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Where can a developer identify the time taken by each process in a transaction using Developer Console log inspector? Performance Tree tab under Stack Tree panel Execution Tree tab under Stack Tree panel Timeline tab under Execution Overview panel Save Order tab under Execution Overview panel.
Which approach should be used to provide test data for a test class? Query for existing records in the database. Execute anonymous code blocks that create data. Use a test data factory class to create test data. Access data in @TestVisible class variables.
What are two uses for External IDs? (Choose two.) To create relationships between records imported from an external system. To create a record in a development environment with the same Salesforce ID as in another environment To identify the sObject type in Salesforce To prevent an import from creating duplicate records using Upsert.
Given: Map<ID, Account> accountMap = new Map>ID, Account> ([SELECT Id, Name FROM Account]); What are three valid Apex loop structures for iterating through items in the collection? (Choose three.) for (ID accountID : accountMap.keySet()) {…} for (Account accountRecord : accountMap.values()) {…} for (Integer i=0; I < accountMap.size(); i++) {…} for (ID accountID : accountMap) {…} for (Account accountRecord : accountMap.keySet()) {…}.
Which type of code represents the view in the MVC architecture on the Force.com platform? An apex method in an extension that returns a list of cases An apex method that executes SOQL to retrieve a list of cases A visualforce page that dysplays information about case records by iterating over a list of cases Validation rules for a page layout that includes a related list of cases.
A developer runs the following anonymous code block:List<Account> acc = [SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 10];Delete acc;Database.emptyRecycleBin(acc);system.debug(Limits.getDMLStatements()+ ‘, ‘ +Limits.getLimitDMLStatements());What is the result? 11, 150 150, 2 150, 11 2, 150.
To which primitive data type in Apex is a currency field atomically assigned? Integer Decimal Double Currency.
A developer wants multiple test classes to use the same set of test data. How should the developer create the test data? Define a variable for test records in each test classes Create a test setup method for each test class Use the seealldata=true annotation in each test class Reference a test utility class in each test class.
The sales team at universal container would like to see a visual indicator appear on both account and opportunity page layout to alert salespeople when an account is late making payments or has entered the collections process. What can a developer implement to achieve this requirement without having to write custom code? Workflow rule Formula field Roll-up summary field Quick action.
What is the proper process for an Apex Unit Test Query for test data using SeeAllData = true. Call the method being tested. Verify that the results are correct. Query for test data using SeeAllData = true. Execute runAllTests(). Verify that the results are correct. Create data for testing. Execute runAllTests(). Verify that the results are correct. Create data for testing. Call the method being tested. Verify that the results are correct.
A developer is asked to write negative tests as part of the unit testing for a method that calculates a person's age based on birth date. What should the negative tests include? Assert that future dates are rejected by the method. Assert that past dates are accepted by the method. Assert that a null value is accepted by the method. Throwing a custom exception in the unit test.
A developer creates a custom controller and a custom Visualforce page by using the code block below: public class MyController { public String myString { get { if (myString == null) { myString = 'a'; } return myString; } private set; } public string getMyString (){ return 'getMyString'; } public string getStringMethod () { if (myString == null) { myString = 'b'; } return myString; } } <apex:page controller = "MyController"> {!StringMethod}, {!myString}, {!myString} </apex:page> What can the user expect to see when accessing the custom page? A, a, a B, b, b A, b, getMyString B, a, getMyString.
What can a Lightning Component contain in its resource bundle? Choose 2 answer Custom client side rendering behavior. Build scripts for minification Properties files with global settings CSS styles scoped to the component.
A developer wants to handle the click event for a lightning:button componentthe onclick attribute for the component references a javascript function in which resource in the component bundle? Helper.js Handler.js Renderer.js Controller.js.
A developer created a visualforce page using a custom controller that calls an apex helper class. A method in the helper class hits a governor limit. what is the result of the transaction? The helper class creates a savepoint and continues All changes in the transaction are rolled back All changes made by the custom controller are saved The custom controller calls the helper class method ag.
When creating unit tests in Apex, which statement is accurate?Choose 2 Unit tests with multiple methods result in all methods failing every time one method fails. Increased test coverage requires large test classes with many lines of code in one method. Triggers do not require any unit tests in order to deploy them from sandbox to production. System Assert statements that do not Increase code coverage contribute important feedback in unit tests.
Which statement should a developer avoid using inside procedural loops? (Choose 2) System.debug('Amount of CPU time (in ms) used so far: ' + Limits.getCpuTime() ); List contacts = [SELECT Id, Salutation, FirstName, LastName, Email FROM Contact WHERE AccountId = :a.Id]; If(o.accountId == a.id) Update contactList;.
A developer executes the following code in the Developer Console: List<Account> fList = new List <Account> ();For(integer i= 1; I <= 200; i++){fList.add(new Account ( Name = ‘Universal Account ‘ + i));}Insert fList;List <Account> sList = new List<Account>();For (integer I = 201; I <= 20000; i ++){sList.add(new Account (Name = ‘Universal Account ‘ + i));}Insert sList;How many accounts are created in the Salesforce organization ? 20000 0 200 1000.
What is true of a partial sandbox that is not true of a full sandbox? Choose 2 answers More frequent refreshes Limited to 5 GB of data Use of change sets Only includes necessary meta data.
Which declarative method helps ensure quality data? (Choose 3) Validation Rules Workflow alerts Exception Handling Lookup Filters Page Layouts.
A company would like to send an offer letter to a candidate, have the candidate sign it electronically, and then send the letter back.What can a developer do to accomplish this? Create a visual workflow that will capture the candidate’s signature electronically Develop a Process Builder that will send the offer letter and allow the candidate to sign it electronically. Install a managed package that will allow the candidate to sign documents electronically Create an assignment rule that will assign the offer letter to the candidate.
What should a developer use to implement an automate approval process submission for case? Process builder. An assignment rules. A workflow rules. Scheduled apex.
A developer is creating a Visualforce page that allows users to create multiple Opportunities. The developer is asked to verify the current user's default Opportunity record type, and set certain default values based on the record type before inserting the record. How can the developer find the current user's default record type? Use the Schema.userInfo.Opportunity.getDefaultRecordType() method. Create the opportunity and check the opportunity.recordType before inserting, which will have the record ID of the current user's default record type Query the Profile where the ID equals userInfo.getProfileID() and then use the profile.Opportunity.getDefaultRecordType() method. Use Opportunity.SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos() to get a list of record types, and iterate trought them until isdefaultRecordTypeMapping() is true.
A developer needs to create a baseline set of data (Accounts, Contacts, Products, Assets) for an entire suite of tests allowing them to test independent requirements various types of Salesforce Cases. Which approach can efficiently generate the required data for each unit test? Add @IsTest(seeAllData=true) at the start of the unit test class Create test data before test.startTest() in the test unit. Use @TestSetup with a void method Create a mock using Stub API.
A user selects a value from a multi-select picklist. How is this selected value represented in Apex? As a string ending with a comma As a string As a list< String > with one element As a set< string > with one element.
A developer has created a Visualforce Page and Apex Controller that uses the With Sharing keyword. The page will be used of by Sales Managers and should only display Accounts owned by Sales Representatives who report to the running Sales Manager. The organization-wide sharing for Accounts is set to Private. Which additional set of stops should the developer take? Create one Profile, two Permission Sets, and one Role. Create one Profile, one Permission Set, and one Role. Create one Profile, one Permission Set, and two Roles. Create two Profiles, one Permission Set, and one Role.
A developer needs to create records for the object Property c. The developer creates the following code block:List propertiesToCreate = helperClass.createProperties();try { // line 3 } catch (Exception exp ) { //exceptionhandling }Which line of code would the developer insert at line 3 to ensure that at least some records are created, even if a few records have errors and fail to be created? Database.insert(propertiesToCreate, false); insert propertiesToCreate; Database.insert(propertiesToCreate, System.ALLOW_PARTIAL); Database.insert(propertiesToCreate);.
A company wants to create an employee rating program that allows employees to rate each other. An employees average rating must be displayed on the employee record. Employees must be able to create rating records, but are not allowed to create employee records. Which two actions should a developer take to accomplish this task? Create a trigger on the Rating object than updates a field on the Employee object. Create a roll-up summary field on the Employee and use AVG to calculate the average rating score. Create a lookup relationship between the Rating and Employee object. Create a master-detail relationship between the Rating and Employee objects.
In which two org types can a developer create new Apex Classes? Choose 2 answers Developer Edition Sandbox Enterprise Edition Unlimited.
A Visualforce page has a standard controller for an object that has a lookup relationship to a parent object. How can a developer display data from the parent record on the page? By adding a second standard controller to the page for the parent record. By using a roll-up formula field on the child record to include data from the parent record. By using SOQL on the Visualforce page to query for data from the parent record. By using merge field syntax to retrieve data from the parent record.
How can a custom type be identified as unique when added to a Set? A. Methods in the class must be static B. The class must implement the Equals and Hashcode methods C. Methods in the class must be global D. The class must have a method with the @InvocableMethod annotation.
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