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A technician is setting up a new SOHO router for a home user. The user has a media server to be accessible from the Internet while the user is traveling. Which of the following should the technician configure to allow access to the server from the Internet? Port forwarding NAT MAC filtering QoS.
A technician is setting up a laptop and projector for a presentation. When plugging in the projector, it mirrors the desktop screen from the laptop, but everything appears distorted and compressed. Which of the following should the technician do to correct the appearance of the image on the projector? Update the laptop graphics driver. Change the scaling options. Change the desktop resolution. Replace the video cable. Utilize a USB VGA graphics adapter. Adjust the keystone settings on the projector.
A technician wants to set up a virtual machine in a public cloud environment. Which of the following cloud models should the technician use? IaaS SaaS PaaS DBaaS.
A corporation maintains an active social media presence by constantly uploading audio and video. The corporation also regularly hosts video conferences, but attendees are reporting buffering during their telecast. Which of the following should the IT department do to improve the ability to attend video conferences without interruption? Enable QoS on network traffic, prioritizing telecast traffic over uploads. Upgrade video conference room equipment. Create a VLAN for all employees updating social media. Adjust the network intrusion device to allow video to flow without filtering.
Which of the following has a P4 connector to provide a 12V output? Molex connector 24-pin adapter SCSI cable eSATA cable.
A customer has two 8GB sticks of 2400-speed DDR4 installed in slots 1 and 2 of a computer and wants to add more RAM. The customer purchases two additional 4GB sticks of 3200-speed DDR4 and installs then in slots 3 and 4. While installing the RAM into the board, the user notices the board has “quad channel” etched near the RAM slots. Which of the following can be said about the user’s channel configuration after upgrading the RAM? The computer is utilizing one channel. The computer is utilizing two channels. The computer is utilizing three channels. The computer is utilizing four channels.
A technician is building a CAD workstation for a user who will be saving files remotely. Which of the following components are MOST important to include when configuring the system? (Choose two.) Gigabit NIC Graphics card Liquid cooling unit HDD size RAM.
A user notices a laser printer is picking up multiple sheets of paper from one of its paper trays. The problem started last week and has gotten worse. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this problem? Separation pad Feed roller Registration roller Duplex assembly.
A technician is upgrading a user’s smartphone and wants to move all of the applications and contact information quickly to the new device. Which of the following connection types would work BEST to do this? NFC IR OTG Bluetooth.
Virtual machines hosted in the cloud that are used by developers to code applications are an example of: FaaS BaaS PaaS SaaS IaaS.
Joe, a user, wants his desktop RAID configured to allow the fastest speed and the most storage capacity. His desktop has three hard drives. Which of the following RAID types should a technician configure to achieve this? RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 10.
A technician is upgrading the RAM in a server-grade laptop for a company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO cannot afford any downtime. Which of the following is the BEST type of memory module to purchase? LRDIMM DDR4 Parity Dual channel.
Which of the following is the type of address a DHCP server assigns on a network? Dynamic Static APIPA MAC Default.
A user brings a Windows laptop into the office and connects it to a wireless network. Upon connecting to the network, the user is prompted to select whether the network is a home, work, or public network. The user selects the work profile and is able to access the Internet but cannot access office network resources. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? The user’s network card is malfunctioning. The user is connected to the wrong wireless network. The user’s firewall is blocking access to the resources. The user put in the wrong credentials.
A customer has the LCD display in a laptop replaced. After the repair, the customer notices the laptop is showing a weaker WiFi signal than before the display was replaced. Which of the following BEST explains the lower WiFi signal? The antenna is too close to the screen’s power inverter. The new LCD panel is causing interference. The digitizer is calibrated improperly. The radio antennas are damaged.
A technician is setting up a WiFi-enabled thermostat for a customer, but the customer is concerned about IoT devices getting hacked. Which of the following BEST address the customer's concerns? (Choose two.) Use the latest encryption standard on the wireless network and set a strong password. Enable two-factor authentication for the IoT device's cloud account, if it is available. Separate the IoT thermostat by segregating it in a DMZ network. Disable wireless access on the thermostat to make it unshakable. Upgrade the customer's router to the latest version to improve network security. Upgrade the customer's wireless network encryption to WPA.
A technician has built a custom workstation for an end user. The end user reports that the workstation ran for a few minutes and then crashed. When the user subsequently boots the workstation, it crashes much more quickly. Which of the following did the technician forget to do when building the workstation? Apply thermal paste. Connect the case fans. Configure integrated GPU. Overclock the CPU.
An end user brings in a laptop that no longer charges. A technician troubleshoots the laptop and notices it works while the power adaptor is plugged in but shuts down as soon as it is unplugged. Which of the following is the NEXT best step to resolve this issue? Plug the laptop into another power outlet. Replace the power adapter. Replace the laptop's battery. Plug the laptop into a UPS.
An instructor had been lecturing for 20 minutes and utilizing the overhead projection system, when the projector suddenly went blank. A technician was dispatched and was able to start the projector after several minutes; however, the screen went blank after briefly displaying the slideshow. Which of the following would be the technician’s NEXT best option? Install a new bulb Reseat the VGA cable Reboot the laptop Check the projector cooling fan Adjust the projector’s sleep settings.
Which of the following BEST describes an email infrastructure that uses a local archive server cluster and publicly hosted email servers? Private Public Hybrid SaaS.
The IT department recently updated client computers for the graphics department. A user reports the new computer has not worked since it was set up; it makes unusual sounds when pressing the power button. A technician verifies the power cable works and the computer is connected properly to both data and power. The monitor powers on but only displays the message: No source. Which of the following BEST explains the cause of this issue? There is insufficient power to the computer There is a blank screen on system boot The computer is overheating The error beep codes on POST.
Which of the following connectors is commonly known as serial? RG-6 RJ11 RS-232 BNC.
The documents from a workgroup laser printer are not printing correctly. Some of the print is missing, and the pages come out dusty. Which of the following should a technician do to fix this issue? Replace the low-voltage power supply Replace the scanner assembly Replace the formatter assembly Replace the fuser assembly.
Which of the following IP addressing types is MOST likely to use an IP address starting with 169.254? Static APIPA Link local Dynamic.
A developer wants to add a Windows 10 64-bit VM with the minimum system requirements to a virtual host workstation. The virtual host is running Windows Server 2008 R2 and has 24GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and a Gigabit Ethernet NIC with Cat 5e cabling. The current configuration of VMs is as follows: -Windows 7 VM with 4GB RAM and 200GB HDD - Linux VM with 16GB RAM and 200GB HDD - Linux VM with 2GB RAM and 100GB HDD Which of the following should the technician recommend to the developer FIRST? Increase the HDD in the virtual host Install an additional NIC and configure teaming Upgrade the network cabling to Cat 6 Increase the memory in the virtual host.
Which of the following wireless networking protocols operates on the 5GHz band and provides data rates in excess of 750Mbps? 802.11a 802.11ac 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n.
An end user is building a small home media server. The user wants to be able to add and remove hard drives without powering down the server. Which of the following should be enabled to allow for this? NVMe AHCI ATAPI UEFI.
A company is terminating Cat 6 wiring at a 110 block. Which of the following should be used? A crimper A cable stripper A punchdown tool A tone generator.
A workstation has RAID 1 and RAID 5 arrays. Although performance is not degraded, management software is reporting a hard disk failure. Which of the following should a technician do NEXT? Check one of the RAID 1 disks for failure Rebuild the RAID 1 disks for failure Check one of the RAID 5 disks for failure Rebuild the RAID 5 array.
A user is given a new tablet. When using the touch screen, the user reports the cursor highlights and selects items unintentionally. The issue does not happen when using an external mouse. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to resolve this issue? Run the calibration utility Disable the touch functionality Update the touch-screen driver Reinstall the OS.
A small office wants to install a server that can provide name resolution for internal clients. Which of the following server types would BEST accomplish this? IDS DHCP UTM DNS.
A technician receives a laptop from an end user who reports that some aspects of the image are left behind when applications are closed and persist until reboot. The technician also notices black dots throughout the screen. The technician recalibrates the display settings and updates the drivers for the display adapter, but the issue persists. Which of the following is the laptop MOST likely experiencing? (Choose two.) Artifacts Distorted geometry VGA degradation Burn in Dead pixels Distorted image.
A customer’s workstation will not boot. A technician runs diagnostics on the system and discovers it is set up in a RAID 0 configuration, and a single SATA hard drive has failed. The system was set up for performance. Once repaired, the customer requests redundancy be built into the system and an increase in performance. Which of the following describes how the technician should set up the new RAID configuration? RAID 1 configuration that will utilize new SSD RAID 5 configuration that will allow the loss of a hard drive without failure RAID 6 configuration that will allow the loss of two hard drives without failure RAID 10 configuration utilizing new HDD.
Which of the following is the minimum category cable that supports 1000Mbps speed? Cat 3 Cat 5e Cat 6 Cat 6e.
Which of the following is considered a connectionless protocol? UDP TCP Telnet DNS.
A user needs access to a shared mailbox inside the mobile mail application through the company’s cloud-based email service. Which of the following protocols is required to make this possible? IMAP S/MIME SMTP SNMP.
Which of the following cloud models would MOST likely be described as a service in which the customer has no responsibility for application patching? IaaS SaaS Private cloud PaaS.
Which of the following cloud-based services gives customers the ability to scale resources as needed? Resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured service Hybrid cloud.
A small office in a remote area is considering a new ISP. Which of the following broadband types is based on the distance to the nearest central office? Satellite Fiber Cable DSL.
A technician is building a Windows server to meet the specific needs of a user. The user needs to house a replica of a very large SQL database to be able to query the database locally. Which of the following drive configurations would BEST meet the requirements while providing the maximum amount of performance and storage? OS disk: 128GB M2 Data disk: 4TB 7200rpm HDD OS disk: 256GB 5400rpm HDD Data disk: 1TB 5400rpm HDD OS disk: 512GB 15000rpm HDD Data disk: 64GB M2 OS disk: 1TB 7200rpm HDD Data disk: 128GB 10000rpm HDD.
After replacing a failed mother board in a user’s computer, the technician receives a report that the computer is behaving erratically. The user states the computer shuts down randomly throughout the day and freezes frequently. The technician performs a memory diagnostic, and it reports no issues. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT in troubleshooting this issue? Reseat the memory and reset the BIOS to default settings Add heat sinks to each installed memory module Enable overclocking functionality in the BIOS Ensure all case fans are plugged in and working.
When configuring a VM, which of the following devices MOST likely needs to be configured to allow the VM access to other client VMs on the same host? Virtual switch Host Hypervisor Workstation NIC.
A technician is setting up a server to provide access to the LAN and Internet. Which of the following server roles would accomplish this task? (Choose three.) File server Print server Web server DNS server DHCP server SQL server Email server Proxy server.
A user is participating in a weight-loss challenge and needs to keep track of fitness activities, locations, distances, and calories burned during a specific time period. The user wants to be able to listen to music while participating in the challenge. Which of the following would the user MOST likely need to purchase to meet these requirements? Smartphone Fitness application AR headset Fitness tracker.
A user reports being unable to print to a network-based all-in-one printer. The issue consistently appears after power outages. Which of the following should a technician perform to resolve the issue? Run Windows Update on the user’s machine Disable the firewall on the user’s machine Set a static IP address on the printer Reinstall the printer with vendor-provided drivers.
A company is concerned about the security of sensitive data on a laptop a user frequently takes off-site. Which of the following enables hardware encryption to secure user data? BIOS password Hibernation mode Trusted Platform Module Screen-saver lock.
After a new laser printer was installed, users began reporting issues. Duplicate copies of print jobs were not delivering fully separated copies; instead, similar pages were being stacked. Which of the following settings MOST likely needed to be checked to correct this issue? Collation Duplexing Orientation Quality.
Which of the following network servers would be MOST useful in translating a URL into an IP address? Print server DNS server Mail server DHCP server.
Ann, a user, reports the 20GB hard drive on her VM is full. She frequently has to delete files so the machine is usable again. Ann would like access to a machine with a larger hard drive. Aside from the drive being too small, the machine works perfectly for Ann. A technician checks the virtual host and sees it has about 400GB of available disk space. Which of the following should the technician do to resolve the problem quickly? Go into the hypervisor and increase the size of the hard drive. Spin up a new VM for Ann with a larger hard drive. Move the VM to another virtual host with more resources. Upgrade the hard drive in the virtual host machine.
A technician is using PXE to upgrade the OS in a lab that has new and old computers. The new devices can obtain a DHCP address but fail to locate the PXE server. The old computers can locate the PXE server and upgrade the OS as required. Which of the following is MOST likely preventing the new computers from booting to PXE? LoJack security BIOS password Drive encryption Secure Boot.
An end user’s laptop has a USB mouse connected. The user removes the USB mouse to pack up at the end of the work day. Before shutting down, the user tries to check a document but finds the built-in peripherals no longer work. Which of the following would BEST resolve this issue? Check the keyboard layout in Settings. Check the touch-pad settings. Check the power management settings. Check that the function key is not stuck.
A technician is building a workstation with 8GB of RAM that will host a VM. The VM will be used to test software installations prior to mass deployment. The workstation will also serve the installation files and packages necessary to install applications remotely on networked devices that have passed the testing process. Which of the following hardware components are needed for the setup to function as required? (Choose two.) Network interface card Secure boot Single-core CPU CPU virtualization support Additional RAM Hyperthreading.
Which of the following connectors would MOST likely be found on an RG-6 cable? Molex DB9 BNC RJ45.
A technician is configuring a new desktop and wants to implement full disk encryption. When attempting this task, the technician gets an error stating the device cannot be encrypted. Which of the following does the technician need to enable so the drive can be encrypted? BIOS TPM EFS UEFI.
Which of the following interfaces uses DB9 and DB25 connectors? RS-232 USB-C eSATA USB.
A customer purchased a device that can perform routing tasks, firewall tasks, deep packet inspection, and antivirus scanning. Which of the following devices did the customer purchase? Proxy server DHCP server UTM appliance IPS appliance IDS appliance.
A technician is selecting a long VGA cable to run through the walls and ceiling to a projector. Which of the following cable features will help minimize interference with the video signal? Ferrite core Copper conductors Plenum Fiber.
A developer downloaded and installed a new VM on a hypervisor to test a piece of software following the release of an OS patch. After installing the VM, the developer is unable to download updates from the vendor. Which of the following should the developer check? The hypervisor’s security configurations The organization’s security policies The guest OS network settings The resource requirements.
A customer purchased a new laptop and wants to upgrade its storage space. The customer is having difficulty identifying the hard drive in the unit. There does not appear to be a place for a 2.5in drive, but something similar in size to a stick of RAM is screwed in parallel to the motherboard. Which of the following drives does the customer need to purchase to upgrade the storage? 3.5in drive 5400rpm drive RAID drive M.2 drive.
A company requires an internal network device that can assign network addresses and configure the next hop for network hosts. Which of the following network protocols must this device provide? DNS SMTP DHCP SNMP.
A user is unable to print to a printer on the network. When a technician runs the ping command, the technician receives a response. However, the hostname is not correct when the technician runs the nslookup command. Which of the following BEST describes the issue the technician is seeing? A missing subnet mask An IP address conflict An incorrect default gateway A DHCP timeout.
Users in a print room have a new high-end laser printer. They set the printer to print on both sides of the paper by default. They initiated several print jobs, but none of the jobs printed. Which of the following settings should a technician check to resume printing? Spooler Draft Duplex Collate.
A user has returned to headquarters from a remote office and is unable to connect a laptop to the office wireless network. After verifying that the user’s laptop is permitted to connect to the headquarters wireless network, the technician should confirm: if airplane mode is turned off. if the laptop has an APIPA address. if a check for IP conflicts is complete. if proxy server settings are disabled.
A technician receives a call from a user who dropped a laptop and cracked the screen. The user needs it replaced quickly. The technician has to ensure the correct stock parts are in the storeroom. Which of the following components would the technician MOST likely need to repair the user’s laptop? (Choose two.) Webcam Microphone Video adapter Bezel Speaker LCD.
A technician needs to build a cloud solution with the following parameters: - Predictable cost - Easy expansion of resources - Ability to control every aspect of the environment Which of the following would be the BEST solution for the technician to implement? Hardware as a service Platform as a service Software as a service Hybrid cloud.
A technician needs to select and install network cabling in an office ceiling. The technician was told the space above the ceiling is part of the air conditioning return system. Which of the following cable features is MOST likely to be a safety requirement? Plenum insulation Category number Transmission limitations Shielded twisted pair.
A user experiences a paper jam when printing a 500-page, double-sided report. A technician clears the paper jam and inspects the printer for any remaining paper. The technician then powers the printer off and back on. The printer’s LCD display says it is ready, and all cables are securely connected. The user attempts to print the report again, but the printer still does not print. It also shows no indication of any change. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician attempt FIRST? Replace the drum and toner for the printer. Remove the printer memory and reseat it in the socket. Disassemble the printer body and look for further paper jams. Restart the print spooler service and inspect the queue. Try reinstalling the print driver for the printer.
An application is not responding on a user’s workstation. After doing some research, a technician determines the drive is out of space. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT? Implement storage alerts to be notified if it happens again. Run diagnostics and review the system logs. Ask the user what happened before the application stopped responding. Identify files that can be deleted or removed.
A user reports the laser printer has stopped printing. When performing a test print, the page comes out mostly blank with ghosting images. A technician verifies a new toner cartridge was installed several weeks ago. There are no errors in the system’s log. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the printer issue? There is no connectivity between the printer and the computer. The fuser has failed and requires replacement. Printer drivers are not installed on the computer. There is a stuck print job in the print queue.
An executive assistant needs a new computer, and it must have the following features: - Very small footprint and minimal power use - Automatic backup - Option to rapidly increase memory and available resources - Ability to print and access network and cloud resources Which of the following computer types would BEST meet these requirements? Laptop Desktop Virtual desktop Mini PC.
A technician identifies an incorrectly terminated network cable as the cause of intermittent network drops. Which of the following tools should the technician use to reterminate the network cable? A crimper A loopback plug A cable tester A multimeter.
A business owner wants to filter objectionable content from being accessed with an Internet browser. Which of the following network devices would be BEST suited for this task? IPS Web server Firewall Proxy server.
A technician is setting up a Windows 10 laptop as a kiosk at a retail store. Which of the following account types would the technician MOST likely use to configure the machine? Local administrative account Local standard account Corporate standard domain account Corporate administrative domain account.
A user is configuring a mobile device to retrieve email from an ISP. In the process of verifying the connection, the user receives a message stating the outbound connection cannot be completed. Which of the following BEST describes the user’s connection trouble? SMTP port numbers need to be reconfigured. An alternate IMAP server needs to be selected. POP3 needs the SSL state reconfigured. The user needs to connect using SNMP.
A technician received a call that the network printer was printing garbled text. The technician printed a test page from several users’ workstations and received the same result. The technician then ran a diagnostic on the printer, and everything passed. After uninstalling the printer from a user’s workstation and then reinstalling it, the printer is now working properly. Which of the following was the cause of this issue? The font was changed by the user in the printing preferences. There were several print jobs hung in the queue. The toner level in the printer was extremely low. Drivers on the users’ workstations were out of date. The print server spooler file was corrupt.
Which of the following types of peripheral devices can be used to authenticate users on a computer system and provide access into a building? Smart card QR scanner Number pad ADF.
A technician is installing an optical drive in an engineering workstation that allows for optical media backups up to 128GB for each project. Which of the following drives should the technician install in the workstation? DVR-RW DL BD-R LTO-2 CD-RW.
A user has a red X in the taskbar on a VM where Internet connectivity is usually located. Which of the following should be checked FIRST if all other operations are working normally on the VM? Patch level of the host Proxy server Virtual switch BIOS.
A user powers on a laptop and receives a message that it is under power. Which of the following should the user check FIRST? The surge protector The power cord The power adapter The power cable length.
Which of the following cable types would MOST likely be used for a gigabit Ethernet connection on a desktop? RG59 SATA IDE UTP.
Which of the following describes the network type that is created when connecting a Bluetooth headset to a cell phone? WAN LAN MAN PAN.
A customer is experiencing issues connecting to a server over the network during normal business hours. Historically, the connection has worked fine, but it has become intermittent over the past 24 hours. Sometimes the share is available, and sometimes the customer gets an error. A technician researches the issue and discovers a new IT vendor visited the customer's site and installed some new computer equipment without consulting the internal team. Which of the following represents the MOST likely reason the customer is having issues connecting to the server? A server was taken offline for routine maintenance. There is an IP address conflict on the network. A firewall is blocking the SMB ports. Disabled legacy protocols need to be updated.
A company wants to cost-effectively improve efficiency in navigating to client sites and reduce cellular data costs. Which of the following actions would be BEST to meet these requirements? Issue stand-alone GPS units. Buy phones with mapping software. Purchase cars with built-in navigation. Purchase new laptops with mapping software.
A technician creates a VM in a public cloud to test a new application and then deletes the VM when finished. Which of the following BEST describes this type of cloud environment? Community Elastic Hybrid On-demand.
Which of the following can be used to manage a smart thermostat? SFTP RDP WiFi NFC.
Joe, a user, cannot access the network shared drive after network maintenance was performed. A technician verifies there is a valid IP address; however, the device is not on the correct subnet. The device must continue to be accessible by a third party. Which of the following actions should the technician take to BEST resolve the issue? Remove and replace the NIC. Release and renew the computer’s DHCP assignment. Change the mask on the computer and reboot. Assign a new port on the switch to the user.
The performance of a user’s PC has been degrading over time. The PC currently emits a strong odor and turns off after 15 minutes of use. A technician visually inspects the PC and notices it has distended capacitors. Which of the following should the technician do to BEST remediate the issue? Replace the hard drive. Replace the motherboard. Replace the CPU. Replace the memory.
A user needs to set up a cloud environment that can scale up quickly based on resource utilization. Which of the following does the user need to configure? Hybrid cloud Metered service Rapid elasticity Resource pooling.
A technician is connecting an LCD projector to a laptop. The image displayed by the projector does not align properly with the top corners. The laptop screen is black, preventing the technician from changing the resolution settings on the computer. Which of the following is MOST likely affecting the projector’s display? Distorted geometry No image displayed VGA mode function Disconnected cable.
Which of the following requires LESS current to provide the SAME amount of power to devices INSIDE a PC? 5.5V 12V 120V 220V.
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