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Which three item types support defining a list of values? (Choose three.) A. Color Picker B. List Manager C. File Browse D. Text Field with autocomplete E. Shuttle F. Switch.
Michael has developed an app for tracking product defects. His navigation menu lists each product. He has defined application items and computations to hold the number of defects for each product. For example, for Hedgers, he has defined the application item HEDGER_DEFECTS. How can Michael add the number of open defects in the navigation menu entries? A. Update the Navigation Menu template to be Include Count. B. Update Template Options and set Display Count to True. C. Update the List Entry Label for Hedgers to Hedgers &HEDGER_DEFECTS., and similarly for other products. D. Add &HEDGER_DEFECTS. to User Defined Attribute 01 in the navigation menu for Hedgers, and similarly for other products.
John is evaluating an old APEX application that has over 20 tabular forms. He wants to update the application and replace all of the tabular forms with interactive grids. What is the fastest way for John to replace the old reports? A. Go to each page with a tabular form, copy the SQL Source from the Tabular Form region, and use it to create a new interactive grid. B. Use the Create Page Wizard to create new pages with interactive grids, and then delete the old pages with tabular forms. C. Use the Upgrade Application utility and select the candidate objects listed for "Upgrade Tabular Form to Interactive Grid", select all, and then click Upgrade. D. Go to each report and change the type from Tabular Form to Interactive Grid.
Sunny has developed a report and form on CUSTOMERS, which is open to partners. The report displays only customers associated with partners, based on their user credentials. Partners can click an Edit button to go to a form page to update their customers. Sunny is concerned that IT savvy users will be able to alter the URL to be able to see and update records from other partners. What must Sunny do to protect the form page from URL tampering? A. Update Page Access Protection to Arguments Must Have Checksum B. Set Authentication to Administration Rights C. Set Rejoin Sessions to Disabled D. Set Deep Linking to Disabled E. Update Page Access Protection to No URL Access.
Brian created a page with multiple regions. He now wants to include a list of links to selectively display each region.How can Brian achieve this? A. Create a region of type Region Display Selector, and ensure that each region has Region Display Selector set to "Yes". B. Create a parent region called REGIONS. For each region, update the Parent Region attribute to REGIONS. C. Create a list in Shared Components containing each region. Create a region of type List and associated the list created. D. Define static IDs for each region. Create a region called REGIONS of type Static Content with named anchors to other regions.
Susan is building a new bug tracking application by using the Create Application Wizard. She wants to change the icon on the login screen to the "app-icon-bug" image. How can Susan change the icon? A. Click Appearance, and then click Choose New Icon B. Click User Interface Defaults, and then select Edit Defaults C. Edit the home page and click Select Icon D. Click Advanced Settings, and then use the select list for Icon .
Mary wants to add feedback to an application. She uses the Create Page Wizard, selects Features, and then selects Feedback. The wizard adds a feedback entry to the navigation bar and creates new pages, in her application, under Administration to review and disposition the feedback. Which statement is true about feedback data? A. Feedback entered into the app can be viewed by developers in Team Development B. When an administrator updates the feedback status, the person logging the feedback is notified C. A new table is created in your schema to store the feedback for the app D. You can invoke the feedback page from a modal dialog page .
Morgan has a report and form on the EMP table. He updated the form by adding a display-only item P5_LOC, and a change event dynamic action on P5_DEPTNO to populate the item using Set Value with this SQL: select loc from dept where deptno = :P5_DEPTNO; When Morgan runs the page, he gets this error: apex_error_code: WWV_FLOW_DML.COLUMN_NOT_FOUND - original message: Column LOC not found in table EMP What should Morgan do to prevent this error? A. Update P5_LOC and set Source Type to "Null". B. Update P5_LOC and set Source Database Column to DEPTNO. C. Update P5_LOC and set Source Type to Item and select Item P5_DEPTNO. D. Update P5_LOC and set Save Session State to "No." E. Update P5_DEPTNO and set Type to "Display Only." .
Which three actions can be performed by a workspace administrator? (Choose three.) A. Add space to a schema B. View usage reports for a workspace C. Manage user accounts D. Monitor workspace activity E. Manage workspace to schema assignments F. Approve workspace requests.
Jenny has a form page based on ORDER_ITEMS. For certain product types, she needs to redirect to a modal dialog page to ask for additional information, before validating or processing the record on page submission. Which processing point should Jenny select for the branch? A. Before Computations B. After Processing C. After Submit D. Processing.
Which two are true about an "editable" interactive grid? (Choose two.) A. All columns can be updated B. You can insert multiple records at a time C. You can define a computation D. You can update only one record at a time E. You can include dynamic actions on a column.
Which four tasks can you perform using the Shared Components section in Application Builder? (Choose four.) A. Edit the No Data Found messages for multiple report regions in the application B. Manage translatable text messages for the application C. Review debug messages generated by the application D. Change the application alias E. Manage application upgrade scripts F.Change navigational components of the application G.Add different application roles and configure their role assignment H. Delete multiple application pages.
Kim has defined a validation of "Item is NOT zero" on P5_SAL. When she runs the page, the error is displayed in the notification, but does not highlight the item or display the error below the item. Kim changes Display Location to "Inline with Field and Notification". However, the validation error still does not display under the item. What must Kim do to ensure that the validation error appears correctly under the item and also in the notification? A. Add JavaScript to the item to display on error B. Set Display Location to "Inline with Field" C. Set Value Required to Yes on P5_SAL D. Set Validation Associated Item to P5_SAL.
You want to use the session state value of a page item in the SELECT statement for a report on another page. What is the correct way to reference the value of a page item in a SQL statement? A. &PAGE_ITEM B. v("˜PAGE_ITEM') C. APEX_UTIL.GET_SESSION_STATE(p_item => "˜PAGE_ITEM) D. :PAGE_ITEM.
Ellie has two related interactive grids on a page. Which two steps must she perform to create a master detail relationship between them? (Choose two.) A. Include a join clause in the SQL Query attribute of the detail interactive grid region. B. Enter the name of the foreign key constraint in the Detail Region Foreign Key Relationship attribute. C. In the master region, select the correct region for the Detail Region attribute. D. Make the master interactive grid region read-only. E. Move the detail region below the master region. F. In the detail region, select the correct region for the Master Region attribute. G. In one of the columns of the detail region, select the related column of the master region for the Master Column attribute.
Carl has created a new region template as a copy of the Standard region template in Universal Theme. He wants to update the template, but is not sure how often the template is used throughout the application. How can Carl determine all of the pages where his custom template is used? A. Go to Application Utilities > Templates and review the utilization report B. Go to Shared Components > Templates, and select References for the given template C. Go to Application Utilities > Cross Page Utilities and review Page Attributes D. Run the Application Advisor and select Template Utilization.
What is the least error-prone way to split a long list into two lists? A. Create an empty second list, copy selected list items from the first list to the second list, and then remove the copied list items from the first list. B. Create two new lists, copy list items from the initial list to the first list, copy the remaining list items from the initial list to the second list, and then delete the initial list. C. Create an empty second list, manually re-create the needed list entries, and then remove the matching list entries from the first list. D. Copy the entire list, grid edit the copied list and remove entries that are not needed, and then grid edit the first list and remove the entries that are now in the second list.
Which is true interactive reports? A. Subscription is supported only on primary reports B. A developer can hide the search bar C. A developer can delete a primary report D. Only reports can be downloaded, not group by, charts, or pivots.
Martin has a text field on a page that he wants to protect with Session State Protection. Select the four valid protection levels available to Martin. (Choose four.) A. Checksum Required: User Level B. Hidden Item C. Checksum Required: Workspace Level D. Unrestricted E. Checksum Not Required F. Checksum Required: Session Level G. Restricted: May not be set from browser H. Checksum Required: Application Level .
Which two are true about using the Create Page Wizard to create a report with "Report with Form on Table"? (Choose two.) A. The wizard builds two pages using an interactive grid page and a form page. B. The report and form must both be based on the same table or view. C. The wizard builds two pages, and interactive report page and a form page. D. The second page allows users to select the previous and next records. E. The first page allows users to update records.
Robert has a form page, Page 5, on the EMP table. He has defined two validations. Validation 1 checks that P5_MGR is not null. Validation 2 checks that the employee selected in P5_MGR has a job of PRESIDENT or MANAGER. How can Robert prevent the employee job validation (Validation 2) from firing when the P5_MGR is NOT NULL validation (Validation 1) has failed? A. Set stop processing to Yes for the P5_MGR is NOT NULL validation (Validation 1) B. Ensure Validation 1 is listed before Validation 2 C. Add a server-side condition of P5_MGR is NOT NULL to the employee job validation (Validation 2) D. Set Always Execute to No for the P5_MGR employee job validation (Validation 2).
William has created the chart on the left, which displays values. He wants to show the chart on the right, which displays percentages. Which step should William perform to display percentages? A. Set the Column Mapping > Value to "Percentage". B. Set Label > Display As to "Percentage". C. Update the query to return percentage values. D. Set Tooltip > Show Value to "No.".
Which three are true about using REST Enabled SQL to access a remote database? (Choose three.) A. Authentication must be done using the OAuth2 Client Credentials flow. B. REST Enabled SQL must be enabled in the remote databases' ORDS configuration. C. A wallet must be defined and configured on the remote database. D. A REST Enabled SQL Reference must be created in Shared Components. E. Authentication can be done using the remote database username and password. F. The application parsing schema must be REST enabled.
Bill has created a Maintain Customer form as shown in Exhibit 1. Now he wants the Last Name item to be next to the First Name item as shown in Exhibit 2.How can Bill achieve this? A. Set Start New Row to "Yes" and New Column to "Yes" for the Last Name item. B. Set Start New Row to "No" for the Last Name item. C. Set Column to "2" for the last Name item. D. Set Column Span to "2" for the First Name item.
Sam is updating an application with a report (Page 10) and form (Page 11), where the form page has Page Mode "Normal." She wants to update the form page to a modal dialog, so it can be called from multiple report pages. Sam has already changed Page Mode to "Modal Dialog", removed the breadcrumb region, added a button region to the dialog footer, and moved the buttons to the new region. Whenever she opens the form page from a different report page (Page 15), it keeps returning to the original report page (Page 10) when she cancels or submits the form page. Which three steps must Sam perform to get the modal page to always return to the report page from which it was called? (Choose three.) A. Create a Dynamic Action of type Close Dialog that fires whenever the DELETE, SAVE, or CREATE button is pressed. B. Change the action on the CANCEL button to "Defined by Dynamic Action." C. Create a Dynamic Action of type Cancel Dialog that fires when the CANCEL button is clicked. D. Add a Close Dialog process. E. Add a branch that redirects to an item holding the calling page. F. Create a hidden page item to hold the calling page and update the calls to the form page to populate the item. G. Update the branch to return to the correct calling page.
Phil has been given the responsibility for an application that was developed years ago, because the original developer has left the company. End users have complained about accessibility because not all pages have titles. How can Phil ensure that he corrects all pages in the app without page titles? A. Run a query on the APEX_PAGE_DETAILS view where PAGE_TITLE is null B. Use Application Advisor to perform a check C. Ask end users to identify the problem pages D. Bring up each page in Page Designer and review the Page Name.
Susan created Page 10 as an interactive report, called Departments, on the DEPT table. She also created Page 11 as an interactive report on the EMP table, called Employees. Susan would like to add a link in the Departments report (Page 10) that redirects to the Employees report (Page 11) and displays only employees for the selected department. How would Susan set items in the link builder on Page 10 to correctly call the report on Page 11? A. Set item name IR_DEPTNO and value to #DEPTNO# B. Set item name to :P11_DEPTNO and value to :P10_DEPTNO C. Set item name to :P11_DEPTNO and value to #DEPTNO# D. Set item name to :P10_DEPTNO and value to #DEPTNO#.
ABC Company developed an employee directly by using an interactive report. The HR manager (an end user) has customized his or her report to show only employees in the HR department, and wants to review the same report weekly. How can the HR manager achieve this? A. Add a control break on Department B. Add a filter to the report C. Save the report as a named report D. Save the report as the primary report E. Download the report to a CSV or HTML file.
Betty has created a zip file, app100_files.zip, to include all of her static application files that she references in her application. The files are divided into different subdirectories for JavaScript and CSS. How can Betty upload the static files, so they can be referenced, and maintain the subdirectory structure? A. Unzip app100_files.zip, and upload each directory individually. B. Upload app100_files.zip to the file server and unzip the file. In User Interface Properties, edit the Theme, and set JavaScript File URLs. C. In Shared Components, create the required subdirectories. Unzip app100_files.zip, and upload each file into their subdirectories. D. Upload app100_files.zip, and set Unzip File to Yes.
When testing the Data Load Wizard pages, you realize that you forgot to add a transformation rule. What should you do to add the transformation rule? A. Update the existing generated pages. B. Update Data Load Definition. C. Delete Data Load Definition and re-create it manually. D. Use the Create Page Wizard to re-create the pages.
George used to Create Page Wizard to create a calendar on the DEMO_ORDERS table based on the ORDER_TIMESTAMP column. However, the calendar shows only the month and list views. What does George need to do to show week and day views? A. Select the End Date Column B. Set Show Time to "Yes" C. Set Maximum Events / Day to greater than 1 D. Select Week and Day under Calendar Views and Navigation.
As a project manager, you use spreadsheets to keep track of multiple projects. As you took responsibility of more projects, you became tired of managing them in spreadsheets. You have collated all of your project data in one single spreadsheet. You also want to maintain the data in an Oracle Database table by using an Oracle APEX application. Which two actions can you take? (Choose two.) A. Define a Data Loading page in the Create Application Wizard. B. Use SQL Workshop > Utilities > Data Workshop to load the data into a new table, and then use the Create Application Wizard to create an application on the new table. C. Create an application by using the Create Application Wizard, and then add a table for the spreadsheet data. D. Use the Create Application Wizard and select "From a Spreadsheet." E. Create a new table by using SQL Workshop > Object Browser > Create Table, and then use the Create Application Wizard to create an application based on the new table.
Which is true about the Button Name attribute? A. When the page is submitted by clicking the button, the value of REQUEST is set to the button name. B. The button name is a unique identifier on a page. No other buttons or page items on the page can have the same name. C. The button name defines what database action is done on page submit. D. The button name serves as a static ID, which is useful when developing custom JavaScript functionality for the button.
Taylor has created a report and form on the STATUS table. She wants only application administrators to be able to access the report and form. What must she do to achieve this? A. Select authentication of Administrator Only B. Add a before header validation C. Add a before header process D. Select authorization scheme of Administration Rights.
Jules is trying to implement Session State Protection to increase the security of Jules' application. On which three components can Jules configure Session State Protection in Oracle Application Express? (Choose three.) A. pages B. page items C. page regions D. application items E. buttons F. page processes.
Which set of components do you need to add breadcrumb navigation to an existing application? A. navigation list, breadcrumb region, and breadcrumb entries B. navigation list, breadcrumb, and breadcrumb entries C. breadcrumb, breadcrumb entries, and breadcrumb regions D. breadcrumb, breadcrumb entries, and navigation regions.
Maurice wants to have a report on employees, which shows only employees or the department selected in a select list item. He has created a report, called REPORT_1, based on the EMP table. Above the region, he has defined a select list called P6_DEPTNO. Maurice has added the correct Where clause for REPORT_1 and defined an "on change" dynamic action on P6_DEPTNO to refresh the REPORT_1 region. When he runs the page, no data is displayed, irrespective of the department selected. What must Maurice do to get the page to work correctly? A. Add a set value action, before the refresh action, of type PL/SQL Expression with code of :P6_DEPTNO and items to submit to P6_DEPTNO. B. On the REPORT_1 region, set page items to submit to P6_DEPTNO. C. In the "on change" dynamic action, set page items to submit to P6_DEPTNO. D. In the "on change" dynamic action, set event scope to "dynamic".
Penny has created a special survey page, Page 8, where she wants to hide the standard navigation menu. Which two ways can Penny hide the navigation menu only for Page 8? (Choose two.) A. Update the navigation menu and set condition of Never for Page 8. B. Change Page Template to Minimal (No Navigation) for Page 8. C. Go to Page Shared Components. Right-click the navigation menu entry and select Delete. D. Delete the Navigation Menu region from Page 8. E. Set Override User Interface Level to Yes. F. Do not include Page 8 in the list of pages in the navigation menu.
Which best describes how Session State Protection works? A. saves sensitive data in Oracle Application Express session state tables in encrypted form, stopping users from tampering with the data B. adds checksums to Page Access Protection attributes and Session State Protection item attributes to prevent alteration of session state C. saves data in Oracle Application Express session state tables in encrypted form and uses the Page Access Protection attributes and the Session State Protection item attributes with checksums to prevent alteration of session state D. encrypts the values supplied in the URL to prevent reading of the values.
Thomas has created an app and wants to add a help icon to the navigation bar. He has added the list entry with the Image/Class fa-question-circle-o and List Entry Label "Help". When he runs the app, the question mark is displayed together with the word Help. How can Thomas display just the icon and not the word Help in the navigation bar? A. Set List Attributes to style="display:none;" B. Set List Entry Label to "Null" C. Set User Defined Attribute 02 to icon-only D. Set List Entry Template to "Icon".
Fred created a parent/child relationship between the Employees and Departments. Fred wants to hide the Departments region. What should Fred do to achieve this? A. Set the Server-side Condition to "Never" B. Set the Road Only condition to "Always" C. Delete the region D. Set the Read Only condition to "Never" E. Set the Parent Region to "Null".
Jim has developed a form page. When running the page, the data displayed is not what he expected. Therefore, he wants to review the information in session state while debugging the form. How can Jim accomplish this? A. View page source information in the browser. B. Click the Session button on the Developer toolbar. C. Add a debug flag to the URL and rerun the page. D. Click the View Debug button on the Developer toolbar. E. Edit the page and update session state items to "Display Only".
Which three sources can be used for a classic report? (Choose three.) A. RESTful Web Source module B. CSV (comma separated values) file C. PL/SQL function returning a SQL query D. PL/SQL function returning a single value variable E. SQL Query F. PL/SQL stored procedure with the OUT parameter.
Kyle is developing a page with an interactive report, called Employees, using this query: SELECT EMPNO, ENAME, JOB, DEPTNO FROM EMP WHERE DEPTNO = nvl(:P3_DEPTNO, DEPTNO) On the page, Kyle adds a select list, called P3_DEPTNO, using this query: SELECT dname, deptno FROM dept; He creates a dynamic action on change of P3_DEPTNO, with a true action of "Refresh" against the Employees region. Kyle then runs the page and selects ACCOUNTING in the P3_DEPTNO item. However, the report still shows employees from all departments. What must Kyle do to correctly display only employees from the department selected? A. Add a computation set to P3_DEPTNO B. Add an additional true action of Set Value by using Static Assignment in Dynamic Action C. Set a column on the DEPTNO column D. Set "Page Items to Submit" to P3_DEPTNO in the report.
Robin develops many apps in his workspace that use various APEX plug-ins. Some apps use the same plug-in as other apps. When a newer version of a plug-in is available, Robin has to update the plug-in in multiple apps. How can Robin upgrade a plug-in once and have all other apps that use the same plug-in get updated at the same time? A. Run a SQL command to update the plug-in definition in each application. B. Write a PL/SQL package that he can reuse to update the plug-in definitions in each application. C. Update one of the plug-ins, and then click Push Update to update the other apps. D. Create a "Plug-ins Master" app where he stores all plug-ins and then subscribes the plug-ins in all of his other apps to the plug-ins in the "Plug-ins Master" app.
You want to refer to a page by a name (or alias) instead of page number in the application URL. Which step most accurately helps you achieve this? A. Go to Application Properties and set "Refer to page by name (or alias)" to "Yes". B. Set the Built-in substitution string PAGE_ALIAS on page load. C. Enter an alphanumeric name in the Page Title attribute. D. Enter an alphanumeric alias in the Page Alias attribute.
Which processing point is enabled for computations during page processing? A. Processing B. After Submit C. After Processing D. Validating.
Michael created a report and form on a table to maintain customers. When Michael tested the new form and entered a new record, he got this error: What should Michael do to resolve this issue? A. Select Managed by Database (ROWID) for the Primary Key type. B. Add a trigger on the table to populate the CUSTOMER_ID column when null. C. Create a sequence. D. Set the Customer ID item to text field with Read-Only set to "Always".
In Application Express, how do you enable a database schema assigned to the current workspace so that it can be used to serve ORDS-based RESTful Services? A. Install the Sample REST Services packaged application. B. Navigate to the Shared Components section and configure a REST Enabled SQL resource. C. Navigate to the ORDS RESTful services section of SQL workshop, select the appropriate schema, and click the "Register Schema with ORDS" button. D. Navigate to workspace administration and in the Set Workspace Preferences section, set Enable RESTful Services to "Yes".
Which four Oracle APEX region types can be created on top of a Web Source module? (Choose four.) A. Classic Report B. Interactive Report C. Chart D. Static Content E. List View F. Interactive Grid (non-editable) G. List H. Interactive Grid I. Tree J. PL/SQL Dynamic Content.
Which is a predefined authentication scheme in Oracle Application Express? A. Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) B. HTTP Header Variable C. SAML 2.0 Sign-On D. OpenID Connect Sign-On E. Client Certificate Authentication.
John has a form page with an email item and a status item. What must John do to ensure that the email item is populated before users can enter any value into the status item on the form page? A. dynamic action on the email item B. validation on the email item C. plug-in for the status item D. server-side condition on the status item.
David has created Page 10 as a form page using an Automatic Row Fetch process. A column named LOCATION has been added to the underlying table, and the form needs to include this new column. You decide to copy an existing page item :P10_DEPTNO and use that to represent the LOCATION column. Which is the minimum action required on the copied item to get the form working correctly? A. Update the item label. B. Set value required to No. C. Update the item name. D. Change the source type to NULL. E. Set the source database column to LOCATION.
Which is true about a workspace in Oracle APEX? A. It can be associated only with one schema. B. It can be associated with multiple schemas from different databases. C. It can be associated with the multiple schemas in the same database. D. It is not associated with any schemas.
Where is Oracle APEX session state stored between calls from the browser? A. in the browser in the form of cookies B. in the workspace schema C. in the APEX metadata schema D. is passed back and forth between the database and browser with each call.
You can control when an authorization scheme is validated by using the Evaluation Point. Select three valid Evaluation Points. (Choose three.) A. once per session B. once per region C. once per page view D. once per day E. always (no caching) F. once per user.
Mark has created a modal form page to enter new calendar events. Mark now wants to call the form when an end user clicks an empty calendar spot. How can Mark update the calendar region to call the form? A. Define a dynamic action of type Click in the calendar region. B. Use the create link attribute and the &APEX$NEW_START_DATE. placeholder. C. In the rendering tree, right-click the calendar region and select the Link Form to Calendar option. D. Use the create link attribute and use the :APEX$NEW_START_DATE bind variable. E. Use the view/edit link attribute to display the selected calendar entry.
Rick has created an "editable" interactive grid on a table that includes four audit columns: CREATED, CREATED_BY, UPDATED, and UPDATED_BY. The four audit columns are included in the report with read-only type set to Always. How can Rick update all four audit columns when a user inserts a row, and the UPDATED and UPDATED_BY columns when a user updates a row? A. using "Enable" Dynamic Actions B. using default values on the report columns C. using After Header Computations D. defining an After Submit process.
Which two actions can be done by a Page Process of type Automatic Row Processing (DML)? (Choose two.) A. Perform automatic detection of lost updates. B. Perform CRUD operations on multiple tables. C. Log a user-defined message when an exception is raised. D. Apply a SQL WHERE clause to append to all generated INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements at run time. E. generate a primary key column value on a SQL INSERT statement. F. Invoke PL/SQL code to perform the inserts, updates, and deletes.
Jane is creating a new application. Users of the application will use SSO to authenticate. SSO has been defined for the instance. Which step should Jane perform in the Create Application Wizard? A. Under Authentication, select Single Sign On (SSO). B. Include a Sign-In page in the list of pages. C. Include the Access Control feature. D. Update Advanced Settings to specify authentication.
Which three actions can be performed in Object Browser? (Choose three.) A. Enable and disable constraints. B. Write a SQL statement to update data in a table. C. Review the storage clause for a table or view. D. Enable and disable indexes. E. Truncate a table. F. Download table data to XML. G. Review the SQL statement for an existing table.
Jason has developed an app for maintaining customers. He has a navigation menu for customers that he needs to associate with multiple pages. How can Jason associate one list entry with multiple pages? A. Set List Entry Current for Pages Type to "Comma Delimited Page List." B. Update the list entry User Defined Attribute 01 to "MULTIPLE", and User Defined Attribute 02 to the list of pages. C. Update each page and set Current Navigation Menu Entry to "Customers". D. Add additional list entries labeled Customers. E. Update list entry Condition Type to "Current Page Is Contained Within Expression 1 (comma delimited list of pages).".
Francisco has been tasked with creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The page security requirements are defined as: ✑ Anyone who can access the application, in any capacity, shall also be able to view the new FAQ page. Which page level Authorization Scheme and Authentication options should Francisco choose? A. Authorization Scheme: Reader Rights; Authentication: Page Requires Authentication B. Authorization Scheme: Null; Authentication: Page is Public C. Authorization Scheme: {Not Reader Rights}; Authentication: Page Is Public D. Authorization Scheme: Must Not Be Public User; Authentication: Page Requires Authentication.
Trillian wants to pass an item value, which includes a comma, such as the value Donuts, Coffee, in the URL when calling another page. How can Trillian escape the item value so that the comma is interpreted correctly? A. /Donuts,Coffee/ B. \Donuts,Coffee\ C. Donuts\,Coffee D. "Donuts,Coffee".
You created an application where the home page looks like: You now want to change the page to look like: What do you need to do to change the appearance of the page? A. Update the region Type to "List View" B. Update the list Template to "Media List" C. Update the list Template Options > Style to "Basic" D. Update the region Template Options > Icons to "No Icons".
Where is Oracle APEX session state stored between calls from the browser? A. in the browser in the form of cookies B. in the workspace schema C. in the APEX metadata schema D. is passed back and forth between the database and browser with each call.
Mary is using an APEX Interactive Grid report that has many columns and wants to see the most important information while minimizing horizontal scrolling. Which three actions will help her to best accomplish this goal? (Choose three.) A. Define a filter B. Freeze the first few columns C. Reset report settings D. Hide the columns that are not important to see E. Reduce the width of columns F. Order the columns so that the most important columns are first G. Collapse the report settings area.
A City Administration app has two select lists (LOVs). P1_STATE is based on "STATE" and P1_CITY is based on "CITY". The CITIES table includes both the STATE and CITY columns. When a state is selected, the application should display only cities within the selected state, not all cities. How can you limit the cities to display only those for the selected state? A. Write a Set Value dynamic action against P1_STATE to require the P1_CITY based on the selected STATE. B. Add P1_STATE to the "Page Items to Submit" property in P1_CITY. C. In P1_CITY, set the "Cascading LOV Parent Item(s)" to P1_STATE. D. Write an Execute PL/SQL Code dynamic action against P1_CITY to select the correct cities based on P1_STATE.
You have defined a form page on the ORDERS table and changed page item :P5_ORDER_TOTAL to type Hidden. You also created a dynamic action to update the value of :P5_ORDER_TOTAL when any order items are added, updated, or deleted on the page. However, when you submit the page, you get this error: Session state protection violation: This may be caused by manual alteration of protected page item P5_ORDER_TOTAL. If you are unsure what caused this error, please contact the application administrator for assistance. How should you update :P5_ORDER_TOTAL page item to prevent this error? A. Set Value Protected to "No" B. Set Session State Protection to "Unrestricted" C. Change the item type to "Display Only" D. Set Store value encrypted in session state to "Yes".
Which is true about interactive reports? A. Interactive reports can be either read-only or editable. B. All columns defined in the report query must be shown. C. You can define only one interactive report on a page. D. An interactive report can be based on a PL/SQL function body returning a SQL query.
Bob has created an interactive report on the EMP table. Oracle BI Publisher has been configured as the report server in his environment. He has been asked to output a high-fidelity PDF report, which lists all employees. How can Bob define the report? A. Create a modal page with a classic report on EMP by using the Printer-Friendly template. Add a button to the page to call the new modal page. B. Define a report query and report layout based on the EMP table. Add a button to the page to output the report. C. Update the Interactive Report attributes and set Download > PDF to "Checked". D. Update the Interactive Report attributes and set Download > High Fidelity to "Checked".
Nancy has an application that is performing unexpectedly. She has turned on debug for the page and reviewed the debug messages and still can't determine the cause of the inconsistent behavior. She believes it may be an APEX bug. What action should Nancy take to identify the issue? A. Review the browser console output. B. Review the application error log. C. Set Debug Level to 9 and review the debug messages. D. View the page source.
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