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What document in EWM contains the same basic information as the inbound delivery document in SAP ERP? The inbound delivery document The transfer requirement The inbound delivery requirement document The inbound delivery notification document.
Networks define the valid routes (streets) in the warehouse on which the resources move. Which statement is correct regarding Global Networks. 2 answ The global network connects the defined, storage-type-specific networks to each other If no storage-type-specific networks are defined, the network connects the storage bins to each other directly A node that matches your X and Y coordinates, if you have not assigned an edge You assign storage bins of a storage type to an edge.
From what EWM document is the EWM outbound delivery document created? Outbound delivery request Salesorder Outbound delivery order Warehouse order.
With integration SAP QM, Which of the following statement is true in relation to sample size? It is not possible to use sample size A sample size is calculated in SAP ERP and displayed as information in the work center A sample size is always calculated in SAP EWM and used for deconsolidation.
For the delivery based production integration with one warehouse the delivery document in SAP ERP is always which of the following? An inbound delivery A posting change An outbound delivery.
For what type do you define the replenishment method? Material type Warehouse process type Storage type Document type.
What determines the source bin of a product in an inbound delivery? 2 answ Warehouse process type Warehouse task Staging area and door determination Storage process.
What document in EWM serves as the reference for the warehouse tasks that move the received products to their putaway storage bins? Inbound delivery document Inbound delivery notification document Inbound delivery order Warehouse order document Transfer order document.
You have maintained several process types that should all use the same storage type search sequence for putaway. You want to minimize customizing efforts and create only one entry for these process types. What can you use to achieve this goal? Activity assigned to process type Putaway control indicator Storage process Process type group.
In what EWM document is the warehouse process type assigned? Outbound delivery request Warehouse order Outbound delivery Outbound delivery order.
Which statement is true about relationship between Activity Area and Storage Type? Multiple storage type is assign to One activity area One storage type is assign to only one activity area Multiple storage type is assign to multiple activity area One storage type is assign to multiple activity area.
Your customer wants to implement the material flow system (MFS) to control conveyors and the automated high rack storage area. How do you connect SAP Extended Warehouse Management to communicate with the programmable logic controllers (PLC)? 2 answ Directly integrate to the PLC using ABAP Push Channels Send an IDoc through a Post Processing Framework action to the PLC Use an RFC adapter to connect with the TCP/IP socket server of the PLC Activate the link to the subsystems using the ALE interface on the warehouse number.
Which of the following are putaway strategies in EWM? 4 answ Open storage Pallet Manual Nextemptybin FIFO Bulk.
Which of the following are functions provided by Labor Management? 4 answ Warehouse pay rate evaluation Employee performance Defining engineered labor standards Indirect labor recording Creation of planned and executed workloads.
Which of the following are profiles that can be used to create a WOCR? 4 answ Packing profile HU storage profile Item filter WO sorting Storage Type filter Subtotal filter.
What can you do with a storage group? 2 answ Assign it as an intermediate storage group Assign it to multiple storage bins Use it in process and layout oriented storage control Use it to define a logical or physical breakdown of a storage type.
Which of the following data must you enter when processing a document (such as a warehouse order) where the activity is connected with a Labor Management process step? 3 answ Material Processor Warehouse number Finish time Start time.
Which applications in SAP EWM allow you to adjust the analysis data displayed to fit your needs? 3 answ Shipping cockpit Warehouse cockpit Dock appointment scheduling Graphical warehouse layout Warehouse management monitor.
Which document is created in SAP Extended warehouse management when you use advanced production integration? Production order Outbound delivery request Production material request Outbound delivery.
Which of the following are ways that you can represent a yard in EWM? 2 answ A storage type with the role yard in the warehouse A physical location or address A storage section A storage type with an unspecified role A separate warehouse number that includes a storage type with the role yard.
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