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BMT - Vtor kolokvium

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BMT - Vtor kolokvium

Bezicni i mobilni tehnologii

Aleksandra Dodevska
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Which of the following statements about full garbage collection is false? Full garbage collection releases persistent object handles in RAM and flash memory. Full garbage collection performs a RAM garbage collection operation. Full garbage collection releases non-persistent object handles in RAM and flash memory.
Which of the following is a good tip for minimizing memory usage Use objects rather than primitive data types Use primitive data types rather than objects Avoid setting object references to null Filter and sort all data on the BlackBerry smartphone instead of on the server.
Object groups can be updated? True False.
A persistent object containing five string fields consumes how many object handles? Five Six Seven None.
The Java Virtual Machine initiates garbage collection under which conditions? Choose all that apply. Flash memory is available The Java Virtual Machine cannot allocate an object. The smartphone is idle and battery life can be maximized. A process falls below its minimum heap size.
Which storage option do you use if you are creating an application that is portable across multiple smartphones? Choose all that apply. BlackBerry persistence model MIDP record store File Connection API Runtime store SQLite.
Which of the following statements about the BlackBerry persistence model is false? A data class needs to implement the Persistable interface. The members of a data class must implement the Persistable interface The Persistable interface defines methods.
Which object is not included in the javax.microedition.io.file package? FileConnection ConnectionClosedException FileConnectionOpen IllegalModeException FileSystemListener.
The runtime store is a central location that persists over BlackBerry smartphone resets. True or False? True False.
Which package contains the classes that enable you to work with SQLite?.
Each SQLite database is stored in a single file. True or false? True False.
Which of the following UI elements controls the way elements are arranged on a BlackBerry smartphone? Screen component Field component Layout manager.
Which of the following APIs can you use in a BlackBerry API application? net.rim.device.api.ui.Screen net.rim.device.api.ui.Manager net.rim.device.api.ui.component.ButtonField All of the above.
Which of the following items apply to BlackBerry smartphones with a touch screen? Choose two. Users can view application screens in portrait mode only. Users can view application screens in portrait mode or landscape mode. Users can use a trackwheel as an alternative input method Users type text on a virtual keyboard.
A QWERTY keyboard is designed to predict words as users type them. True or false? True False.
Which of the following actions can you perform using shortcut keys? Choose two. Compose an email message Add a browser bookmark Access application menu items.
Which of the following objects is the main structure for a BlackBerry smartphone UI? Manager Screen Menu.
Which of the following classes provides features that are common to standard BlackBerry Java Applications? Screen FullScreen MainScreen.
Which of the following statements about the BlackBerry smartphone with a touch screen is false? Has limited space for text, icons, and other screen components Can display multiple screens at the same time Can display in both portrait or landscape mode.
Which of the following items appears only on BlackBerry smartphones with a touch screen? Context menu Full menu Shortcut bar Scroll arrows.
Which actions does a context menu display in an application? All the actions The primary actions The most commonly used actions The most recently used actions.
Which of the following classes provides an application with the ability to arrange components on a BlackBerry smartphone screen? Screen Manager Field.
Which control can you use to initiate an action? Check box Button Drop-down list.
Which type of control can you use to display objects in a hierarchical structure? Tree view List box Search field Any of the above.
Why are SVG images are scalable? They are drawn with an array of rectangular pixels They are drawn at a higher resolution. They maintain a static number of pixels They define shapes based on paths.
How does SVG define the position of image segments? Anchor points and control points Pixels and arrays Bitmaps and areas.
Why is the SVG file format useful in the BlackBerry smartphone environment? It is the only image type that BlackBerry smartphones support It can fit a variety of screen sizes It produces low resolution graphics that take up less memory.
Which vector file formats does the BlackBerry Browser support? Choose three. PMB PME EPS SVG.
What methods can you use to create SVG content? Choose two. Writing code in a text editor Using the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator Using a raster converter Using a graphics editor.
Which of the following tasks can you perform with the Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit? Choose three. Create themes Convert other file formats Edit XML code Enhanced offline use.
You can use the Plazmic Composer to create custom Home screen and Lock screen graphics. True or false? True False.
Which of the following tools can you use to organize your project resources in Plazmic Theme Builder? Catalog Explorer Workspace.
After creating a theme in Plazmic Theme Builder, you must export it as which type of file? SVG COD PMB XML.
What are the four steps for creating content for a BlackBerry smartphone using Plazmic Composer? Create and edit, Test, Export, Post Create and edit, Export, Post, Test Create and edit, Import, Upload, Test Create and edit, Test, Upload, Test.
Which of the following objects can you create in Plazmic Composer? Choose three. Shapes Wire frames Text User input.
In Plazmic Composer, what do you use to create user input objects (such as text entry fields)? XML elements HTML form elements Objects SVG elements.
In Plazmic Composer, buttons have how many states? 1 2 3 4.
Which tool do you use define the view box in Plazmic Composer? ViewBox Camera Timeline Input.
What must you do to prevent BlackBerry smartphones from stretching your content in a way that distorts it? Select the Preserve Aspect Ratio option Clear the Preserve Aspect Ratio option Disable the Camera Enlarge the ViewPort to the maximum size supported by the BlackBerry smartphone.
How does a BlackBerry smartphone display an image if you select the Meet property for an image? Inserts additional pixels into the image Clips portions of the image to ensure that it fits in the screen Adds transparent padding around the image Ensures that the edges of the graphic meet all the edges of the screen.
In Plazmic Composer, animation consists of which two key features? Buttons and events Graphics and events SVG and bitmaps Key frames and interpolation.
Which tool can you use to change the way that object properties vary in an animation? Tweening editor Interpolation editor Change point.
How can you make content interactive in Plazmic Composer? Choose three Vary view port size Add rollovers to objects Add hyperlinks to other content Launch applications.
Which event trigger types does Plazmic Composer support? Choose two Nonlinear Relative Linear Timeline.
Which action setting can you use to make your animation disappear from the screen? Hide Component Form Reset Component Reset Show Component.
The Plazmic Composer supports _______ Flash content All A superset of the A subset of the No.
Which tool can you use to test your BlackBerry smartphone content? The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator The Plazmic Composer A BlackBerry smartphone in debug mode The Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit.
Asymmetric key cryptography uses which types of keys? Choose two Public key Master key Session key Private key.
If you use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server as the wireless gateway for your application, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server automatically uses one of the following two encryption algorithms to encrypt data? Choose two. SSL/TLS Symmetric key Triple DES Asymmetric key AES.
What file extension is added to files encrypted on the microSD media card? REM JSE AES COD.
When security features are critical, which method can you use to protect your applications? Wireless IT commands Login screens BlackBerry smartphone passwords IT policies.
Which of the following actions can a system administrator perform using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server application control policy rules? Choose two. Enforce encryption settings and certificate use Force BlackBerry smartphone users to set a password Limit the permissions of applications on the BlackBerry smartphone Configure backup and synchronization settings Allow or prevent the installation of specific applications on the BlackBerry smartphone.
If the system administrator or a user denies your application access to one of the protected areas, how many errors does your code need to handle? Choose two. One One or two, depending on whether your application is a game One or two, depending on which APIs you use in the code Two.
Can a third-party BlackBerry application write to virtual memory on a BlackBerry smartphone? No Yes Yes, if the system administrator enables this feature with an IT policy Yes, if signed with RIM code signing keys.
In the BlackBerry API reference, how does RIM identify a controlled class or method? Choose two. Key icon Lock icon Signed note Asterisk (*).
If you use sensitive APIs and you sign your application using a key from RIM, which of the following actions can you perform? Choose three. Test and debug your code in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator Install the application COD on the BlackBerry smartphone Use controlled classes or methods in your application Prevent all application permission prompts, which does not happen after signing.
Which of the following signature methods applies to MIDP applications only? BlackBerry signatures Certicom signatures Wireless service provider signatures.
What additional security capabilities do the Certicom classes provide? Provide a standard mechanism for accessing PIM information on a device Provide data security, including data encryption and decryption, digital signatures, data authentication, and certificate management Enable applications to interact with the BlackBerry messages application to send, receive, and open email messages Provide access to advanced features of the phone application.
Which type of signature can you use to mark an application as trusted? BlackBerry signature Certicom signature Wireless service provider signature.
Which of the following functions can you perform with the BlackBerry Signature Tool? Choose three. Obtain code signing keys from RIM Install code signing keys on your computer Sign your application with the code signing keys Change your password Revoke all keys.
Which type of content do list boxes display? A set of mutually exclusive but related values A set of mutually exclusive values A set of values.
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