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Which of the following threat actors is the most likely to be hired by a foreign government to attack critical systems located in other countries? Hacktivist Whistleblower Organized crime Unskilled attacker.
Which of the following is used to add extra complexity before using a one-way data transformation algorithm? Key stretching Data masking Steganography Salting.
An employee clicked a link in an email from a payment website that asked the employee to update contact information. The employee entered the log-in information but received a "page not found" error message. Which of the following types of social engineering attacks occurred? Brand impersonation Pretexting Typosquatting Phishing.
An enterprise is trying to limit outbound DNS traffic originating from its internal network. Outbound DNS requests will only be allowed from one device with the IP address Which of the following firewall ACLs will accomplish this goal? Access list outbound permit 0 port 53 Access list outbound deny 32 port 53 Access list outbound permit 32 port 53 Access list outbound deny 0 port 53 Access list outbound permit 0 port 53 Access list outbound deny 32 port 53 Access list outbound permit 32 port 53 Access list outbound deny port 53.
A data administrator is configuring authentication for a SaaS application and would like to reduce the number of credentials employees need to maintain. The company prefers to use domain credentials to access new SaaS applications. Which of the following methods would allow this functionality? SSO LEAP MFA PEAP.
Which of the following scenarios describes a possible business email compromise attack? An employee receives a gift card request in an email that has an executive's name in the display field of the email Employees who open an email attachment receive messages demanding payment in order to access files A service desk employee receives an email from the HR director asking for log-in credentials to a cloud administrator account. An employee receives an email with a link to a phishing site that is designed to look like the company's email portal.
A company prevented direct access from the database administrators? workstations to the network segment that contains database servers. Which of the following should a database administrator use to access the database servers? Jump server RADIUS HSM Load balancer.
An organization's internet-facing website was compromised when an attacker exploited a buffer overflow. Which of the following should the organization deploy to best protect against similar attacks in the future? NGFW WAF TLS SD-WAN.
An administrator notices that several users are logging in from suspicious IP addresses. After speaking with the users, the administrator determines that the employees were not logging in from those IP addresses and resets the affected users passwords. Which of the following should the administrator implement to prevent this type of attack from succeeding in the future Multifactor authentication Permissions assignment Access management Password complexity.
An employee receives a text message that appears to have been sent by the payroll department and is asking for credential verification. Which of the following social engineering techniques are being attempted? (Choose two.) Typosquatting Phishing Impersonation Vishing Smishing Misinformation.
Several employees received a fraudulent text message from someone claiming to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The message stated: “I’m in an airport right now with no access to email. I need you to buy gift cards for employee recognition awards. Please send the gift cards to following email address.” Which of the following are the best responses to this situation? (Choose two). Cancel current employee recognition gift cards. Add a smishing exercise to the annual company training. Issue a general email warning to the company. Have the CEO change phone numbers. Conduct a forensic investigation on the CEO's phone. Implement mobile device management.
A company is required to use certified hardware when building networks. Which of the following best addresses the risks associated with procuring counterfeit hardware? A thorough analysis of the supply chain A legally enforceable corporate acquisition policy A right to audit clause in vendor contracts and SOWs An in-depth penetration test of all suppliers and vendors.
Which of the following provides the details about the terms of a test with a third-party penetration tester? Rules of engagement Supply chain analysis Right to audit clause Due diligence.
A penetration tester begins an engagement by performing port and service scans against the cliente environment according to the rules of engagement. Which of the following reconnaissance types is the tester performing? Active Passive Defensive Offensive.
Which of the following is required for an organization to properly manage its restore process in the event of system failure? IRP DRP RPO SDLC.
Which of the following vulnerabilities is associated with installing software outside of a manufacturer's approved software repository? Jailbreaking Memory injection Resource reuse Side loading.
A security analyst is reviewing the following logs: Which of the following attacks is most likely occurring? Password spraying Account forgery Pass-t he-hash Brute-force.
An analyst is evaluating the implementation of Zero Trust principles within the data plane. Which of the following would be most relevant for the analyst to evaluate? Secured zones Subject role Adaptive identity Threat scope reduction.
An engineer needs to find a solution that creates an added layer of security by preventing unauthorized access to internal company resources. Which of the following would be the best solution? RDP server Jump server Proxy server Hypervisor.
A company’s web filter is configured to scan the URL for strings and deny access when matches are found. Which of the following search strings should an analyst employ to prohibit access to nonencrypted websites? encryption=off\ http:// www.*.com :443.
During a security incident, the security operations team identified sustained network traffic from a malicious IP address: A security analyst is creating an inbound firewall rule to block the IP address from accessing the organization?s network. Which of the following fulfills this request? access-list inbound deny ig source destination access-list inbound deny ig source destination access-list inbound permit ig source destination access-list inbound permit ig source destination
A company needs to provide administrative access to internal resources while minimizing the traffic allowed through the security boundary. Which of the following methods is most secure? Implementing a bastion host Deploying a perimeter network Installing a WAF Utilizing single sign-on.
A security analyst is reviewing alerts in the SIEM related to potential malicious network traffic coming from an employee?s corporate laptop. The security analyst has determined that additional data about the executable running on the machine is necessary to continue the investigation. Which of the following logs should the analyst use as a data source? Application IPS/IDS Network Endpoint.
A cyber operations team informs a security analyst about a new tactic malicious actors are using to compromise networks. SIEM alerts have not yet been configured. Which of the following best describes what the security analyst should do to identify this behavior? Digital forensics E-discovery Incident response Threat hunting.
A company purchased cyber insurance to address items listed on the risk register. Which of the following strategies does this represent? Accept Transfer Mitigate Avoid.
A security administrator would like to protect data on employees’ laptops. Which of the following encryption techniques should the security administrator use? Partition Asymmetric Full disk Database.
Which of the following security control types does an acceptable use policy best represent? Detective Compensating Corrective Preventive.
An IT manager informs the entire help desk staff that only the IT manager and the help desk lead will have access to the administrator console of the help desk software. Which of the following security techniques is the IT manager setting up? Hardening Employee monitoring Configuration enforcement Least privilege.
Which of the following is the most likely to be used to document risks, responsible parties, and thresholds? Risk tolerance Risk transfer Risk register Risk analysis.
Which of the following should a security administrator adhere to when setting up a new set of firewall rules? Disaster recovery plan Incident response procedure Business continuity plan Change management procedure.
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