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Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.50

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Which of the following statements copies the content of the source structure to the target structure, one component at a time? Choose the correct answer. COPY-CORRESPONDING REPLACE-CORRESPONDING MOVE-CORRESPONDING REMOVE-CORRESPONDING.
Which of the following statements is used for defining local structure types? Choose the correct answer. TYPES BEGIN END START.
Which of the following specifications are required in the definition of an internal table? Choose the correct answers. Line type Primary key Secondary key Table kind.
Which of the following is used for adding a row into an internal table? Choose the correct answer. ADD LINE INSERT ROW APPEND UPDATE TABLE.
For each entity fixed in the data model, the developer creates a transparent table in the ___________. Choose the correct answers. transparent field ABAP Dictionary data field database.
When using the transparent table as a data type, other properties, such as the key definition or the technical properties, are relevant. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
Which of the following are the types of reuse components that encapsulate database access? Choose the correct answers. Conceptual database Function modules Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) Methods of local classes.
The SELECT clause determines which lines are read into the target structure and processed using the statement block which you specify in the loop body. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
If you want to append rows in a Select statement, you can use the __________ addition. Choose the correct answer. INTO TABLE APPENDING TABLE INTO CORRESPONDING FIELD OF TABLE END SELECT.
If you select data from client-specific tables without specifying the client, data records from the current and all other clients are read. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
In the worst-case scenario, the system has to search the entire table, or at least a very large part thereof, for the required entries. This concept is referred to as ________. Choose the correct answer. direct search binary search sequential search indirect search.
Which of the following should you specify when defining a table join? Choose the correct answers. Join tables Join conditions Join rows Join columns.
If an ABAP program reads a buffered table, the database interface tries to get the required data from the SAP table buffer. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
Which of the following statements are contained within Open SQL? Choose the correct answers. CREATE UPDATE INSERT SELECT.
At runtime, which of the following statements can you use to check whether the actual user has the authorization required for executing the function in the user master record? Choose the correct answer. AUTHORITY SELECT AUTHORITY-CHECK VALID AUTHORITY.
You can use the ___________ to adapt the default list interface to your own needs. Choose the correct answer. WRITE statement Menu Painter Pattern function.
Which of the following are standard functionality on a selection screen? Choose the correct answers. Singular capability Type check Variants Value entry.
Which of the following statements is used for defining an input variable? Choose the correct answer. DATA VALUE PARAMETERS DEFAULT.
Which of the following are the characteristics of an event block? Choose the correct answers. Ends by beginning the next processing block Can be nested Existence not absolutely necessary Sequence of event blocks important.
Which of the following statements about the Code Inspector are true? Choose the correct answers. You can only use the DEFAULT check variant. You can create a check variant to define the details of what to check. Standard inspection is carried out when check is performed through context menu from the Object Navigator. You can define check variants, object sets, and inspections using transaction SCI.
Which aspects does the Code Inspector take into consideration when examining a program? Choose the correct answers. Syntax check Typical semantic errors (for example, AUTHORITYCHECK statement without subsequent SY-SUBRC check) Performance (for example, nested SELECT statements) Security (for example, cross-client data accesses) Formatting of the source code (for example, indenting of the program lines within loops).
If you use the _________________ statement, the system terminates the current program and starts the transaction with transaction code T_CODE. Choose the correct answer. SUBMIT AND RETURN LEAVE TO TRANSACTION 'T_CODE' CALL TRANSACTION 'T_CODE'.
A saved or buffered LOAD is considered obsolete if the developed version of the program was changed. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False.
The modifiable parts of a program are created in memory in roll areas during every execution. When the program is executed several times by the same user, each execution has its own roll area. Which of the following is an example of modifiable parts of a program? Choose the correct answer. Byte code for statements Values of constants and literals Program texts Screen definitions Data objects (variables).
Which of the following are true when you activate a new object. for example a program? Choose the correct answers The object is saved The syntax of the object is checked The newly created version becomes the current active version An executable binary file is generated.
How many external sessions are possible in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and later? Choose the correct answer 4 8 16 32.
Which of the following are options for transferring data between programs? Choose the correct answers. Using the interface of the called program ABAP memory SAP memory Database tables.
When working with internal tables, which statement can also delete the table header if it takes up too much memory? Choose the correct answer. CLEAR REFRESH FREE.
If the field list in a SELECT statement contains only aggregate expressions, the result will consist of which of the following? Choose the correct answer A single line Multiple lines Either single or multiple lines.
Two prerequisites of using the ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY addition to a select statement are that the FROM clause must contain a single database table (no views or joins) and that the field list after SELECT must contain all key fields of the table. Determine whether this statement is true or false True False.
When reading data from the database using cursors, the ________________ statement defines and executes the access, but does not pass any data on to the application program. Choose the correct answer. FETCH OPEN CURSOR FETCH NEXT.
Specifying the entire structure of a data object after the CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF addition is a more robust alternative than specifying individual structure components. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
The __________ operator is used in the where clause of a Select statement when you want to compare the data with a single list of values. Choose the correct answer LIKE IN BETWEEN IS.
When you process multiline result sets, you should read them into an internal table (array fetch). Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False .
What is the name for the process by which secondary tables are accessed in a loop over the records from a primary table? Choose the correct answer Nested SELECT Looped SELECT Iterative SELECT Repeat SELECT.
_____________ corresponds to the result set that only considers the records from the outer table for which suitable data records exist in the inner table. Choose the correct answer. LEFT OUTER JOIN INNER JOIN OUTER JOIN.
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