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Test controtest Inglese

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She sings and she _____ plays the piano. also too as like as well.
He asked me what I _______ if I failed to get the job would do would have done would doing will do.
I don't like this job, so I'm __________ a better one looking for looking to looking after looking up.
Amanda _______ me she got a new job asked told said says.
It __________ that the painting is a fake. is believing believed now believes is now believed.
Henry arrived __ home ___ 10 pm. at / at _ /at at / to to / at.
Did Emily call ___ the florist today? _ to over at.
You ______ rest if you're pregnant. shouldn't don't have to may not should.
Slow down! I can't ________ you! keep up keep up for keep with keep up with.
We never ________ how the exam went found out found stood out passed out.
Where __________ to university next year? go you will will you go are you go you are go.
They have bought a flat in London and they _______ there next year. move moved will move are going to move.
John bought his ticket. He ___________ to France next week. goes does go is going will go.
If I _______ Oliver, I would have invited him to the party. will see saw had seen would see.
We had a great ______ in class today. fight discussion argue argument.
_____ there ____ books on the table? Are / any Be / no Did / some Have / a.
I remembered _______ my passport this time! to bring bringing of bring brought.
I wish I ________ to go to work today. don't have haven't didn't have mustn't.
That's what Angela ______ yesterday. says told tells said.
Has she ever been to Vancouver? Yes she________ last year. were here did go here went there has gone there.
We couldn't come to the party because we _____ study for the test. have need had had to.
I'll go to the wedding if they ______ an invitation. will send would send send sent.
She __________________ to visit him twice already has been did went has be goes.
If you ______ John, he'll do the right thing. will ask asks ask would ask.
Colin is landing __ midday. in on at from.
I bought a new tie for Frank, but he _______ like it. doesn't cannot might not shouldn't.
If you come tonight I ______ really happy would am will be would be.
If only _______ enough money to buy a car! I had I have I would have I wish.
You didn't need to _________ what happened last summer! take over take care of bring down bring up.
I ______ go for a walk if the rain stops. But I'm not sure can't might will won't.
Do you have _______ bread? Would you like some more? such too quite enough.
Last time I ____ you, you _______ to start a new job. saw / were going will see / were have seen / are going saw / had done.
That's enough! Just stop ________ about it. going on go out going in go off.
I ______ Robert since I was six years old. have known do know known knew.
Where ___ you put my computer? I need it now do did does _.
Sally _________ her mother looks like looks as looks by looks up.
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