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Lingua Inglese pt.1

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Lingua Inglese pt.1

Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione


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1. This shop____every day____9am. open / in opens / at starts / on will open / for.
2. He said he____a good film____a long time. saw / since is seen / to had not seen / for doesn't see / in.
3. The first flight____6am. is for go at start at leaves at.
4. Has she ever been to Vancouver? Yes she____last year. were here did go here went there has gone there.
5. ____there____books on the table? Are / any Be / no Did / some Have / a.
6. Last time I____you, you____to start a new job. saw / were going will see / were have seen / are going saw / had gone.
7. These letters are ready____ for be sign signed to be signed sign.
8. What's your job? I work part-time I'm a teacher I have had this job for years I don't like this job.
9. How long is your commute? I am a teacher. I work in publishing. About an hour. I work part-time.
10. Does Mary____her cousins and other____? get along with / parents get about with / relatives get about with / parents get along with / relatives.
11. Is Jake___bad at hockey___Frank?He's even___! as / as / worse as / as / bad like / like / better like / like / worse.
12. ___a couch un the bedroom? Are there Were there Is there There is.
13. The people in my office___very nice. has is be are.
14. She___forty years old. have has were is.
15. I___thirsty have am don't do.
16. I____hungry have haven't am do.
17. I can't talk right now, I____in a hurry am have are am of.
18. ___there any coffe in the cupboard? is are were does.
19. When it____I always____ snow / going walk snows / go for a walk snows / walking snow / will walk.
20. How are you____now? feel at feeling do.
21. He can't come to the phone. He____a shower. takes is having does make has.
22. My younger sister____at school downtown works don't work goes work.
23. That's what Angela___yesterday. says told tells said.
24. Where___you put my computer? I need it now. did diid does _.
25. Have you ever been to France? Yes, I_____there last August. gone am went have been.
26. _____the new Disney film? Did you see Saw you See you Have you saw.
27. When Katherine called____for an exam. I was studying I was I studying I studied.
28. I____when the phone____. studied / ringed was studying / rang am doing / did studying / rings.
29. I____him in school. knew knowed was knowing knewed.
30. This is the third time____to you. I write I writed I wrote I've written.
31. I____Robert since I was six years old. have known do know known knew.
32. She_____to visit him twice already has been did went has be goes.
33. I____French since I was at school. haven't spoken spoke did say don't speak.
34. This is the second time____you. I call I have called I calling I did call.
35. When Tony____back they____in the library. came / were sitting come / are sitted didn't come / will sit comes / sit.
36. He had already____in Assisi for three months when I____to see him. living / have gone had living / goes been living / went been lived / go.
37. My bus____at 4pm next Friday. will leave leaving leaves is going to leave.
38. The bus to Dublin____at 7pm. is leave will leaves leaves is going leave.
39. John bought his ticket. He_____to France next week. goes does go is going will go.
40. What do you think your father____you for Christmas? give goes give will give gave.
41. Where____to university next year? go you will will you go are you go you are go.
42. Jack has booked his flight. He_____on Tuesday. is going to leave will leave is leaving leaves.
43. They have bought a flat in London and they____there next year. move moved will move are going to move.
44. We____all speak two languages in my family. need can would may not.
45. I____go for a walk if the rain stops. But I'm not sure can't might will won't.
46. You____stay in bed if you want to feel any better. should can't will want.
47. We couldn't come to the party because we____study for the test. have need had had to.
48. You____rest if you're pregnant. shouldn't don't have to may not should.
49. I bought a new tie for Frank, but he___like it. doesn't cannot might not shouldn't.
50. Kids____eat junk food. It's bad for them. shouldn't need might would.
51. Passangers____bring their passports when they travel internationally. should could must can.
52. I have been playing the guitar___7 years. as by since for.
53. Where do you usually eat lunch? never soup in the cafeteria with Jane.
54. Henry arrived___home__10pm. at / at _/ at at/ to to / at.
55. Jackie arrived___Rome at 2 o'clock. by in to at.
56. Colin is landing__midday. in on at from.
57. Where are the bags? On the car In the car At the car For the car.
58. Ron arrived__the airport__11pm. in / on to / for at / at by / at.
59. Look__me please! by on at to.
60. What time does the exam start? At 10am. In 10am. On 10am. For 10am.
61. Their friends came___foot yesterday. at on _ with.
62. Mr Brown is an English an England England English.
63. Your luggage___too heavy, you've brought___suitcases. are / too much are / too many is / too much is / too many.
64. Would you like___more juice? so some many few.
65. Money___important. aren't don't are is not.
66. Don't touch this phone, it's___. mine myself me mine's.
67. Mary went to visit___brother. his our her their.
68. He really enjoyed____at the theme park. ___ myself herself himself.
69. Could you help___? me my mine's I.
70. My____are very clever. brother brothers' brother brothers.
71. She____on holiday France enjoyed enjoyed himself enjoyed herself enjoyed her.
72. Look at____car over there! this that those these.
73. I would really enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir now, but I don't have____ left __ some any.
74. Where can I put___books? Put them on that shelf. this that them these.
75. Stop! She didn't do____! anything everything something nothing.
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