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A developer working on a time management application wants to make total hours for each timecard available to application users. A timecard entry has a Master-Detail relationship to a timecard. Which approach should the developer use to accomplish this declaratively? A Visualforce page that calculates the total number of hours for a timecard and displays it on the page A Roll-Up Summary field on the Timecard Object that calculates the total hours from timecard entries for that timecard A Process Builder process that updates a field on the timecard when a timecard entry is created An Apex trigger that uses an Aggregate Query to calculate the hours for a given timecard and stores it in a custom field.
Which two number expressions evaluate correctly? (Choose two.) Double d = 3.14159; Integer I = 3.14159; Decimal d = 3.14159; Long l = 3.14159;.
A developer is asked to set a picklist field to ‘Monitor’ on any new Leads owned by a subnet of Users. How should the developer implement this request? Create an after insert Lead trigger. Create a before insert Lead trigger. Create a Lead Workflow Rule Field Update. Create a Lead formula field.
How should a developer make sure that a child record on a custom object, with a lookup to the Account object, has the same sharing access as its associated account? Create a Sharing Rule comparing the custom object owner to the account owner. Create a validation rule on the custom object comparing the record owners on both records. Include the sharing related list on the custom object page layout. Ensure that the relationship between the objects is Master-Detail.
When is an Apex Trigger required instead of a Process Builder Process? When a record needs to be created When multiple records related to the triggering record need to be updated When a post to Chatter needs to be created When an action needs to be taken on a delete or undelete, or before a DML operation is executed.
Which two platform features align to the Controller portion of MVC architecture? (Choose two.) Process Builder actions Workflow rules Standard objects Date fields.
Which three options can be accomplished with formula fields? (Choose three.) Generate a link using the HYPERLINK function to a specific record. Display the previous value for a field using the PRIORVALUE function. Determine if a datetime field value has passed using the NOW function. Return and display a field value from another object using the VLOOKUP function. Determine which of three different images to display using the IF function.
How can a developer set up a debug log on a specific user? It is not possible to setup debug logs for users other than yourself. Ask the user for access to their account credentials, log in as the user and debug the issue. Create Apex code that logs code actions into a custom object. Set up a trace flag for the user, and define a logging level and time period for the trace.
A developer created a Visualforce page and a custom controller with methods to handle different buttons and events that can occur on the page. What should the developer do to deploy to production? Create a test class that provides coverage of the Visualforce page. Create a test page that provides coverage of the Visualforce page. Create a test page that provides coverage of the custom controller. Create a test class that provides coverage of the custom controller.
A platform developer at Universal Containers needs to create a custom button for the Account object that, when clicked, will perform a series of calculations and redirect the user to a custom Visualforce page. Which three attributes need to be defined with values in the <apex:page> tag to accomplish this? (Choose three.) action renderAs standardController readOnly extensions.
Which two describe Heroku Redis? Choose 2 answers. Is an in-memory key-value data store, run by Heroku. Is a repository for storing large images. Is an option for long-term data storage. Is provisioned and managed as an add-on.
What is the preferred way to reference web content such as images, style sheets, JavaScript, and other libraries that is used in Visualforce pages? By accessing the content from Chatter Files. By uploading the content in the Documents tab. By accessing the content from a third -party CON. By uploading the content as a Static Resource.
A developer creates a custom controller and custom Visualforce page by using the following code block:public class myController {public String myString;public String getMyString() {return 'getmyString';}public String getStringMethod1() {return myString;}public String getStringMethod2() {if (myString == null)myString = 'Method2';return myString;}}{!myString}, {!StringMethod1}, {!StringMethod2}, {!myString}What does the user see when accessing the custom page? GetMyString , , Method2 , getMystring , , Method2 , getMyString , , Method2, GetMyString , , ,.
How can a developer refer to, or instantiate a PageReference in Apex? Choose 2 answers By using a PageReference with a partial or full URL. By using the Page object and a Visualforce page name. By using the ApexPages.Page() method with a Visualforce page name. By using the PageReference.Page() method with a partial or full URL.
A developer has the following class and trigger code: public class InsuranceRates { public static final Decimal smokerCharge = 0.01; } trigger ContactTrigger on Contact (before insert) { InsuranceRates rates = new InsuranceRates(); Decimal baseCost = XXX; } Which code segment should a developer insert at the XXX to set the baseCost variable to the value of the class variable smokerCharge? Rates.smokerCharge Rates.getSmokerCharge() ContactTrigger.InsuranceRates.smokerCharge InsuranceRates.smokerCharge.
The account object has a custom percent field, rating, defined with a length of 2 with 0 decimal places. An account record has the value of 50% in its rating field and is processed in the apex code below after being retrieved from the database with SOQL public void processaccount(){ decimal acctscore = acc.rating c * 100; } what is the value of acctscore after this code executes? 5 50 500 5000.
A developer uses an 'after update' trigger on the Account object to update all the Contacts related to the Account. The trigger code shown below is randomly failing. List<Contacts> theContacts = new List<Contacts>(); for(Account a : Trigger.new){ for(Contact c : [SELECT Id, Account_Date c FROM Contact WHERE AccountId = :a.Id]){ c.Account_Date c = Date.today(); theContacts.add(c); } } updates theContacts; Which line of code is causing the code block to fail? An exception is thrown if theContacts is empty The trigger processes more than 200 records in the for loop. An exception is thrown if Account_Date c is null. A SOQL query is located inside of the for loop.
Which type of information is provided by the Checkpoints tab in the Developer Console? (Choose 2) Namespace Time Exception Debug Statement.
What is an important consideration when developing in a multi-tenant environment? Governor limits prevent tenants from impacting performance in multiple orgs on the same instance. Unique domain names take the place of namespaces for code developed for multiple orgs on multiple instances. Polyglot persistence provides support for a global, multilingual user base in multiple orgs on multiple instances. Org-wide data security determines whether other tenants can see data in multiple orgs on the same instance.
Which scenario is invalid for execution by unit tests? Executing methods for negative test scenarios Loading the standard Pricebook ID using a system method Loading test data in place of user input for Flows. Executing methods as different users.
How can a developer avoid exceeding governor limits when using an Apex Trigger?choose 2 answers By using a helper class that can be invoked from multiple triggers. By using the Database class to handle DML transactions. By using Maps to hold data from query results. By performing DML transactions on lists of SObjects.
What is the return data type when ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters() is used to retrieve URL parameters from a visualforce controller? Map List String[] Enum.
Which two statement can a developer use to throw a custom exception of type MissingFieldValueException?Choose 2 answers Throw (MissingFieldValueException,'Problem occurred'); Throw new MissingFieldValueException('Problem occurred'); Throw new MissingFieldValueException(); Throw Exception(new MissingFieldValueException());.
A developer tasked with creating a schema to track Movies, Actors, and contracts. A single movie can have many contracts and a single actor can have many contracts. Each contract is owned and actively managed by a single user. Which schema should be created to enable user to easily manage the contract they own; without requiring access to the movie or the actor records? A master detail relationship to the movie object and a lookup relationship to the actor object A lookup relationship to the movie object and a lookup relationship to the actor object A lookup relationship to the movie object and a master detail relationship to the actor object A master detail relationship to the movie object and a master detail relationship to the actor object.
What is a valid way of loading external JavaScript files into a Visualforce page? (Choose 2) Using an (apex:includeScript)* tag. \> Using an (apex:define)* tag. Using a (link)* tag. Using a (script)* tag.
A developer needs to include a Visualforce page in the detail section of a page layout for the Account object, but does not see the page as an available option in the Page Layout Editor. Which attribute must the developer include in the <apex:page> tag to ensure the Visualforce page can be embedded in a page layout? Action="AccountId" StandardController="Account" Extensions="AccountController" Controller="Account".
A company has a custom object named Warehouse. Each Warehouse record has a distinct record owner, and is related to a parent Account in Salesforce.Which kind of relationship would a developer use to relate the Account to the Warehouse? One -to -Many Lookup Master -Detail Parent -Child.
Given the code block: Integer x; For(x=0;x<10; x+=2) { If(x==8) break; If(x==10) break; } System.debug(x); Which value will the system debug statement display? 2 10 8 4.
What are three techniques that a developer can use to invoke an anonymous block of code? Choose 3 answers Create a visualforce page that uses a controller class that is declared without sharing Type code into the developer console and execute it directly Type code into the execute anonymous tab in the force.com IDE and click execute Use the SOAP API to make a call to execute anonymous code Create and execute a test method that does not specify a runas() call.
Where can the custom roll-up summary fields be created using Standard Object relationships (Choose 3) On Opportunity using Opportunity Product records. On Account using Case records. On Quote using Order records. On Campaign using Campaign Member records. On Account using Opportunity records.
Which data structure is returned to a developer when performing a SOSL search? A list of lists of sObjects. A map of sObject types to a list of sObjects A map of sObject types to a list oflists of sobjects A list of sObjects.
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