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Lingua Inglese pt.2

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Lingua Inglese pt.2

Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione


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76. Your brother is so____! He makes me laugh! handsome fun funny funsome.
77. I found him sitting at a table____in papers. covered covering to cover cover.
78. I'm so_____that John didn't call! surprised exciting surprise surprising.
79. Do you____? come always here come never always come here come never here.
80. The waiter hasn't come____ already never just yet.
81. I always get up____on Sunday because I like to sleep. early late soon well.
82. I hate___I'm doing. while how which what.
83. The man____bought the painting was Spanish. if who what __.
84. Where is the book____was on the shelf. those __ who which.
85. The doctor____treats my father is German __ so which who.
86. Everest is_____mountain in the world the most high higher the highest the more high.
87. My brother Frank is____than my friend Lucy. taller tallest tall as tall.
88. I have___nicest___. the / parents a / parents an / parents one / parents .
89. This car is more____modern than that one. modern fastest faster fast.
90. I look forward____from you to hear hearing to hearing hear.
91. She likes____new books. start the start starting starts.
92. I'm used to____up early every day. got gets get getting .
93. He insisted on____me flowers. buying on buying to buy buy.
94. I forgot____for napkins, I'll go back now. of ask asking to ask asked.
95. They put off_____the trip to Canada, maybe they'll go next year. booking to book booked book.
96. I remembered____my passport this time! to bring bringing of bring brought.
97. I'm tired, I don't want to go home_____. unless though although even though.
98. She sings and she____plays the piano. also too as like as well.
99. You can't go to the party____you're wearing a costume either but unless if.
100. Did you get extra pizza____Frank and Mary come? in spite if in case unless.
101. This cake____by my friend. was baked were baked baked bakes.
102. Archeologists____the gold in a cave near the top of the mountain. discovered was discovered were discovered discovers.
103. This house____in 1970 by my grandfather. had been built built was built was builded.
104. The window____by the kids. broke was broken had broken breaks.
105. Did you____?Yes I went to the mechanic last week. repair your car fix the car have fix it have your car repaired.
106. It_____that the painting is a fake. is belivieng belived now believes is now believed.
107. The robbers____by the police was arrested have arrested have been arrested arrested.
108. She_____me that you were away. said tell says told.
109. Megan: I have a new car. Megan have a new car. Megan said she will have a new car. Megan told she had a new car. Megan said she had a new car.
110. Mark: I want to go to Brazil. Mark said he wanted to go to Brazil. Mark wanted to go Brazil. Mark said me ha wanted to go to Brazil. Mark say he wants go to Brazil.
111. Amanda____me she got a new job. asked told said says.
112. The police____that a man____early this morning. told / was arrested said / was arrested says / arrested said / is arrested.
113. _______that the man is in his 20s. A witness____that he was from the local area. It is thought that / said It is thought that / told It is that / told It is tha / said.
114. I don't like this job, so I'm______a better one looking for looking to looking after looking up.
115. Could you______my dog this weekend while I'm away? look up to look for look after look at.
116. I don't like this job, so I'm______a better one looking for looking to looking after looking up.
117. Could you_____my dog this weekend while I'm away? look up to look for look after look at.
118. Did James ever____what he did? apologise with apologise to apologise from apologise for.
119. Did Emily call_____the florist today? ___ to over at.
120. It's too cold in here. Can you____the heater on please? do have turn make.
121. Hannah______at Michael's play yesterday. It was so unexpected. turned out turned for turned over turned up.
122. He_____to visit me yesterday. popped out turned out came with popped in.
123. Jane and Richard used to_____. go for with eachother go out with eachother go on with eachother go out eachother .
124. You didn't need to_____what happened last summer! take over take care of bring down bring up.
125. We never_____how the exam went found out found stood out passed out.
126. Slow down! I can't_____you! keep up keep up for keep with keep up with.
127. That's enough! Just stop_____about it. going on go out going in go off.
128. If you_____John, he'll do the right thing. will ask asks ask would ask.
129. I wish I______to go to work today. don't have haven't didn't have mustn't.
130. They asked me_____going to the party. that I was if I was if I would where I did.
131. I'll go to the wedding if they____an invitation. will send would send send sent.
132. He asked me what I_____if I failed to get the job would do would have done would doing will do.
133. If you come tonight I_____really happy would am will be would be.
134. If only______enough money to buy a car! I had I have I would have I wish.
135. _______try that if I were you. I will not I would be I wouldn't I don't.
136. His mother______to him if she had known that he had a problem. talks will talk would have talked would talk.
137. If I______Oliver, I would have invited him to the party. will see saw had seen would see.
138. She is_____empathetic and kind. so such a such too.
139. Do you have____bread? Would you like some more? such too quite enough.
140. She is______a difficult person to work with. too as so quite.
141. He is_____handsome! such too so such a.
142. That is____terrible idea. quite such too such a .
143. _____greed is the root of so many problems. the an a ___.
144. They say that_____love is all you need. the ___ an a.
145. Does he have any____? childs child childes children.
146. How many_____have been invited? persons guest people person.
147. She is____rich____her brothers. as / like __ / as as / __ as / as.
148. Sally_____her mother looks like looks as looks by looks up.
149. The actress was awesome____Lady Macbeth. like as such as as like.
150. Mark is older____Jennifer to than as then.
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