SaaS applications.
Which Oracle integration Cloud (OIC) XPath function can be used to retrieve data from an OIC lookup within the data mapper tool? getLookup get-content-as-string get-value-from-lookup lookupValue.
When creating integration in oracle Integration Cloud (OIC),a visual mapper enables you element nodes between applications by dragging source element nodes onto target element nodes. Which statement is NOT true about the OIC data mapper functionality? When you navigate to the mapper, the Expression Builder launches in user- friendly mode by default when you select a target element. The data structure for the target service is always displayed on the right side in the Designer view All transformation mapping use eXtensible Stylesheet language (XSL) All source and Target data objects will be represented internally as JSON structures In the Designer view, the Sources section contains the data structures of all available data objects to include integration metadata, tracking variables, global variables, and integration property values.
The Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) integration design editor provides a data mapper UI tool that is available for Map actions. Which two statement are true regarding the use of mapper tool? You cannot drag and drop and XPath function activity directly to a target element You cannot drag and drop and XSLT flow control statement directly to a target node element. You can drag and drop a source data element to multiple targe node elements You cannot drag and drop a source data element to a target node element that is already mapped.
Which four statements are valid regarding the differences between WSDL/SOAP and REST/JSON? Modern API-first architecture prefer to use tried-and-true WSDL services over REST services because they are quicker and easier to implement Unlike WSDL, REST is typically invoked with HTTP verbs WSDL is a request for a service; REST is a request for a resource WSDL is simpler; REST is richer WSDL is a tight contract; REST is a loose contract REST is more easily used in developing UIs than WSDL, REST is also gaining popularity in application development.
Which three statements are true about SOAP and the advantages it provides? SOAP clients can easily hold stateful references to remote server-side SOAP objects. SOAP provides flexibility for message formatting allowing for loose coupling between a client and a server. SOAP leverages XML-based payloads to communicate between two client machines across any modern network SOAP is platform and programming language independent SOAP over HTTP is not blocked by firewalls and proxy servers. SOAP commonly serves as a cleaning agent that removes excess data from the transmission protocol.
You provision an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance and specify a compute shape so that the JVM heap size for WebLogic Server and Load Balancer processors are determined automatically. With regard to changing the JVM heap size for WebLogic managed server instances, which statement is correct after provisioning the instance in the scenario? You can change the heap size to maximum of 32GB You cannot change the heap size unless you re-provision the SOA service instance or change the compute shape. You can change the heap size by logging a Oracle Support Service Request You can change the heap size by using the WebLogic Server Administration Console.
You are tasked with monitoring the SOA composite applications and the underlying environment within a SOA Cloud Service instance. Which SOA Cloud Service web applications is a best for viewing completed composite instances? Fusion Middleware Control Load Balancer Console Managed File Transfer Console Oracle Service Bus Console.
Which three actions once they have been configured are allowed to be repositioned to another location within the design canvas of an orchestration style integration flow? (Choose all correct answers) JavaScript Call Stage File Write File operation For Each. Switch Stage File with Read File in Segments operation Stage File with Read File operation.
You are tasked with creating an Oracle Integration cloud (OIC) orchestrated integration flow the supports a B2B document exchange. When configuring the B2B action (formerly known as the EDI translate action), there are several capabilities as well as limitations. Which statement is NOT true about OIC B2B capabilities? When define the EDI message type, both the document version and document type must always be explicitly selected A previously created Trading Partner Agreement is optional when configuring the inbound or outbound translations Performing validations on EDI documents is required for inbound translations, but optional for outbound translations You can customize standard EDI documents by adding new schema constructs or by editing existing construct.
Oracle Integration Clod (OIC) provides the File Server component—an embedded SFTP server that enables organizations to focus on building integrations without needing to host and maintain a separate SFTP server. Which statement is NOT true about the OIC File Server component? To access File Server from an internal OIC integration flow, a Connection resource of FTP adapter type or rest adapter type is used. Any external SFTP client can access file Server as long as an OIC administrator has configured specific folder access permission for those clients. Access to the File Server REST APIs is limited to only users with the ServiceAdministrator role. The File Server component is a feature that is disabled by default into newly provisioned OIC instance.
You can recover unsaved changes in an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) integration that crashes during design time because of a browser crash, loss of network connectivity, or a server going down. Which statement is NOT true about this unsaved changes feature in OIC? Changes made while working inside the data mapper cannot be recovered. An OIC administrator with the ServiceAdministrator role can unlock an integration that has unsaved changes. Changes made while editing a Connections page cannot be recovered Only the person with the ServiceDeveloper role that made the changes or an admin with the ServiceAdministrator role can recover the unsaved changes Because a backup copy is created after each completed task, there is no time limit in which you need to log back in and recover your changes.
Which three are types of certificates in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) that can be imported from the Certificates page under Settings? Trust Certificate Identity Certificate Multi Domain SSL Certificate Message Protection Certificate Unified Communications Certificate.
Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) integrations can be exported so they can later be imported into another OIC instance environment. Which statement is NOT true about the import and export of OIC integration? Imported integrations cannot be immediately activated if their dependent connection resources are not already present in the target OIC environment. Integration must be exported as a package if you want to import them into another environment Imported integrations can be reconfigured to use different connection resources by using the OIC REST API Exported integrations will include all of their dependent connection resource information with the exception of URL and credentials.
Which adapter is NOT provided in the Oracle Cloud adapter with Oracle SOA Cloud Service? Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Salesforce Adapter SuccessFactors Adapter Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter.
Which two are NOT start and end event options when creating a structured process in an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) process application? SOAP start event and None end event Message start event and None end event Form start event and None end event None start event and None end event Task start event and Task end event.
Which type of certificate requires the uploading of a keystore (.jks) file in Oracle Integration Cloud to facilitate two-way SSL communication with external services? Identity Certificate Trust Certificate Message Protection Certificate Unified Communication Certificate Multi Domain Certificate.
Which three statements are true about business and data object Integration Cloud (OIC) Process? Business object can be created based on a data object. Business object can be created from an XML schema or from JSON Business object cannot contain other business object Data object can be created based on business object Business exceptions can use only the string data type Business and data object are auto-generated when creating web forms.
Oracle SOA Cloud Service (SOA CS) includes a number of built-in adapters to include all of the technology adapters delivered with SOA Suite. When using one of these technology adapters in a composite application deployed in SOA CS, which two are valid approaches for facilitating connectivity to on-premise applications and system? SOA on-premise connectivity agent WLST script SSH tunnel PL/SQL procedure VPN service.
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