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PedroOtv ( uploaded 5 days )
I used it to study for the Ariba Contracts 2023 certification and it worked perfectly! I only recommend that the author, if possible, change the name/description of the test, to contain the words "Ariba" and "Contracts", to facilitate the search
Which options are available when using a signature task with DocuSign (2 answers) Adding additional signers Adding a new clause in DocuSign View and accept redlines Signers can decline the document.
Which Amendment type should you use to edit the main Agreement? Price update amendment Administrative amendment Renewal amendment Amendment amendment.
Why do you use the Team Member Rules file? To allow users to edit the template To generate team members based on header field values To assign approvers to the approval tasks To add external users to the team.
What are the benefits of using the clause library? (2 answers) Clause management can be streamlined Clauses can be controlled by visibility conditions Clauses can be marked „read only“ in the contract document Clauses can be reused in different contracts.
Which of the following sources can provide line items to use in Contract Line Items document (2 answers) Clause library Material Master Template Library Sourcing library.
You are creating a new condition at the template level. How do you use the expression type „reference to Condition“ (2 answers) To use values of an existing condition to define additional conditions To group newly-created conditions To combine an existing condition To create multiple conditions in one expression.
Which clause type indicates that a change was made in a clause in Microsoft Word document and uploaded back into the system? Nonstandard Ad Hoc Template Library.
Which types of Document Properties can be added to a Main Agreement? (2 answers) Read-only properties Intrinsic Properties Lookup table properties Editable properties.
What does SAP Ariba recommend for importing legacy contracts (2 answers) Load all legacy contract workspaces prior to loading realm master data Load all legacy contract workspaces in Draft status to allow for post-load review Load documents along with the legacy contract workspaces Load all legacy contract workspaces in small batches to ensure proper format and load process.
To which objects can visibility conditions be applied in contract workspace template? (2 answers) Personal identifiable information Document header Team member role Template.
What are the different ways to create a contract workspace? (3 answers) Create by amending an existing contract workspace Create from the create menu Create by copying an existing contract workspace Create via a contract request Create before awarding a sourcing event.
What changes occur when SAP Ariba Contracts is suite-integrated with SAP Ariba Buying? (2 answers) Supplier master data is shared between SAP Ariba Buying and SAP Ariba Contracts Compliance contracts are created within contract workspaces Suppliers must register on the Ariba Network before you can assign them to a contract workspace Contract workspaces are required to be approved in SAP Ariba Buying.
A clause in the Clause Library is updated and published. When will the templates and contract workspaces that use the clause be updated with the new language? (2 answers) Contract workspaces in draft will have the updated language only if you substitute or add the updated clause Newly-created contract workspaces will have the updated language once all required task are complated Contract workspaces will have the upadated language immediately Newly-created contract workspaces will have the updated language immediately.
You must update a template that is currently Active and being used. What is the recommended procedure to ensure users can continue to create projects using the template while it is being updated? In the existing template, create a new version and set an expiration date in the future. Create the new template and publish with an effecite date on the same day. In the existing template, select the prion to create a new version. When the template is ready to be published, publish the new version Export the existing template. Make changes to the XML files within the exported archive. When you reimport the archive, the existing template will automatically be updated Export the template and load it into the test site. Make changes on the test site template. When the template is ready to be published, choose „Publish to Production“.
How do you remove all values in enumerations except values you would like to keep? List the values you would like to keep in the Flex Master Date file and import the file in Data Import/export List the values you would like to remove in the Excel file and import the file in Enumerations List the values you would like to remove in the XML file and import the file in Enumerations List the values you would like to keep in CSV file and import the file in Enumerations.
Your organization is moving from the legacy vendor model to the unified vendor model of SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance. Which action must be taken before you can use legacy vendors? Legacy vendors can continue to be used in contracts but must be migrated for purchasing Legacy vendors must be migrated for use in all modules including Contracts Legacy vendors data is lost and must be recreated throuhg ERP Integration Legacy vendors can continue to be used without further action.
Your customer wants a contract approval process that adds additional approvers as the contract amount hits a threshold. How can this be configured in the system: (2 answers) Create a purchase order on the document tab and set it as the linked document on the approval task Use the team-member rule file to add additional users to a group that the project owner cannot edit Create a custom approval task flow with conditional approvers based on the contract amount Use the APIs to design a custom approval application.
How can you create a picklist for a field that has conditional values based on the entry of another field? Use visibility condition Use relation entries Use validation condition Use expressions.
What steps should you take to allow a supplier to log in to your SAP Ariba Contracts solution to review and edit a contract document? Create an internal user account for the supplier and perform a password reset Add the external user for a registered supplier account to a negotiation task Create a signature task and include a note to the supplier instructing them to red line the document Create a Contract Workspace (Internal) sub-project and set the supplier as Project Owner.
What are the contract Workspace types (3 answers) Contract Workspace (Internal) Contract Workspace (Sales) Contract Workspace (Buying) Contract Workspace (Customer) Contract Workspace (Procurement).
Which method is recommended when creating an approval task with approval rules? Create conditions before creating approval rules Add approvers before creating approval rules Add a chain rule before creating approval rules Create and Approver lookup Table before creating approval rules.
How can a report become visible on the dashboard? (2 answers) From the dashboard, click the configure tabs (the wrench icon) and add content. From a report, click export and add to dashboard From a report, click save and add to content From a report, click the dashboard tab and add to dashboard.
When does a published contract have a pending status? Effective date is in the future The required tasks have not been completed The agreement date is in the future The contract document needs to be published.
What are the different views that you can pin on a dashboard with a prepacked report? (2 answers) Spreadsheet Charts Pivot Table Spend cube.
When creating Microsoft Word styles, what prefix should you use if you do not want a particular section shown in the Outline view in SAP Ariba Hide Delete Exclude Ignore.
New releases of SAP Ariba Contracts may change the fields and format of data import/export tasks. Which of the following tools allows administrators to review and accept those changes? Data Definition Master Data Manager End Point Configuration Integration Configuration.
To implement Single Sign-on (SSO), what would SAP Ariba recommend? Match Enterprise users password with Corporate SSO users password Match Enterprise users Email address with Corporate SSO users Email address Match Enterprise users permissions with Corporate SSO users permissions. Match Enterprise users ID with Corporate SSO users ID.
A contract author is unavailable for a period of two weeks How should they temporarily assing another user to attend to their projects. Place the contract workspace to „Hold“ status Assign the backup user to the Customer User Manager group to „Act as“ the author Add the backup user to the Team tab of all open contract workspaces Create a Delegation of Authority for the period during which the author is unavailable.
Who has the ability to edit the Overview information in a Contract Workspace? Contract Owner and team member with the Observer Team Member role Contract Owner and team members with the Active Team member role Contract Owner Only Contract Owner and team members with the Project Owner role.
When a contract workspace is created, the Contract owner cannot add additional users to a specific project group. Why is the user not allowed to add additional team members? The project group was uploaded through the Data Import/Export tool The user does not have sufficient permissions The template is deactivated The „Can owner edit this Project Group“ option in template is set to „No“.
You have created a new account for a supplier. The supplier informs you that they already have an Ariba Network account. How should you address this situation? (2 answers) Tell the supplier they should not click the registration link in the email Tell the supplier to click the link in the registration email and follow the promts for existing supplier Manually delete the account created for the supplier Do not make changes to the account you created for the supplier.
Which of the following are guidelines for the Hierarchical Type header field and the legacy contract upload? (2 answers) Any subagreement cannot appear in .csv before the contract workspace listed as its parent Only one level of hierarchy is supported: a subagreement cannot be parent to another subagreement Hierarchical Type field does not have to be specified for loading subagreement You can load a subagreement in a different batch of contract workspaces than its parent.
Which of the following custom field types are supported? (2 answers) Field with hierarchical data structure Flex master data single select Multiline text Filtered data list.
Which document is created in SAP ERP when exporting line-item details from a contract workspace in SAP Ariba Contract through the Cloud Integration Gateway? Purchase Order Outline Agreement Saving form Purchase requisition.
When reviewing a template in SAP Ariba Contracts, you notice that you are unable to edit. What conditions must be met before you can edit? You administrator must update the Access Control field to include your user account You must be a member of the Project Owner group on the Team tab of the template You must manage changes by importing a new version of the template You must put the template in a Draft state by creating a new version.
Which access control settings can you apply to a contract workspace? (2 answers) Private to Team Members Human Resources Information Public to Procurement users Legal Information.
For the system to display sections and clauses in Outline view using Enhanced Contract Authoring (ECA), styles must be applied in Microsoft Word Document. Which style is used for clauses? List Body Text Comment Text Heading.
Which attributes are required when you set up an auto-renewing contract? (2 answers) Agreement date Effective date Number of renewals Term type.
Where can reports be saved to share with other users? (2 answers) Public report Prepackaged Reports Knowledge Projects Personal Workspace.
Which of the following key features are enabled when using Enhanced Contract Authoring? (3 answers) Clause suggestions based on companies with similar contracts Drag-and-drop to replace and upload Use Word Styles to dictate outline level Email .pdf contract for conversion to sections and clauses Review and accept changes directly in Outline view.
What types of tasks are available in SAP Ariba Contracts? (3 answers) Review tasks Approval tasks Notification tasks Supplier tasks Administrative tasks.
Which item must a project owner create first to generate a contract compliance document in an SAP Ariba system with SAP Ariba Contract and SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing? Contract request Contract Workspace Main Agreement Contract term.
Which tabs are available in a Team Member Rule file? (2 answers) Field names Team Member Rules Team Users.
What is the purpose of having project groups in contract workspaces? (2 answers) Project groups can have roles assigned that will allow members to perform certain actions Project groups can grant increased system-level permissions to users Project groups allow assigned users to access workspaces when access control is applied Project groups control which tabs of contract workspaces can be accessed.
Which settings control the notifications that are sent when a project task is overdue? (2 answers) Task notification profiles sendNotificationOnProjectCreate parameter Notification preferences Event manager messaging template.
Before a contract workspace can be published, what must be done? All required tasks must be completed All required tasks that were not completed must be withdrawn The main agreement must be finalized All contract documents must be published.
What is the maximum file size for the legacy contract .zip file? 10 MB 1 GB 250 MB 100 MB.
When a Microsoft Word document is uploaded as a Main Agreement or Contract Addendum using Enhanced Contract Authoring (ECA), which special functionalities will be enabled? (2 answers) Signature task type Clause Library Access Merge Document Outline View.
You are creating a standard clause in the Clause Library which will be used in multiple assembled document. What clause type should you select? Fallback clause Empty clause Preferred clause Alternate clause.
How can a project owner delegate tasks to other users? Add the users to a group with the Active Team Member role On the Tasks tab, click Actions and select Delegate Tasks Edit the task and change the Owner field Click on the task and select Assign.
Which of the following contract name formats would be acceptable within the zip file that is used to import legacy contracts ABC Compancy (DDMMYYYY-DDMMYYYY) ABC_Company_DDMMYYYY-DDMMYYYY ABC Company – XYZ Company ABC Company DD/MM/YYYY-DD/MM/YYYY.
How can a customer confirm the number of user licenses they have consumed? (2 answers) Check the license Count from Administration > Site Manager > Audit Log Run the „User Names and Permissions“ and „All Contract Workspaces“ prepackaged reports Export the list of users from Administration > User manager > Users Contact their Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) to verify the count.
Who can edit the Clause Library (2 answers) Users who belong to the Project Owner project group of the Clause Library Users who have access to the Clause Library Users who belong to the Clause Library Team project group of the Clause Library Users who belong to the Contract Approver system group.
Your customer requires a custom field where users will choose multiple items from a list of around 500 options, each represented by a short name. Which field type should you use to represent this data? Text multiple select Flex Masted data multiple select User multiple select Commodity multiple select.
When is the Notice period visible When there is an expiration date When the contract is published When there is an agreement date When there is an effective date.
For which of the following purposes can you use the contract legacy load feature? (2 answers) Importing historical spend data for reporting purposes Mass editing existing contracts Loading contract for searching and reporting Receiving automated reminders.
How can an administrator review and manage the list of reports that have been set to run on a regular basis? By viewing Prepackaged reports, clicking Search and Filtering for „Scheduled=YES“ By using the Scheduled Reports page of the Reporting Manager in the Administration portal By exporting the list using the Export Scheduled Reports task By viewing the Schedule Reports panel on the Reporting dashboard.
Which approval task field are only available within the template and not in a contract workspace (2 answers) External Task Response Allow Auto Approval Predecessors Field Setting.
Which field types are represented in Editable Properties within Document Properties? Text Numeric Boolean Dates.
You have created a custom group named „Indirect Contract Manager“ and you want to link this group to a Contract manager group. How do you establish the Parent/Child relationship within groups? Add the indirect Contract Manager group as an additional user under the Users tab in the Contract manager group Create the Contract Manager group at the template level and add the Indirect Contract Manager group as a team member Add the Contract Manager group as a child group to the Indirect Contract manager group Add the Indirect Contract Manager group as a child group to the Contract Manager group.
When you are updating data in Data Import/Export, what does SAP Ariba Recommend Use the Update Only option when you import the modified file Save an exported file for back up Delete existing data first before importing modified data Only use an XML file to import the data.
How can an administrator modify the content of email notifications sent by contract workspaces? In the Contract workspaces, edit the Notification Profile In the template, create a custom Notification Profile In the Administration area, edit the Default Notification Preferences In the Administration area, edit the email template in the Project Email Templates.
How do you use the Process Status field in a contract workspace or contract request? (2 answers) To generate a follow-on task To show users a contract workspace placeholder after contract approval To indicate task progress To indicate all required tasks are completed in a contract workspace or contract request.
Which of the following are unique characteristics of the SAP Ariba-provided Contract Request template? (2 answers) If has a link to the Contract Workspace as a sub-project It has a build-in configuration to capture the Contract ID of the Contract Workspace in the Related ID field It has a build-in approval task to trigger the contract workspace It has build-in team members for the Contract Workspace.
Why would your customer use a contract request in SAP Ariba Contract? To allow external users to work on the contract To allow users, who do not have the permission to create Contract Workspaces, to create Contract Requests instead To generate a contract approval flow To link the pricing from a sourcing event to the contract workspace.
What are the recommended design decisions for a contract amendment task process? (2 answers) Use a processor task to start the amendment phase automatically Show the tasks only during the amendment process by applying conditions Use a notification Task to notify the team members that the contract workspace is in the amendment process Enable the Repeat for Each Document Draft option to reuse the task.
When you are designing a section and clauses and want to use numbering, how would you accomplish this in assembled document Check the Enable Numbering option in the contract workspace template Set up numbering in the clause library Set up numbering using Microsoft Word styles Set up numbering in Document Properties.
Which types of contract requests are provided in SAP Ariba (2 answers) Contract Request (Procurement) Contract Request (External) Contract Request (Internal) Contract Request (Sales).
How are multiple clauses added to the Clause Library Use the document upload feature in a contract workspace to upload Microsoft Word document containing multiple clauses Upload the Microsoft Word document containing multiple clauses in a template and use the „Publish to clause Library“ option Use the upload feature in the clause Library to upload a Microsoft Word Document containing multiple clauses Upload the Microsoft Word Document containing multiple clauses in a contract workspace and use the „Publish to Clause Library“ option.
Your customer wants to control which clauses appear in their Main Agreement, based on values in contract workspace header fields. After creating the relevant conditions, how do you apply them to clauses in the Main Agreement? From the outline view of the Main Agreement in the template, select the condition to apply to each clause Specify conditions in the Clause Library so that they are applied to all contract workspaces From the outline view of the main Agreement in the contract workspace, select the condition to apply to each clause On the Conditions tab, select the clauses that are visible when condition is true.
Which actions apply to contract negotiations in SAP Ariba Contract Request The Supplier can modify a received contract document The initial message must be entered before sending the task The project owner cannot add observers to a negotiation task The project owner can launch only one round of negotiation task.
Which of the following documents are designed to capture contract-line item pricing withing the SAP Ariba suite of solution (3 answers) Contract line items Contract attributes Main agreement Contract compliance request Contract terms.
Which of the following activities can you perform in a contract workspace as a task owner (2 answers) Remove approvers inherited from the template Set a task as a milestone Assign observers to a task Modify a notification profile.
Which activities can lead to the consumption of a user license (2 answers) System groups that consume user licenses are assigned to a User ID A users supervisor consumes a user license A user is assigned to a project group with the Project owner role A user is „deactivated“.
What are the benefits of having phase (2 answers) Enforces workflow order Ensures that only the project owner starts any of the tasks Allows you to group same type of tasks Allows you to organize tasks into phases to match your business model.
You have created a contract workspace but are not seeing a document you expect to see. Why might this document not be visible (2 answers) The document validity period has expired and needs to be renewed You entered incorrect header information when creating the contract workspace You have set the Documents View option to Quick Links instead of Full View You answered a template question differently than for previous workspace.
What is SAP Aribas recommendation for choosing a username when creating an account for an Enterpise user? Choose a username that matches the users email address Use first name dot (.) last name Choose a username that matches the corporate network ID Use first initial and full last name.
Which amendment type is used to update only prices in the Contract Line Items Document? Price Update Line Item Update Administrative Amendment.
What is the correct procedure for replacing a contract owner in a contract workspace? Leave the original Contract owner and just assign someone else to the Project owner group Replace the user in the Contract Owner field Replace the user in both the Contract Owner field and the Project Owner group Deactivate the original Contract Owner, so the users supervisor will be automatically assigned.
When reviewing a template in SAP Ariba Contracts, you notice that you are unable to edit. What conditions must be met before you can edit? You administrator must update the Access Control field to include your user account You must be a member of the Project Owner group on the Team tab of the template You must manage changes by importing a new version of the template You must put the template in a Draft state by creating a new version.
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