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You want to reduce planning efforts for B/C materials. Which planning procedure do you recommend? Forecast planning Consumption-based planning Material requirements planning Manual planning without check.
Your project used process orders for the production of liquid chemicals. What can you define to ensure that the production flow happens only in physically connected tanks? Work center hierarchy Setup matrix Operation network Resource network.
Your company produces a finished good based on a forecast and expects it to being stock when customers order it. If customers order more than the forecasted quantity, the production quantity should be increased to try to meet the extra demand. Which planning strategy do you use? Make-to-order production (20) Make-to-stock production (10) Planning without final assembly (50) Planning with final assembly (40).
In your project, you have several materials that are planned by different people. How can you assign the planning responsibility? MRP type MRP controller MRP group MRP planning file.
Which master data object governs the relationship between supply source and demand source in the Kanban process? Rate routing Production supply area Control cycle Replenishment strategy.
What type of time element can be reduced by strategy settings while dispatching? Queue time Setup time Wait time Transportation time.
How can you carry out cost object controlling for production orders? Milestone-related Product-related Order-related Cost-related.
You want to create a production order from a planned order. What methods could you use? Order release Partial conversion Collective conversion Combined conversion.
Which business processes are affected by setting in the order type-dependent parameters? Implement engineering changes. Define integration to cost accounting. Intiate quality inspections. Select master data.
You have maintained the parameters for simple discontinuation in the material master of a component. Which business process will be affected if the available stock is zero and the discontinuation date is in the past? Backflushing Production order release Material requirements planning Kanban.
What happens to this dependent requirement when you convert the planned order into a production order? They are converted into a reservation. They are converted into a production order. They are converted into a planned order. They are converted into a schedule line.
Which options do you have to plan both quant ties and capacities during line loading in repetitive manufacturing? Run PP/DS heuristics for repetitive manufacturing. Run MRP with quota arrangement. Assign planned orders manual lying the planning table. Run MRP with automatic selection of production version.
What does it mean for the production planner when MRP works with infinite capacities? MRP assigns capacity requirements automatically to work center is with the earliest available capacity. MRP creates capacity requirements only if the work center has sufficient capacity. MRP assigns capacity requirements automatically after the last scheduled order on a work center. MRP creates capacity requirements without checking the capacity of a work center.
During production order creation, several valid production versions are found. How does the system choose the production version? Valid period or sale order Alphanumeric or quota arrangement Planned order or material number Lot size or material cost.
What are some uses for the low-level code assigned to each material? It is used in MRP to determine the sequence in which materials are planned. It is used by engineering to indentify subitems in an engineering bill of material (BOM). It is used by product costing to determine how coast are rolled up. it is used by ATP to determine the priority of alternative components.
Your production planners must execute planning only for specific resources. How can you achive this in advanced Planning(PP/DS) Use a planning group. Use a resource group. Use a propagation range. Use heuristic.
How can you set up the supply source for the Kanban process in SAP S/4HANA? Using quotations for internal and external procurement Using run schedule quantities for in-house production Using purchasing costs for automated source prioritization Using stock transfer reservations for stock transfer Using purchase orders for external procurement.
You want to insert an operatio at a certain time on work center. The planning direction is forward. The disired dispatching time concides with an operation that has previously been dispatched. How does the insertion take place? The new operation is inserted at the desired time; the previously dispatched operation is moved backward. The new operation is inserted at the desired time; the previously dispatched operation is moved forward. The previously dispatched operation stays as is; the new operation is inserted after the the dispatched operation. The previously dispatched operation stays as is; the new operation is inserted before the the dispatched operation.
Advanced Planning uses master data and transaction data from SAP S/4HANA. In which data objects can you set the advanced planning flag? Material Plant Work center Production version.
How can you achive a feasible production plan in case of capacity constraints? Form optimum sequence to reduce setup times Execute an infinite production planning run Adjust the available capacity. Reduce the planning window Select an alternative mode on a resource.
What does a line hierarchy in repetitive manufacturing represent? A production line with a parallel sequence in the routing A production line with an alternative sequence in the routing A production line with more than one work center A production line with prioritized alternative work centers.
Which SAP solutions support the supplier area in the portfolio of the Digital Value Network? SAP Ariba SAP Fieldglass SAP Concur SAP SuccessFactors SAP Hybris.
Which of the following are possible configuration steps when setting up the alert monitor in Advance Planning? Create object selection variant for transportation lane-related alerts. Assign the overall profile to the authorization profile. Assign the alert profile to the overall profile. Create object selection variant for product-related alerts.
Why would you use phantom assemblies? To increase the number of planning levels To simplify the structure of bills of materials To make the assignment of components easier To reduce the number of changes required in bills of materials To reduce the number of material masters.
Which of the following is valid sequence of the main activities in production order processing? Creation, availability check, release, material widrawal, confirmation Creation, release, settlement, goods issue, confirmation, goods receipt Creation, release, printing, goods issue, confirmation, goods receipt Creation, printing, release, goods issue, confirmation, goods receipt.
For a production version to be valid and consistent what requirements must be fulfilled? The lot size range must be within the lot-size range of the assigned routing. The assigned routing must be a rate routing. The deletion flag must NOT be set for the bill of materials (BOM) or the routing. The assigned routing and bill of materials (BOM) must be valid in the entire validity period. The assigned routing must NOT have alternative sequences.
What could be the reason for multiple commitment of invidula capacities, where several operations have the same scheduled dates on a work center (or resource) after planing? The finite Scheduling indicator is NOT set in the strategy profile. The Change Planning Direction indicator is set in strategy profile. Alternative work centers are fully occupied. The work center has several invidula capacities.
What is the difference between co-products and by-products? Only co-products can be manufactured in isolation from the main product. Only by-products have a zero inventory valuation. Only co-products appear in the process or production order settlement rule. Only co-products are identified by a special item category in the bill of material (BOM).
Where do you maintain the work center that represents the production line for repetitive manufacturing? Repetitive manufacturing profile Production version Routing Production cost collector.
What are the consequences if the Dispatched operation status is set for a production order operation? You can reschedule the operation using midpoint scheduling in a planning table. You can reschedule the operation using lead time scheduling in a planning table You can reschedule the operation using finite scheduling in planning table You can reschedule the order using infinite scheduling in a planing table.
Which information is required when you created a production master in SAP S/4HANA? Base unit of measure Selective screen for views Industry sector Product type.
Mode selection is one of the scheduling options available in Advanced Planning in SAP S/4HANA. When can you use mode selection? When multiple planned orders exist on one resource When multiple operations are maintained for one product When alternate resources are used within one operation When multiple production versions are maintained for one product.
In the Schedule Production app which setting can you make for the planning strategy? Scheduling control Fixed pegging Fitness level Direction Planning mode.
Which of the following questions do you have to answer before you start creating a BOM? Is the material type allowed in the BOM? In which storage location is the BOM required? Which Valid To information is necessary? What status does the BOM have?.
Your proyect team decides to use a make-to-order planning strategy for strategic in discrete manufacturing. What is the impact of this decision? Production orders specific stock is created Storage location MRP areas are required. Net requirement calcualtion is sales-order specific. A sales-order-specific planning run is required.
When can the automatic material availability check occur in a production order? At order creation At order settlement At order release At order confirmation.
Which of the following processes lead to an entry in the MRP planing file? Change of the storage bin Change of the material's procurement type Creation of sales order Creation of dependent requirements Creation of purchasing contract.
Your client is asking for your advice on material master numbering in SAP S/4HANA. What do you need to consider? The maximum mater all number length is 40 for external numbers and 18 for internal numbers In Customizing you can decide by material type whether to use the long material number. The number of leading zeros for internal numbers is client-specific. The display template for material numbers applies to all clients.
Which materials have a negative quantity in a bill of materials or in a recipe? Continuous flow materials Bulk materials Co-products Waste products By-products.
Which mhetods are available for goods issue posting of material components for process orders? Blackflushing Picking list Transfer order Kanban.
What is the purpose of collective orders? To combine order management of co-products any by-products with the main product. To manage production orders for an entire finished product on multiple levels To post any component withdrawal as single backflush with order confiramtion To post production costs on a cost collector instead of the production order.
Which chart types does the tabular planning table provide in SAP S/4HANA Capacity requirements chart Order (pool) chart Order (dispatched) chart Work center capacities chart.
Which times elements does MRP consider in backward scheduling to determine he order dates for components from dependent requirements? Total replenishment lead time In-house production time Operation duration Planed delivery time.
When working with bouth cross-plant and plant-specific material statuses n the material master, which statuses has the higest priority? The last restrictive status The cross-plant status The most restrictive status The plant-specific status.
Your quality department detect a deviation in a raw material batch. Unfortunately, this batch has already been used in producion. How can you indentify all affected finish goods stocks? Use the material where-used report. Use the batch information cockpit. Use the material staging report. Use batch determination.
You want to set up a make-to-order planing scenario for finished material. The bil of material contains two components: one should be procured for each sales order individually, the other one shold be procured jointly for all independent requirements. Forcasting for the finished product is NOT possible. Which setting do you make to achive this? Choose planning strategy 50 (Planning whthout final assembly) and select corresponding Mixed MRP indicator Choose planning strategy 20 (Make-to-order) and select corresponding Mixed MRP indicator Choose planning strategy 20 (Make-to-order) and select corresponding Invidual/collective indicator Choose planning strategy 50 (Planning whthout final assembly) and select corresponding Invidual/collective indicator.
Which actions does the system preform by default when you save a confirmation for a finished product in repetitive manufacturing? Material staging for nex order in sequence Posting of goods receipt for the product Reduction of associated capacity requirements Posting of production costs to the production cost collector Archiving of documents for assembly scrap.
Which alternative item strategies are available in bills of materials (BOM) in SAP S/4HANA? First in first out (FIFO) By usage probability 100% check Simultaneous.
What does forecasting in demand planning cycle include? Past quotation quantities Past sales order quantites Past procurment quantities One-off events Market intelligence.
For which categories can you define BOMs in SAP S/4HANA? Document Structure Work Center Sales order Class.
You are working with planning strategy 40 (Planning-with-final assembly) When does consuption of planned independent requirements take places? When you create a sales order When you deliver a sales order When you create a planned order When the MRP result are saved.
For what production type are production orders used? Process manufacturing processes Period and quantity-oriented production Replenishment controlled by control cycles Discrete manufacturing processes.
What does the material type influence? Which material master views can be maintained Which plant specific status is allowed Which document types are allowed Whether the material is produced in-house, procured externally or bouth.
If the stock level drops below the reorder stock in reorder point planning, what logic would the system use to trigger procurement? Fill up to the safety stoc level Fill up based on the lot size procedure Fill up to the maximum stock level Fill up to the reorder stock level.
How would you define pegging in the context of Advanced Planning? An evaluation that is ordered according to the network structure of all related products and represents the coverage of issue elements An evaluation to verify if there are overstock situations in the balance between receipt and issue elements after the production planning run An evaluation that is ordered according to the bill-of-material structure of all related products and represents the relationship between the receipt and the issue elements An evaluation to verify if there are material or capacity shortages in the network after the production planning run.
You want to triggering-house production of a semi-finished mater al before a sales order for the corresponding finished good is received. Which planning strategy supports the consumption of planned independent requirements for the semi-finished material?  Planning with final assembly (40) Make-to-order production (20) Planning without final assembly (50) Planning at assembly level (70).
In your plant, MRP is activated. Which option do you have to exclude a materila from the MRP run? Use a specific MRP type Use a specific material status Use specific MRP controller Use a specific material group.
The MRP run detected a shortage of a materila that you sorce from an external supplier in full pallets. How can you make sure you will only recive full pallets? Use the MRP type for vendor managed inventory. Use the minimum order quantity Use the reorder point Use the fixed lot procedure.
What are the possible results of a production planning run in Advanced Planning (PP/DS)? Planned order Stock transport order Purchase requistion Production order Scheduling agreement schedule line.
Which time elements are relevant for lead time scheduling of a production order? Setup time Total replenishment lead time Planned delivery time Float after production.
What detremines whather the planned independent requirements in MRP are consumed by other requrements? Requirements type Consumption sequence procedure Order type Requirements profile.
Which of the following elements does MRP take into account during net requirement calculation? Lot size Purchase orders Safety stock Maximum stock level.
You set up a material as a phantom assembly by entering the special procurement key in the material master. How can you switch off the phantom assembly in a specific bill of material (BOM)? Change the phantom item indicator for the phantom assembly in the BOM. Change the explosion type of the phantom assembly in the BOM. Change the item category of the phantom assembly in the BOM. Change the special procurement key of the phantom assembly in the BOM.
You use planning strategy Finite Scheduling - with Reverse adn want to allow scheduling in the past. How can you achive this? Specify a positive planning horizon in the strategy profile. Specify a positive offset time in the strategy profile. Specify a negative offset time in the strategy profile. Specify a negative lanning horizon in the strategy profile.
How can SAP S/4HANA support a GMP-compliant production process? Batch record GMP-compliant flag Digital signature Approved resources Recipe approval.
How can you limit the validity of a bill of material (BOM)? By plant By industry By material type By period.
Which time elements are part of a routing operation? Queue time Wait time Float before production Pick/pack time Move time.
When do you use variant bills of materials (BOMs)? When multiple materials also have similar BOMs When multiple materials have multiple BOMs When a material has a configurable BOM When a material has multiple BOMs.
You want to use capacity availability checks for production orders. Which settings have to be made for this? The Relevant for Finite Scheduling indicator must be set A checking rule must be assigned in the checking control The PRT Availability Check must be set in the checking control. An overall profile must be assigned in the checking control.
What is the purpose of a reporting point confirmation in repetitive manufacturing? To reduce the total production lead time for along production line To determine the work in progress along the production line To stage different components for a production line simultaneously To provide timely updates of inventory management for the staged components.
Which item statuses can you select inside a material BOM? Sales Quality management Service Engineering.
An issue storage location was NOT found through the work center, bill of material(BOM) item, or material master. What determines whether the storage location can be derived from the production version? MRP group MRP controller MRP profile Plants parameters.
You need to model goods receipt processing time in detailed scheduling. Whic modeling options do you have? Model a seperate resource in the production data structure. Model a transportation resorce in the location master. Model a handling resource in the location master and goods receipt time in the material master. Model a resource inbound in the location master.
What is a work center hierarchy in planning in SAP S/4HANA? A group of alternative work centers for production, structured in hierarchy levels by priorities A group of work centers in a parallel sequence that is used to split production quantities and work on them in parallel A group of alternative work centers providing a cumulative available capacity for production. A group of work centers in a production line being used in sequence for production.
You have a schedule agreement whit a vendor. You want classic MRP to automatically create schedule lines in case of material shortage. What must you do? Set the creation indicator for delivery schedule lines on the initial screen of the MRP run. Add the agreement to the quota arrangement and mark it for MRP revalance. Set the creation indicator for purchase requisitions on initial screen of MRP run Add the agreement to the source list and mark it for MRP revalance.
Where do you maintain data to determine the duration of an operation for production? Routing Work center Material master Bill of material (BOM).
What are the consequences when you assgn a planned order to a production line manually, using the planning table in repetitive manufacturing? The planned order's components are copied to the picking list. The planed order's component availability is checked. The planed order is converted to production order. The planed order generates capacity requirements.
You want to schedule an operation finitely, without moving other operations. Which scheduing strategy do you select? Squeeze in Insert operation Find slot Schedule in working time only.
What do you use to dispatch operations from planned orders so that the production plan can be fulfilled? Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Supply Network Planning (SNP) Demand Planning (DP)  Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP).
Which SAP application can be used for forcasting in Supply Chain Planning? Supply Chain Management(SCM) Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
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