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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) 420 - 460

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

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A company needs protection from expanded distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on its website and assistance from AWS experts during such events. Which AWS managed service will meet these requirements? AWS Shield Advanced AWS Firewall Manager AWS WAF Amazon GuardDuty.
Under the AWS shared responsibility model, what are the customer's responsibilities? (Choose two.) Physical and environmental security Physical network devices including firewalls Storage device decommissioning Security of data in transit Data integrity authentication.
A cloud practitioner has a data analysis workload that is infrequently executed and can be interrupted without harm. To optimize for cost, which Amazon EC2 purchasing option should be used? On-Demand Instances Reserved Instances Spot Instances Dedicated Hosts .
Which AWS container service will help a user install, operate, and scale the cluster management infrastructure? Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) AWS Elastic Beanstalk Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) .
Which of the following allows an application running on an Amazon EC2 instance to securely write data to an Amazon S3 bucket without using long term credentials? Amazon Cognito AWS Shield AWS IAM role AWS IAM user access key.
A company with a Developer-level AWS Support plan provisioned an Amazon RDS database and cannot connect to it. Who should the developer contact for this level of support? AWS Support using a support case AWS Professional Services AWS technical account manager AWS consulting partners.
What is the purpose of having an internet gateway within a VPC? To create a VPN connection to the VPC To allow communication between the VPC and the Internet To impose bandwidth constraints on internet traffic To load balance traffic from the Internet across Amazon EC2 instances.
A company must ensure that its endpoint for a database instance remains the same after a single Availability Zone service interruption. The application needs to resume database operations without the need for manual administrative intervention. How can these requirements be met? Use multiple Amazon Route 53 routes to the standby database instance endpoint hosted on AWS Storage Gateway. Configure Amazon RDS Multi-Availability Zone deployments with automatic failover to the standby. Add multiple Application Load Balancers and deploy the database instance with AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Deploy a single Network Load Balancer to distribute incoming traffic across multiple Amazon CloudFront origins.
Which AWS managed service can be used to distribute traffic between one or more Amazon EC2 instances? NAT gateway Elastic Load Balancing Amazon Athena AWS PrivateLink.
AWS Trusted Advisor provides recommendations on which of the following? (Choose two.) Cost optimization Auditing Serverless architecture Performance Scalability.
Which of the following tasks can only be performed after signing in with AWS account root user credentials? (Choose two.) Closing an AWS account Creating a new IAM policy Changing AWS Support plans Attaching a role to an Amazon EC2 instance Generating access keys for IAM users.
Fault tolerance refers to: the ability of an application to accommodate growth without changing design how well and how quickly an application's environment can have lost data restored how secure your application is the built-in redundancy of an application's components.
A company operating in the AWS Cloud requires separate invoices for specific environments, such as development, testing, and production. How can this be achieved? Use multiple AWS accounts Use resource tagging Use multiple VPCs Use Cost Explorer.
Which AWS service can be used in the application deployment process? AWS AppSync AWS Batch AWS CodePipeline AWS DataSync.
What can be used to reduce the cost of running Amazon EC2 instances? (Choose two.) Spot Instances for stateless and flexible workloads Memory optimized instances for high-compute workloads On-Demand Instances for high-cost and sustained workloads Reserved Instances for sustained workloads Spend limits set using AWS Budgets.
Which AWS service or feature allows the user to manager cross-region application traffic? Amazon AppStream 2.0 Amazon VPC Elastic Load Balancer Amazon Route 53.
Which AWS service can be used to track unauthorized API calls? AWS Config AWS CloudTrail AWS Trusted Advisor Amazon Inspector.
A user needs to regularly audit and evaluate the setup of all AWS resources, identify non-compliant accounts, and be notified when a resource changes. Which AWS service can be used to meet these requirements? AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Config AWS Resource Access Manager AWS Systems Manager .
A user is planning to launch two additional Amazon EC2 instances to increase availability. Which action should the user take? Launch the instances across multiple Availability Zones in a single AWS Region. Launch the instances as EC2 Reserved Instances in the same AWS Region and the same Availability Zone. Launch the instances in multiple AWS Regions, but in the same Availability Zone. Launch the instances as EC2 Spot Instances in the same AWS Region, but in different Availability Zones.
A company must store critical business data in Amazon S3 with a backup to another AWS Region. How can this be achieved? Use an Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) to cache data globally Set up Amazon S3 cross-region replication to another AWS Region Configure the AWS Backup service to back up to the data to another AWS Region Take Amazon S3 bucket snapshots and copy that data to another AWS Region.
Which AWS Cloud service can send alerts to customers if custom spending thresholds are exceeded? AWS Budgets AWS Cost Explorer AWS Cost Allocation Tags AWS Organizations.
Which components are required to build a successful site-to-site VPN connection on AWS? (Choose two.) Internet gateway NAT gateway Customer gateway Virtual private gateway.
Which Amazon EC2 pricing option is best suited for applications with short-term, spiky, or unpredictable workloads that cannot be interrupted? Spot Instances Dedicated Hosts On-Demand Instances Reserved Instances.
What is the MOST effective resource for staying up to date on AWS security announcements? AWS Personal Health Dashboard AWS Secrets Manager AWS Security Bulletins Amazon Inspector.
Which AWS service offers persistent storage for a file system? Amazon S3 Amazon EC2 instance store Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) Amazon ElastiCache.
Which of the following allows AWS users to manage cost allocations for billing? Tagging resources Limiting who can create resources Adding a secondary payment method Running all operations on a single AWS account.
Which requirement must be met for a member account to be unlinked from an AWS Organizations account? The linked account must be actively compliant with AWS System and Organization Controls (SOC). The payer and the linked account must both create AWS Support cases to request that the member account be unlinked from the organization. The member account must meet the requirements of a standalone account. The payer account must be used to remove the linked account from the organization.
What AWS benefit refers to a customer's ability to deploy applications that scale up and down the meet variable demand? Elasticity Agility Security Scalability.
During a compliance review, one of the auditors requires a copy of the AWS SOC 2 report. Which service should be used to submit this request? AWS Personal Health Dashboard AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Artifact Amazon S3.
A company wants to set up a highly available workload in AWS with a disaster recovery plan that will allow the company to recover in case of a regional service interruption. Which configuration will meet these requirements? Run on two Availability Zones in one AWS Region, using the additional Availability Zones in the AWS Region for the disaster recovery site. Run on two Availability Zones in one AWS Region, using another AWS Region for the disaster recovery site. Run on two Availability Zones in one AWS Region, using a local AWS Region for the disaster recovery site. Run across two AWS Regions, using a third AWS Region for the disaster recovery site.
Which AWS service can run a managed PostgreSQL database that provides online transaction processing (OLTP)? Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Athena Amazon RDS Amazon EMR.
Which of the following assist in identifying costs by department? (Choose two.) Using tags on resources Using multiple AWS accounts Using an account manager Using AWS Trusted Advisor Using Consolidated Billing.
A company wants to allow full access to an Amazon S3 bucket for a particular user. Which element in the S3 bucket policy holds the user details that describe who needs access to the S3 bucket? Principal Action Resource Statement.
A company is piloting a new customer-facing application on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for one month. What pricing model is appropriate? Reserved Instances Spot Instances On-Demand Instances Dedicated Hosts.
Under the AWS shared responsibility model, which of the following is a responsibility of AWS? Enabling server-side encryption for objects stored in S3 Applying AWS IAM security policies Patching the operating system on an Amazon EC2 instance Applying updates to the hypervisor.
Performing operations as code is a design principle that supports which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework? Performance efficiency Operational excellence Reliability Security.
Which design principle is achieved by following the reliability pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework? Vertical scaling Manual failure recovery Testing recovery procedures Changing infrastructure manually.
What is a characteristic of Convertible Reserved Instances (RIs)? Users can exchange Convertible RIs for other Convertible RIs from a different instance family. Users can exchange Convertible RIs for other Convertible RIs in different AWS Regions. Users can sell and buy Convertible RIs on the AWS Marketplace. Users can shorten the term of their Convertible RIs by merging them with other Convertible RIs. .
The user is fully responsible for which action when running workloads on AWS? Patching the infrastructure components Implementing controls to route application traffic Maintaining physical and environmental controls Maintaining the underlying infrastructure components.
455. Which are benefits of using Amazon RDS over Amazon EC2 when running relational databases on AWS? (Choose two.) Automated backups Schema management Indexing of tables Software patching Extract, transform, and load (ETL) management.
What does the Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class offer? Payment flexibility by reserving storage capacity Long-term retention of data by copying the data to an encrypted Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume Automatic cost savings by moving objects between tiers based on access pattern changes Secure, durable, and lowest cost storage for data archival.
A company has multiple data sources across the organization and wants to consolidate data into one data warehouse. Which AWS service can be used to meet this requirement? Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift Amazon Athena Amazon QuickSight.
A user has underutilized on-premises resources. Which AWS Cloud concept can BEST address this issue? High availability Elasticity Security Loose coupling.
A user has a stateful workload that will run on Amazon EC2 for the next 3 years. What is the MOST cost-effective pricing model for this workload? On-Demand Instances Reserved Instances Dedicated Instances Spot Instances.
A cloud practitioner needs an Amazon EC2 instance to launch and run for 7 hours without interruptions. What is the most suitable and cost-effective option for this task? On-Demand Instance Reserved Instance Dedicated Host Spot Instance.
Which of the following are benefits of using AWS Trusted Advisor? (Choose two.) Providing high-performance container orchestration Creating and rotating encryption keys Detecting underutilized resources to save costs Improving security by proactively monitoring the AWS environment Implementing enforced tagging across AWS resources.
A developer has been hired by a large company and needs AWS credentials. Which are security best practices that should be followed? (Choose two.) Grant the developer access to only the AWS resources needed to perform the job. Share the AWS account root user credentials with the developer. Add the developer to the administrator's group in AWS IAM. Configure a password policy that ensures the developer's password cannot be changed. Ensure the account password policy requires a minimum length.
A user is planning to migrate an application workload to the AWS Cloud. Which control becomes the responsibility of AWS once the migration is complete? Patching the guest operating system Maintaining physical and environmental controls Protecting communications and maintaining zone security Patching specific applications.
Which process is an example of Elastic Load Balancing? Ensuring that no single Amazon EC2 instance has to carry the full workload on its own. Removing unneeded Amazon EC2 instances when demand is low Adding a second Amazon EC2 instance during an online store's popular sale Automatically adjusting the number of Amazon EC2 instances to meet demand.
You want to deploy and manage containerized applications. Which service should you use? AWS Lambda Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).
Which statement best describes an Availability Zone? A geographical area that contains AWS resources A single data center or group of data centers within a Region A data center that an AWS service uses to perform service-specific operations A service that you can use to run AWS infrastructure within your own on-premises data center in a Hybrid approach.
Which statement is TRUE for the AWS global infrastructure? A region consists of a single Availability Zone. An Availability Zone consists of two or more Regions. A Region consists of three or more Availability Zones. An Availability Zone consists of a single Region. .
Which factors should be considered when selecting a Region? (Select Two) Compliance with data governance and legal requirements. Proximity to your customers. Access to 24/7 technical support Ability to assign custom permissions to different users Access to the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).
Which statement best describes Amazon CloudFront? A service that enables you to run infrastructure in a hybrid cloud approach A serverless compute engine for containers A service that enables you to send and receive messages between software components through a queue. A global content delivery service.
Which site does Amazon CloudFront use to cache copies of content for faster delivery to users at any location? Region Availability Zone Edge Location Origin.
Which action can you perform with AWS Outposts? Automate actions for AWS services and applications through scripts. Access wizards and automated workflows to perform tasks in AWS services. Develop AWS applications in supported programming languages. Extend AWS infrastructures and services to different locations including your on-premises data center.
Which statement best describes an AWS account's default network access control list? It is stateless and denies all inbound and outbound traffic It is stateful and allows all inbound and outbound traffic It is stateless and allows all inbound and outbound traffic It is stateful and denies all inbound and outbound traffic.
Your company has an application that uses Amazon EC2 instances to run the customer-facing website and Amazon RDS database instances to store customers' personal information. How should the developer configure the VPC according to best practices? Place the Amazon EC2 instances in a private subnet and the Amazon RDS database instances in a public subnet Place the Amazon EC2 instances in a public subnet and the Amazon RDS in a private subnet. Place the Amazon EC2 instances and the Amazon RDS database instances in a public subnet. Place the Amazon EC2 instances and thee Amazon RDS database instances in a private subnet. .
Which component can be used to establish a private dedicated connection between your company's data center and AWS? Private subnet DNS AWS Direct Connect Virtual Private Gateway.
Which component is used to connect a VPC to the internet? Public Subnet Edge location Security Group Internet Gateway.
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