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Agil simulation

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Which of the following statement is one of the twelve core agile Manifesto Values ?! Deliver Working Softare frquently at intervals of between a few years with a prefrence to the longer timescale Simplicity - The Art of maximizing the amount of work not done - is essential The most efficient and effective method of Converying information to and within a development team is by suing written documentation The Best Architectures requirements, and design emerge from teams free from all mangement Control .
Which of the following statement about Agile Software Development approaches is true ?! Scrum does not provide guidance on how Develpment has to be done in a Scrum Project but prescribes the adoption of specific testing techniques Scrum is an Agile management Framework that defines three roles the Scrum Ownr, the Prodcut Master and the Development Team In Kanban transparency of Content and progress of tasks is usually done with the visualization of the active tasks, for example on a public Whiteboerd. Communication, simplicity, Freedback, Courage and respect are the five fundamental Values of Kanban to guide Development .
Which of the folliwng activites would a tester do during release planning ?! Estimating testing effort for all testing tasks Identifying functional and non functional aspects of the system to be tested Supporting and participating in test automation at multiple levels of testing Estimating test effort associated with the user stories .
Which of the following would you expect most likely to be an advantage of the whole-Team approach ?! improved code quality produced as the result of the refactoring step performed as part of the test-drived-development technique improved quality of the requirements specification (through examples and auomatable tests) when adopting the acceptance Test-Driven Development Practice Eliminating the Schedule risks associated with Big-Bang Integration Providing constant availability of executable software throughout the iteration for testing demonstration, or education purposes .
Which of the following Statements about the whole-tea approach would you expect most likely to be true ?! The whole-team approach helps ensure tester, developers and the business work together to ensure that the desired quality levels are achieved The Whole-team approach is consistent with the ┬░Power of three* Concept for which a suer story is the conjunction of three elements (Card, Conversation, Confirmation) The Whole-Team approach is aconsensus-based approach for estimating, mostly used estimate the relative size of user stories The Whole-team approach tends to advocate the idea of team members being "generalists" without having deep skill in specific disciplines.
Which fo the following Statements is true ?! Early and frequent feedback in Agile Projects allow the team to provide Customers with products that better meet their requirement sooner Early and frequent feedback in Agile Projects provides earlier information about the Stability of the Software Production but not about its Quality Early and frequent feedback in Agile Projects help maintain a uniform distribution of defects through the Code and thus avoid defect clustering Early and frequent feedback in Agile Prjoect allow the team to find a greater number of defects at the unit test level then in non Agile Project .
Which fo the following describes a direct benefit of early and frequent feedback associated to the adoption of continuous integration ?! Making Quality Everyones's Responsibility Eliminating Communication Problems within the Team Reducing the need of conducting retrospectives Detecting and isolating Code Quality problems early.
Both the user Story and the acceptance criteration are expressed in adequate from, but the user story is not story is not testable Both the user Story and the acceptance criteration are expressed in adequate form, but the user story does not describe functionality that is valuable to the user.
Which of the following statement about Agile Retrospective is true ? Agile Retrospectives should focus exclusively at improving negative aspects, without wasting time in discussions on what worked well during the iteration Metrics such as Burn-down charts, velocity and number of stories completed, could be effectively used Agile Retrospectives for process improvement An Agile Retrospective should be held at the end of an iteration only when the number of story points completed by the team in that iteration is lower than the team velocity All of the improvements identified in an Agile Retropsective must be implementd as soon as possible ducing the next iteration .
Which of the following describes the frequency with which usually all changes made to the software are merged and all changed components are integrated regulary in a continuous integration process ?! At least once a month At least once a day At least once a week At least once per iteration .
Which of the following Statemnt describes configuration Management ?! Configuration Management aims to identify and document some characterstics of a Configuration item, control changes to those characteristics, and record and report change processing and implementation Status Configuration Management is a test management task that deals with developing and applying a set of corrective to get a test project on track when monitoring shows a deviation from what was planned Configuration management represents a method for measuring and managing session-based testing, where a season is an uninterrupted period of testing whihc could last from 60 to 120 minutes Configuration management consist of all of the test design techniques in which test cases are designed to execute all possbile discrete combination of any set of a Specified number of configuration elements .
Which fo the following statement about the difference between testing activities in a Gile projects and traditional projects is true ?! In traditional V-model project there is a system test level that usually involves executing functional test as well as non-functional tests, while in Agile projects there is never a system test level Because Agile projects tend to adopt test-first approaches, test automation in Agile Projects is performed at lower test levels, while test automation in traditional Project is performed at higher test levels. In Traditional V-Model Projects the different test phases are performed sequentially. While in Agile Projects these phases are performed parallel to one another within each iteration. Risk-Based testing can be adopted both in Agile-Projects. In Agile projects, the specific risks for all of the iteration are identified ad assessed during release planning .
Which of the following Statemts best describes how development and testing activities are integrated in Agile projects ? Agile teams often adopt exploratory testing, wwhere test design and test execution occur at the same time, usually guided by a test Charter Both Business Stakeholders and testers can test user stories during their development within an iteration to provide fast feedback to the Developers. The Performance of developers are measured on implemented sotry points while the performance of testers on executed test cases and defect count Testers cab start a user story only when it's done meaning when the coding of that user story is finished.
In Agile projectes, which of the following approaches would result in the best compromise for preserving independence of testers and for allowing testers to have a good understanding of the product as well as good relationships with other team members Having independent separate test teams where testers area ssigned to Agile teams on-demand during the final days of each iteration Having independent separate test teams where testers area ssigned to Agile teams on a long term basis at the beginning of an Agile Project Having only Agile teams where testers are integral part and where they perform many of the testing tasks, without having an independent test team Having independent separate test teams where all of the tester work separately from developers without being assigned to Agile team .
Which of the following statements would you expect least likely to be true ?! Having independent test teams working in parallel with Agile teams can be an option when scaling Agile software development, for example when an independent test team supports multiple agile teams In Agile Projects where an independent test team works in parallel with Agile teams, the independent test team can work on long-term and/or non-sprint activities such as developing automated test tool Having independent test teams working in parallel with Agile teams can be required for Agile projects that have to deal with regulatory compliance requirement and complx domains In Agile Projects, where and independent test team works in parallel with agile team, the independent test team is usually expected to work on functional testing whiel agile teams on non-functional testing .
The upward trend in the middle of the iteration is due to the fact that the unit of work is represented in. hours rather than in sotry points the Upward trend in the middle of the iteration indicates that the team discovered more tasks for existing user stories or an increase in hours for existing tasks The Upward trend in the middle of the iteration indicates that the remanining work to complete for the iternation is increased The upwards trend in the middle of the iteration indicates that the scope of the iteration changed becasue of the addition of new user stories .
Which of the following statements about test automation and regression risk in Agile projects is true ?! Automated unit test are generally not run with each code check-in as they take longer ot run that automated acceptance test and could slow down the code check-in process Regression risk is reduced when there is a gih degree of code changes being applied from one iteration to the next Technical debt is due to manual testing and it can't be present when the team implements test automation Test automation can hlep to mange regression risk since it allows the running of regression test suites within each iteration .
Which of the following statement is true in Agile Projects ?! The Risk of regression tends to decrease when code that worked in previous iteration gets modified due to new features in subsequent iterations Shorter timeframes and frequent change require the adoption of good practicies for test design and implementation, which should be defined during release planning Test automation is important to mange regression risk because it enables version control and ensure ease of access to the test by all team members The tests written fro the features developed in earlier iteration are the most important and they should never be retired fro mthe regression test suite .
Based on the Skills required for testers in Agile teams, which of the following activities would you expect least likely to be performed by testers in Agile Projects ? Working collaboratively with a developers to develop and test a feature Actively participating in specification workshops aimed at clarifying user stories through examples that will be transformed into tests Tracking the failures of the unit test that are wirtten when using the TDD practice Identifying and updating test cases from previous iterations that are affected by the changes made in the current iteration .
Which of the following is a typical task performed by a tester within a Scrum team prioritising the item in the product backlog coaching other team members in self-Organization and cross-functionality Removing impediments to the Scrum teams's progress Suggesting improvements in sprint retrospectives .
Which of the following statement is true within an Agile team Unlike traditional project, testers are not asked to measure and report test coverage, and to report defects Each team member plays a role in perfoming test-rleated tasks but only tester areresponsible for product quality Tester may have difficulty keeping pace with the incoming changes in time-boxed iterations When adopting TDD, tester write all the tests while developers write all the code to make these tests pass .
Which fo the folowing statements about TDD and BDD is true Both BDD test and TDD test are written primarily at the acceptance level, through these tests may also be written at the integration or System levels TDD tests are focused on the implementation of the software thiel BDD test on the exhibited behavior of the Software TDD tests and BDD tests are written by develpers, but TDD tests are generally easier for other team member and Stakeholders to udnerstand then BDD tests Specific BDD frameworks can be used to define acceptance criteria based on the role/feature/benefit template (As a ... I want... so that... ).
Which of the following statements about the pyramid is true The test pyramid emphasizes having more automated tests at the higher test levels and a decreasing number of them at the lower test levels The test pyramid concept states that every software System consist always of four different test levels (Unit, integration, System, Acceptance) The test pyramid consist of four test level with business-facing tests at the bottom of the pyramid and technology-facing tests at the top Test test pyramid concept is based on the principle of eliminating defect as early as possible in the software lifecycle.
Which of the following Statement best describes test execution automation ? A way of developing software where automated test cases are developed before the software is developed to run those test cases An approach to testing in which test actvities are planned as uninterrupted sessions of test design and execution The Execution of the test process against a single and identifiable release of the test object The use of software to control the execttion of test and the comparision of actual results to expected results.
Which of the following Statements about the testing quadrants model is true ? Each of the four testing quadrants (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) contains different test types and test levels, and these quadrants can be used by Agile teams and other stakeholders to ensure that all important test types and test levels are included in an Agile projects Each of the four testing quadrants (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4) contains different test types and test levels, and these quadrants are numbered to describe the risk level associated to test types and types and test levels of each quadrant (being Q1 the least risky and Q4 the most risky ).
The tester should work together with the rest of the team to identify the product backlog and create an initial system architecture and high level prototypes The tester should work together with the rest of the team to produce the list of the product backlog item that the team will commit to deliver at the end of the first regular sprint The tester should individually produce the list the product backlog item that the team willl commit to deliver the first regular sprint While the Other team member are workin on the project plan, the tester should individually create an initial test starategy for all test levels .
The text editor shows a dialog box with two buttons (y/n) without any message, when the user is closing the editior and change have occured since the last save The The text editor deos not prompt the user ewhen an opened file is changed and saved externally by another program The text editor doesn't allow the user to change the font size and the font type when editing an opened file .
In the estimation process, eam B, unlike team A, Can take advantage of the discussions that represent an important benefit of using planning poker Both team A and B have an ineffective estimation process because the best estimate is the average of the results of the first round of estimation Team B estimates that the user story can be done with significantrly less effort in absoulte terms than what was estimated by team A Team A has a better estimation process that team B because at the end of the last round all five members' estimates are an exact match .
The maximum nubmer of digital books that can be purchased in a single order The supported credit Card types The maximum number of steps to complete the registration process The maximum number of steps to complete the checkout process .
External interfaces Functional behavior Scenarios Quality Characterstics .
Which of th following is the best example of a testable acceptance criteria for test related activities 100% of the source code must be statically analyzed against some of the known major security vulnerabilities and no errors/warnings must be reported Teh application user interface for the checkout process shall be clear and intuitive to the users The application shall calculate shall calculate teh volume of the solid shapes (cones, pyramids) with reasonable accuracy The Web application shall provide a response time lower than one second for 95% of the webpages when 100 concurrent users are working on it. .
Shopping cart: [Amount=250 Euros] Discount coupon [Already used=No ], [Expired=No], [Discount Value=50 Euros] Expected Result: Order can be completed for an amount of 200 Euros. Shopping cart: [Amount=250 Euros] Discount coupon [Already used=No ], [Expired=Yes], [Discount Value=50 Euros] Expected Result: Order can be completed for an amount of 250 Euros. .
Explore "Setting' with many values of exposure, applied on different images, to discover unexpected effect on those images Explore "Setting" to discover unexpected effects on those images Explore 'Setting' with many combinations fo the values of exposure, contrast, and saturation, applied on different images to discover unexpected effect on those images. Explore 'Setting' working on different images as follows setting for the values of exposure, contrast and Saturation at their minimum and then setting the values of exposure and contrast at their maximum while maintaining the value of saturation at it's minimum, in order ot discover unexpected effect on those images. .
Which of the following is an Agile software development approach in which transparency of content and progress of tasks is usually obtained with the visualization of the active tasks and in which iteration are optional ? Slack Scrum Kanban Continuous integration.
Which fo the following statement best describes user stories User stories capture high-level user or business requirement and typically consist of one or more sentences in everyday or business language User storeis are a set of practices in which two people, work tohter to find defects. user stories are sequence of transaction in a dialogue between a user and a component or system with tangible result User stories are requirement that do not relate to functionality, but to attributes such as reliability, efficiency, usability maintainability and portability .
Which of the following statement about Agile retrospective is true Potential changes aimed at expanding the DoD, at different levels, can ben discussed during Agile retrospectives During Agile Retrospective, the tester should avoid commenting on testing activies and provide their contributions only to non-testing activities Unlike traditional formal reviews, Agile retrospectives don't take advantage of conducting follow-up activities Agile Restorspective are held in the middle of each iteration in order to communcate the team's progress and highlight impediments to this progress .
Which of the following statements about the progress of testing tasks in Agile Projects would you expect most likely to be true When a testing tasks is done, the team must inform the product owner so that he/she will update the task board by moving that task to the don't column A testing task on the task on the task boeard refer only to manual tests and when these tests achieve a passing status, that task moves into the done column The progress of testing talks is never tracked but it's just communcated verbally during stand-up meetings During the daily stand-up meeting, the team can evaluate whether the testing tasks are progressing at an acceptable rate. .
Q3 - Business facing test that critique the Product Q2 - Business facing test that support the team Q4 - Technology facing tests that critique the Product Q1 - Technology facing test that support the Team.
Which of the following tools would you expect to to be the most useful to report defects found during exploratory testing seasons in Agile projects Application lifecycle Management and task management Tools that capture and log activities performed on an application during it's use Tools that generate data to populate an application 's database Continuous integration and build distribution tools .
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