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SAP Business All-in-One Is the ideal solution for small and midsize companies (having up to 2.500 employees) with stable processes that want to use a preconfigured system from SAP. True False.
Identify the different Installation options for SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS). SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP SAP NetWeaver AS Java SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP + Java SAP NetWeaver AS C++.
____________ are used to solve (component-dependent) problems that arise when using SAP software. Support packages Extended maintenance components Central ERP functions.
The user data in SAP systems is called the User record User master record Stored record.
Only_________can change the entries of the SAP and user menus Current users System administrators.
In a two-tier client/server configuration, each layer runs on its own hosts True False.
is_________used to manage large sets of data A Graphical User Interface (GUI) A Relational Database Management System A Dynpro processor An ABAP dispatcher.
In_____________several users can have read access to the locked data at the same time Write locks Read locks Enhanced write locks Optimistic locks.
facilitates internal and external access to business processes and data in SAP systems Business Object Repository (BOR) A Business Application Programming interface (BAPI) Application Link Enabling (ALE).
Identify the interfaces and communication options that are supported by SAP systems. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Remote Function Call (RFC) Business Application Programming interfaces (BAPIs) Extended Data Transfer Protocol SAP Transfer Protocol.
Business____________Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) are specialized__________module. They are accessed using the__________ interface. They are created and managed using the____________Builder. Application, function. Remote Function Call, Function Application. Remote Function Call. Function, function Application. Function. RFC. function Function. Remote Function Call, function. Application.
Composite processes are extensions of SAP Business Suite. True False.
Which of the following are complete ABAP standard types T (Time) C (Character) N (Numerical character) D (Date).
In IF statements, negations are usually formulated by placing the ________ Operator before The logical expression AND OR END NOT.
Which of the following are required in the syntax of the Message statement ? Message number Message type Message class Message role.
In nested loops, which of the following contains the loop pass number of the loop in which it is located? sy-repld sy-uname sy-mandt sy-index.
To switch to debugging mode at run time, we can enter_________ in the command field /d /h /i /a.
What are the uses of modularization'? To improve performance To provide a better overview of program layout To encapsulate a function that is required many times within a program for multiple use To implement the central maintainability of a function within a program To make a function available across the system.
The comment block directly under the keyword FUNCTION Is created automatically by the______ Object Navigator Function Builder Function Module.
Data in the SAP system can be accessed by means of a Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) True False.
Which of the following can be used as a visibility option for an attnbute ? Public Private Static instance.
The system calls the methods using the CALL CLASS METHOD statement True False.
When you identify a method as a static method, it can be called directly without the need to generate an instance of the class first True False.
Which of the following special tools maintains global classes? Object Builder Class Builder Method Builder Attribute Builder.
To define an instance method as opposed to a static method In a local class, the METHODS statement is used instead of CLASS- METHODS True False.
Which of the following statements copies the content of the source structure to the target structure, one component at a time? COPY-CORRESPONDING REPLACE-CORRESPONDING MOVE-CORRESPONDING REMOVE-CORRESPONDING.
Which of the following statements is used for defining local structure types’ TYPES BEGIN END START.
Which of the following specifications are required in the definition of an internal table? Line type Primary key Secondary key Table kind.
Which of the following Is used for adding a row into an internal table ? INSERT ROW ADD LINE APPEND UPDATE TABLE.
For each entity fixed in the data model, the developer creates a transparent table in the___________ transparent field ABAP Dictionary data field database.
Which of the following are the type of reuse component that encapsulate database access? Conceptual database Function modules Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPls) Methods of local classes.
The SELECT clause determines which lines are read into the target structure and processed using the statement block which you specify in the loop body True False.
If you select data from client-specific tables without specifying the client, data records from the current as well as previous client are read. True False.
in the worst-case scenario, the system has to search the entire table, or at least a very large part thereof, for the required entries This concept is referred as direct search binary search sequential search indirect search.
Which of the following should you specify when defining a table join Join tables Join conditions Join rows Join columns.
If an ABAP program reads a buffered table, the database interface tries to get the required data from the SAP table buffer True False.
Which of the following statement are contained within Open SQL CREATE UPDATE INSERT SELECT.
You can define authorization objects within object classes True False.
At runtime, which of the following statements can you use to check whether the actual user has the authorization required for executing the function in the user master record? AUTHORITY SELECT AUTHORITY-CHECK VALID AUTHORITY.
To avoid spelling errors In object and field names, you should generate the AUTHORITY-CHECK statement into your source code by means of the Object pushbutton. True False.
You can use the __________ toadept the default list interface to your own needs. WRITE statement Menu Painter Pattern function.
Which of the following are standard functionality on the selection screen? Singular capability Type check Variants Value entry.
Which of the following statements is used for defining an input variable? Data VALUE PARAMETERS DEFAULT.
Which of the following are the characteristics of an even block? Ends by beginning the next processing block Can be nested Existence not absolutely necessary Sequence of event blocks Important.
Which of the following statements about the code inspector are true? You can only use the DEFAULT check variant You can create a check variant to define the details what to check Standard inspection is carried out when check is performed through context menu from the Object Navigator. You can define check variants, object sets, and Inspections using transaction SCI.
A saved or buffered LOAD is considered obsolete if the developed version of the program was changed True False.
For a program to run In the ABAP runtime environment, you first need to generate it by the ABAP Editor True False.
What statement can also delete the table header If it takes up too much memory? CLEAR REFRESH FREE.
To define boxed components outside of class definitions, you have to use the DATA statement True False.
The ___________ statementdefines and executes the access, but does not pass any data on to the application program FETCH OPEN CURSOR FETCH NEXT CURSOR CLOSE CURSOR.
When you process multiline result sets, you should read them into an internal table (array fetch) True False.
_________corresponds to the result set that only considers the records from the outer table for which suitable data records exist in the inner table. LEFT OUTER JOIN INNER JOIN OUTER JOIN.
A SELECT statement with a subquery has a more restricted syntax than a SELECT statement without a subquery. True False.
The connection between the inner and outer database tables is created in LOOP. True False.
To read large data volumes, you should use______ only in exceptional cases. SELECT SELECT SINGLE FOR ALL ENTRIES.
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