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Linux essentials Teste 01 (Inglês)

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1.Which of the following answers are true for cloud computing? (Choose two) Cloud Computing provides new tools for managing IT resources. From the commercial point of view, Cloud Computing means outsourcing or centralization of IT operations. Cloud Computing is the opposite of green IT; that is, the use of fossil, non-regenerative energy for computation. Cloud Computing involves sharing all the information with everyone else in the cloud.
2.What does LAMP mean? The Linux Advanced Mode Programming Interface, which provides advanced features for application developers. The bus ID of a connected USB device that emits light. Abbreviation for Lightweight Access Management Protocol, which synchronizes permissions on a network. The combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP or other programming languages. Abbreviation for lamport-clock, which is important in distributed network computing.
3.Which of the following statements is true for a Linux distribution used in an enterprise environment? These distributions contain proprietary business-related software. These distributions contain software versions that have proven to be stable, even if not the latest version, in order to minimize problems. These distributions always contain the latest versions of all packages to minimize the time to market for new features. These distributions are only accessible by large companies.
4.What statements are correct regarding distributions? (Choose two) Programs can be installed manually and without a package manager. Only commercial distributions offer regular security updates. To start a new distribution, a Linux International license is required. Distributions restrict the user to their supported program packages. Program packages from one distribution can be adapted to another.
5.Which of the following possibilities is only available when using open source software? Download all your existing versions. Free use. Access to your detailed help manual. Access to your source code.
6.What statements are true about virtualization? (Choose two) Virtualization is not supported by Linux because of its permissions and multi-user requirements. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems on the same hardware in parallel. Virtualization is a proprietary technology that has additional license costs, even for Linux. Virtualization is a pure desktop technology that should not be used on servers. Virtualization enables the separation of services, tasks, and users into separate virtual machines.
7.What of the following services are used for network file systems? (Choose two) Rumba Python Samba OpenLDAP NFS.
8.Which of the following statements is true about Open Source software? Open source software can not be copied for free. Open source software is available for commercial use. The freedom to redistribute copies must include binary or executable forms of the software, but not the source code. Open source software is not for sale.
9.Which of the following programs is not a graphical browser? Konqueror Firefox Links Opera Chrome.
10. Which of the following is a GPL license requirement, but not a BSD license? Users who modify and distribute the software under the GPL license must make the modifications they have made available to the recipients under the same license. The GPL license prohibits the removal of copyright and license notices from the source files that are distributed. The GPL license contains a warranty waiver that requires users not to hold the authors of the software liable for any damages. The GPL license requires that any legal disputes be resolved through Free Software Foundation mediation.
11. When using a web browser, what should a user do to prevent private data from being stored locally? Browsers can be configured to use a private mode that does not store data locally. Set up a second profile and use only one to access sensitive sites. Delete the profile directory in the home directory and create a new one after the job has finished. Use the secure browser versions available. There is no way to achieve this because Linux always records the data on the network.
12. Which of the following applications are popular Open Source relational database systems?(Choose two) PostgreSQL NoSQL MySQL DB / 2 MongoDB.
13. Which of the following is a Linux-based operating system for use on mobile devices? iOS CentOS Android Debian.
14.Which of the following software packages is an email server? Postfix Thunderbird Apache GIMP MySQL.
15. When creating a new file, what can be done to make the file hidden from the default output of the ls command? Hide the file with a name with a hash sign such as # foobar.txt. Hide the file with a name beginning with a period like .foobar.txt. Hide the file with chvis + h filename. Hide the file with chmod a + h filename. Hide the file with the name of the hide file.
Which command line can be used to search for help files that mention the word "copy"? man -k copy whatis copy man copy copy help copy -help.
17. Which of the following programs is used to search for files on a file system? locate showfiles flocked search findfiles.
18. Which command lists all files in the current directory that begin with an uppercase letter? ls [AZ] * ls AZ ls AZ * l s --uppercasefiles list-uppercase-files.
19. Which of the following is an example of globbing? ls / etc / 2> files.txt ls / etc /> files.txt ls /etc/*.txt ls / etc / | more.
20.Which of the following commands increases the number of elements in a directory? (Choose two) touch newfile create newfile ls newfile rmdir newdirectory mkdir newdirectory.
21.When deleting all files that begin with the letter a, there was still the Access.txt file on the left. Assuming it has the correct property, why was not it deleted? Files with extensions need a different treatment. rm had to be called with the -R option to delete all files. The Access.txt file was probably opened by another application. The Access.txt file was hidden. E. Linux file names are case-sensitive.
22. Which of the following is a valid option for a typical command to get your internal usage information? -H help -manual -help.
23. What command would you use to get comprehensive documentation about any command in Linux? Help command Echo command C. locate command Man command Get command.
24. Which command will delete the directory foo with all its contents? rmdir -a foo rm -r foo rm -a foo rmdir foo.
25. Which of the following commands will display a list of all file names under your home directory and all subdirectories that have filenames ending in .pdf? search .pdf ls -name -R '* .pdf' find /home/*.pdf find ~ -name '* .pdf'.
26. Which command shows all directories that the shell searches for programs? less $ PWD echo $ PATH plus $ ALL_PATH get $ PATH cat $ PATH.
27. Which of the following commands will display a list of all files in the current directory, including hidden files? ls -a hidden ls -h ls - a.
28. To rename the ~ / bilder / letzter-urlaub directory to ~ / bilder / sommer-2011, which command line could be used? mv ~ / images / letzter-urlaub ~ / images / sommer-2011 move ~ / images / letzter-urlaub ~ / images / sommer-2011 cp -m ~ / images / letzter-urlaub ~ / images / sommer-2011 Copy -m ~ / bilde / letzter-urlaub ~ / images / sommer-2011 rename ~ / images / letzter-urlaub ~ / images / sommer-2011.
29. Which command shows if / usr / bin is in the current search path of the shell? cat path echo $ PATH echo% PATH cat $ PATH echo% PATH%.
30. What command is used to become a known shell variable for programs executed afterwards? export announce env transfer mv.
31. The script,, consists of the following lines: #! / Bin / bash echo $ 2 $ 1 done Which output will appear if the command, ./ test1 test2, is entered? test1 test2 test2 test1 test2 test1
32. Which approach will provide a listing of the content in a tar file? Use the tar command with -t. Use the grep command. Use the find command. Use the zless command. Use the zlist command.
33. Which of the following commands can be used to extract content from a tar file? tar -xvf tar -vf tar -e tar -c tar -v.
34.Qual comando exibirá a última linha do arquivo foo.txt? head -n 1 foo.txt tail foo.txt last -n 1 foo.txt tail -n 1 foo.txt.
35. What two-character string is present at the beginning of an interpreted script? (Please specify only the TWO correct characters).
36. The output of the program date must be saved in the variable actdat. What is the correct statement? actdat = 'date' set actdat = 'date' date | actdat date> $ actdat actdat = date.
37. Which of the following commands will set the variable text to olaf is the home? (Choose two) text = olaf \ is \ home text = $ olaf is at home $ text = 'olaf is home' text == 'olaf is home' text = "olaf is home".
38. Which of the following commands will produce all lines with the name Fred in uppercase or lowercase, but not the red word in the data_file file? (Choose two) grep -v fred data_file grep '[f] red' data_file grep fred data_file grep '[Ff] red' data_file grep -i fred data_file.
39. How can the current directory and its subdirectories be searched for in the file named MyFile.xml? meet -name MyFile.xml grep MyFile.xml | meet grep -r MyFile.xml less MyFile.xml search Myfile.xml ./.
40. How can the normal output of a command be written to a file while discarding the error output? command> 2> file 1 and> / dev / null command & lt; output> / dev / null command> discard-error> file command> / dev / null 2 ​​&> 1 output command> file 2> / dev / null.
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