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ABAP Practice Questions

ABAP Practice Questions

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Which statement is correct for ABAP Dictionary view type Database view (one correct) Database views can only contain transparent tables. Selection from individual tables in a nested sort is generally faster than database views. Database views are not automatically created in underlying table when activated. Database views may contain internal tables.
Which of the following are Predefined Dictionary Types? (three correct) char string cuky F returning.
In the context of Lock Objects, What is the main difference between 'Exclusive' lock and 'Exclusive and non-cumulative' lock. (one correct) 'Exclusive and non-cumulative' lock may only be applied once within an application. 'Exclusive and non-cumulative' lock may be applied more than once within an application. 'Exclusive and non-cumulative' lock are not allowed.
Which of the following are * * not * * ABAP Dictionary objects? (three correct) Internal table. Domain. Lock object. Structure. Transparent table. Class. Function.
What is the equivalent ABAP data type corresponding to the CLNT ABAP Dictionary type. (one correct) C(3) X(2) C(1) X(3).
Which ABAP Dictionary object can you specify a conversion routine? (one correct) Domain Table Structure Element Lock object.
Which search help can be used to enhance collective searches delivered by SAP? (one correct) Append Search Help Collective Search Help Elementary Search Help.
Data elements may be used to define a data object. (True or False) True False.
The following additional characterisitcs can be defined for a Data Element (three correct) Search Help Parameter ID Default Component Name Line Type Buffering.
The name of a lock object must start with . . . (one correct) EX or EY ZZ or YY CL or ZCL CL.
A function group is . . . Not executable directly. Direclty executable. An ABAP class.
All declaritive statements in event blocks belong to ABAP program and are visibly globally except for . . . (two correct) AT SELECTION-SCREEN GET [NODE] TOP-OF-PAGE LOAD-OF-PROGRAM.
Which repository object is accessable from outside an SAP system if remote enabled? (one correct) Class Method Function Module Function Group.
Which statement is correct about Functional Methods? (one correct) Method passes back exactly one value. Method passes back exactly one reference. Method can have changing parameters. Method passes back exactly two exporting parameters.
For ABAP syntax, the following general rules apply: (three correct) Each statement ends with a full stop. Statements can extend beyond one line. Lines beginning with an asterisk in the first column are recognised as comments and are ignored. Mixed case is forbidden. Statements cannot be indented.
There are two techniques for global modularisation they are: (one correct) Function modules and methods within global classes. Internal tables and database tables. Reports and module pools.
The ABAP Subroutine has the following characteristics: (three correct) Introduced with the FORM statement. END FORM statement concludes the subroutine. Name of subroutine is specified after FORM statement. Called by using FORM command. Cancelled by using END-FORM command. Name of subroutine is specified after METHOD statement.
'PASS VALUE' and 'OPTIONAL' checkbox are available when specifying a method parameter in the Class Builder. (True or False) True False.
ABAP Selection Screens are technically . . . (one correct) Dynpros. Web dynpros. Module pools. Windows.
Which operator is used to access an instance method or instance attribute of a class (one correct) -> => ?= =.
Screens (ABAP Dynpros) can appear in . . . Executable programs Module pools Function groups Type pools Subroutines.
Which operator is used to access a static method or static attribute of a class (one correct) -> => ?= =.
Which of the following are syntactically correct examples of calling a method? (three correct) CALL METHOD obj_ref->method_name( ). obj_ref->method_name( ). method_name( ). PERFORM obj_ref->method_name( ). CALL FUNCTION obj_ref->method_name( ).
Local classes . . . (one correct) are defined within an ABAP program and can only be used within the program they are defined. are defined within an ABAP program and can only be used within the system they are defined. are defined within an ABAP program and can only be used within the client they are defined. are defined within an ABAP program and can only be used within the ABAP application server they are defined.
What are the foundation of object-orientated programming? (one correct) Classes. Events. Function modules. GOTO statements. Subroutines.
What statement is true about an abstract class? (one correct) An instance of an abstract class cannot be created. An abstract class cannot be inherited. An abstract class cannot be accessed with a static attribute.
Which visibility section of a class allows components declared within the section to be accessed by any users of the class? (one correct) Public. Private. Protected. Friendship.
What statements are correct when discussing class methods? (three correct) In a local class, Methods are declared in the DEFINTION section. An instance method can access all attributes of the class it is decared in. A static method can only access the static components of the class it is decared in. A static method cannot be accessed by instances of the class it is decared in. A method's IMPORTING parameters must be passed by reference only.
The CONSTRUCTOR method . . . (three correct) is called automatically when you create the object. must allways be defined in the public visibility section. only one constructor is allowed. can have returning parameter. is called multiple times per object.
A singleton class . . . (three correct) is final. has a private instantiation level. is instantiated using its static constructor. may have multiple instances. does not ever get instantied.
As a minimum a Web Dynpro must have . . . (one correct) One window and one view. One window and one screen. One view and one field. One window and one node.
In Web Dynpro, navigation between different views is enabled by . . . (one correct) Plugs. Links. Tables. Controllers.
A Web Dynpro application must have the following specified: (two correct) Component to be called. Interface view of the root component to be initially used. Navigation link. Binding to UI Element.
The binding between a UI element and a context attribute is a . . . (one correct) One to one relationship. One to many relationship. Many to one relationship. Many to many relationship.
Inbound and outbound plugs are joined by . . . (one correct) navigation links. binding. the component controller. mapping. the view controller.
Which of the following statements about plugs is true (three correct) Plug is either inbound or outbound. Outbound plug can only navigate to single inbound plug. Each plug is only assigned to one view. Plugs do not have special handler events One view may only fire a single outbound plug.
Which statements about an interface controller is correct (one correct) All web Dynpro components have exactly one interface controller. All views have exactly one interface controller. All windows have exactly one interface controller. All contexts have exactly one interface controller.
When external mapping is set up for an externally mappable node, the runtime call of a supply function that has been explicitly coded is . . . (one correct) Skipped. Executed. Instantiated. Binded. Mapped.
What is the output of the write statement (one correct, scroll down) types: begin of ss, a type i, b type i, end of ss. data: lt_com type sorted table of ss with unique key a. data: ls_com type ss. ls_com-a = 1. ls_com-b = 1000. insert ls_com into table lt_com. ls_com-a = 1. ls_com-b = 1010. collect ls_com into lt_com. new-line. loop at lt_com into ls_com. write / |>>> { ls_com-a } { ls_com-b }|. endloop. >>> 1 2010 >>> 1 1000 >>> 1 1010 >>> 2 2010 >>> 1 2010 >>> 1 2010.
Which type of internal table may be indexed? (two correct) Standard table Sorted table Hashed table Transparent table.
An internal table line type may be a . . . structure (three correct) Flat. Deep. Nested. Class. Event.
For sorted internal tables, the addition BINARY SEARCH . . . (one correct) has no effect. makes the search more efficient. makes the search less effecient. is not allowed.
For a hashed internal table . . . (three correct) a hashed algorithm is used to index the table. a hashed algorithm is used to search if the specified key is the internal table key. if the key specified in the search is not the internal table key the search is sequential. BINARY SEARCH is not permitted. the key may be non-unique.
An internal table may be accessed sequentially by using . . . (one correct) LOOP . . . END LOOP statements SELECT . . . END SELECT statements READ statements DATA statements.
Which of the following are control break statements when looping through an internal table (three correct) AT FIRST . . . END AT AT NEW <column_name> . . . END AT of <column_name> AT LAST . . . END AT AT SECOND . . . END AT AT DATA <column_name> . . . END AT of <column_name>.
To empty the data from an internal table named itab with a header line, plus empty the header line, which of the following commands should be used? (one correct) CLEAR: itab, itab[]. CLEAR: itab. DELETE itab[]. REFRESH: itab. REFRESH: itab[].
The FIELD statement has no effect in the . . . (one correct) PBO event block. PAI event block. POH event block. POV event block.
What are the correct syntax examples for MODULE defintion? (two correct) In the PBO processing block: MODULE <name> OUTPUT . . . END MODULE In the PAI processing block: MODULE <name> INPUT In the PBO processing block: MODULE <name> INPUT In the PAI processing block: MODULE <name> OUTPUT . . . END MODULE.
The F1 key triggers the . . . (one correct) PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT event block. PROCESS AFTER INPUT event block. PROCESS ON HELP-REQUEST event block. PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST event block.
Automatic input checks are performed in the PAI event before data is sent to ABAP program. If the screen element input field refers to an ABAP dictionary field . . . (one correct) field level validation based on the ABAP dictionary is performed. field level validation based on the ABAP dictionary is overridden by screen element attributes. field level validation based on the ABAP dictionary is ignored. field level validation based on the ABAP dictionary is overridden by corresponding FIELD statement.
Select the following correct statments about ALV grid control. The container class is CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER. The container class is CL_GUI_ALV_GRID. The ALV control class is CL_GUI_ALV_GRID. The field catalog class is CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER.
The ALV object model requires calls to which two methods of CL_SALV_TABLE to get desired ALV output? (one correct) FACTORY static method and DISPLAY method. DISPLAY method and GET_COLUMN method. GET_LAYOUT method and FACTORY static method. GET_DISPLAY_SETTINGS method and GET_COLUMN method.
A SELECT statement generally is a loop except for: (one correct) SELECT SINGLE and array fetch SELECT SINGLE and SELECT * SELECT * and array fetch Array fetch and table join.
Implicit COMMITS occur in the following scenarios: (three correct) Synchronous/ Asynchronous RFC call. Dialog message sent to presentation layer. SAP screen sent to presentation layer. ROLLBACK WORK statement executed. COMMIT WORK statement executed.
If a program creating lock entries is terminated, this implicitly releases the lock. Examples of such termination are: (three correct) Message type E or A. Statement LEAVE PROGRAM. User enteres /n in command field. Statement COMMIT WORK. Statment PERFORM <subroutine> ON COMMIT.
What happens when the ENQUEUE function module cannot create lock? (one correct) Lock module produces exception. A short dump occurs. Lock module makes one more attempt to create lock. Lock module logs a failed attempt to the database.
Three things must be specified when defining a join. (three correct) Which database tables to join. Join condition. Selection condition. Join columns. Inner join or outer join specification.
An update program is a funtion module with the following parameter types (two correct) IMPORTING TABLES CHANGING EXPORTING.
An access key is required . . . (two correct) to impliment a BAdI. to modify a SAP repository object. to enhance an SAP appliction via a USER EXIT. to perform an implicit enhancement.
What are the correct ways of searching for a BAdI? (three correct) Search for string CL_EXITHANDLER. Use SAP application hierarchy. Search for string BAdI. Use the class builder. Use IMG to locate BAdI definitions.
SAP objects should not be changed unless: (two correct) It is absolutely necessary. Modification cannot be implimented by available enhancement techniques. A classical BAdI is implimented. A new BAdI is implimented.
Implicit enhancement points . . . (two correct) are implimented using syntax ENHANCEMENT-POINTS. are implimented using syntax ENHANCEMENT-SECTION . . . END ENHANCEMENT-SECTION. are always available to the customer. can be used to insert code into programs, function modules and methods.
Which the satements about the SAP Notes Assistant correct: (one correct) Source code needs to be maintained manually. Registration key needs to be entered. There is an option to undo an SAP Note. SAP Notes are manually imported into the SAP Notes Assistant.
Which of the following statements about Business Transaction Events (BTE) are true? (two correct) A BTE has a predefined interface allowing the attachment of addtional functionality in the form of a service function module. The name of an event function for publish and subscribe BTEs begin with OPEN_FI_PERFORM_<nnnnnnnn>_E or OUTBOUND_CALL_<nnnnnnnn>_E where <nnnnnnnn> is an eight digit number. A BTE has a predefined interface allowing the attachment of addtional functionality in the form of a service functional method. The name of an event function for publish and subscribe BTEs begin with CL_EXIT HANDLER_<nnnnnnnn>_E or GET_INSTANCE_<nnnnnnnn>_E where <nnnnnnnn> is an eight digit number.
What are the three numeric ABAP Data Types? (three correct) I F P N X.
What is the result of the following code: (one correct) data: n1 type i value 7. data: n2 type i value 2. data: lv_result type i. lv_result = n1 / n2. write / |{ lv_result }, { sy-subrc }|. 4, 0 3.5, 0 3, 0 , 1.
The STRING ABAP Data Type . . . (three correct) is a fixed-length character string. is a variable-length length character string. has a maximum amount of memory that can be assigned to it which is dependedant on the profile parameter ztta/max_memreq_MB. does not have memory allocated until a value is assigned to the string. has an unlimited amount of memory that can be assigned to it.
What is the result of the following code? (one correct) data: lv_d type d. write / |>>> { lv_d }|. >>> 00000000 >>> 19700101 >>> syntax error.
If a data object is declared within a function module, its scope is limited to the: (one correct) Function group. Function module. Package. Client.
In the ABAP debugger, a breakpoint may be set to skip a number of occurrences before stopping. What is the maximum amount of skips that can be set? (one correct) 2 to the power 32 32 128 256.
In the ABAP debugger, assertions and BREAK-POINT statements are either always active or can be activited by assigning them to a . . . (one correct) checkpoint group. class pool. event. desktop.
In the ABAP debugger, to the right of the program information, two fields display the contents of variables. The two system vaiables that are displayed in these fields by default are: (two correct) SY-SUBRC SY-TABIX SY-MANDT SY-PFKEY.
In the flow logic editor of the Screen Painter . . . (one correct) ABAP statements can not be used directly. ABAP code may be inserted there. ABAP include code may be placed there. Calls to function modules are allowed.
Screens in module pools can only be addressed using: (one correct) Function modules. Methods. Dialog transactions. Web dynpro views.
GUI status and GUI title . . . (three correct) can be created in the Menu Painter. can be created with the Repository Browser. are not program specific. together make up the user interface for a classic dynpro. can be created in the Screen Painter.
The GUI status consists of: (three correct) Menu bar. Standard tool bar. Application tool bar. Title bar. Active status bar.
When an AS ABAP is started, each ABAP applictation server registers its work processes with the: (one correct) Database layer. Dispatcher. Gateway. Application layer.
What communication protocols are used by AS ABAP? (two correct) RFC CPI/C HTTP TC/IP.
Open SQL . . . (three correct) in conjunction with other ABAP constructions, can simplify or speed up database access. allows buffering of certain tables on the ABAP Application server. is a subset of standard SQL. reduces the portability and maintainability of ABAP code. is always identical to native SQL.
The enqueue work process . . . (one correct) administers a logical lock table in the shared area memory. passes sequential datasets to a printer or optical archiving. processes requests from an active user to execute dialog steps. executes database update requests.
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