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Which two configuration settings are global settings? (Choose two) Firewall policies FortiGuard settings User & Device settings HA settings.
Which two statements regarding the SD-WAN feature on FortiGate are true? (Choose two.) An SD-WAN static route does not require a next-hop gateway IP address. SD-WAN provides route failover protection, but cannot load-balance traffic. Each member interface requires its own firewall policy to allow traffic. FortiGate supports only one SD-WAN interface per VDOM.
What two settings must you configure when FortiGate is being deployed as a root FortiGate in a Security Fabric topology? (Choose two). FortiManager IP address Fabric name Pre-authorize downstream FortiGate devices FortiAnalyzer IP address.
Which two statements about advanced AD access mode for the FSSO collector agent are true? (Choose two.) It supports monitoring of nested groups. FortiGate can act as an LDAP client to configure the group filters. It uses the Windows convention for naming; that is, Domain\Username. It is only supported if DC agents are deployed.
Which load balancing method is not supported in equal cost multipath (ECMP) load balancing, but is supported in SD-WAN? Volume based Weight based Source IP based Source-destination IP based.
An administrator configured antivirus profile in a firewall policy set to flow-based inspection mode. While testing the configuration, the administrator noticed that eicar.com test files can be downloaded using HTTPS protocol only. What is causing this issue? he test file is larger than the oversize limit. HTTPS protocol is not enabled under Inspected Protocols. Hardware acceleration is in use. Full-content inspection for HTTPS is disabled.
Which statement about the HA override setting in FortiGate HA clusters is true? It synchronizes device priority on all cluster members. Configuring the HA override will reboot the FortiGate device. It is used to enable monitored ports. You must configure override settings manually and separately for each cluster member.
A client workstation is connected to FortiGate port2. The FortiGate port1 is connected to an ISP router. port2 and port3 are both configured as a software switch. Which IP address must be configured on the workstation as the default gateway? The router IP address The port2 IP address The software switch interface IP address The FortiGate management IP address.
Which two behaviors result from this full (deep) SSL configuration? (Choose two.) A temporary trusted FortiGate certificate replaces the server certificate, even when the server certificate is untrusted. A temporary untrusted FortiGate certificate replaces the server certificate when the server certificate is untrusted. The browser bypasses all certificate warnings and allows the connection. A temporary trusted FortiGate certificate replaces the server certificate when the server certificate is trusted.
What is eXtended Authentication (XAuth)? It is an IPsec extension that forces remote VPN users to authenticate using their local ID. It is an IPsec extension that authenticates remote VPN peers using digital certificates. It is an IPsec extension that forces remote VPN users to authenticate using their credentials (username and password). It is an IPsec extension that authenticates remote VPN peers using a preshared key.
What does the command diagnose debug fsso-polling refresh-user do? It refreshes all users learned through agentless polling It enables agentless polling mode real-time debug It displays status information and some statistics related to the polls done by FortiGate on each DC. It refreshes user group information from any servers connected to FortiGate using a collector agent.
Which two statements about the application control profile mode are true? (Choose two.) It uses flow-based scanning techniques, regardless of the inspection mode used. It can scan only unsecure protocols. It cannot be used in conjunction with IPS scanning. It can be selected in either flow-based or proxy-based firewall policy. .
Examine this partial output from the diagnose sys session list CLI command: diagnose sys session list session info: proto=6 proto_state=05 duration=2 expire=78 timeout=3600 flags=00000000 sockflag=00000000 sockport=0 av_idx=0 use=3 What does this output state? proto_state=05 is the TCP state. proto_state=05 means there is only one-way traffic proto_state=05 is the UDP state proto_state=05 is the ICMP state.
Which statement about the configuration settings is true? The settings are invalid. The administrator settings and the SSL-VPN settings cannot use the same port. When a remote user accesses, the SSL-VPN login page opens. When a remote user accesses, the FortiGate login page opens. When a remote user accesses, the SSL-VPN login page opens.
Which three methods can be used to deliver the token code to a user who is configured to use two-factor authentication? (Choose three.) Email FortiToken Voicemail message SMS text message Instant message app.
Examine this FortiGate configuration: config system global set av-failopen pass end config ips global set fail-open disable end Examine the output of the following debug command: # diagnose hardware sysinfo conserve memory conserve mode: on total RAM: 3040 MB memory used: 2706 MB 89% of total RAM memory freeable: 334 MB 11% of total RAM memory used + freeable threshold extreme: 2887 MB 95% of total RAM memory used threshold red: 2675 MB 88% of total RAM memory used threshold green: 2492 MB 82% of total RAM Based on the diagnostic outputs above, how is the FortiGate handling packets that require IPS inspection? They are dropped. They are allowed and inspected as long as no additional proxy-based inspection is required. They are allowed and inspected. They are allowed, but with no inspection.
Which three settings and protocols can be used to provide secure and restrictive administrative access to FortiGate? (Choose three.) FortiTelemetry Trusted host SSH Trusted authentication HTTPS.
Which route will be selected when trying to reach [10/0] via, port1 [10/0] via, port2 [10/0] via, port3 [10/0] via, port1.
An administrator needs to create a tunnel mode SSL-VPN to access an internal web server from the Internet. The web server is connected to port1. The Internet is connected to port2. Both interfaces belong to the VDOM named Corporation. What interface must be used as the source for the firewall policy that will allow this traffic? port2 ssl.Corporation ssl.root port1.
ortiGate has been configured for Firewall Authentication. When attempting to access an external website, the user is not presented with a login prompt. What is the most likely reason for this situation? The user is using a super admin account. The user was authenticated using passive authentication. The user is using a guest account profile No matching user account exists for this user.
Which two statements about incoming and outgoing interfaces in firewall policies are true? (Choose two.) Only the any interface can be chosen as an incoming interface. Multiple interfaces can be selected as incoming and outgoing interfaces. An incoming interface is mandatory in a firewall policy, but an outgoing interface is optional A zone can be chosen as the outgoing interface.
How can you configure the web proxy to block HTTP packets that request a specific HTTP method? Create a firewall service that matches the HTTP method, and apply it to a proxy policy with the action DENY Create a DNS filter that matches the HTTP method, and apply it to a proxy policy with the action DENY. Create a proxy address that matches the HTTP method, and apply it to a proxy policy with the action DENY. Apply a web filter profile to a proxy policy that blocks the HTTP method.
Which statement about traffic flow in an active-active HA cluster is true? The secondary device responds to the primary device with a SYN/ACK, and then the primary device forwards the SYN/ACK to the client. The SYN packet from the client always arrives at the primary device first. The ACK from the client is received on the physical MAC address of the primary device All FortiGate devices are assigned the same virtual MAC addresses for the HA heartbeat interfaces to redistribute to the sessions.
Examine the following log message attributes: hostname=www.youtube.com profiletype=""Webfilter_Profile"" profile=""default"" status=""passthrough""msg=""URL belongs to a category with warnings enabled"" Which two statements about the log are correct? (Choose two.) The user was prompted to decide whether to proceed or go back. The category action was set to warning. The website was allowed on the first attempt The user failed authentication.
Which two statements about FortiGate antivirus databases are true? (Choose two.) The extended database is available only if grayware scanning is enabled The extreme database is available only on certain FortiGate models. The extended database is available on all FortiGate models. The quick scan database is part of the normal database.
Which two statements best describe how the FortiGate will perform reverse path forwarding (RPF) checks on this traffic? (Choose two.) Strict RPF check will deny the traffic. Loose RPF check will allow the traffic. Loose RPF check will deny the traffic. Strict RPF check will allow the traffic.
Which two statements about antivirus scanning in a firewall policy set to proxy-based inspection mode are true? (Choose two.) FortiGate sends a reset packet to the client if antivirus reports the file as infected. The client must wait for the antivirus scan to finish scanning before it receives the file. A file does not need to be buffered completely before it is moved to the antivirus engine for scanning. If a virus is detected, a block replacement message is displayed immediately.
Which statement about firewall policy NAT is true. You must configure SNAT for each firewall policy. DNAT can automatically apply to multiple firewall policies, based on DNAT rules SNAT can automatically apply to multiple firewall policies, based on SNAT policies. DNAT is not supported.
Examine the exhibit, which shows a firewall policy configured with multiple security profiles. Which two security profiles will be handled by the IPS engine? (Choose two.) Web Filter AntiVirus IPS Application Control.
What does this raw log indicate? (Choose two.) is the IP address for *.cdn.mozilla.net Traffic originated from Traffic matches the application profile on firewall policy ID 1 FortiGate allowed the traffic to pass.
Examine the exhibit, which shows a FortiGate device with two VDOMs: VDOM1 and VDOM2. Both VDOMs are operating in NAT/route mode. The subnet is connected to VDOM1. The subnet is connected to VDOM2. There is an inter-VDOM link between VDOM1 and VDOM2. What is required in the FortiGate configuration to route traffic between both subnets through an inter-VDOM link? A static route in VDOM1 for the destination subnet of A static route in VDOM2 with the destination subnet matching the subnet assigned to the inter-VDOM link A static route in VDOM2 for the destination subnet A firewall policy in VDOM1 to allow the traffic from to with port1 as the source interface and port2 as the destination interface.
An administrator wants to monitor their network for any probing attempts aimed to exploit existing vulnerabilities in their servers. What must they configure on their FortiGate to accomplish this? (Choose two.) An IPS sensor to monitor all signatures applicable to the server A DoS policy, and log all UDP and TCP scan attempts A web application firewall profile to check protocol constraints An application control profile and set all application signatures to monitor.
Which three protocols can a client use to authenticate against a FortiGate configured as transparent web proxy? (Choose three.) SOCKS5 HTTP FTP SSH SMTP.
Which two statements correctly describe the differences between IPsec main mode and IPsec aggressive mode? (Choose two.) The first packet of aggressive mode contains the peer ID, while the first packet of main mode does not Main mode cannot be used for dialup VPNs, while aggressive mode can. Aggressive mode supports XAuth, while main mode does not Six packets are usually exchanged during main mode, while only three packets are exchanged during aggressive mode.
Which three actions are valid for static URL filtering? (Choose three.) Exempt Block Shape Warning Allow.
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