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CPI Cert. P1

CPI Cert. P1

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In SAP Cloud Integration, which decoding schemes are available to decode a message? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question. CNN-based Decoder QC-MDPC Decoding GZIP Decompression Base64 Decoder.
You want to create an API Proxy for a third-party API but cannot discover any API in the dialog. Which of the following steps might you have forgotten? Add an API Provider for Cloud Integration Add an API Provider for SAP Open Connectors Create a Product for the required API Create an API Key policy.
What can you map with the message mapping transformer? Input to output structures Properties to messages XSLT to JSON format Input to output message encoding.
What happens to the log level of an iFlow when this iFlow is deleted from the system? The log level is set to None The log level is removed The log level is kept The log level is set to the default value.
In SAP Cloud Integration, which iFlow element can use a namespace? Filter Mapping Timer Script.
Which of the following describe the functionality of a polling sender adapter? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question. Non-configurable execution schedule Only one execution at a time Multiple executions at a time Configurable execution schedule.
Which of the following hyperscalers run SAP Business Technology Platform? Note: There are 4 correct Answers to this question. Microsoft Azure IBM Cloud VMware Amazone Web Services Alibaba Cloud Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
What is the main feature of the Low/No-Code programming model in SAP Business Technology Platform? Using APIs and special libraries for easier and more secure programming Working with all known cloud patterns Working graphically.
What does the "Out-of-the-box integration" principle of the SAP Integration Suite mean? SAP software by default supports integrations to other SAP software SAP's integration technology portfolio covers all kinds of integration SAP software by default supports any third-party integration.
Which of the following is a valid sequence of activities in SAP Integration Suite? Connect third-party API in API Management. Make API accessible in Integration Advisor. Use API in iFlow in SAP Open Connectors Connect to third-party API in SAP Open Connectors. Make API accessible in API Management. Use API in IFlow in Cloud Integration Connect third-party API in Cloud Integration. Make API accessible in SAP Open Connectors. Use API in iFlow in API Management.
When you want to try out APIs on SAP API Business Hub, which of the following is the default test environment? Sandbox Playground Climbing frame Testing ground.
In a SAP Cloud Integration iFlow you want to compress message content into a ZIP archive. Which of the following message transformer steps do you use? Converter Content Modifier Encoder Decoder.
What are some artifacts that can be added to content packages within the SAP Cloud Integration? Note: There are 8 correct Answers to this question REST API Integration Flow Script Collection Integration Collect Workflow Message Mapping SOAP API Value Mapping OData API Integration Adapter.
What is required to access API Business Hub Enterprise? SAP Business Application Studio SAP API Business Hub SAP Extension Suite SAP Integration Suite.
To subscribe to the Integration Suite service in an SAP BTP trial account, which identifier is required? App Space Plan Instance.
Runtime artifacts generated by SAP Integration Advisor can be used in which middleware and runtime solutions? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question. SAP Process Orchestration SAP S/4HANA SAP Cloud Integration SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Which SAP Cloud Integration process step allows you to run iFlows directly after deployment? Scheduler Content Modifier Timer Message Digest.
To call an application in the SAP API Business Hub, what do you need? Certificate User secret API key.
Your iFlow builds a payload and sends it to another system. You have activated the Trace log level. In the Message Processing Monitor, what must you investigate to find this payload? iFlow data Artifact details Message content iFlow Message Outcome.
Where in SAP Integration Suite Open Connectors can you test connector instances? Setup API docs Resource Validation.
What criterion can you use to select fitting mapping proposals? Confidence score Qualified variations Constraints.
What is an advantage of the consumption-based commercial model over the subscription-based commercial model? Customers can use all services paying a flat fee Customers pay a fixed price upfront for the services they plan to use Services can be used without service-specific commitment Services can be used with service-specific commitment.
How is a message mapping created in SAP Integration Advisor? (MIG: Message Implementation Guideline, MAG: Mapping Guideline) Create Target MIG. Create Source MIG. Choose correct type system. Create MAG Create MAG. Choose correct type system. Create Target MIG. Create source MIG Choose correct type system. Create Source MIG. Create Target MIG. Create MAG.
What features can you use in SAP Cloud Integration, DataStoreOperations? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question. Put Get Post Delete.
What do you need to specify in the connection when you add an API provider in SAP Open Connectors? API key Policy template Organization secret and user secret.
What actions can you perform in an SAP BTP trial account? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question. Create global accounts Assign users to a global account Create subaccounts Assign users to a subaccount.
What do service-related missions in the SAP Discovery Center contain? Ready-to-run integration flows for your business use cases Best practices and step-by-step guidance for implementing business use cases Learning games designed to train developers in SAP software.
You want to avoid manually altering iFlows to accommodate changes in values. How can you do this? Set the changing exchange property values within process steps Use targeted externalization of changing values Add a content enricher process step for changing values Add the changing values as resources in the integration flow configuration.
Which of the following adapter types can you use for iFlow-to-iFlow communication? JMS RFC ProcessDirect OData.
Which ISO codes are supported in SAP Integration Advisor codelists? Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question. Country codes Territory codes Industrie codes Language codes Currency codes.
Which of the following can you connect with SAP Integration Suite Open Connectors? The SAP Business Technology Platform with SAP on-premise systems Non-SAP cloud applications with SAP on-premise systems The SAP Business Technology Platform with non-SAP cloud applications.
Where can you find and subscribe to SAP BTP SaaS applications? Service Marketplace Cloud Foundary SAP Discovers Center.
When you create a Message Implementation Guideline (MIG), you can choose directions. Which direction must you choose for a system to receive and process payloads? Custom In Out.
Which iFlow element in SAP Cloud Integration do you use to send a message to more than one recipient? Multicast Message Digest Gather Join.
Which of the following transformation steps can you use to add message headers to an iFlow message? Decoder EDI Extractor Content Modifier Converter.
Which of the following components are provided by SAP Business Technology Platform environments? Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question. Services Applications Tools Runtime Systems.
Which capability of the SAP Integration Suite can you use to provide processed data to other applications and consumers? SAP Open Connectors SAP API Management SAP Cloud Integration SAP Integration Advisor.
What information can you provide to the Integration Advisor to enhance the validity of proposals? Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question Technical context Industry classification Location information Workflow role Business context.
What are some features of SAP Cloud Integration? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question. Exporting of IFlow steps Versioning of iFlow packages Exporting iFlow packages Versioning of iFlow artifacts.
Which of the following content categories are available on SAP API Business Hub? Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question. Integrations APIs Business Processes ABAP packages Database tables.
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