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Which two statements are true about LACP support with the vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.) LACP works with MAC hash load balancing. LACP works with software iSCSI multipathing. LACP does not work with host profiles. LACP does not work with port mirroring.
A vSphere administrator wants to export the log files from a vCenter Server Appliance for troubleshooting. Which three are supported methods to export the log files? (Choose three.) Leveraging vRealize Operations Manager. Using the Managed Object Browser to explore the DiagnosticManager. Using the URL displayed on the VCSA DCUI home screen (https://:443/appliance/support-bundle). Logging on to the vCenter Server Appliance Bash shell and running the vc-support.sh script.
A vSphere administrator cannot mount an NFS datastore. Which three actions can be performed to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose three.) Verify that the CHAP authentication settings are correct. Run esxcli storage nfs list and ensure that the NFS filesystem is etx44 or reiserFS. Run the nc -z array-IP 2049 command in the ESXi Shell to see whether the ESHi host can reach the NFS server nfsd TCP/UDP port (default 2049) on the storage array. Ensure that the ESXi host can vmkping the NFS server address. Ensure that the access on the NFS server is set to Anonymous user, Root Access (no_root_squash), and Read/Write.
Which two statements are correct when licensing an ESXi 6.x host? (Choose two.) ESXi licenses can only applied to ESXi hosts connected to a vCenter Server. Bulk licensing requires vSphere Auto Deploy to be enabled. ESXi licenses can be assigned utilizing the ESXi host client. Bulk licensing requires vSphere PowerCLI.
Which statement describes a vApp? It is a container, like a resource pool which can contain one or more virtual machines. It is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications. It is a file format that supports the exchange of virtual appliances across products and platforms. It is a master copy of virtual machines that allows creation of ready-for -use virtual machines.
What are the two minimum configurations of a disk group in a vSAN host? 1 SSD drive for the caching tier and 1 or more SSDs for the capacity tier 1 SSD drive for the caching tier and 1 or more HDDs for the capacity tier 2 or more SSD drives for the caching tier and 2 or more HDDs for the capacity tier 2 or more SSD drives for the caching tier and 2 or more SSDs for the capacity tier.
What load balancing appliance does VMware recommended for deploying a vRealize Log Insight cluster? F5 Big-IP Citrix NetScaler VMware NSX Load Balancer Integrated Load Balancer.
What are two prerequisites for adding RDM disks to a VM? (Choose two.) LUN used a RDM must be visible to the underlying hosts in the cluster. LUN used as a RDM cannot be visible to any other underlying hosts in the cluster. VM resides on a VMFS datastore. LUN used as a RDM must be hidden to the ESXi host.
What are two uses of the vRealize Log Insight Agents for Windows and Linux? (Choose two.) Collect events from flat text files. Monitor the state of syslog/eventmgr services. Control the state of the syslog/eventmgr services. Monitor directories with the filesystem.
Which function key command will allow a vSphere administrator to access ESXi shell? Alt + F12 Alt + F1 Alt + F2 Alt + F11.
What does the %RDY column represent? CPU Utilization CPU Ready CPU Cycle Wait Percentage Idle CPU Percentage.
Which two options are valid to create vApp in the vSphere Environment? (Choose two.) Login using vSphere C# Client to the ESXi host, right click on the host and select Create new vApp. Login using vSphere Host Client to the ESXi host, right click on the host and select Create new vApp. Login using vSphere WebClient to the vCenter Server, right click on the Cluster and select Create new vApp. Login using vSphere WebClient to the vCenter Server, right click on the standalone ESXi host and select Create new vApp.
A VMware vSphere 6.x administrator is implementing a new eight-node cluster for business critical applications. Each server will be configured with two 10 GbE network adapters and will utilize iSCSI for storage on one subnet. Which feature is required to implement this solution? Storage DRS Network I/O Control VMKernel Port Binding LACP.
Which password meets the default password requirements in ESXi 6.x? Xqa_hin3 xTaMEhb! xQA!3h Xqavntthi3.
A vSphere administrator wants to migrate a virtual machine with vMotion from one node to another in the same cluster, but when the destination server is specified, an error message is displayed. What might be wrong? (Choose two.) The destination host does not have access to the shared datastore. The hosts are licensed for vSphere Essentials Plus. The cluster is configured for EVC and the hosts are of the same processor family. The hosts have a dedicated vMotion VMKernel interface configured. The source host is not licensed for vMotion.
Which two options does VM Monitoring use to determine if a virtual machine should be reset? (Choose two.) I/O activity from the virtual machine CPU activity from the virtual machine Network activity from the virtual machine Heartbeats from VMware Tools.
Which two options are available when migrating a powered off VM and relocating the attached disks? (Choose two.) Raw Device Mapping Virtual compatibility Same format as source Thick Provision Eager Zeroed Raw Device Mapping Physical compatibility.
Which two choices would make a Virtual Machine compatible when enabling Fault Tolerance? (Choose two.) NIC passthrough 2 TB + VMDK e1000 virtual network adapter 4 Virtual CPUs (vCPU).
What three types of host bus adapters are supported for connecting to shared storage on an ESXi hosts? (Choose three.) Hardware HBA Software SATA Software iSCSI Software FCoE.
Which three actions allow a VMware vSphere 6.x administrator to view vSphere log files? (Choose three.) Analyze the vSphere logs from the vRealize Log Insight user interface. Download the vSphere log bundles from the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI). Download the vSphere log bundles from vSphere Web Client connected to a vCenter Server system. View the vSphere log files from the vSphere Web Client Log Browser. Analyze the vSphere logs from the vRealize Operations user interface.
Which state does VMware recommend an ESXi host be in before removing the ESXi host from a DRS cluster? Powered off Quarantine mode Disconnected Maintenance mode.
Which three options are available when applying a customization Specification to an existing virtual machine? (Choose three.) Create a specification Import a specification Modify a specification Select an existing specification. Create a specification from an existing specification.
A vSphere administrator takes a snapshot before logging into a VM to preserve the current state in case of a problem. Assuming this process is repeated every day for over 30 days, what two results will happen? (Choose two.) The virtual machine’s performance will decrease. The virtual machine can end up consuming more space on the datastore than assigned. The administrator will have backups for the entire month. The administrator has successfully cloned the VM 30 times.
When specifying a trigger action for an Alarm Definition, what two alarm state changes are available to be triggered on? (Choose two.) From normal to critical From critical to warning From critical to normal From normal to warning.
Which two resource types can be limited on the vApp level? (Choose two.) Network CPU Storage Memory.
Which three virtual hardware configurations will allow snapshots? (Choose three.) 16+ vCPU full memory reservation Physical Mode RDMs Virtual Mode RDMs bus sharing.
A vSphere administrator is required to apply security hardening policies following the VMware vSphere Hardening Guide recommendations. Which tool enables native compliance reporting for these guidelines? VMware vCenter Server VMware vRealize Operations Manager VMware vSphere Update Manager VMware AirWatch.
What three tools or products can be used for monitoring a vSphere 6.x deployment? (Choose three.) vCenter Alarms vCenter Events vRealize Automation vRealize Operations Manager vRealize Orchestrator.
What three steps must be taken when removing a host from a vSAN-enabled cluster? (Choose three.) Remove VMkernel port with vSAN traffic checkbox checked. Remove the host from vSAN cluster. Remove disks from diskgroups, remove disk groups. Place the host into maintenance mode with Full Migration option selected. Create at least one vSphere Standard Switch.
A vSphere administrator wants to ensure standardization of any new deployments of Widows VMs. In order to accomplish this, the administrator creates a new Windows VM with all of the required settings. What vSphere feature can the administrator leverage to ensure that each new Windows VM receives a unique name and is automatically joined to the domain after creation? Guest Operating System Customization vRealize Orchestrator Host Profiles Sysprep.
Which is a valid requirement for deploying the vCenter Server Appliance 6.x to a DRS cluster? At least one host in the cluster must be in maintenance mode or lockdown mode. One ESXi host in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode or lockdown mode. All ESXi hosts in the cluster must not be in maintenance mode. One ESXi host in the cluster must not be in lockdown mode.
Which two network failure detection options are available when using a vSphere Standard Switch? (Choose two.) Fixed with preferred path Dynamic Link status with Beacon probing Link status only.
Which are two steps that a vSphere administrator must take to increase the capacity of an existing VMFS datastore that is participating in a Storage DRS cluster? (Choose two.) In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select Global Inventory Lists > Datastore Clusters. Select the target datastore to grow and click the Increase Datastore Capacity icon. Select the target datastore cluster and click the Add Datastore icon. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select Global Inventory Lists > Datastores.
Which type of network traffic is used for vSphere High Availability (HA) by default? Management network traffic iSCSI Port Binding network traffic vMotion network traffic VM Network traffic.
Which two statements are true using Resource Pools? (Choose two.) Resource Pools require vSphere DRS to be enabled. Resource Pools compartmentalize all resource in a cluster. Resource Pools compartmentalize all resources in a datacenter. Resource Pools require vSphere HA to be enabled.
Which two formats are supported for exporting a VM to a storage media? (Choose two.) EXE OVF OVA ISO.
When trying to export the vApp to the OVF, the option is grayed out. What solution allows for the export of a vApp? The vApp is marked as Non-Exportable. Logout of the vSphere Client and use the vSphere WebClient. Change the portgroup where the VMs are connected to. PowerOff the vApp.
Which three steps deploy a virtual machine from a VM Template in the Content Library? (Choose three.) Right-click a VM Template and select New VM from This Template. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select vCenter Inventory Lists > VM templates in Folders. Using vSphere Host client, select vCenter Inventory Lists > Content Libraries. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select vCenter Inventory Lists > Content Libraries. Select a Content Library, click Related Objects tab and click Templates.
A vSphere Administrator is tasked with implementing a production VMware vSAN cluster and has followed the design and sizing guide to correctly size the environment. Which two requirements represent valid VMware recommendations? (Choose two.) A disk group must be composed of more than one cache disk and at least one capacity disk. All-Flash configurations do not require a caching tier. A disk group must be composed of one cache disc and at least one capacity disk. The cache tier should be sized to no less than 10% of the capacity tier. .
A vSphere administrator sees the alarm: vSphere HA virtual machine failed to failover This occurred for a number of virtual machines on a particular ESXi host in a cluster with vSphere High Availability (HA) enabled. The virtual machines guest operating systems never reported a power event. What occurred? The virtual machines were vMotioned off of the ESXi host. The ESXi host failed and vSphere HA successfully failed over the virtual machines. The previous virtual machine cloning operations failed to complete. The ESXi host is still running but has disconnected from the network.
What three steps are necessary to enable Jumbo Frames for use with an iSCSI storage array? (Choose three.) Configure the MTU on the VMKernel port. Configure the MTU on the virtual switch. Configure the MTU on the physical switch. Configure the MTU on the LAG group. Configure the MTU on the VTEP.
What are two valid methods to deploy an OVF template which consists of two or more VMs? (Choose two.) Deploy on the VMware vSphere Hypervisor. Deploy on a vSphere DRS enabled cluster. Deploy on a vSphere HA enabled cluster. Deploy on the standalone host connected to vCenter Server.
What is required to create a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.) vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing is required. Login to the ESXi Host with the Root account. A minimum of two physical uplinks is required. The host is added to a vCenter Server.
A vSphere administrator notices that sometimes they receive poor network throughput for multiple port groups that reside on a vSwitch with multiple physical uplinks (vmnics). The configuration on the ESXi host is identical to other hosts that are working properly in the same cluster. What should be done next? Add additional port groups the v Switch. Add additional resources to the virtual machines that are powered on. Restart Management agents in ESXi Direct Console User Interface (DCUI). Alter the failover order of the vmnics until a bad vmnic is found.
A vSphere administrator uses vMotion to migrate a virtual machine between two ESXi hosts and notices that they can no longer ping the VM. What is the cause? The destination host has an incorrect VLAN tag on the virtual machine port group for the VM. The destination host has two port groups with the same VLAN tag. There is an MTU mismatch. The virtual machine has RDMs attached.
When using vSAN, all the storage characteristics are specified by Storage Policies. Which parameter in vSAN Storage Policies can increase performance in a cache miss situation? Number of failures to tolerate Number of disk stripes per object Force provisioning Object space reservation (%).
What are three configuration steps are required to mount an NFS datastore in vSphere? (Choose three.) On virtual machines running Microsoft Windows, increase the value of the SCSI TimeoutValue paramater to allow Windows to better tolerate delayed I/O resulting from path failover. Configure VMkernel Port Binding. On each ESXi host, configure a VMkernel Network port for NFS traffic. On the NFS server, configure an NFS volume and export it to be mounted on the ESXi hosts. If you plan to use Kerberos authentication with the NFS 4.1 datastore, configure the ESXi hosts for Kerberos authentication.
Which two options are available when configuring a virtual flash resource on a virtual machine? (Choose two.) Reservation SCSI Controller Limit Block Size.
Which two choices are valid ways to patch an ESXi host? (Choose two.) vRealize Operations Manager vSphere Update Manager configuring a Host Profile utilizing the esxcli Command Line Interface.
Which three installation methods are supported for a guest operating system within a virtual machine? (Choose three.) ISO image from the datastore CD-ROM ISO image from a Content Library ISO image from an external FTP Server ISO image from Update Manager repository.
A vSphere administrator has been tasked with enabling upstream failure detection for networking in an environment that does not support link state tracking. Which statement is a VMware-recommended option? Satisfy prerequisites and enable Beacon probing. Enable Explicit failover order and ensure Failback is selected. Enable Explicit failover order and ensure Notify Switches is selected. Configure a port-channel with LACP.
Which three features can be configured during the initial creation of a cluster (Choose three.) vSAN EVC DRS Proactive HA.
One of your virtual machines (VM) has performance issues and sometimes is unresponsive. Which VM file must be checked in order to find the root cause? vpxd.log ds.log vminst.log vmware.log.
A vSphere administrator has been tasked with ensuring that 500 virtual desktops are unable to communicate with one another, but can communicate with required services. Which two solutions does VMware recommend? (Choose two.) vSphere Host Firewall Private VLAN VMware NSX Distributed Firewall Port Filtering.
What are two requirements needed to enable a 4 vCPU virtual machine with Fault Tolerance? (Choose two.) vSphere Enterprise Plus license 1 GbE uplink for FT logging network vSphere Standard license 10 GbE uplink for FT logging network.
Which two scenarios can cause a VM to appear orphaned in the vSphere Web Client? (Choose two.) The VM was removed from the vCenter Server. The VM had an unsuccessful migration within a vSphere DRS cluster. The ESXi host had an unsuccessful failover event in vSphere HA. The VM was unregistered from the ESXi host directly.
VMware vRealize Log Insight can be configured to send notification events to which endpoint? vRealize Configuration Manager vRealize Operations Manager vRealize Infrastructure Navigator vCenter Server.
Which two components are built into the vCenter Server Appliance 6.x? (Choose two.) vSphere Auto Deploy vCenter Converter vRealize Orchestrator VMware vSphere Update Manager.
Which two options can be used for vCenter Server 6.x database availability? (Choose two.) Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG) vCenter Server Watchdog NSX load balancer vCenter Server Heartbeat Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering.
Which statement is true when adding a VM to a Resource Pool? The VM share value (%Shares) adjusts to the Resource Pool. The VM share value (%Shares) remains unchanged. The VM limit changes. The VM reservation changes.
A VMware vSphere 6.x administrator is creating an Alarm Action. What are three configure actions? (Choose three.) Run a command. Shutdown Guest. Send a notification email. Restart Guest. Migrate VM.
What describe a set of patches that meet certain criteria and will vary as the available patches change? Upgrade Baselines Fixed Patch Baselines Host Profiles Dynamic Patch Baselines.
Which three IP addresses may be pinged by the Test Management Network feature in the ESXi hosts DCUI? (Choose three.) Primary DNS server NTP server Secondary DNS server DHCP server Default gateway.
Which three methods can a vSphere administrator use to automatically synchronize time on a ESXi host? (Choose three.) Log in to the VMware Host Client, navigate to Host > Manage > Time & date and click Edit settings. Configure the VMware Tools time synchronization. Select the host in the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Configure > System > Time Configuration and click the Edit button. Use the vicfg-ntp command. Use the esxclihardware clock get command in the ESXi Shell.
What three shares are available when configuring a Resource Pool? (Choose three.) Average Normal Custom Low Maximum.
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