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The following are examples of storage type roles. 4 answ Yard Bin Pallet storage Doors Standard storage type Work center.
What fields are used to determine the availability group? 3 answ Warehouse number Plant Logical system number Storage location Storage type.
Labor management is activated at what levels in EWM? 2 answ Activity type Activity area Internal process step Storage type Warehouse.
With the Shipping Cockpit SAP offers a user-centric UI for the shipping office clerk to do the following: 3 answ Monitor outbound operations in the warehouse Plan shipping activities Execute tasks Execute a delivery order.
Which objects can you display on the SAP standard warehouse management monitor? 3 answ Application log Material flow system telegram list Outbound deliveries Overdue warehouse tasks Inventory list of hazardous substances for the fire department.
What predefined types of warehouse tasks does SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) provide? 2 answ Resource Product Replenishment Handling unit.
Which of the following are outbound process in SAP Extended Warehouse Management? 2 answ Kit-to-stock management Outbound planning (route, wave, bin) Transportation unit processing Picking optimization.
Under what circumstances can you use direct outbound delivery orders? 4 answ Kit to stock or reverse kitting Immediate deliveries Pickup Scrapping Kit to order.
Which objects in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application are used to map an SAP ERP warehouse to an SAP EWM warehouse? 2 answ Business system Storage location Warehouse number Plant.
In what system is the APO core interface model created to transfer master data? SAPERP Either the SAP ERP or the SAP SCM system SAP SCM APO EWM system.
Which of the following uniquely identify an integration model? 3 answ Application Target System Shipping Point Name.
Material and location master data are transferred to the EWM system using what technique? IDoc BAPI BAdI APO core interface.
Types of Physical Inventory procedures? 3 answ Continious Periodic Fixed Bin Counting Cycle Counting RF directed.
What must you keep in mind about system profiles when creating new document types? That they are predefined and not changeable That you should use the ones created by Business configuration sets (BC Sets) That they have to be assigned to your new document type That you have to define your own for your specific processes.
What master data information is transferred via IDoc in a system landscape with a decentralized EWM based on SAP S/4HANA 1909? 3 answ Material Plant Packing instruction Batch Customer.
Which of the following actions can you perform from the shipping cockpit? 2 answ Post goods receipts Assign outbound delivery orders and inbound deliveries to transportation units Create and check in transportation units Create waves.
Your customer wants to use batches with SAP Extended Warehouse Management. At which level can you activate batch management in SAP ERP? 2 answ Warehouse number level Storage location level Client level Plant level.
Which cross-docking methods require the use of SAP Advanced planning and Optimization? 2 answ Picking from goods receipt Recipient-driven flow-through Push deployment EWM-triggered opportunistic cross-docking.
In EWM Travel Distance Calculation, When calculating the distance while creating the warehouse order, the system estimates the following values 3 answ The route network used (if available) contains all defined routes with resource type restrictions For the speed, the system uses the speed of the fastest resource (Optimistic approach) For the speed, the system uses the speed of the slowest resource (pessimistic approach) The route network used (if available) contains all defined routes without resource type restrictions Instead of the known position of the resource, a default distance to be covered to reach the first position in a storage type is specified.
What do you need to maintain for a capacity check by weight? 2 answ The actual weight of the item in a work center The maximum allowed weight in the bin The maximum number of bins in the warehouse product The capacity check in the storage type.
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