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The maximum number of characters in an EWM bin coordinate is 10 12 15 20 18.
Which of the following statements are true with respect to explicit counting? 2 answ Can only be used with HU's Cannot be used with HU's Requires the creation of an explicit counting control document Requires the use of a work center.
You define new SAP Extended warehouse management (SAP EWM) delivery document types for outbound delivery process. Which additional customizing step is required in SAP EWM? Define a delivery item type for the outbound process Define a document category for the outbound process Create a new system profile for the field control Map an SAP ERP document type to the delivery document type.
The sort profile for task sorting in warehouse orders can have a maximum of how many sort fields? 15 20 10 30 5.
From what EWM document is the EWM outbound delivery document created? Outbound delivery request Salesorder Warehouse order Outbound delivery order.
Material and location master data are transferred to the EWM system using what technique? IDoc APO core interface BAPI BAdI.
The following are examples of continuous physical inventory procedures: 4 answ HU counting Zero stock check Low stock check Putaway physical inventory AdHoc.
Acceptance sampling can be used for which of the following? Both External & internal procured goods Internal procured goods External procured goods.
Which of the following tools can you use to display the stock balance of a product in storage bins? 2 answ Stock Overview report Easy Graphics Framework (EGF) RF Framework Warehouse Monitor Warehouse cockpit.
System can perform staging area and door determination in the background, you must define determination rules (outbound delivery process). When doing this, you first specify which values the system is to compare with the values in the delivery. Which values can be used for the determination of outbound delivery process? 4 answ Routes Yard Departure calendar Warehouse process type Staging area / door determination group.
What types of EWM data can be displayed using the warehouse monitor? 4 answ EWM documents Process related data EWM storage bin data Warehouse product master data Alerts EWM location master data.
Which sentence is not correct w.r.t Planned shipment? In EWM a freight document, which groups the planned shipments and automatically creates a TU and/or a vehicle. Planned shipment can never replaced by a final shipment. Then you create a freight document and assign the planned shipments. They can still change with regard to type and size, for example, due to a subsequent delivery split in Extended Warehouse Management.
Which of the following factors influence replenishment quantity? 2 answ Supplier availability Cost Availability of transportation Demand forecasts Predefined stock levels.
Which stocks can be displayed in the SAP extended warehouse management SAP EWM warehouse management monitor? 2 answ Stock in transportation units Stock at third party Stock in transit Stock on resources.
Which of the following actions can you perform from the shipping cockpit? 2 answ Create and check in transportation units Assign outbound delivery orders and inbound deliveries to transportation units Create waves Post goods receipts.
Which methods do you use to transfer transactional data between SAP ERP and SAP Extended Warehouse Management? 2 answ BAPI qRFC IPPE IDoc.
You define new SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) delivery document types for inbound delivery processes. Which additional customizing step is required in SAP EWM? Create a new system profile for the field control Define a delivery item type for the inbound process Define a document category for the inbound process Map an SAP ERP document type to the delivery document type.
Physical inventories can be carried out for the following stock types: 4 answ Unrestricted stock in the warehouse Unrestricted stock in putaway Project stock Blocked stock in putaway Production stock Quality inspection stock in putaway.
What is required to perform explicit counting using the Quality Inspection Engine? 2 answ Resource Sampling procedure Work Center Inspection rule.
What are the two types of warehouse tasks? 2 answ Product tasks HU tasks Location tasks Transfer tasks Stock movement tasks.
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