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exercícios geral

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exercícios geral

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‘A means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve, without the customer having to manage specific costs and risks.” This is the definition of which term? Product Output Service Organization.
A mobile device that is supplied to a consumer who takes ownership of future use is an example of which service offering component? Service Service Actions Goods Access to Resources.
Which of the following options correctly defines the BEST definition of the ITIL service value chain? A set of activities that cover the end-to-end value of a service A complete set of services that are managed by the organization A set of specialized organizational capabilities for enabling value for customers A set of rules ensuring consistency in adoption and adoption.
Which service value chain activity ensure that service components are available when and where they are needed? Engage Design and Transition Obtain/Build Improve.
Providing a good understanding of stakeholder needs, transparency, and good relationships, is an example of which value chain activity? Obtain/build Design and transition Improve Engage.
A minimum viable product (or service) is one with just enough features to enable early assessment and to obtain feedback for future development. When should this technique be used? In assessing the value of an application To attract customers from a different domain To research market response to a portfolio item All of the above.
. What is the best description of High Velocity IT (HVIT)? The speed at which IT is deployed to achieve a business objective where stakeholders have made a large investment. An organization’s ability to apply technology faster than their competitors in releasing a new product The application of digital technology for significant business enablement, where time to market, time to customer, time to change, and speed in general is crucial. None of the above.
Which of the following describes how HVIT principles, models, and concepts are grouped? Purpose, People, Progress Partners, Propulsion, Platform Principles, Progress, Partners Purpose, Prevention, People.
Which cultural characteristic should an organization have in order to operate in a high velocity IT environment? Conservative and locked down policies with limited risk taking Psychologically safe environment where playfulness is supported Traditional style of management with strict lines of communication Initiatives are controlled by development only.
A start up organization has progressed quickly but needs an injection of funds to develop its new prototype. It is currently ranked number 7 by a financial firm in a proposed investment program. Of the approaches below, which ones will best assist in defining a plan? Lean, Resilient Continuous, Co-creational Agile, Lean Co-creational, Agile.
An organization is implementing a new Artificial Intelligence speech recognition function in their call queuing system that assesses the customer’s emotion through vocal imprints. This function is supported by an emotion database. Through an emoticon on the call screen, the agent is made aware of the customer’s emotion and therefore able to respond to the interaction appropriately. In this scenario, under which part of HVIT Culture does the questions of ethics fit? Purpose People Progress Principles.
An organization is experimenting with a new AI function in a volatile chemical hazards factory. It is highly automated to reduce the impact of human error or human casualty in case of an accident, however human oversight is still required. It is hoped that this new AI function can accurately read the facial expressions of the employees during their shift to know when to activate a system shutdown or lock down in the event of human error (accidental or intended). What kind of thinking will assist the organization with this new AI function? Toyota Kata Ethics Complexity-based heuristics Design Thinking.
A software developer spends time talking to users about how they might use the software. What is this an example of? Safety culture Resilient operations Design thinking Complexity thinking.
An IT department is planning to make significant investments in new testing technology that will enable them to provide much more reliable services. What does this situation describe? Digital organization High velocity IT IT transformation Digital transformation.
After completing an online training course, the employees of a company are better equipped to make use of the digital systems. Which mid-level goal is supported by this training? Valuable investments Resilient operations Fast development Value co-creation.
An organization is concerned about the possibility of IT issues affecting their revenue. What IT measurement will BEST help to manage this? Service availability percentage Impact and duration of incidents Number and percentage of failed changes Number of security compliance violations.
An IT organization is beginning to define value streams for the most important aspects of service delivery. Focusing on value and outcomes, they want to make sure every activity is aligned with the company vision and mission. Which is the best approach to ensure alignment of IT activities with company goals and objectives? Develop a mission statement specific to each service value chain that takes into account the company mission. In this way, every service value chain will understand its role in value creation Perform a skills assessment to determine if IT staff have the right skills to complete service value chain activities Based on the vision and mission, translate every goal down through every level in the organization. Translating goals layer by layer ensures that all activities are aligned with the organization’s strategy Establish process metrics for every part of the service value chain. This will help identify areas where activities can be improved. This ensures all activities are producing the highest value possible.
An organization is planning to communicate information about a new improvement initiative by providing information on the IT portal, sending emails, and holding meetings with affected groups. Which communication principle are they applying? Communication is a two way process We are all communicating all the time Timing and frequency matter There is no single method of communicating.
Acting as a service provider, an organization produces outputs that help its consumers to achieve certain outcomes. An outcome is defined as: A result for a stakeholder A tangible deliverable of an activity An intangible delivery of an activity Activities performed by the service consumer.
The guiding principle ‘Start Where You Are’ suggests use of which of these activities? Observe directly Iterative action Project management Improvement implementation.
Understanding customer experience and user experience should actively be managed. This is an element of which guiding principle? Focus on value Start where you are Think and work holistically Collaborate and promote visibility.
Understanding the minimum viable product of each iteration when doing agile development is an application of which guiding principle? Promote visibility Think and work holistically Progress iteratively with feedback Keep it simple and practical.
Failure to address ALL FOUR dimensions may lead to what adverse impact to the business? Suppliers not delivering the appropriate value for money Consumers and service providers unable to work together Services not being delivered within expectations of quality or efficiency. Technology not supporting the consumers requirements.
Which management structure is adopted by organizations requiring enhanced speed and agility? Functional Flat Matrix Divisional.
Identify the missing words in the following sentence. __________ _________ describes the concept of managers supporting the people they lead by ensuring they have the right resources and support. Agile management Servant leadership Cross-functional management Goal-focussed management.
Which of the following statements are true? i. Output is a result for a stakeholder enabled by one or more other outputs. ii. Team performance measurement should consider only quantitative measures, as qualitative measures are subjective. iii. Every value stream starts with demand and ends with value. iv. Value stream activities may be used in any order, but each value stream activity should take place only once. None of the above Only i and iii Only i and ii Only iii.
Which of these are valid reasons for considering measurement? i. To set a baseline to enable progress towards goals or objectives to be quantified. ii. To quantify achievement of improvements, changes, or plans. iii. To support business decisions. iv. To identify opportunities for improvement. v. To define the strategy that the organization should adopt. i & iii only iii & v only i, ii & iv only i, ii, iii & iv only.
“Someone who is strong in two (or more) areas, plus has knowledge of other areas” may be described as: T-Shaped Comb-shaped U-shaped Pi-shaped.
Which of the following is NOT a concern when using a waterfall approach? Projects are more predictable with defined phases from business case to value co-creation The focus on the go live date may result in phases such as testing being squeezed or missed To be effective, significant culture change may be required It may be difficult to commit to deadlines, especially in highrisk environments.
Identify the missing word in the following sentence. __________ is a technique that can be used to overcome issues with tiered support, such as work bouncing from team to team. Triage Swarming Escalation Prioritisation.
Two IT teams are currently not collaborating well. Which of these will be MOST helpful to improve the situation? Teams agreeing to share information Aligning KPIs for the teams. Establishing a shared goal for the teams. Merging the teams into a single larger team.
Which concept is concerned with the dynamics of groups of people working together and their commitment to interact with each other to achieved shared goals? Employee satisfaction management Organizational structure Working to a customer-oriented mindset Team culture.
An organization is attempting to improve the design, development, and transition of new services. It recognizes that some ways of working are not focused on creating value. Which is an example of a working practice which the organization should STOP? Defining the features and functionality of services by relying on the developers’ previous experience of designing similar systems. Involving users, customers and other stakeholders when communicating desired outcomes in the form of user stories. Designing systems with the continual involvement of customers, to ensure that any changes in requirements are understood at an early stage Involving customers and users in user acceptance testing, to understand whether the service meets the customers’ and users’ expectations.
A service provider needs to increase the IT capacity to support the company expansion, maintaining the customer satisfaction. The company subscribes a Platform as a Service (PaaS) following their cloud strategy. Which activity should be done FIRST? Collect information from different touchpoints between the service provider and other stakeholders. Define a customer journey map considering the customer and service provider goals Understand how the customer journey, the services, the products and environment are perceived by the customers Segment the customers, identifying their needs, wants and emotional mindsets.
A Software as a Service (SaaS) provider is supporting a large retail company helping them on the macro and micro planning of retail stores layout. The initial requirements were agreed between the service provider and the service consumer. However, during the last few months, several service disruptions are verified and the scores of customers satisfaction level are getting lower. This is an example of which type of service relationship? Collaborative relationship Partnership relationship Basic relationship Strategic relationship.
Customer Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull and Perfection are principles in which of the following methods? Agile Product and Service Development Service Blueprint User Centered Design Lean Thinking.
A service provider is planning to provide a new service. Which step of the customer journey includes the activities of granting user the access to the new service, providing consulting for process improvement, and revision of contracts? Engage Co-create Onboard Realize.
Which methods or concepts relate to encouraging and managing customer and user feedback? i Gamification within user communities ii Service performance reports iii Guiding principles iv Surveys within service provider organization i and ii ii and iii i and iii iii and iv.
. An improvement initiative was completed delivering a result according to the agreed requirements between the service provider and the service consumer. A PIR (Post Implementation Review) was conducted with success and neither incidents nor requests related to the new functionality are reported, and the service level reports are all green. Which activities should be carried out to assess the service value realization? Services Reviews Considering User’s Feedback Cascading Goals and Requirements Risk Management Service Financial Management.
What is a reason for a service provider to carry out onboarding activities? Draft service level targets, formally communicated, monitored, reported and reviewed at planning intervals Building awareness about the new service consumer among all stakeholders Meet with appropriate customer representatives to give them a clear understanding of the service targets. Define a service-based approach to implement service agreements .
A service provider creates user support forums where users can discuss the service and help each other. What is this an example of? On-boarding Monitoring service value Mutual readiness Elevating capabilities.
What should be done when onboarding users? i Train users how to request access to services ii Raise awareness of how users pay for the service iii Ensure users have signed contracts with the service provider iv Provide access for users to use services i and ii ii and iii iii and iv i and iv.
Which of the following statements correctly describes mutual readiness? A service consumer has identified that a service provider can deliver the services they require A service provider and service consumer understand one another and are prepared to enter a relationship A service provider has created a new service and is ready to offer it to service consumers A service provider and service consumer have reviewed the contracts and are both about to sign them .
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