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What process can you employ instead of capacity checking? Process type determination Storage bin type determination Storage process determination.
In storage section determination, what parameters are used to determine the storage section? 3 answ Storage section indicator from the warehouse product master Hazardous attributes Storage type Bin type.
Which of the following are characteristics of tailored measurement services? 3 answ They can be used for the SAP Business Warehouse They can be displayed in the graphical warehouse layout They can be connected for calculated measurement services They use basic measurement services for the key figures They can be started based on alerts and exceptions.
In planned replenishment, when is replenishment triggered? When the stock is less than the minimum quantity When the stock reaches zero Only when it is triggered manually On a predefined date.
If SAP APO, SAP ERP, or EWM can only partially confirm the requested quantities or change the inspection type automatically, EWM displays a dialog box. What information you find? 3 answ Inspection Error Available quantity Confirmation date/time Partial quantity Check status, for example Partially Checked.
Which statement is true regarding Outbound Process Documents? 2 answ The outbound delivery order is a document containing all the data required for triggering and monitoring the complete outbound delivery process The outbound delivery request is a document containing all the relevant logistics data in the inbound delivery process from the origin of the outbound delivery process The outbound delivery is a document representing the goods to be delivered together to a billing document The outbound delivery request is a document containing all the relevant logistics data in the outbound delivery process from the origin of the outbound delivery process.
To successfully integrate SAP ERP with SAP EWM in SAP ERP a plant and a storage location are assigned to which of the following? Distribution Model Logical system Storage type Warehouse.
Which of the following is used to execute put away or stock removal process in warehouse? Stock Removal Outbound Delivery Stock Denial Storage Control.
EWM uses which document type to differentiate that an EWM inbound delivery from production takes place Inbound Delivery from Production Inbound Delivery from Warehouse Outbound Delivery from Production Inbound Process from Production.
What organizational units must be assigned to each warehouse product master record? 2 answ Party Entitled to Dispose EWM warehouse number Shipping point Plant Storage location.
What are the fields in the warehouse product master that play a central role in replenishment of storage bins? 3 answ Storage Type Control Maximum stocking quantity Minimum stocking quantity Bin rounding EOQ Replenishment Quantity.
How can you determine the labor activities to calculate the planned duration for activities in the warehouse? 2 answ As a standard step Directly Using a work step sequence Using a decision service in BRF plus.
To which objects can you assign a warehouse door? 2 answ Storage section Warehouse number Yard Storage bin.
To which of the following elements can you assign a storage process? 2 answ Storage group Activity area Warehouse order creation rule Warehouse process type.
Which of the following documents is also a warehouse request in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)? SAP EWM outbound delivery order SAP EWM warehouse task SAP EWM outbound delivery request SAP EWM outbound delivery.
What is the organizational unit that is used to represent a physical storage area within the warehouse and that has certain physical and spatial characteristics? Storage type Activity area Storage section Storage bin.
Which of the following are examples of EWM internal functions/processes? 4 answ RFID Value Added Services Task and Resource Management Yard Management Quality Inspection.
What must you configure to use a new SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) stock type? 2 answ Stock type determination Stock type table in Logistics Inventory Management Engine (LIME) Non-location-specific stock type Warehouse management monitor.
What are the three components to yard management: 3 answ Yard Stock Yard Monitoring Yard Location Management Yard Movements.
In pick, pack, and pass, warehouse workers pass the product from activity area to activity area until it arrives at the actual destination storage bin. In which setting, the system specifies the sequence for processing the warehouse orders and corresponding pick HUs. Machine controlled pick, pack, and pass function Automated pick, pack, and pass function User-controlled pick, pack, and pass function System-controlled pick, pack, and pass function.
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