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1.Name some perspectives that are available in the SAP HANA Studio? The Information perspective The Administration Console perspective The SAP HANA Modeler perspective The technology & innovation perspective The Resources perspective.
2. An Analytic Privilege consists of several restrictions. What are they? Analytic restrictions Activity restrictions Cube restrictions View restrictions Validity restrictions.
3.What are the two types of editors available in ADT? Eclipse (native) SAP (GUI) ABAP (native) Client (native).
4.What are the ABAP development guidelines? Improved tools for performance analysis Consuming Only ABAP contents for SAP HANA Extensions to ABAP Language Improved hybrid components for SAP HANA.
5. Which data sources can you use for the SAP list viewer with integrated data access? External view CDS View Database Table Database Procedure Internal table.
6. You are working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) for Eclipse. Which of the following options belongs to the settings of a specific ABAP project rather than the entire Eclipse workbench? Editor shortcut key options Code formatting options Code completion options Statement template options.
7. Hybrid Data Management System – Combining different paradigms in one system. Discuss capabilities associated with the Hybrid Data Management system? Linguistic search capabilities Built-in support for planning Text indexing capabilities Traditional disk-based tables Text analysis and search.
8. Your ABAP program contains an Open SQL join of two client-dependent tables. You want to replace this with a native SQL SELECT statement. Which of the following changes to the SELECT statement can you use to retrieve the same data as before? Include the client field in the WHERE condition. Use the CLIENT SPECIFIED addition. Include the client field in the field list. Include the client field in the join condition.
9. Which task can you perform with the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist tool (SWLT)? Combine information from static ABAP code scans with runtime data from the SQL Trace tool. Create a graph comparing the runtimes of ABAP code before and after optimization. Combine information from static ABAP code scans with runtime data from the SQL Monitor. Estimate the new total runtime of optimized code.
10. What are the components of The Enterprise Procurement Model Demo Scenario? Procurement Stock Product Services Sales.
11. Which is the new concept that is introduced and improved by using SAP HANA Specific Features? New advanced SQL syntax Procedures Table buffering Programming model ABAP-Managed Database Procedures.
12. Which features does the source code editor provide in ABAP Development Tools (ADT)? Form-based Class Builder Content Assist Quick Fix Screen Painter.
13. Which features does the source code editor provide in ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver? Screen editing Content assistance Quickfix Form-based class builder.
14.Which is not a key factor of ALV for HANA? The data display is restricted to a maximum of 2 billion cells To supply suitable values for any input parameters Derived Column headings from the data element To Activate and execute the program in the application.
15.What are the uses of SQL Trace (ST05)? Locate database performance issues Display record of all database access Applying Code inspector Locate work base issues Detect redundant or identical select statements.
16. What must you do when you define and implement an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP)? Use scalar types for all AMDP method parameters. Specify the database system and the language. Define all method parameters to be passed by value. Mark the AMDP method as a READ-ONLY database procedure. List all ABAP Dictionary tables used in the procedure body in the USING clause.
17.When to use Enhanced Open SQL? To access system fields At the time of Dictionary Views To view scalar components Need the query in one piece of code only.
18. Which of the following features does the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP code Inspector does NOT Offer? Flexible schedule of check runs Enhanced distribution of results Documented checks Configuration of check variants.
19. In addition to closing the result set, what does the CLOSE method of the CL_SQL_RESULT_SET class when using ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) do? Update packages Update resources Release packages Release resources.
20.What views will be most efficient for General Modeling Principles? Attribute view Column view Analytical view Schema view.
21. Explain how and when to create calculated columns - Using Graphical Modeling Tools? The calculation could be an arithmetic or character manipulation The calculation will be opened in a read-only mode It is possible to nest so that one calculated column, in turn, is based on other calculated columns Calculated columns also support non-measure attributes as part of the calculation Time characteristics based calculation columns.
22. You are implementing an ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) for SAP HANA. What do you have to do in the corresponding ABAP class? Implement the ABAP AMDP_HDB Event Handler. Set the visibility of the corresponding class method in the declaration section to PUBLIC. Implement the interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB. Declare the ABAP class as a sub-class of CL_AMDP_RUNTIME_HDB.
23. You import an ABAP workbench request into a SAP SYSTEM P81. The ABAP workbench request contains a single SAP HANA VIEW CA_CUSTOMER that belongs to package ZHA400_00. WHICH PREREQISITIES are mandatory for an implicit deployment of the SAP HANA view onto the database? Package ZHA400_00 Is listed in table SNHI_DUP_PREWORK PACKAGE ZHA400_00 HAS deployment Mode A SYSTEM P81 has SAP HANA has primary database View CA_CUSTOMER has deployment mode A.
24. What are the functions of the ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) framework? It creates the database procedure when the AMDP is first activated It creates the database procedure when the AMDP is first called It deletes obsolete versions of the database procedure synchronously It deletes obsolete versions of the database procedure asynchronously.
25. Your customer wants to migrate to SAP HANA and you want to identify which business processes should be optimized. Which of the following steps must you perform to get this information? Combine the results of the SQL Monitor with the results of an ABAP runtime analysis. Activate the new SQL Monitor in a productive system. Activate the new SQL Monitor in a development system. Combine the results of the SQL Monitor with the results of a static source code analysis.
26. Explain The Authorization Concept and the types of privileges associated with it? System privileges Delta privileges Analytic privileges Object privileges Application privileges.
27. What are the best practices when programming in ABAP for SAP HANA? Calculate aggregations using ABAP code on the application server to limit database load Use a column list in the SELECT clause to ensure that you only read a column if it is really required Eliminate nested SELECT statements to reduce the overall number of database accesses Use repeated SELECT SINGLE statements to ensure that you only read arrow if it is really required.
28. Which form of services is responsible for defining and consuming semantically rich data models? Modell-II services Core Data Services Conditional services ITe services.
29. Explain Transitioning ABAP Code to SAP HANA – Performance Considerations? Some codes transferred to other systems Classical performances recommendations for open SQL remain valid Some codes immediately run faster Some shifts in priorities, examples, nested selects(higher) indices(lower) Some codes impacted positively and should be priorities.
30.What are the features of New Open SQL? Supports Code adjustment model Supports specific units of database Supports arithmetic and string expressions Supports conditional expressions.
31. How to call the stored procedures in ABAP code? Open SQL Native SQL CDS view Only SQL.
32.What are the principles of using HANA Transport Containers properly? Takes a ‘snapshot’ of all SAP HANA objects of delivery unit Release of Transport request To create Transport container of delivery unit Import of Transport Request Automatic update for all export methods.
33. What are the steps that supported several tools, which in total result in a Guided Performance Optimization? Tools analyzing performance at run-time, to determine if critical constructs A new tool called SQL Monitor to determine the priority if different programs access the database intensively A selection Code Inspector (SCI) and ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) to locate potential functional and performance issues. The ABAP Trace (SAT) and the ABAP Profiling perspective to measure and compare runtime consumption.
34. The source code editor in ADT provides many helpful features. What are these helpful features? Creating Method Definitions from Implementation Parts Creating Parts for Interface Methods Creating interface from Method Calls Creating Method Implementations from the Method Definition.
35.What are the Performance Rules and Guidelines for ABAP on SAP HANA? It is beneficial to move data-intensive calculations into the database To reduce main memory consumption and to improve insert performance To Keep all the loads away from the DB It is beneficial for maximizing your search into database.
36. Which steps do you have to perform when defining a view using core data services (CDS)? Use the DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL like Syntax Define the type mapping between ABAP and SAP HANA Create a proxy object for the defined view Specify the name of the SQL view in ABAP Dictionary Create a data definition in your ABAP package.
37.What allows you to resolve errors quickly or warnings reported about the code? Quick Fix Debug perspective ABAP debugger Code execution.
38. What are the three best approach for Transitioning and optimizing ABAP applications to SAP HANA? Optimize Tuning Innovate Detect Scaling.
39.How to create a core data services view? Use the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver Use additional annotations – marked with the @ sign Use DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL-like syntax to define the view Use SQL capabilities for Netweaver Use data services tools for updates.
40. To connect with the SAP HANA system and see the corresponding catalog content etc., use the Systems view. How will you add a system to this view? By using SQL application Password for the database user Database user – also different from your ABAP user By using Open Catalog look.
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