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1. What is an attribute view and what are its practices? Used in diagrammatic Projections May contain filters May use in calculation views Used to join tables May contains flow charts.
2. What should you do to follow the code-to-data approach to programming? Perform expensive calculations on the database. Use native SQL to access SAP HANA built-in functions. Perform expensive calculations on the ABAP application server. Transfer all data from the database to the ABAP layer, and then aggregate the results. Aggregate data on the database, and transfer the results to the ABAP layer.
3. You are working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) For Eclipse. Which of the following options belongs to the settings of a specific ABAP project rather than the entire Eclipse workbench? Statement template options Editor shortcut key options Code formatting options Code completion options.
4. How to create a core data services view? Use additional annotations – marked with the @ sign Use SQL capabilities for Netweaver Use data services tools for updates Use DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL- like syntax to define the view Use the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver.
5. What is the main function of Static Code Analysis? Integrated into ABAP Development Tools and ABAP Workbench ABAP source code with performance optimization potential Integrates with SAP Solution Manager To detect code that would lead to functional or performance issues When migrating to SAP HANA.
6. ABAP 7.4 provides support for optimizing ABAP applications running on SAP HANA. What are these Transparent Optimizations? The ABAP language and the OpenSQL language have been extended Re- use components have been extended or optimized for SAP HANA Performance analysis tools have been improved Do all the data processing in Application server The consumption of SAP HANA artifacts was simplified.
7. What do you understand by The SAP HANA Software Optimization? Huge potential for hybrid database Bring logic to where the data is calculated first, then only move to results Provide combinations of Objects and Partitioning Speed up the processing within the database.
8. Which of the following are view annotations for a CDS view? Environment Access control Buffering type Client handling Semantics.
9. What information can you specify using annotations (marked with the @ sign) when you define a Core Data Services (CDS) view in an ABAP system? The client dependency of the CDS view The join conditions of the CDS view The extent to which records of the CDS view should be buffered on the application server The name of the representation of the CDS view in the ABAP dictionary The logic for aggregations, grouping records, and filtering groups of the CDS view.
10. What is the purpose of an ABAP project in ABAP Development tools for eclipse? It represents the connection to an ABAP system It is used to transport ABAP repository objects It represents the connection to the SAP HANA server It provides access to all ABAP repository objects in an ABAP system.
11. What are some of the features available SAP List Viewer with integrated data access (SALV IDA)? Display diagrams Double-click on rows Edit cells Group rows Search in content.
12. What are the two main factors of SAP HANA Innovations and Challenges? DBMS technology and innovations SAP BW innovations HW technology and innovations SAP SW technology and innovations.
13. What allows you to resolve errors quickly or warnings reported about the code? Code execution ABAP debugger Debug perspective Quick Fix.
14. Which of the following objects can you use in the ABAP layer when using the topdown approach to bring code to data? Calculation views ABAP managed database procedures Stored procedure Core data services views.
15. Hybrid Data Management System – Combining different paradigms in one system. Discuss capabilities associated with the Hybrid Data Management system? Linguistic search capabilities Traditional disk-based tables Text analysis and search Text indexing capabilities Built-in support for planning.
16. Which is not a key factor of ALV for HANA? Derived Column headings from the data element To Activate and execute the program in the application To supply suitable values for any input parameters The data display is restricted to a maximum of 2 billion cells.
17. You changed an SAP HANA object that you transported using an SAP HANA Transport container. You want to release the transport request with your changes. In which sequence do you perform activities in the ABAP development system immediately before the release? Open the ABAP transport request Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA transport container Open the SAP HANA delivery unit Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA Delivery unit Activate the SAP HANA transport container Open the SAP HANA transport container Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA Transport Container Open the package Select take snapshot and Save Activate the SAP HANA Delivery unit Activate the SAP HANA transport container.
18. You use the ABAP trace (SAT) to measure the run time of a program. In a class, method X checks the validity of its importing parameters and calls method Y. What pattern of gross and net run time would you expect to see the in the ABAP trace results for method X? The net run time is less than the gross run time The net run time is equal to Zero The net run time is greater than the gross run time The gross and net run times are identical.
19. What are the steps involved in supporting a database oriented programming model? Advanced and specific models Buffer system services A new and advanced Open SQL Core Data services.
20. In SAP HANA SQL, you want to create a table whose definition should NOT be visible in the catalog? Which of the following table types fulfill this requirement? GLOBAL TEMPORARY COLUMN ROW LOCAL TEMPORARY.
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