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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) 300 - 360

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

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Which of the following are recommended practices for managing IAM users? (Choose two.) Require IAM users to change their passwords after a specified period of time Prevent IAM users from reusing previous passwords Recommend that the same password be used on AWS and other sites Require IAM users to store their passwords in raw text Disable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IAM users.
A company is migrating from on-premises data centers to the AWS Cloud and is looking for hands-on help with the project. How can the company get this support? (Choose two.) Ask for a quote from the AWS Marketplace team to perform a migration into the company's AWS account. Contact AWS Support and open a case for assistance Use AWS Professional Services to provide guidance and to set up an AWS Landing Zone in the company's AWS account Select a partner from the AWS Partner Network (APN) to assist with the migration Use Amazon Connect to create a new request for proposal (RFP) for expert assistance in migrating to the AWS Cloud.
How does the AWS Enterprise Support Concierge team help users? Supporting application development Providing architecture guidance Answering billing and account inquires Answering questions regarding technical support cases.
An application designed to span multiple Availability Zones is described as: being highly available having global reach using an economy of scale having elasticity.
A new service using AWS must be highly available. Yet, due to regulatory requirements, all of its Amazon EC2 instances must be located in a single geographic area. According to best practices, to meet these requirements, the EC2 instances must be placed in at least two: AWS Regions Availability Zones subnets placement groups.
A company has multiple AWS accounts within AWS Organizations and wants to apply the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances benefit to a single account only. Which action should be taken? Purchase the Reserved Instances from master payer account and turn off Reserved Instance sharing. Enable billing alerts in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. Purchase the Reserved Instances in individual linked accounts and turn off Reserved Instance sharing from the payer level. Enable Reserved Instance sharing in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.
Which situation should be reported to the AWS Trust & Safety team? In Availability Zone has a service disruption An intrusion attempt is made from an AWS IP address A user has trouble accessing an Amazon S3 bucket from an AWS IP address A user needs to change payment methods due to a compromise.
A company is planning to launch an ecommerce site in a single AWS Region to a worldwide user base. Which AWS services will allow the company to reach users and provide low latency and high transfer speeds? (Choose two.) Application Load Balancer AWS Global Accelerator AWS Direct Connect Amazon CloudFront AWS Lambda.
Which AWS service or resource is serverless? AWS Lambda Amazon EC2 instances Amazon Lightsail Amazon ElastiCache .
Which of the following are components of Amazon VPC? (Choose two.) Objects Subnets Buckets Internet gateways Access key.
AWS Budgets can be used to: prevent a given user from creating a resource send an alert when the utilization of Reserved Instances drops below a certain percentage set resource limits in AWS accounts to prevent overspending split an AWS bill across multiple forms of payment.
Which of the following will enhance the security of access to the AWS Management Console? (Choose two.) AWS Secrets Manager AWS Certificate Manager AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (AWS MFA) Security groups Password policies.
The AWS Trusted Advisor checks include recommendations regarding which of the following? (Choose two.) Information on Amazon S3 bucket permissions AWS service outages Multi-factor authentication enabled on the AWS account root user Available software patches Number of users in the account.
Which functions can users perform using AWS KMS? Create and manage AWS access keys for the AWS account root user Create and manage AWS access keys for an AWS account IAM user Create and manage keys for encryption and decryption of data Create and manage keys for multi-factor authentication.
How does AWS Trusted Advisor provide guidance to users of the AWS Cloud? (Choose two.) It identifies software vulnerabilities in applications running on AWS It provides a list of cost optimization recommendations based on current AWS usage It detects potential security vulnerabilities caused by permissions settings on account resources It automatically corrects potential security issues caused by permissions settings on account resources It provides proactive alerting whenever an Amazon EC2 instance has been compromised.
Which of the following are advantages of the AWS Cloud? (Choose two.) AWS manages the maintenance of the cloud infrastructure AWS manages the security of applications built on AWS AWS manages capacity planning for physical servers AWS manages the development of applications on AWS AWS manages cost planning for virtual servers.
A user deploys an Amazon RDS DB instance in multiple Availability Zones. This strategy involves which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework? Performance efficiency Reliability Cost optimization Security.
Which AWS services provide a user with connectivity between the AWS Cloud and on-premises resources? (Choose two.) AWS VPN Amazon Connect Amazon Cognito AWS Direct Connect AWS Managed Services.
Which AWS service is used to pay AWS bills, and monitor usage and budget costs? AWS Billing and Cost Management Consolidated billing Amazon CloudWatch Amazon QuickSight.
Which element of the AWS global infrastructure consists of one or more discrete data centers, each with redundant power, networking, and connectivity, which are housed in separate facilities? AWS Regions Availability Zones Edge locations Amazon CloudFront.
Which Amazon VPC feature enables users to capture information about the IP traffic that reaches Amazon EC2 instances? Security groups Elastic network interfaces Network ACLs VPC Flow Logs.
Which AWS service can be used to automatically scale an application up and down without making capacity planning decisions? Amazon AutoScaling Amazon Redshift AWS CloudTrail AWS Lambda.
AWS Enterprise Support users have access to which service or feature that is not available to users with other AWS Support plans? AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Support case Concierge team Amazon Connect.
A company wants to migrate a MySQL database to AWS but does not have the budget for Database Administrators to handle routine tasks including provisioning, patching, and performing backups. Which AWS service will support this use case? Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon DocumentDB Amazon ElastiCache .
A company wants to expand from one AWS Region into a second AWS Region. What does the company need to do to start supporting the new Region? Contact an AWS Account Manager to sign a new contract Move an Availability Zone to the new Region Begin deploying resources in the second Region Download the AWS Management Console for the new Region.
A user must meet compliance and software licensing requirements that state a workload must be hosted on a physical server. Which Amazon EC2 instance pricing option will meet these requirements? Dedicated Hosts Dedicated Instances Spot Instances Reserved Instances.
Which AWS service will provide a way to generate encryption keys that can be used to encrypt data? (Choose two.) Amazon Macie AWS Certificate Manager AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) AWS Secrets Manager AWS CloudHSM.
325. A company is planning to migrate from on-premises to the AWS Cloud. Which AWS tool or service provides detailed reports on estimated cost savings after migration? AWS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator Cost Explorer AWS Budgets AWS Migration Hub.
What can assist in evaluating an application for migration to the cloud? (Choose two.) AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Professional Services AWS Systems Manager AWS Partner Network (APN) AWS Secrets Manager.
Which AWS service helps users meet contractual and regulatory compliance requirements for data security by using dedicated hardware appliances within the AWS Cloud? AWS Secrets Manager AWS CloudHSM AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) AWS Directory Service.
Under the AWS shared responsibility model, the customer manages which of the following? (Choose two.) Decommissioning of physical storage devices Security group and ACL configuration Patch management of an Amazon RDS instance operating system Controlling physical access to data centers Patch management of an Amazon EC2 instance operating system.
Which AWS service is suitable for an event-driven workload? Amazon EC2 AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Lambda Amazon Lumberyard.
What is a value proposition of the AWS Cloud? AWS is responsible for security in the AWS Cloud No long-term contract is required Provision new servers in days AWS manages user applications in the AWS Cloud.
What is a characteristic of Amazon S3 cross-region replication? Both source and destination S3 buckets must have versioning disabled The source and destination S3 buckets cannot be in different AWS Regions S3 buckets configured for cross-region replication can be owned by a single AWS account or by different accounts The source S3 bucket owner must have the source and destination AWS Regions disabled for their account.
What is a user responsible for when running an application in the AWS Cloud? Managing physical hardware Updating the underlying hypervisor Providing a list of users approved for data center access Managing application software updates.
A company that does business online needs to quickly deliver new functionality in an iterative manner, minimizing the time to market. Which AWS Cloud feature can provide this? Elasticity High availability Agility Reliability.
Which features or services can be used to monitor costs and expenses for an AWS account? (Choose two.) AWS Cost and Usage report AWS product pages AWS Pricing Calculator Billing alerts and Amazon CloudWatch alarms AWS Price List API.
Amazon Route 53 enables users to: encrypt data in transit register DNS domain names generate and manage SSL certificates establish a dedicated network connection to AWS.
Which AWS service helps identify malicious or unauthorized activities in AWS accounts and workloads? Amazon Rekognition AWS Trusted Advisor Amazon GuardDuty Amazon CloudWatch.
A company wants to try a third-party ecommerce solution before deciding to use it long term. Which AWS service or tool will support this effort? AWS Marketplace AWS Partner Network (APN) AWS Managed Services AWS Service Catalog.
Which AWS service is a managed NoSQL database? Amazon Redshift Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Aurora Amazon RDS for MariaDB.
Which AWS service should be used to create a billing alarm? AWS Trusted Advisor AWS CloudTrail Amazon CloudWatch Amazon QuickSight.
A company is hosting a web application in a Docker container on Amazon EC2. AWS is responsible for which of the following tasks? Scaling the web application and services developed with Docker Provisioning or scheduling containers to run on clusters and maintain their availability Performing hardware maintenance in the AWS facilities that run the AWS Cloud Managing the guest operating system, including updates and security patches.
Users are reporting latency when connecting to a website with a global customer base. Which AWS service will improve the customer experience by reducing latency? Amazon CloudFront AWS Direct Connect Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Transit Gateway.
Which actions represent best practices for using AWS IAM? (Choose two.) Configure a strong password policy Share the security credentials among users of AWS accounts who are in the same Region Use access keys to log in to the AWS Management Console Rotate access keys on a regular basis Avoid using IAM roles to delegate permissions.
Which AWS feature or service can be used to capture information about incoming and outgoing traffic in an AWS VPC infrastructure? AWS Config VPC Flow Logs AWS Trusted Advisor AWS CloudTrail.
A company wants to use an AWS service to monitor the health of application endpoints, with the ability to route traffic to healthy regional endpoints to improve application availability. Which service will support these requirements? Amazon Inspector Amazon CloudWatch AWS Global Accelerator Amazon CloudFront.
According to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, what change management steps should be taken to achieve reliability in the AWS Cloud? (Choose two.) Use AWS Config to generate an inventory of AWS resources Use service limits to prevent users from creating or making changes to AWS resources Use AWS CloudTrail to record AWS API calls into an auditable log file Use AWS Certificate Manager to whitelist approved AWS resources and services Use Amazon GuardDuty to validate configuration changes made to AWS resources.
Which service can be used to monitor and receive alerts for AWS account root user AWS Management Console sign-in events? Amazon CloudWatch AWS Config AWS Trusted Advisor AWS IAM .
Which design principle should be considered when architecting in the AWS Cloud? Think of servers as non-disposable resources Use synchronous integration of services Design loosely coupled components Implement the least permissive rules for security groups.
Which AWS services can be used to move data from on-premises data centers to AWS? (Choose two.) AWS Snowball AWS Lambda AWS ElastiCache AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) Amazon API Gateway .
A batch workload takes 5 hours to finish on an Amazon EC2 instance. The amount of data to be processed doubles monthly and the processing time is proportional. What is the best cloud architecture to address this consistently growing demand? Run the application on a bigger EC2 instance size. Switch to an EC2 instance family that better matches batch requirements. Distribute the application across multiple EC2 instances and run in parallel. Run the application on a bare metal EC2 instance.
Each department in a company has its own independent AWS account and its own payment method. New company leadership wants to centralize departmental governance and consolidate payments. How can this be achieved using AWS services & features? Forward monthly invoices for each account. Then create IAM roles to allow cross-account access. Create a new AWS account. Then configure AWS Organizations and invite all existing accounts to join. Configure AWS Organizations in each of the existing accounts. Then link all accounts together. Use Cost Explorer to combine costs from all accounts. Then replicate IAM policies across accounts.
The ability to horizontally scale Amazon EC2 instances based on demand is an example of which concept in the AWS Cloud value proposition? Economy of scale Elasticity High availability Agility.
An ecommerce company anticipates a huge increase in web traffic for two very popular upcoming shopping holidays. Which AWS service or feature can be configured to dynamically adjust resources to meet this change in demand? AWS CloudTrail Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Amazon Forecast AWS Config.
Which AWS service enables users to securely connect to AWS resources over the public internet? Amazon VPC peering AWS Direct Connect AWS VPN Amazon Pinpoint.
Which tool is used to forecast AWS spending? AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Organizations Cost Explorer Amazon Inspector.
A company is running an ecommerce application hosted in Europe. To decrease latency for users who access the website from other parts of the world, the company would like to cache frequently accessed static content closer to the users. Which AWS service will support these requirements? Amazon ElastiCache Amazon CloudFront Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) .
Which of the following is a component of the AWS Global Infrastructure? Amazon Alexa AWS Regions Amazon Lightsail AWS Organizations.
Which AWS service will help users determine if an application running on an Amazon EC2 instance has sufficient CPU capacity? Amazon CloudWatch AWS Config AWS CloudTrail Amazon Inspector.
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