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1. Hybrid Data Management System – Combining different paradigms in one system. Discuss capabilities associated with the Hybrid Data Management system? Linguistic search capabilities Traditional disk-based tables Built-in support for planning Text indexing capabilities Text analysis and search.
2. Which of the following take advantage of the computing power of multiple CPUs used by SAP HANA? Database table compression Columnar data storage Parallel processing Partitioning.
3.Which of the following are characteristics of an external view? It can be used as a data type in ABAP programs. It defines the underlying SAP HANA information view. It allows access to an SAP HANA information view with Open SQL. It is an ABAP Dictionary object type. It can be used in Open SQL statements for database updates.
4. The SAP HANA state-of-the-art search experience includes full-text search with advanced features like Fuzzy search Linguistic search Isolation search ACID search Freestyle search.
5. Which is not a key factor of ALV for HANA? To supply suitable values for any input parameters The data display is restricted to a maximum of 2 billion cells Derived Column headings from the data element To Activate and execute the program in the application.
6. When using ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) to issue native SQL calls to the database, which of the following methods of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieves the tabular result of the native SQL call? SET_PARAM_TABLE NEXT_PACKAGE SET_PARAM GET_METADATA.
7.What is an attribute view and what are its practices? May contain filters Used to join tables May contains flow charts May use in calculation views Used in diagrammatic Projections.
8.What are the supported joins in CDS view? Upper join Operators joint Left outer join Inner join.
9.What is the central goal of using SAP HANA? Accelerate Performance Positive Impact on Business To set Priorities for system Monitor database for record keeping.
10. Which is the new concept that is introduced and improved by using SAP HANA Specific Features? Programming model ABAP-Managed Database Procedures New advanced SQL syntax Procedures Table buffering.
11. Which code-to-data capability supports Extended view definitions and Better SQL- 92 standard support in open SQL? SAP HANA specific features Database for sophisticated analysis New SQL parser used in model Database oriented programming model.
12. If the Search Options are enabled, you can set the Search Parameters for an attribute of a view. The following parameters are available? Weights for ranking Index search Freestyle search Point base ranking Fuzzy search.
13. SAP HANA: Delivers Across 5 Dimensions. These five dimensions lead to certain goals HANA has to meet. What are these goals? High Performance and Scalability Hybrid data and management system Support for system tables Analytical DBMS features.
14. In SAP HANA SQL, you want to create a table whose definition should NOT be visible in the catalog? Which of the following table types fulfill this requirement? ROW COLUMN GLOBAL TEMPORARY LOCAL TEMPORARY.
15.What all are the types of Applications based on SAP HANA? Data Mart based on SAP HANA Innovation based on SAP HANA Server based on SAP HANA New or Native SAP HANA.
16. What are the purposes of tools in SAP HANA system that is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment? Configure Selecting Monitor Administer Organizing.
17.How SAP HANA supports SQL? Transferring data As a Data Calculator Read Manipulate data As a means to define.
18. Which rules does SAP recommend to improve the performance of ABAP report on SAP HANA? Perform all calculations and aggregations in the ABAP layer Use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES instead of a nested SELECT statement Use array variants of INSERT UPDATE MODIFY and DELETE Use a nested SELECT statement instead of SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES.
19. An Analytic Privilege consists of several restrictions. What are they? Validity restrictions Cube restrictions Activity restrictions Analytic restrictions View restrictions.
20. Discuss the basic approach of classical ABAP programming? Collect all the data and perform Parallel processing in ABAP Creating and consuming all the contents from network Get all the data you need on the application server and do your processing in ABAP Keep load from the database.
21. Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real time replications? SAP Data services SAP Landscape transformation Replication server (SAP SLT) SAP Replication server SAP HANA Direct extractor connection (SAP DXC).
22. Which code-to-data capability is responsible for the Optimizations & Translation of Open SQL "SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES" clauses into native SQL? Database Optimization Transparent Optimizations Buffer system Optimization HANA Specific features.
23. Why is a security concept in SAP HANA required? Editing of SAP HANA data models should only be possible for “Users.” of the model Access to ERP tables must be restricted Need to have selected users in SAP HANA for Information Management Database administration should be restricted to skilled.
24. Which of the following tasks can you perform with SQL monitor (transaction SQLM)? Combine static and dynamic performance analysis results Search for problematic SELECT * statements Capture the SQL profile of an application Display the execution plan of an SQL statement.
25.What are the best practices when programming in ABAP for SAP HANA? Use repeated SELECT SINGLE statements to ensure that you only read arrow if it is really required Calculate aggregations using ABAP code on the application server to limit database load Use a column list in the SELECT clause to ensure that you only read a column if it is really required Eliminate nested SELECT statements to reduce the overall number of database access.
26. ANSI SQL owns features and adds languages these languages divided into three parts. What are they? Data Manipulation Language The Data Control Language Data Transferred Language The Data Definition Language The Database Language.
27. You changed an SAP HANA object that you transported using an SAP HANA Transport container. You want to release the transport request with your changes. In which sequence do you perform activities in the ABAP development system immediately before the release? Open the ABAP transport request, Select take snapshot and Save, Activate the SAP HANA transport container Open the package, Select take snapshot and Save, Activate the SAP HANA Delivery unit, Activate the SAP HANA transport container Open the SAP HANA transport container, Select take snapshot and Save, Activate the SAP HANA Transport Container Open the SAP HANA delivery unit, Select take snapshot and Save, Activate the SAP HANA Delivery unit, Activate the SAP HANA transport container.
28. You have an SQLScript procedure with a table input parameter it_books. You want to use the parameter on the right-hand side of an assignment operator within the procedure. How do you refer to the parameter? it_books :it_books @it_books {it_books}.
29. You made changes to an object (X) used by an ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP). You did NOT change the AMDP itself. Now you execute a program that calls this AMDP. In which cases does the call trigger the creation of the database procedure in SAP HANA? X is an AMDP method X is a stored procedure X is an ABAP Dictionary table X is an SAP HANA view.
30. You use the ABAP trace (SAT) to measure the run time of a program. In a class, method X checks the validity of its importing parameters and calls method Y. What pattern of gross and net run time would you expect to see the in the ABAP trace results for method X? The net run time is less than the gross run time The gross and net run times are identical The net run time is greater than the gross run time The net run time is equal to Zero.
31. You are working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) For Eclipse. Which of the following options belongs to the settings of a specific ABAP project rather than the entire Eclipse workbench? Editor shortcut key options Statement template options Code completion options Code formatting options.
32. The source code editor in ADT provides many helpful features. What are these helpful features? Creating interface from Method Calls Creating Method Implementations from the Method Definition Creating Method Definitions from Implementation Parts Creating Parts for Interface Methods.
33. Your ABAP program contains an Open SQL join of two client-dependent tables. You want to replace this with a native SQL SELECT statement. Which of the following changes to the SELECT statement can you use to retrieve the same data as before? Include the client field in the WHERE condition. Use the CLIENT SPECIFIED addition. Include the client field in the field list. Include the client field in the join condition.
34.How to create a core data services view? Use the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver Use SQL capabilities for Netweaver Use data services tools for updates Use additional annotations marked with the @ sign Use DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL-like syntax to define the view.
35.What are the benefits that include SAP HANA Full-Text Search? Exploit structured contents in SQL Fewer data duplication and movement Easy to use modeling tool Large number of toolkits are available.
36.What are the Performance Rules and Guidelines for ABAP on SAP HANA? To Keep all the loads away from the DB To reduce main memory consumption and to improve insert performance It is beneficial for maximizing your search into database It is beneficial to move data-intensive calculations into the database.
37.How will you hide the attributes that are not required for client consumption? By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute in the Semantics screen By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute column By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute in the View By setting the hidden property flag of the attribute provider.
38. You create a check variant in the Code Inspector which includes the check 'Search problematic Select * statements'. SAP HANA is used as the database. In the check parameters, which value would you use for the percentage of fields that are effectively used? A higher value than on a traditional, row-store only based database The same value as on a traditional, row-store only based database A value that you calculate based on the number of tables A lower value than on a traditional, row-store only based database.
39.What views will be most efficient for General Modeling Principles? Attribute view Analytical view Schema view Column view.
40. What are the three best approach for Transitioning and optimizing ABAP applications to SAP HANA? Tuning Innovate Scaling Detect Optimize.
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