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1. Which of the following is not involved in database table of "The New ABAP SQL Monitor – Architecture"? Runtime monitor data Critical data table Performance data table Selection data table.
2.How SAP HANA support SQL? Manipulate data Read As a Data Calculator As a means to define Transferring data.
3. What are the main points of SAP HANA High Availability Per Datacenter that are available even in the event of a disaster? High availability configuration Active clusters for all servers Shared file systems for only one server Services-Name and index server on all nodes.
4.What are the different views provided by the ABAP Profiling? Database accesses Metadata accesses Performance Check methods A Hitlist of the most time-consuming programs or methods.
5.What are the benefits of using the SQL Monitor (transaction SQLM)? It schedules ABAP programs to monitor and log all database accesses. It collects monitoring data asynchronously without additional database interaction. It can be active in a production system with minimal performance overhead. It displays the database execution plan for all SQL statements.
6. In SAP HANA SQL, you want to create a table whose definition should NOT be visible in the catalog? Which of the following table types fulfill this requirement? ROW LOCAL TEMPORARY COLUMN GLOBAL TEMPORARY.
7. Discuss different types of engines associated with The SAP HANA architecture? Analytic engine OLAP engine OPAX engine Join engine.
8. If the Search Options are enabled, you can set the Search Parameters for an attribute of a view. The following parameters are available? Freestyle search Point base ranking Weights for ranking Index search Fuzzy search.
9.What are the two main methods to add a system to the SAP HANA Studio? By Resource console Manually By Importing a Landscape Automatically.
10. In an ABAP Core Data services (CDS) view, what must you do expose an association for use in another CDS view? Define the cardinality for the target entity Include all fields used in the ON condition in projection list SPECIFY THE OTHER VIEWS IN WHICH THE ASSOCIATION CAN BE USED Specify an alias for the target entity.
11. You use native SQL to access the SAP HANA database. What should you do to retrieve the correct data? Use the UP TO n ROWS addition Use the tilde symbol (~) to separate qualifier from column name Explicitly handle the client field Use a Comma-separated column list Specify the database schema if it is not the user's default schema.
12.What are the Parameters for the Analytical and Calculation view? Specifying unit of measurement Setting a filter for columns Passing other values to be used in calculations Create a copy of a report To store data for critical analysis.
13. What are the three best approach for Transitioning and optimizing ABAP applications to SAP HANA? Optimize Innovate Detect Scaling Tuning.
14. Explain the Enterprise Information System of - SAP HANA Implementation Scenarios? All HANA Combinations on one platform Business Suite on HANA / BW on SAP HANA All SAP applications on one SAP HANA platform HANA Accelerators HANA Modeling.
15.What are the ABAP development guidelines? Extensions to ABAP Language Improved hybrid components for SAP HANA Improved tools for performance analysis Consuming Only ABAP contents for SAP HANA.
16.What all are the factors involved in Working with ADT? ABAP programs ABAP class Module interface Workbench programs ABAP interface.
17. Which of the following features does the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP code Inspector does NOT Offer? Documented checks Configuration of check variants Flexible schedule of check runs Enhanced distribution of results.
18. Explain how and when to create calculated columns - Using Graphical Modeling Tools? Time characteristics based calculation columns The calculation will be opened in a read-only mode The calculation could be an arithmetic or character manipulation. It is possible to nest so that one calculated column, in turn, is based on other calculated columns Calculated columns also support non-measure attributes as part of the calculation.
19. In addition to closing the result set, what does the CLOSE method of the CL_SQL_RESULT_SET class when using ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) do? Release resources Update packages Update resources Release packages.
20. What must you do when you define and implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP)? Mark the AMDP method as a READ-ONLY database procedure. Use scalar types for all AMDP method parameters. Specify the database system and the language. Define all method parameters to be passed by value. List all ABAP Dictionary tables used in the procedure body in the USING clause.
21. What are the components of the Enterprise Procurement Model Demo Scenario? Services Sales Stock Procurement.
22. Which of the following option is not the main capability of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP? Swap axes Create Presentations Create data by members and tables Insert filter components.
23.What are the basic principles of ALV SAP HANA? The ALV Optimization for SAP HANA to display data on the screen Data described declaratively instead of passing big internal tables To ensure that the user chooses the data on the selection screen is displayed Only retrieve the database data which is to be displayed on screen.
24.What are the features of New Open SQL? Supports specific units of database Supports arithmetic and string expressions Supports conditional expressions Supports Code adjustment model.
25.Which of the following is not an element of Analytical view? Used to Joined table Join fact tables Read Data from the joined database tables Currency conversion is not applicable.
26. Explain Transitioning ABAP Code to SAP HANA – Performance Considerations? Classical performances recommendations for open SQL remain valid Some codes immediately run faster Some codes impacted positively and should be priorities Some shifts in priorities, examples, nested selects(higher) indices(lower) Some codes transferred to other systems.
27. Which of the following option provides access to the views and database procedures that you can consume in the ABAP environment? Open Content outlook Modeler Perspective Catalogue outlook System Perspective.
28. Which form of services is responsible for defining and consuming semantically rich data models? Conditional services Modell-II services ITe services Core Data Services.
29.What made SAP HANA possible? Improved hardware technology CPU with single core network Technology and innovations RAM limitation.
30. What all are the steps to perform To enable type-ahead for an input field on a screen? Check Pre-Requisites Automatic updates of all the input fields Switch on proposal search for input fields Process on all the input fields Identify Elementary Search Help.
31.When to use Enhanced Open SQL? To view scalar components To access system fields At the time of Dictionary Views Need the query in one piece of code only.
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