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1. What can you do with the Manage Your Test Processes SAP Fiori app? (2 correct) Define test plan variants Create a test user. Assign a test role Record new actions.
2. In which scenario would you use Read Access Logging (RAL) to determine the information? If a business user accessed data in a custom field of an application If a business user accessed a business partner's personal data If a business user has restrictions when accessing data in an application If the authorizations for a business user are missing or insufficient.
3. You are implementing the Treasury Trading via Trading Platforms functionality. Which actions can you perform with the Manage Trade Requests App on the SAP Cloud Platform? (2 correct ) Select transaction rate Block requests Create hedge requests Split request.
4. How do you identify errors in a test plan? (2 correct) Review failed process steps Review cancelled actions Re-run the test plan. Review the detailed action log.
5. What are characteristics of the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit? (2 correct) Guidance and simulation of the migration process Extensibility using the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) Mapping source values to SAP S/4HANA target values Combining the staging and file approaches into one migration project.
6. Which technology is used to integrate SAP S/4HANA Cloud with other SAP and non-SAP applications? SAP Change and Transport System SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server Direct connectivity SQL Connect function.
7. Your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Where can you update the address details of an employee manually? In the business partner master record in SAP S/4HANA Cloud In the employee master record in SAP SuccessFactors In the supplier master record in SAP S/4HANA Cloud In the user master record in SAP SuccessFactors.
8. Which of the following options is a Contract Type? Vehicles Computer Machinery Service Contract.
9. Which application provides the electronic bill presentment capability and the payment capability? SAP Cash Application SAP Cloud Platform for customer payments SAP RealSpend SAP Cloud Platform the digital payments.
10. In SAP Central Business Configuration, which activities can you perform in the Phase Product-Specific Configuration question? (3 correct) Modify building blocks Add new sales organizations. Create new scope items. Change approval thresholds. Add blocking reasons for billing.
11. Which activities does the consultant do before the first Fit-to-Standard workshop? (2 correct) Evaluate the Business-Driven Configuration Questionnaire responses Review the integration requirements collected from the Digital Discovery Assessment Deactivate scope items that are NOT part of the Statement of Work/Digital Discovery Assessment. Upload customer master data in the Starter system using migration templates.
12. You are performing data migration using the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit. The same record exists twice in your upload file. At which stage does the upload of the migration template fail due to the duplicated record? Convert Values Validate Data Execute Import Simulate Import.
13. What are some reasons you cannot remove a test process from a test plan? (2 correct) The test plan user has not been created yet. Data binding exists with another process. The test process has not been made visible The test plan has already been executed.
14. How does an implementation consultant support the customer during Fit-to-Standard workshops? (2 correct) Demonstrate SAP Best Practices in the starter system Determine set up instructions for Customer-Driven Integrations. Highlight gaps that require decisions on configuration or extensibility. Conduct end-user training on all active scope items.
15. When setting up integrations with external systems, how many communication arrangements should you create? One for each communication user you intend to use One for each communication scenario you are implementing One for each communication protocol you are using One for each external system you want to interface with.
16. Two partners agree on a financial transaction with a repayment at the end of the contract with no interest payments made during the term. Which financial transaction is used? Bilateral facility Deposit at notice Cash flow transaction Commercial paper.
17. What are some characteristics of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud? (3 correct) It is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) plus managed services Services include provisioning, patching, and upgrading. Customers can bring their own licensed SAP applications. It is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) plus managed services. SAP runs your application in a shared environment.
18. Which characteristic must be unique for each cash journal? Business transaction G/L account Tax code Currency.
19. Which adjustments can be made using the Query Builder? (3 correct) Add, remove, or customize fields in queries Create parameters to read values from the user settings Create custom Core Data Services (CDS) views for use in queries Copy a query from an SAP-delivered standard query Add business logic to queries.
20. Based on the SAP Activate methodology, which of the following tests are formal, and therefore must be documented during implementation? (2 correct) String test Business process test Integration test Unit test.
21. Which prerequisites need to be fulfilled to reconcile cash flows from intraday bank statements? (2 correct) Define the tolerance groups for cash flow reconciliation Set the reconciliation status open in the Cash Flow Analyzer Activate intraday memo records at the bank account level Perform the required settings for importing bank statements.
22. You need to provide historical data as training input for SAP Cash Application. Which data can you use to train the application? (2 correct) Dunning notices Electronic bank statements Payment advices Liquidity forecast.
23. What is a service order in the Service Line of Business? A confirmation of an agreement between a service provider and service recipient. Outline agreement with a business partner that defines services offered for a particular period.. Long-term agreement with a customer that defines the content and scope of services guaranteed within specific tolerance limits for certain parameters (e.g. predefined time frames). Short-term agreement between a service provider and a service recipient with information relevant to the specific service process.
24. For which object do you maintain the activity price to perform activity allocation? Cost center Internal order Profit center Key figure.
25. What are the 3 key components of the Intelligent Enterprise SAP offering? (3 correct) Intelligent Technologies Intelligent Suite Digital Platform Intelligent Enterprise Architecture Intelligent Data Analytics.
26. Where can you find content to set up an integration if there is no SAP Best Practices content available? SAP BTP Cockpit SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library SAP API Business Hub SAP Extensibility Explorer.
27. Master Data Management and Migration what determinates the set of data migration objects available from the Migrate Your Data application? The selected target fields The selected solution scope The selected source system The selected business scenarios.
28. Which account assignments do you create for an employee in SAP Success Factors? (2 correct) Business unit Cost center Department Company code.
29. Which function of SAP Financial Statement Insight utilizes machine learning? Visualization of account group performance Business exception detection Dynamic adaptation of hierarchical structures Flexible comparisons across multiple characteristics.
30. What tasks can you perform from the Display Technical Users app? (2 correct) Change the username and password of a print user. Assign and unassign users to user groups Lock and unlock the initial user account that is delivered with the new system Upload a certificate for a communication user.
31. You want to authenticate employees in SAP Cloud Identity. In which app can you download a .CSV file with the list of users? Maintain catalog roles Maintain communication users Maintain business roles Maintain business users.
32. Which feature is available with a resubmission in Collections & Dispute Management? It documents the details of a customer's pledge to pay an invoice It provides a specific reason why a customer needs to be contacted again It initiates the dispute resolution process for one or several invoices It transfers the dispute case to the collections worklist.
33. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Configuration and User Management Which customizing activates are allowed though the self-service configuration Ul? (2 correct) Addition of new custom fields within SAP Best Practices content Addition of new SAP Best Practices business process Adaptation of fields within SAP Best Practices content Deletion of SAP Best Practices content.
34. For which activity do you use SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Credit integration? Import customer credit ratings from external credit rating agencies Calculate a customer's real-time credit limit based on manual credit rating Report on customer credit positions with the help of checks Calculate the customer's average days of sales outstanding in a collection group.
35. Master Data Management and Migration Which project team is responsible for preparing and performing the master data loads? Project leader team Customer project team Implementation team Basis team.
36. What middleware is used to integrate SAP S/4HANA Cloud with SAP Concur? SAP Process Orchestration SAP Process Integration SAP Cloud Platform Integration SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server.
37. What are maintenance functions of the financial statement version (FSV) with the "Manage GlobalHierarchies" app? (2 correct) Create G/L account master data Assign semantic objects Assign profit centers Create draft hierarchy versions.
38. Which of the following fields in maintained on the general data segment of the supplier business partner? Reconciliation account Tolerance group Payment terms Communication language.
39. In the Organizational Structure app in SAP Central Business Configuration, which of the following entities can be added under the Company root node? (2 correct) Sales Organization Purchasing Organization Division Plant.
40. Which activity do you perform during the data load preparation? Define specifications for data extraction on legacy system Resolve data issues from the simulation process Simulate data load in the new cloud system Fill in migration templates with legacy data.
41. Which types of datasets are required for predictive scenarios? (2 correct) Active Dataset Application Dataset (output) Training Dataset Testing Dataset.
42. Which tool do you use to develop your own cloud applications for SAP S/4HANA Cloud? SAP Cloud SDK SAPUI5 SDK SAP ADK SAP HANA Studio.
43. Master Data Management and Migration What SAP Fiori app do you use to migrate new bank data to SAP S/4 HANA? Manage Bank Accounts Manage Banks Manage Your Solution Maintain Business Partner.
44. What test process types are available in the Manage Your Test Processes app? (3 correct) Post-upgrade Regression Custom Integration Standard.
45. When is the Quality system activated? After the Starter system is terminated After SAP Best Practices content is migrated from the Starter system to the Quality system After a new change project is created After the organizational structure and chart of accounts are defined.
46. What can a business user do with personal settings? (2 correct) Merge two or more columns into a single column. Change the format of dates and numbers. Change the order of columns in a table. Modify the UI layout of the app.
47. Which of the following transactions updates values in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) reporting Enter statistical key figure Run allocations Maintain activity prices Post asset acquisition.
48. How can you migrate data to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? (2 correct) Staging database RFC calls File templates Core Data Services.
49. You have created a new bank account and saved it with status "Inactive". What action can you perform on the account? (2 correct) Revert to Active Close the Bank Account Activate the Bank Account Delete the Bank Account .
50. What can you use the Query Browser app to do? (2 correct) View authorized published queries Create your own tags for CDS view Create and publish a query Modify an SAP-created analytical query.
51. Which of the following benefits can be harnessed when using the SAP digital payments add-on?(2 correct) Enhanced credit card number storage Predictable setup and operation costs Future proof payment methods Unlimited number of Payment Service Providers.
52. When processing a cross-company code transaction between 3 company codes, what is the Minimum number of journal entries posted by the system? 4 1 3 6.
53. For which objects can you perform budget availability control? (2 correct) Project Cost Center Internal Order Profit Center.
54. What are semantic tags used for in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? To separate local and international accounts To report on differing valuation versions To indicate the functional areas in which costs are incurred To calculate KPI's in analytics reports.
55. Which functionalities are supported by the SAP Fiori Test Your Processes app? (2 correct) Remediate failed test scenarios Import custom test plans Migrate test plans for execution Create or change test plans.
56. For which of the following activities is the starter system used? Transport the solution configuration to the quality system. Set up the Test Automation Tool. Run integration testing. Document delta requirements in the backlog.
57. Which of the following fields is maintained on the general data segment of the customer business partner House bank Bank key Lockbox Payment method supplement.
58. What hosts the Test Execution Service that drives automated business process testing in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? Business Technology Platform SAP Cloud Identity Manage Your Solution app SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.
59. Which of the following postings update the ACDOCA universal journal table? (2 correct) Posting to statistical project Enter statistical key figure values Plan cost center allocation Commitment values from purchase order.
60. SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Methodology and Best Practices How does the implementation consultant support the customer during Fit-to-Standard workshops? (2 correct) Review current custom code in the customer system Show and explain all available self-service configuration Uls Demonstrate SAP Best Practices in the starter system Highlight gaps that require configuration or extensibility decisions.
61. What are some services SAP delivers as part of the RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution? (2 correct) Release upgrade planning Business process configuration Technical upgrade installation Infrastructure management.
62. Which tools support your customer to reduce days sales outstanding? (3 correct) Collections Managemen Credit Management Dispute Managemen Funds Management Treasury Management.
63. You are creating users in SAP S/4HANA Cloud For which purpose do you use the business catalogs? To provide users access to the apps. relevant for their business functions To configure the authorization objects for which the user is responsible To create or change passwords for users per business role To add, change or delete new process steps within the scope item.
64. After approving a journal entry as a processor, you see the system has marked the posting as failed. How do you resolve this? Correct the indicated errors in the original entry and post it Ask the requester to correct the journal entry and resubmit it Ask the requester to create a new entry with the correct data and resubmit it Create a new journal entry with the correct data and post it.
65. How can you post accruals in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? (3 correct) Use the accrual engine Post a recurring entry Use the Microsoft Excel upload Use document parking Enter them manually.
66. SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Methodology and Best Practice What does SAP provide to customers to accelerate the implementation process for S/4HN Cloud? ASAP SAP Activate Rapid Application Development SAP Leonardo.
67. Which of the following changes would prevent SAP from running automated business process tests on your behalf? (2 correct) SAP-made changes to the standard test process Configuration changes that impact the process flow Changes to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud release (upgrade) Changes to the data input requirements (custom data fields).
68. What are some responsibilities of a Customer Center of Expertise (CCOE)? (3 correct) Conduct risk-based assessments to determine the value of activating new processes. Determine KPIs that will support a continuous improvement mindset. Reduce the total cost of ownership for IT. Serve as a central contact for SAP and manage interactions with the SAP Service Center Ensure the resources necessary for the project's success are available.
69. What are customers able to scope in SAP S/4HANA Cloud with Central Business Configuration (CBC)? (3 correct) Non-standard scenarios Pre-defined scenario bundles Scope extensions Public sector processes CD Countries where business processes will run.
70. What can you use the View Browser app to do? Create, edit, and delete CDS views. Launch analytic cloud stories Display custom SAP views irrespective of draft or released status Get a list of all available analytical CDS views and their artifacts.
71. Why do you perform realignment in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)? To adjust assigned characteristics To correct posted general ledger accounts To correct exchange rate valuation To adjust derived values fields.
72. Which of the following can be transported using the Software Collection apps in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? (2 correct) Custom business roles Custom business objects variants and changes Migration projects.
73. Which tool do you use to change or add business rules and business logic in the key user extensibility scenario? ABAP Workbench SAP Cloud Platform Eclipse Cloud ABAP Web Editor.
74. Which tool do you use to run the SAP Cloud Integration Automation Service for SAP S/4HANA Cloud? SAP Activate Roadmap SAP Maintenance Planner SAP Solution Manager SAP Best Practices Explorer.
75. Which tool is used for the liquidity planning in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? SAP BPC Optimized for SAP S/4HANA SAP Integrated Business Planning SAP Analytics Cloud SAP Liquidity Planner.
76. You reviewed the project scope and identified the corresponding resources. Based on the SAP Activate methodology, which activities must you perform in the Explore phase? (2 correct) Define the organizational structure and chart of accounts Use the Quality system to demonstrate SAP Best Practices processes Conduct the Fit-to-Standard analysis to identify fits and gaps. Conduct the Digital Discovery Assessment to identify fits and gaps.
77. Which settings does the account group control when creating a new G/L account? The G/L account types you can assign to the account The number range in which the new account can be created The field status of the field "group account number" The tax categories you can assign to the account.
78. Which options are available for the bank account revision in SAP S / 4HANA Cloud? (2 correct) Activate via dual control Activate directly Activate via machine learning Activate automatically.
79. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Configuration and User Management Which activities does the expert configuration allows? (2 correct) Creation of new process in customer owned area Adaption of editable fields within SAP Best Practice content Customization through IMG outside self-service configuration Ul tools Deletion of SAP Best Practices content before Quality system activation.
80. In which implementation phase do you perform data load preparation? Prepare Realize Explore Deploy.
81. A customer needs detailed customization to the standard forms and email templates. What solution should the consultant propose? Use the corresponding configuration items to modify elements of the form template Create a custom UI with the Custom Fields and Logic app Use the Output Management apps to customize a standard template Use the Adobe Lifecycle Designer tool to edit a standard template.
82. You need to integrate the headquarters of a company running on SAP S/4HANA with a subsidiary running on SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In a 2-tier ERP scenario, which integration technologies can you use? (2 correct) SAP Open Connectors SAP Cloud Connector SAP Process Orchestration SAP Cloud Integration Automation Service.
83. What does the journal entry type control? The ledgers updated by the posting values The types of accounts allowed to be posted to The transaction currency types allowed to be posted Whether a posting posts a debit or credit value.
84. What are the steps for conducting automated business process testing? (3 correct) Assess data management Create a test plan Run the test Create a test system Correct and rerun failed test processes.
85. Which key benefit does the machine learning component of the SAP Cash Application provide? Preloaded rule-engines with highly specific process knowledge Finding patterns without explicitly specifying rules Predictable outcome using static rules Rule-based automation using clearly defined processes .
86. You are configuring cash operations. To which object do you assign the cash management flow types? Liquidity items Bank account types Planning levels General ledger accounts.
87. When do you perform the goods and invoice receipts reconciliation process? When a purchase order is posted, but no goods receipt has been received When a purchase order is posted, but no invoice has been received When an invoice is posted, but no relevant purchase order is available When an invoice is posted, but no goods receipt has been received.
88. Which substitution types can you configure for journal entry substitution rules? (3 correct) Substitute with field value Substitute with formula value Clear field value Substitute with previous value Substitute with constant value.
89. Which data is entered in the asset migration file for each asset master record? Cumulative acquisition values in group currency Cumulative acquisition values in all currencies Accumulated depreciation values in group currency Accumulated depreciation values in company code currency .
90. Which transition scenario fits a customer who is interested in moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, but is not ready for full process redesign? System Conversion Landscape Transformation Selective Data Transition New Implementation.
91. Which activities are completed in SAP Central Business Configuration? (2 correct) Create customer-specific master data. Activate countries not covered by SAP Best Practices. Add extensions to standard processes. Add customer-specific data within SAP Best Practices content.
92. What defines the organizational entities that are required in SAP Central Business Configuration? (2 correct) The selected deployment target The selected scope System consistency checks Added partner content.
93. Where do you specify the retention time of temporary data in the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit? In the migration object template In the migration object In the migration project In the staging tables.
94. Which of the following consumer applications are integrated out-of-the-box with the payment card process of SAP digital payments add-on? (3 correct) SAP Cash Applicatio SAP Real Spend External Billing CH Contract Accounting SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Customer Payments.
95. In the template-based migration approach, what is the maximum file size? (2 correct) 160 MB per ZIP file 100 MB per ZIP file 100 MB per XML file 160 MB per XML file.
96. The credit profile is used to store which information in the customer master data? (2 correct) The customer credit group The credit exposure The scoring rules The credit decisions.
97. What is the purpose of the Starter system in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation project? To configure the customer's personalized solution for demonstration and testing during the Realize phase To demonstrate SAP Best Practices processes in a preconfigured system and identify customer personalization requirements To demonstrate the customer's personalized solution, including process flows, the organizational structure, and authorizations To conduct a blueprint workshop to identify all customer requirements for a completely customized solution.
98. Which Key Performance Indicators are available in the Treasury Executive Dashboard in SAP Analytics Cloud? (2 correct) Open Disputes by Country Payments per Company Code Counterparty Risk - Utilization Overview Liquidity by Region.
99. Where do you enable a customer-specific field to be available for UIs and reports relevant for the same business context? In the Custom Fields and Logic app In the Runtime Authoring mode In the Extensibility Cockpit app In the Maintain SAP Business Technology Platform Extensions app.
100. What is the purpose of the Test Automation Tool? Performs actions in a simulated user interface on behalf of the assigned test user. Provides information on your actual tenant configuration. Provides information on the business app(s) to be used for testing Populates business data for each test screen. .
101. In SAP Central Business Configuration, which changes are possible for the Starter System after content activation? (3 correct). Delete existing organizational entities Create additional product-specific configurations Add new organizational entities Edit existing product-specific configurations Change the group ledger scenario.
102. Which technology is used to perform predictive accounting for sales orders in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? Machine learning Smart contracts Extension ledger Distributed ledger.
103. Which task can you perform with SAP CoPilot? Share report outputs with colleagues in chat Troubleshoot common problems Scan invoices and pre-fill posting information Create custom report output variants.
104. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws, when are SAP customers considered data controllers? When they use SAP cloud applications When they engage other businesses in the European Union When they request implementation of a cloud solution When they extract legacy data in preparation for migration.
105. When a customer has a cloud-centric landscape, which technologies should you use to integrate SAP S/4HANA Cloud with another SAP Cloud solution? (2 correct) SAP Integration Suite SAP Process Orchestration SAP Cloud Connector Predelivery APIs.
106. When can you add relationships in the organizational structure in SAP Central Business Configuration? (2 correct) Before initial content activation After content activation Before defining the primary finance settings During content activation.
107. Fit-to-Standard Workshop Which of the following are outcomes of the Fit-to-Standard workshop? (3 correct) Gap identification and mitigation Expert configuration definition System landscape optimization Identification of source code changes Solution impact on business processes.
108. What determines the set of data migration objects available from the Migrate Your Data application? The selected source system The customer legacy system The selected target fields The selected business scenarios.
109. What are the available methods through which you can fill staging tables in the SAP HANA database of the target system? (3 correct). SAP Smart Data Access SAP SQL Anywhere Customer's ETL tools XML templates SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI).
110. You implemented parallel ledgers and posted an integrated asset acquisition with a supplier Which generated document updates all accounting principles? Clearing document Operational document Valuation document Controlling document.
111. Which customizing task on the sender system needs to be completed before sending cash flows to a SAP S/4HANA Cloud Treasury workstation? (2 correct) Reassign company codes Convert sender planning groups Activate Individual Source Applications Rebuild flow types in accounting documents.
112. Witch you activates can you perform when you use general ledger accounting in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud? 2 answers Display general ledger items, documents and good balances Post to the financial statement version Carry out recurring entries Release blocked sales orders.
113. What are the prerequisites for using the SAP Fiori app Test your process? (2 correct) The test scripts are uploaded to SAP S/4HANA Cloud The development system is connected to the implementation landscape SAP Best Practices are activated in the system and connected to Test Engine on SAP cloud platform Test user has all the necessary roles to run the process.
114. Which organizational units are directly linked to a plant? (2 correct) Storage location Credit control area Company code Sales office.
115. What activities are applied to the entire system and cannot be changed after confirmation? (2 correct) Group currency Fiscal year variant Scoping Configuration activities.
116. You are implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud for a company that manufactures bicycles and bicycle parts. The accountant is confused with the available account types. When creating an account for costs of printing marketing materials, which account type should they choose? Secondary cost accoun Non-operating expense Balance Sheet Primary cost account.
117. Which of the following details are maintained on the General Data segment of the business partner for a supplier? Tolerance Group Communication Language Payment Terms Reconciliation Account.
118. In SAP Central Business Configuration, what does the "Confirm Scope and Organizational Structure is Completed" milestone trigger in the Implementation Project? Installation of the Production System Installation of the Starter System 3 Installation of the Quality System Initial Transport from Quality to Production.
119. Which tools are used during the Realize phase of an SAP S/4HANA Cloud deployment? (3 correct) Test Tool Implementation Guide SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit Manage Your Solution application Product Availability Matrix.
120. Your company is engaged in foreign commerce. As the buyer of goods you are applying for which instrument to secure the transaction? Commercial Paper Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit Zero-Coupon Bond.
121. What are the prerequisites for using the SAP Fiori Test Your Processes app? (2 correct) SAP Best Practices are activated in the quality system The productive system is connected to the implementation landscape The test scripts are uploaded in the productive system The quality system is connected to the Test Execution Service on SAP Business Technology u Platform.
122. Your customer wants to simplify the process of outgoing payment management. Which offering do you recommend? SAP Cash Application SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity SAP RealSpend SAP Bank Analyzer.
123. Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring How can business users create new analytics content? (3 correct) Create open core data services (CDS) views Change underlying database tables of standard data sources Create new data source via joins of standard data sources Create additional key figures in existing data sources Change existing data sources by adding filters.
124. In what phase of the SAP Activate methodology do you test the business processes? Deploy Explore Realize Prepare.
125. You want to perform scripted calculations in your planning model. How can you achieve this on the SAP Analytics Cloud? Data Actions Value Driver Trees Data Wrangling Input Tasks.
126. Which of the following security measures is the customer responsible for? Application-level user management Change logging through audit trails Deactivation of SAP administrative users API management.
127. Which asset characteristic controls if an asset is under construction? Capitalization date Asset class Settlement profile Depreciation key.
128. Which cloud computing service enables you to build and deploy applications? laaS PaaS SaaS IPaaS.
129. How can you post accruals in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? (2 correct) Use Commitments by Cost Center Use Intelligent GR/IR Reconciliation Post them as manual journal entries Transfer Purchase Orders into the Accrual Engine.
130. Which of the following objects must be available before legacy G/L account balances can be completely migrated in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system? (2 correct) Fixed asset Internal order Business partner Business area.
131. How are analytics capabilities built into SAP S/4HANA Cloud? They are extended by the user to a dedicated SAP Fiori frontend server They are embedded in the same technical stack as the application They are installed on a dedicated SAP Fiori frontend server They are installed as an add-on to the application.
132. What must you create when you build a communication scenario in SAP S/4HANA Cloud? (3 correct) Communication arrangement Communication interface Communication API Communication user Communication system.
133. Which of the following entities deals with processing the bank account statement and journal entries for bank / credit card settlement accounts? Contract Accounting SAP Digital Payments add-on Point of Sale Systems Financial Accounting.
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