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In the graphic above, a product pallet is to be moved from storage bin 9010-GR-ZONE (goods receiving area) to a storage bin in 0080 (high-rack storage area). The high-rack storage area is on the second level of the warehouse. The system should execute a contour and weight check at the ID point, 0081: ID-POINT, to ensure that the product pallet can be put away in the high-rack storage area safely. From this scenario, which sentences are correct? 2 answ The task to move from the HU from the 9010:GR-ZONE to 0080 can be made System determines that an interim move is relevant for a warehouse task An additional warehouse task is created to move from identification point 0081:ID-POINT to the warehouse storage type 0080 The task to move from the HU from the 9010:GR-ZONE to 0080 cannot be made.
What does SAP Extended Warehouse Management use to determine a wave template? Warehouse order creation rule Wave release method Wave capacity profile Condition technique.
WOCR's are determined by which of the following? 2 answ Activity type Activity area Storage section Storage type Bin type.
What SAP component generates unchecked delivery documents? SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) Sales and distribution EWM Logistics execution.
What document in EWM serves as the reference for the warehouse tasks that move the received products to their putaway storage bins? Warehouse order document Inbound delivery order Inbound delivery notification document Inbound delivery document Transfer order document.
Some kinds of material; for example, certain fluids are not suited to interim storage in a goods receipt area. They are taken directly to the destination storage bin when they arrive (for example, in a road tanker). In this case, the goods receipt posting in the Inventory Management should not trigger the creation of transfer requirement. How can we set this? Special Storage indicator Bin putaway indicator Special movement indicator Special Material Indicator.
Select the statements below that are accurate characteristics of EWM storage bin master data. 3 answ The bin coordinate must be unique within the storage type The bin coordinate must be unique within the warehouse Bins can have geo-coordinates that the EWM system can use to compute travel distances They are identified by a 10 character bin coordinate They are identified by an 18 character bin coordinate.
What types of data can the slotting process use to determine the putaway control parameters? 3 answ Storage section Packaging data Demand forecasts/requirements Storage bin quants Product data.
To which of the following objects can you assign external process steps? 2 answ Packaging specification Handling unit type Work center Delivery item type.
Control cycles are required to control which of the following processes? Which warehouse process type is used for picking? How a material is staged What costs are to be calculated?.
The collaboration with appointment planners for carriers is based on which of the following? 3 answ An assignment of the appointment planner for carrier to a specific carrier A user with restricted authorization A business partner that represents an appointment planner for a carrier A user with complete authorization.
Your customer has two warehouse numbers that share the same physical yard. How do you set up the yard to enable yard management? You define a storage type for a yard in each warehouse number without any other settings You define a storage type for a yard in each warehouse number and connect the two storage types with a common checkpoint You define a storage type for a yard in each warehouse number and connect the two storage types with doors to each other You define a storage type for a yard in one of the warehouse numbers and connect the yard with doors to the warehouse numbers.
What is a custodian in SAP EWM? 2 answ It is required for the creation of the warehouse It is a warehouse attribute It is part of the stock information It is a supply chain unit.
EWM can be deployed as follows: 2 answ Only in a standalone, decentralized server environment As a component of an SAP SCM 5.0/SCM 2007 server environment Either as a component of the SAP SCM 5.0/SCM 2007 server environment, or as an add-on to an SAP ERP server environment Only in the SAP SCM server environment.
Which of the following actions can you perform from the shipping cockpit? 2 answ Create and check in transportation units Create waves Post goods receipts Assign outbound delivery orders and inbound deliveries to transportation units.
Layout-oriented storage control is normally used when stock movements in the warehouse do not travel directly from a source storage bin to a destination location. Instead, they travel through an intermediate storage bin or many intermediate storage bins. What is/are the exceptions(s)? 2 answ When you want to apply a value added service When pick points are used When you want to pack the material at a work center When you want to switch resources.
Your company decided to perform EWM system for Automatic Wave Assignment with Wave Templates, which Prerequisites you need to perform? 3 answ Control for bin denial Create wave templates Set Wave Type Automatic Define the conditions for wave template determination Set the Automatic Wave Creation indicator for the warehouse process type that is found for the warehouse request item.
What SAP components can be used to perform delivery scheduling? 2 answ SAP APO Global Available to Promise Sales and Distribution in SAP ERP EWM SAP Event Management SAPCRM.
Which of the following are examples of warehouse request documents? 2 answ Posting Change Request Outbound Delivery Request Inbound Delivery Warehouse task Outbound Delivery Order.
List three examples of EWM master data. 3 answ Warehouse product master Packaging specifications Storage bins Work center.
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