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Autocad Test 1

A test of basic skills


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With the following commands Command: line From point: 0,4 To point: @0,4 To point: @4<0 You are now at which coordinate? 4,4 8,4 4,8 8,8.
Creating a circle with the 2P (Two Points) option creates a circle based on the diameter of the circle. true false.
You can draw a polygon of 8 sides using the "Rectangle" command and choosing the Chamfer option. True False.
Two lines intersect each other. You can bring them to join at a point by using.. Trim Chamfer Fillet All of the above.
polar tracking is used to assist cursor movement along polar angle increments along incremental distances incremental distances along a polar tracking angle none of the above.
When using the EXTEND command, which do you select first? The object to be extended to The object you want to extend Everything Nothing.
How many snap points does an object have? one two depends on the object at least 4.
What can be contained in a template drawing? Layers TextStyles and Dimension Styles Titleblocks All of the Above.
To move something four units to the left, what would be the 2nd point of displacement? @-4,0 @-4<0 Neither Both.
How should you select objects when using the stretch command? With a crossing window or using a fence Pick them one by one Hold the shift key while selecting Type S.
The fillet command creates:? Sharp Corners Round Corners Round and Sharp Corners A boneless fish.
When you are in Paper Space (layout) what do you create to see your model? A window A box A rectangle A viewport.
If you are to draw the plan of a house measuring 18m x 18 m on a A4 size sheet, what is the largest annotative scale you would choose for your dimensions and text? (A4 sheet is 210mm x 297mm). Note: Your drawing units are in mm. 1:100 100:1 1:50 50:1.
The "text height" of an annotative text type on Architectural drawings would ideally be 2.5mm 25mm 0.25mm Dependent on the scale of the drawing.
What is the file extension for an AutoCAD drawing file? DWG TWT DWT DXF.
Which object doesn't have an endpoint snap? Circle Line Arc Polygon.
Which command allows you to make lineweights visible? LT LW LTS LWS.
How many grips does a rectangle have? 2 5 Infinite 8.
How many grips does a arc have 4 3 infinite 1.
Can a polyline be given a variable width? No Only on Sundays Yes, whenever you command it only in certain drawings.
If you draw a line at 270 degrees, it will point:? up down left right.
Once a Hatch is drawn, can you edit it? no only in certain drawings yes, using the HATCHEDIT command or using the hatcheditor panel after selection yes, only if it is within a block.
If you are drawing a line and it is not visible it is possibly because.. You are drawing on a layer that is switched off You are drawing on a layer that is locked It is on layer Defpoints It is not on a layer.
Baseline spacing for dimensions are the Space between the dimension line and the extension lines the distance between two baseline dimensions the space between the dimension line and the dimension text the space between the extension lines and the dimension text.
Why are annotative type of dimensions and text styles used? Because they are annotations to make it easier to work with drawings on different scales They are on the annotations layer Because they can be accessed from the Annotate tab.
the precision of your drawing can be changed by the UNITS command changing Primary units while using the Dimension style manager the Precision command the LUNITS command.
to mirror an object you first select the object the two points defining the mirror line the mirror line both the object and the mirror line.
you can change the paper size of your layout by using Page setup manager Using the appropriate titleblock SCALE command printing using Scale to fit.
Copy command also creates Multiples copies of an object. True/False? True False.
How do you deselct an object while selecting a set of objects? Ctrl + Click on the object to be removed Shift + Click on the object to be removed Alt + Click on the object to be removed none of the above.
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