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1. Which form of services is responsible for defining and consuming semantically rich data models? Conditional services ITe services Modell-II services Core Data Services.
2. What are the Possible Approaches with AS ABAP < 7.4 SP02 ? Stored Procedures Interaction with Database SQL units Consume using native SQL.
3. Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real time replications? SAP Replication server SAP Data services SAP Landscape transformation Replication server (SAP SLT) SAP HANA Direct extractor connection (SAP DXC).
4. You define a core data services (CDS) View. For which of the following expressions and built in functions must you provide alias? CASTE Expression Nested CASE expression CASE expression Unit conversion Currency Conversion.
5. What is the central goal of using SAP HANA? To set Priorities for system Positive Impact on Business Accelerate Performance Monitor database for record keeping.
6. If the Search Options are enabled, you can set the Search Parameters for an attribute of a view. The following parameters are available? Index search Point base ranking Weights for ranking Freestyle search Fuzzy search.
7. What are the features associated with ABAP CDS? Update Read Distribution Export Create.
8. Which steps do you have to perform when defining a view using core data services (CDS)? Create a data definition in your ABAP package Define the type mapping between ABAP and SAP HANA Use the DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL like Syntax Create a proxy object for the defined view. Specify the name of the SQL view in ABAP Dictionary.
9. What are the two layers of ABAP system interacts with its database? The Database independent interface The Data Storage interface The Client database interface The Database specific library.
10. The source code editor in ADT provides many helpful features. What are these helpful features? Creating interface from Method Calls Creating Method Implementations from the Method Definition Creating Method Definitions from Implementation Parts Creating Parts for Interface Methods.
11. What is the main purpose of SAML for SAP HANA Studio? The SAP HANA database supports login of Owners only To support scenarios where clients are not directly connected to the SAP HANA Database SAML may be selected as an Owner’s authentication method when creating users in the SAP HANA Studio The assertion is issued by a user after the client was successfully authenticated.
12. Explain the Enterprise Information System of SAP HANA Implementation Scenarios? All SAP applications on one SAP HANA platform HANA Modeling Business Suite on HANA / BW on SAP HANA HANA Accelerators All HANA Combinations on one platform.
13. You are working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT) For Eclipse. Which of the following options belongs to the settings of a specific ABAP project rather than the entire Eclipse workbench? Code formatting options Statement template options Editor shortcut key options Code completion options.
14. What is the purpose of an ABAP project in ABAP Development tools for eclipse? It represents the connection to an ABAP system It provides access to all ABAP repository objects in an ABAP system It represents the connection to the SAP HANA server It is used to transport ABAP repository objects.
15. What all are the Types of Applications based on SAP HANA? New or Native SAP HANA Innovation based on SAP HANA Data Mart based on SAP HANA Server based on SAP HANA.
16. Explain The Authorization Concept and the types of privileges associated with it? System privileges Object privileges Application privileges Delta privileges Analytic privileges.
17. Hybrid Data Management System – Combining different paradigms in one system. Discuss capabilities associated with the Hybrid Data Management system? Traditional disk-based tables Text indexing capabilities Built-in support for planning Linguistic search capabilities Text analysis and search.
18. You developed an ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP). You want to allow the enhancement of this AMDP using business add-in (BADI). A BADI definition A database procedure AN enhancement spot A BADI simple implementation A BADI fallback implementation.
19. One of your SAP systems needs to be migrated from its current database to an SAP HANA database. You want to avoid any functional issues after the migration. Left outer joins in open SQL statements Direct access to a cluster on the database Native SQL statements ORDER BY Clauses in Open SQL statements Code that relies on implicit database sorting.
20. Which features does the source code editor provide in ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver? Screen editing Quickfix Content assistance Form-based class builder.
21. Discuss different types of engines associated with The SAP HANA architecture? Join engine Analytic engine OLAP engine OPAX engine.
22. In which of the following situations could a row store table be more suitable than a column store table? The table contains only a small number of records. The table contains text that you want to search. The table contains data that you want to aggregate. The table contains mainly distinct values per column across rows.
23. What are the two Profitability Analysis available with CO-PA Scenario in SAP HANA Modeling? Product-based Profitability Account-based Profitability Costing-based Profitability Service-based profitability.
24. Which of the following feature were added to the ABAP Dictionary to support the SAP HANA database? Definition of an enhancement category Storage type for tables Definition of full-text indexes De-pooling and de-clustering Changes of data class.
25. Which features does the source code editor provide in ABAP Development Tools (ADT)? Form-based Class Builder Quick Fix Content Assist Screen Painter.
26. Which of the following features does the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP code Inspector does NOT Offer? Enhanced distribution of results Flexible schedule of check runs Configuration of check variants Documented checks.
27. What are the key points that should be kept in mind while performing the Nonautomatic update in SAP HANA Transport Container? You need to refresh the content of the container manually Changes to Delta Container Take snapshot manually before releasing of the container Automatic release of units.
28. ANSI SQL owns features and adds languages these languages divided into three parts. What are they? The Database Language The Data Definition Language The Data Control Language Data Transferred Language Data Manipulation Language.
29. Your ABAP program contains an Open SQL join of two client-dependent tables. You want to replace this with a native SQL SELECT statement. Which of the following changes to the SELECT statement can you use to retrieve the same data as before? Include the client field in the field list. Include the client field in the WHERE condition. Use the CLIENT SPECIFIED addition. Include the client field in the join condition.
30. How many result sets are returned when an SAP HANA database procedure is called using the CALL. WITH OVERVIEW statement? Two result sets As many result sets as there are input parameters in the procedure One result set As many result sets as there are table output parameters in the procedure.
31. What is the main function of Static Code Analysis? To detect code that would lead to functional or performance issues When migrating to SAP HANA ABAP source code with performance optimization potential Integrates with SAP Solution Manager Integrated into ABAP Development Tools and ABAP Workbench.
32. In an ABAP Core Data services (CDS) view, what must you do expose an association for use in another CDS view? Define the cardinality for the target entity Specify an alias for the target entity SPECIFY THE OTHER VIEWS IN WHICH THE ASSOCIATION CAN BE USED Include all fields used in the ON condition in projection list.
33. To upload data from flat files, SAP HANA offers several features. What are these important features? The supported file types for upload are: .cssv, .xlls, and .xlsxxx The new table always has a 2:2 mapping between the file and table columns When loading new data in the table, it gets appended to the existing data The application suggests the column name and data type for the new tables, and it is possible to edit them.
34. Discuss the conditions required to ensure the Referential Integrity? Referential integrity holds true in both the directions There are three joins in the table There is at least one join in the other table There are two joins in the able.
35. What must you take into consideration when you use the new open SQL syntax (available as of SAP Net weaver 7.4 SP05)? All fields in the GROUP BY clause must be separated by commas All Keywords are case sensitive All ABAP variables must be escaped with a proceeding @ sign All arithmetic expressions can be used for all type of variables.
36. In addition to closing the result set, what does the CLOSE method of the CL_SQL_RESULT_SET class when using ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) do? Update resources Release packages Update packages Release resources.
37. Discuss the basic approach of classical ABAP programming? Keep load from the database Collect all the data and perform Parallel processing in ABAP Creating and consuming all the contents from network Get all the data you need on the application server and do your processing in ABAP.
38. What are functions of the ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) framework? It creates the database procedure when the AMDP is first activated It deletes obsolete versions of the database procedure synchronously It deletes obsolete versions of the database procedure asynchronously It creates the database procedure when the AMDP is first called.
39. What are the basic principles of ALV SAP HANA? The ALV Optimization for SAP HANA to display data on the screen Only retrieve the database data which is to be displayed on screen Data described declaratively instead of passing big internal tables To ensure that the user chooses the data on the selection screen is displayed.
40. You are implementing an ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) for SAP HANA. What do you have to do in the corresponding ABAP class? Implement the ABAP AMDP_HDB Event Handler Implement the interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB Set the visibility of the corresponding class method in the declaration section to PUBLIC Declare the ABAP class as a sub-class of CL_AMDP_RUNTIME_HDB.
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