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1. Which features does the source code editor provide in ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver? Form-based class builder Content assistance Screen editing Quickfix.
2. What are the Functions of Transaction DBACOCKPIT Used to access local or remote database system Use Schema for the Connections Maintain, Monitor and test secondary database connection Maintain only HANA specific objects.
3. You are working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) For Eclipse. Which of the following options belongs to the settings of a specific ABAP project rather than the entire Eclipse workbench? Code completion options Editor shortcut key options Statement template options Code formatting options.
4.What all are the advantages provides by ABAP Development Tools? A brand new ABAP development experience on top of the Eclipse platform An open platform for developing powerful database view An open platform for developing new ABAP-related tools A set of Eclipse data pool and Client- Open platform A set of open, language and platform-independent APIs.
5.What all are the Types of Applications based on SAP HANA? Data Mart based on SAP HANA Server based on SAP HANA New or Native SAP HANA Innovation based on SAP HANA.
6. In which of the following situations could a row store table be more suitable than a column store table? The table contains mainly distinct values per column across rows. The table contains text that you want to search. The table contains only a small number of records. The table contains data that you want to aggregate.
7.What should you do to follow the code-to-data approach to programming? Transfer all data from the database to the ABAP layer, and then aggregate the results. Perform expensive calculations on the database. Perform expensive calculations on the ABAP application server. Aggregate data on the database, and transfer the results to the ABAP layer. Use native SQL to access SAP HANA built-in functions.
8.Name some perspectives that are available in the SAP HANA Studio? The Information perspective The Administration Console perspective The SAP HANA Modeler perspective The technology & innovation perspective The Resources perspective.
9. What are the steps that supported several tools, which in total result in a Guided Performance Optimization? The ABAP Trace (SAT) and the ABAP Profiling perspective to measure and compare runtime consumption Tools analyzing performance at run-time, to determine if critical constructs A new tool called SQL Monitor to determine the priority if different programs access the database intensively A selection Code Inspector (SCI) and ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) to locate potential functional and performance issues.
10. The source code editor in ADT provides many helpful features. What are these helpful features? Creating Method Implementations from the Method Definition Creating Method Definitions from Implementation Parts Creating interface from Method Calls Creating Parts for Interface Methods.
11. ANSI SQL owns features and adds languages these languages divided into thre parts. What are they? The Database Language The Data Definition Language(DDL) The Data Control Language(DCL) Data Manipulation Language(DML) Data Transferred Language.
12.What do you understand by The SAP HANA Software Optimization? Bring logic to where the data is calculated first, then only move to results Huge potential for hybrid database Speed up the processing within the database Provide combinations of Objects and Partitioning.
13. To connect with the SAP HANA system and see the corresponding catalog content etc., use the Systems view. How will you add a system to this view? Password for the database user By using SQL application Database user – also different from your ABAP user By using Open Catalog look.
14. Which task can you perform with the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist tool (SWLT)? Combine information from static ABAP code scans with runtime data from the SQL Monitor. Combine information from static ABAP code scans with runtime data from the SQL Trace tool. Create a graph comparing the runtimes of ABAP code before and after optimization. Estimate the new total runtime of optimized code.
15.How will you select a preference for Validation rules? Windows - Modeler – Preferences - SAP HANA - Validation Rules Windows - Preferences - SAP HANA - Modeler - Validation Rules Windows - SAP HANA - Modeler - Preferences - Validation Rules Windows - SAP HANA - Preferences - Modeler - Validation Rules.
16. Discuss the basic approach of classical ABAP programming? Get all the data you need on the application server and do your processing in ABAP Keep load from the database Creating and consuming all the contents from network Collect all the data and perform Parallel processing in ABAP.
17.What are the Performance Rules and Guidelines for ABAP on SAP HANA? It is beneficial to move data-intensive calculations into the database To reduce main memory consumption and to improve insert performance It is beneficial for maximizing your search into database To Keep all the loads away from the DB.
18. You use ABAP database connectivity (ADBC) to issue native SQL calls to the database. Which of the following methods of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieves the result set of the native SQL call? SET_PARAM NEXT_PACKAGE EXECUTE_QUERY SET_PARAM_TABLE.
19. Which of the following repository object can you edit only in ABAP Development tools in Eclipse and not in the Classical ABAP workbench? External view Database procedure proxy Full-text index Core Data service (CDS) view ABAP program containing new Open SQL.
20. In an ABAP Core Data services (CDS) view, what must you do expose an association for use in another CDS view? Specify an alias for the target entity SPECIFY THE OTHER VIEWS IN WHICH THE ASSOCIATION CAN BE USED Include all fields used in the ON condition in projection list  Define the cardinality for the target entity.
21. Which of the following features does the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP code Inspector does NOT Offer? Enhanced distribution of results Documented checks Configuration of check variants Flexible schedule of check runs.
22. You have an SQLScript procedure with a table input parameter it_books. You want to use the parameter on the right-hand side of an assignment operator within the procedure. How do you refer to the parameter? {it_books} :it_books @it_books it_books.
23. You developed an ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP). You want to allow the enhancement of this AMDP using business add-in (BADI). Which of the following objects must you create? A BADI fallback implementation A database procedure AN enhancement spot A BADI definition A BADI simple implementation.
24. DB-Specific Properties that allows switching between storage types when running on an SAP HANA database. What are these storage types? ROW store Technology store Development Store Column store Re-use component store.
25. Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real time replications? SAP Data services SAP Landscape transformation Replication server (SAP SLT) SAP HANA Direct extractor connection (SAP DXC) SAP Replication server.
26. You define a core data services (CDS) view to merge the results of queries using the UNION keyword. What must the column list of this queries contain? The same number of columns All key fields Columns of compatible types Columns of identical types.
27. AMDP can detect 3 types of syntax errors in active or inactive source code. What are these errors ? Database independent syntax errors HANA specific syntax errors Database platform syntax errors UNION specific syntax errors SQLScript errors.
28. What do you have to consider if you want to use Native SQL in your ABAP programs to access an SAP HANA database? The ABAP system checks the syntax of the Native SQL statements The database independency of your report can be lost Client handling needs to be done explicitely in the the Native SQL statement Hashed or sorted tables must be used with the INTO CORESPONDING FIELDS keyword.
29. Which rules does SAP recommended to improve the performance of ABAP report on SAP HANA? Use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES instead of a nested SELECT statement Use array variants of INSERT UPDATE MODIFY and DELETE Use a nested SELECT statement instead of SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES Perform all calculations and aggregations in the ABAP layer.
30.What views will be most efficient for General Modeling Principles? Column view Analytical view Attribute view Schema view.
31. What must you take into consideration when you use the new open SQL syntax (available as of SAP Net weaver 7.4 SP05)? All Keywords are case sensitive All arithmetic expressions can be used for all type of variables All ABAP variables must be escaped with a proceeding @ sign All fields in the GROUP BY clause must be separated by commas.
32. When using ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) to issue native SQL calls to the database, which of the following methods of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieves the tabular result of the native SQL call? NEXT_PACKAGE GET_METADATA SET_PARAM_TABLE SET_PARAM.
33. You perform a static code check using the Code Inspector (SCI). In your SCI variant, you select the Search problematic SELECT * statements check. What does this check report? SELECT * statements on tables with the Column Store storage type SELECT * statements where fewer than a specified percentage of all fields are effectively used SELECT * statements on tables with more than a specified number of fields SELECT * statements on tables with more than 100,000 records.
34.What all are the factors involved in Working with ADT ABAP Class Module interface ABAP interface ABAP programs Workbench programs.
35.What are the two main factors of SAP HANA Innovations and Challenges? SAP SW technology and innovations HW technology and innovations DBMS technology and innovations SAP BW innovations.
36. An Analytic Privilege consists of several restrictions. What are they? Activity restrictions Analytic restrictions View restrictions Cube restrictions Validity restrictions.
37.What are the different views provided by the ABAP Profiling? A Hitlist of the most time-consuming programs or methods  Performance Check methods Metadata accesses Database accesses.
38. List down the elements involved in User Management and Security in SAP HANA? Manage users Assign security Work management Create users Assign job security.
39. Which tools can you use to provide input data for the SQL performance tuning work list (Transaction SWLT)? ABAP test cockpit (transaction ATC) SQL Trace (transaction ST05) Code inspector (transaction SCI) Data base performance monitor (transaction DB50) SQL monitor (transaction SQLM).
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