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Which of the following source data sizes should you use to size SAP HANA memory? Total uncompressed size of source database Total uncompressed size of tables required for queries Total uncompressed size of sources databases Total uncompressed size of tables and index required of queries.
When you install SAP HANA, which of the following disk size requirements apply? (Choose two) The log volume is at least four times the amount of memory (RAM) of the system The data volume equals the amount of memory (RAM) of the system The log volume equals the amount of memory (RAM) of the system The data volume is at least four times the amount of memory (RAM) of the system.
You are reviewing the execution plan of an SQL statement.You want to find out which operators have been executed in parallel in the current plan and for how long each of them has been active. How can you accomplish this? Use job progress in the SAP HANA studio Use explain (graphically) in the DBA cockpit Use performance trace in HDB admin Use the plan visualizer in the SAP HANA studio.
You have to transport data models from one SAP HANA system to another using theChange and Transport System (CTS). Where do you install the CTS plug in? In the source system In the SAP HANA Studio In the SAP Solution Manager In the XS engine.
In the SAP HANA studio, in which tab can you find information about theperformance of queries? Alerts Diagnosis Files System Information Trace Configuration.
You have an SAP HANA productive system with sensitive data. How can you restrictmodeling users from viewing this data? (Choose two) Allow modeling only on the SAP HANA development system and Export/Import the models to the productive systems Use randomized data for development of data models Remove ALTER SYSTEM in the system privileges for the modeling users Remove SAP_DATA_ADMIN in the SQL privileges for the modeling users.
You need to create a role that allows read-only access to the tabs of SAP HANAAdministration Editor. Which of the following privileges do you need to assign to thatrole? (Choose two) SQL privileges SELECT for the SQL object SYS_STATICS System privileges CONTENT_ADMIN System privileges SERVICE_ADMIN System privileges DATA_ADMIN.
Which of the following are functions of the controller on the SAP LandscapeTransformation (SLT) server? (Choose two) Crete repositories in the source system write data to the SAP HANA system using the DB connection Schedule replication process Map database structures between SAP HANA and the source system.
Which of the following authentication methods does SAP HANA support for http(s)access? (Choose two) X.509 client certificates SAP Logon tickets LDAP autentication Header-based autentication.
Where do you specify the instance number during the installation of SAP HANA? In a dialog box prompt In global.ini In the installer execution file In the installer configuration file.
Which tasks can you perform using the resident SAP HANA lifecycle managementtool? (Choose three) Add aditional hosts to the SAP HANA system Copy an SAP HANA system Rename the SAP HANA system Unistall SAP HANA components Change the license of the SAP HANA system.
What happens when you add a standby host to an existing SAP HANA system? (Choose two) The standby host registers with the index server The standby host starts an index server and wait The standby host registers with the master name server The standby host takes over one of the active index server.
In the SAP HANA studio, to which of the following does the loading status "partially"refer? To a column store table that is loaded in delta storage To a column store table on which only some columns are loaded To a row store table of which only some rows are loaded To a row store table that is loaded in delta storage.
The log volume is full and the SAP HANA database does not accept any newrequests. How can you solve this problem and bring the SAP HANA database online? Run "Delete olders backup" in the backup catalog Select the log_mode parameter to overwrite in global.ini Move the log file to another volume and create a symbolic link to the new folder Delte older log files from the log volumen before the last sucessful database backup.
Which of the following are valid authorization assignments? (Choose three) Role to role Role to privileges Privileges to rol Privileges to user Privileges to privileges.
In SAP HANA, what is the recommended memory size you must reserve for dynamicobjects? The same size as the total size of the data files The same size as the memory required for statics data The same size as the uncompressed source data The same size as the total size of the log file .
You are replicating data in real-time from a source system to SAP HANA using SystemLandscape Transformation (SLT).The source system had to be restored using a point-in-time recovery to an earlierpoint in time.The systems are now out of sync. How can you synchronize the systems again? Select suspend and Resume in the data provisioning dialog Restart the master job using transaction LTR in the SLT system Run the hdbnsutil program on the command line Select stop Replication and Replicate in the data provisioning dialog.
Which of the following must you configure to enable monitoring of SAP HANA in DBACockpit? A database connection in DBA cockpit A database connection in the table DBCON The CCMS connection in DBA cockpit The CCMS agent in SAP HANA.
Which of the following are pre-delivered template roles? (Choose two) MODELING SAP_INTERNAL_HANA_SUPPORT MONITORING HANA_ADMIN.
Which of the following are benefits of using accelerators with SAP HANA? (Choose two) They provide prebuild custumer-specific solutions They eliminate the need for customization They reduce the time required for implementation They provide prebuild business content.
Which operating system commands show the SAP HANA processes? (Choose two) HDB Admin HDB version HDB info HDB proc.
You are using continuous system replication between SAP HANA systems in twoseparate data centers.What are the advantages of this scenario? (Choose two) Memory and CPU are used on the secondary site for shadow process Database changes are continuosly updated to the secondary site The take-over requires a rol forward since the las synchronization point The take-over happens in less than 3 minutes.
How do you configure an SAP HANA system of 4 nodes when implementing highavailability? 2 master nodes, 1 slave node, 1 standby node 1 master node, 3 slaves nodes 1master nodes, 2 slaves nodes, 1 standby node 3 master nodes, 1 slaves nodes.
Which of the following template roles allows a user who has been assigned this roleto grant the privileges of this role to other users? MODELING CONTENT_ADMIN MONITORING PUBLIC.
Where do you check log and trace files in SAP HANA studio? Administration Editorsystem Information tab Administration Editordiagnosis Files tab Administration Editorperformance tabDiagnosis Files tab Modelerdiagnosis Files tab.
Which of the following can you use to replicate data from SAP BW to SAP HANA? An RFC connection to SAP LT A database connection to database services 4.0 Open hub with SAP LT Open hub with database services 4.0.
Which of the following are allowed to be written to the disk space for the data volumes in an SAP HANA system? (Choose two) Choose: Data exports Log Files Backup data files Runtime dump files.
Which of the following situations result in a system lockdown? (Choose two) The system ID and/or hardware key of the database have been changed after a system copy or rename The license type has changed from plataform to enterprise The installed license key is an unenforced license key and the current memory consuption exceeds the license amount plus the tolerance. The license key installed in the database has been deleted.
Which of the following update scenarios can be selected for execution in the SAPHANA lifecycle manager? Apply support packages stacks Update HANA replication technology components Update SAP HANA studio on local machines Perform automated updates of SAP HANA and SAP HANA components.
Which of the following are characteristics of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse(SAP NetWeaver BW) when it is migrated to run on the SAP HANA database? (Choose two) The current SAP Netweaver BW application server hardware can be re-used The SAP Netweaver BW application server can be installed on the SAP HANA hardware All SAP Netweaver BW 7.x application version can be used The sizing of the current SAP Netweaver BW application server remains valid.
You are using the Change and Transport System (CTS) with SAP HANA.When is the transport strategy determined? When the SAP HANA application type is configured in CTS When the objects are attached to a transport request in the SAP HANA When the export system is configured in CTS When the connection to CTS is configured in SAP HANA studio.
Which of the following would you use to upgrade an SAP HANA system and keep thedowntime to a minimum? Storage replication System replication Partitioning Hight availability.
Which of the following commands stops the SAP HANA database? HDB-stop stop HDB stopsap HDB HDB stop.
How can you find out which SAP HANA parameters have been changed in yoursystem? (Choose two) By running the SQL query select * from "PUBLIC"."M_CONFIGURATION" where options !='DEFAULT' By checking the index server trace file covering the last system startup By running the SQL query select * from "PUBLIC"."M_INIFILES_CONTENTS" where layer_name !='DEFAULT' By checking the configuration tab of the administration console in SAP HANA studio.
The statistics server was stopped during an upgrade by the system administrator.Which of the following parameters in statisticsserver.ini do you modify to restart thestatistics server? Active in the statics server_general section Editing in the statics server_general section Stats connect in the trace section.
You need to combine unstructured data from an Apache Hadoop database with datain your SAP HANA system. What do you use to achieve this? Full-text search index SAP landscape transformation Virtual tables SAP sybase IQ.
In which file do you configure the maximum size of the delta storage memory? preproccesor.ini executer.ini global.ini indexserver.ini.
You develop a disaster recovery plan. What do you have to ensure in case of a diskfailure? (Choose three) Configuration files can be restored automatically Non-committed transaction can be recovered Committed transaction can be recovered Save points can be backup Log volumens can be backup.
How can you make space available inside the log volume in a productive SAP HANAsystem? Perform log backup Compress the log backup at file system level Delete log backups at the operating system level Set the log mode to overwrite.
Which of the following are functions of the DB trigger within SAP LandscapeTransformation (SLT)? (Choose two) Include only relevant tables for DB recording Record relevant changes in logging tables Decluster table classes into transparent format Ensure the replicated changes are kept within the login tables.
Which security settings can you apply in analytic privileges? (Choose two) Gran access to analytic views Restric access within an analytic view using measures values Restric access to hierarchies Restric access within an analytic view using attribute values.
You need to replicate data from an SAP ERP production system to SAP HANA.Where does SAP recommend that you install the productive SAP LandscapeTransformation (SLT) instance? With the SAP Solution Manager system On the SAP HANA server On dedicated server with the SAP ERP system.
If you want to create or drop tables in a schema, which privilege type do you need? Analytic Packages SQL System.
Which of the following must be installed during the installation of SAP LandscapeTransformation (SLT)? (Choose two) DMIS Add-on to the SAP source system SAP Netweaver 7.02 or higher Java stack for the SLT server SAP HANA DB libraries to the source system.
To ensure the supportability of SAP HANA, who must install the SAP HANA databaseon the SAP HANA appliance hardware? A certified sybase IQ Administration Profecional A certified SAP HANA technical consultant An SAP HANA technical authorized by the hardware vendor delivering theappliance only An SAP HANA consultant employed by SAP AG or its subsidiaries only.
A user cannot query an information model because of missing authorizations. Howcan the user find out which authorization is missing? Query the system view EFFECTIVE_PRIVILEGES Check the asigned roles in the user editor Investigate the authorization trace Use the authorization dependecy viewer.
Which of the following components enables SAP HANA high availability? Index server Statics server Name server Preprocessor server.
You set up a data transfer architecture that replicates data to SAP HANA from an SAPsource system using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).Which of the following SLT configuration parameter changes can improve thereplication performance? (Choose three) Increase the number of data transfer jobs Increase the number of calculation jobs Select Allow Multiple Usage in Connection source system Set data class of tablespace Change initial load mode.
What is the correct hierarchy of the below? Delivery unit -> Packages-> Objet-> Product Product-> Delivery unit-> Package-> Objet Objet-> Delivery unit-> Package-> Product Package-> Product -> Delivery unit-> Objet.
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