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BCS Software Development Context

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BCS Software Development Context

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Which level of testing is linked with requirements analysis? System Unit Acceptance Integration.
Which of the following are KEY principles of Agile? a) Processes and tools are critical to the success of the project. b) Working software is the primary measure of progress. c) Responding to constant change is important. b and c only. a and c only. a and b only. a, b and c.
A KEY reason for considering the operational environment when designing an application is? To ensure that the application can be developed quickly. To anticipate what may affect the usage of the application. To increase the chance of costly, unexpected incidents and problems when it is live. To ensure that there will be no need for further changes to the application after it is live. .
Which of the following are MOST LIKELY to happen with an iterative / incremental approach to software development when compared with a sequential approach? a) Software testing will happen later. b) A multi-disciplined collaborative approach is adopted. c) There is a focus on the project over the product. d) Understanding of the system architecture is gained earlier. a and c only. b and d only. b and c only. a and d only.
Which of the following SHOULD be controlled using configuration management techniques? a) Source code. b) Scripts for testing. c) User Data. d) Reliability requirements documentation. a and c only. a, b and c only. a, b and d only. b, c and d only.
Which statements are TRUE when developing mobile applications that will be deployed on multiple platforms? a) Well-written code can be used on different platforms. b) Native apps can offer a richer user experience. c) Web apps are quicker to develop than native apps. a and b only. b and c only. a and c only. All of them.
What role is described as follows? 'Is involved in the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment. Conducts automated and manually checks to ensure the software is fit for purpose.' Software tester. Software developer. Software release engineer. Software project manager.
Which tool is used to support test specification activities? Test design tools Test execution tool. Test data sorting tool. Dynamic analysis tool.
Which of the following is a VALID reason why traceability is important between tests and requirements? It facilitates efficient management of test coverage. It enables accurate analysis of the impact of change on testing. It separates testing from debugging. It identifies the different test techniques that have been used.
Which of the following are reasons why it is important to agree to non-functional requirements? a) To ensure software is available when needed. b) To ensure there is resource to support the software when operational. c) To ensure the software interacts correctly with business processes. d) To make sure the software can continue to operate after an incident. a, b and c only. a, c and d only. a, b and d only. b, c and d only.
Which of the following is the MOST VALID reason for managing software under version control? Different code bases need to be maintained for different platforms. Business units may need slightly different versions of a system deployed. Different customers require the same version of products to make the complaints process easier to manage. Unrelated systems are being deployed to the same customer.
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