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Financial Conditions & Pricing

SAP Banking (FS 240 - Unit 6)

Siva Kumar P
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_________ component gets & saves all data required for claculaiton and evaluation of cash flow in a set of rules. Condition Type Financial Conditions Product Account Contract Conditions.
Foundation for interest & charge calculations in banking services from SAP is performed by Cash Flow Calculator Payment Engine Financial Conditions Master Contract Management.
Cash Flow Calculator controls the calculation of Interest & Effective Interest Payments Transaction & Event Charges Installements Cash Flow.
Which are relavent for Interest Calculations Interest Rates Interest Methods Payment Histories Future Payments.
For which bank must specify the total annual charge for loans as a percentage price Installments Transaction Charges Interest Calculations Effective interest calculations.
In SAP which are predefiend and cannot be changed Condition group category & Condition group Condition group type & Condition group Condition group category & Condition category Condition type & Condition.
_________ specifies the calculation basis for conditions Condition Condition group category Condition category Condition group.
Which can be defined in SAP customizing Condition group Congition group type Condition Condition category.
Which of the following statements are correct Every condition type is based on one condition category One condition group belongs to one condition group type Conditions are assigned to one condition group Every condition type is based on one condition group category.
____ contains condition categories used in combained settlement for master contracts Settlement Transactions Bundle pricing calculations Payment.
_____ contains condition categories for refund interest in cross currency notional pooling scenarios. Automatic waver Interest Reimbursment Not contract based Card.
Condition group type represents a ____________ specific group of condition types, which are defined according to their business use. Country Bank Account Business Partner.
One can define any no. of condition types and condition group types in customizing. True Flase.
For "Condition Type " choose the correct statements It is necessary to assign a condition category. It can have more than one amount category It will have only one date category It will have 5 differenciation categories. Calculation basis determines the interest & charge when processing conditions.
________ defines the time during a contract term when a standard condition is to be determined. Calculation basis Calculation category Determincation Time Posting type.
Master contract specifies whehter special checks are running, when you create or change condition. Flase True.
Choose the correct statement for "Date Category" Specify the freequency & dates for specific calculations Calculation period is used for which time period a condition amount is used. Calculation period is used for which time period a condition will be billed to the customer Date categories are not predefiend by SAP and can be changed.
Use customizing settings to define a new conditions Define a numeriacal key for condition group Choose the favored condition type Choose the releavent condition group category Create a new condition.
Choose the correct statement related to condition model Conditions are not time-dependent Standard conditions are maintained & managed separately from the contract Individual conditions of some condition group types can be changed retroactively. Link between standard conditions & contract can be by relevant product, product pricing list and Business Partner.
For the replacement categories for which of the following NOT necessary to define rules Replace completely Absolute markup Selective Replacement Relative markup.
For which standard conditions are completely ignored Absolute markup Selective replacement Replace completely Relative markup.
The relative condition is a markup condition that is multiplied with the valid standard condition in___ Absolute markup Selective Replacement Relative markup.
The relative condition is a markup condition that is added with the valid standard condition in___ Absolute markup Selective replacement Relative markup Replace completely.
It is necessary to define at lease one rule for Selective Replacement False True.
When standard conditions settings merged with individual condition settings An individual standard condition is the result of the replacement category "selective replacement" An individual standard condition is the result of the replacement category "Absolute markup" An individual standard condition is the result of the replacement category "Relative markup".
Choose the correct statement Validity of the condition for the contract is defined in Individual conditions. Individual conditions won't replace the standard condition in a defined area. Individual condition can be defiend as a markup or markdown of standard condition Only an individual condition can be a zero condition.
Standard conditions normally should not have valid-to date, but the individual conditions have valid-to date. False. True.
It is possible to perform backdated changes for Individual/Standard Conditions Reference interest rate Pricing agreement A Business Partner individual Price Limits.
______ contains conditions for contracts for which no explicit conditions are created in the relevant condition group. Contract Currency Condition Currency Cross Currency Payment Currency.
One can create cross currency conditions for Interest conditions Charge conditions Repayment conditions Account limits.
In _______ currency charges contained in the conditons can be specified & calculated in a currency that is different to the condition currency Contract Currency Payment Currency Cross Currency.
Choose the correct statements related to "Currency" It is not possible to create standard conditions with or without condition currency Individual conditions are always in the contract currency Payment currency is different to conditon currency & contract currency Interest conditions with tiered/interval claculations not require payment currency.
If the payment currency is not same as that of the contract currency, it is necessary to convert the calculated charges into contract currency. False True.
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