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Linux essentials Teste 02 (Inglês)

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1. What is the output of the following command? for token in abc; of echo -n $ {token}; done annnnn abc $ token $ token $ token {a} {b} {c}.
2. Which command string will count the number of regular files with the name of foo.txt inside / home? ls -lR / home | grep foo.txt | wc-l find / home -type f -name foo.txt | wc-l find / home -name foo.txt -count find / home-name foo.txt | wc-l grep -R foo.txt / home | wc-l.
3. What is the correct command to extract the contents of the archive file download.bz2? unpack download.bz2 unzip2 download.bz2 bunzip2 download.bz2 unpack o download.bz2 decompress download.bz2.
4. What does output status 0 indicate about a process? The process ended without problems. The process was terminated by the user. The process could not finish correctly. The process waited for an entry but got none. The process is over in time.
5. What is the output of the following command sequence? for token in abc; do echo -n "$ token"; done abc anbncn "a" "b" "c" symbol symbol symbol.
6. Which of the following command strings overrides the foobar.txt file? echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" >> foobar.txt echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" & lt; foobar.txt echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS"> foobar.txt echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" | foobar.txt.
7. What character starts a comment line in a shell script file? * ; / #.
8. Given a file called birthdays containing lines like: YYYY-MM-DD Name 1983-06-02 Tim 1995-12-17 Sue Which command would you use to produce the rows belonging to all listed people whose birthday is in May or June ? grep '[0-9] * - 0 [56] -' birthdays grep 05? 6? birthdays grep 06 birthdays | grep 05. grep '[56]' birthdays.
9. Which of the following commands redirect the cmd output to the foo.txt file, in which an existing file is overwritten? cmd || foo.txt cmd | foo.txt cmd & foo.txt cmd >> foo.txt cmd> foo.txt.
10. Which of the following commands will create a file, called backup.tar, containing all files in the / home directory? tar / home backup.tar tar -cf / home backup.tar tar -xf / home backup.tar tar -xf backup.tar / home tar -cf backup.tar / home.
11.What network interface always exists on a Linux system? sit0 wlan0 vlan0 eth0 lo.
12.In which directory are the system log files kept? / log / syslog / / var / log / / sys / log / / var / log / sys /.
13.Which files will affect the domain name resolution system in Linux? (Choose two) / etc / hostname / etc / nameserver / etc / hosts / etc / what / etc / resolv.conf.
14. Which command shows, among other information, the IP address of the current DNS server for a Linux system? cat /etc/net/dns.conf ifconfig -v dns show net dns cat /etc/resolv.conf cat /etc/net/nameserver.conf.
15. After installing a new package, in which directory are you likely to find your configuration file? / lib conf / etc / usr / opt.
16.Which of the following file systems is most commonly used for Linux distributions? HFS + ext4 FAT32 NTFS.
17.A Linux computer does not have internet access. Which command displays information about the system's network gateway? traceroute ifconfig gateway route ipconfig.
18.Which of the following Ubuntu releases is considered more stable and suitable for commercial use? LTS Xubuntu Ubuntu Vanilla Kubuntu server.
19.Where is the BIOS located? RAM hard drive motherboard monitor LCD.
20.What is the command that will display system boot time messages? dmesg echo lspci display system initialization posts.
21.Which criteria are useful when deciding which operating system to use? (Select THREE answers) License fees. Ideological preferences of the system administrator. Linux can do everything, there is no need for further evaluation. Application availability and mandatory tools. Skills of administrators and employees.
22.Which command will display the process information running in real time? top show current current of ps process.
23.With which command can you determine the time of the last reboot of a system? current reset find reboot wait --reboot last | restart last reset.
24.Where can a boot loader be installed? The boot ROM The MBR on a Hard Drive The / boot partition The boot RAM.
25.Which of the following is a technology used to connect a hard drive directly to the motherboard of a computer? PCI Ethernet DSL SATA VGA.
26. What is the command to change a user's password? wpasswd gpasswd epasswd passwd password.
27. What are the three sets of permissions for a file? user, default user, other user, group, other administrator, group, other administrator, default user, other.
28.When a new user is added, where is your user ID stored? / etc / users / etc / realm / etc / pass / etc / shpasswd / etc / passwd.
29. Which command displays the list of groups to which a user belongs? whoami lsgroup who id.
30. Which command line will create the falcon user with the home directory assigned to the users of the group as the primary group? useradd -g falco users useradd -f falco users useradd -m -g falco users add user falco @ users add -user users of the falco group.
31. Which of the following properties of a user account determines whether the user receives administrator privileges? Your primary group ID is 0 (zero). It is listed first in / etc / passwd Your username is root Your user ID is 0 (zero). Your GECOS (name) field is set to "System Administrator".
32. Which of the following will change the group associated with a file? chmod chmod -w chown ls -g.
33.What statement about users and groups of users is correct? A group can only have one primary user. There may only be one user group on one system. The user does not need to belong to a user group. Every user belongs to at least one user group.
34. Which of the following is the root user home folder? / user / root / / root / home / root.
35. You have a program called / usr / bin / foo. You want to create a symbolic link, / home / user / foo, that point to it. Which command will do this task? ln -sym / home / user / foo / usr / bin / foo ln -s / usr / bin / foo / home / user / foo ln / home / user / foo / usr / bin / foo ln / usr / bin / foo / home / user / foo ln --symlink / home / user / foo / usr / bin / foo.
36.Which TWO commands can be used to make the /tmp/foo.txt file readable to all users? chmod 111 /tmp/foo.txt chmod 444 /tmp/foo.txt chmod 770 /tmp/foo.txt chmod 644 /tmp/foo.txt chmod 640 /tmp/foo.txt.
37. Given a directory with the following information: drwxrwxrwxt 12 tu tg 36864 2012-03-15 / home / directory / Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two) Everyone can create files in the directory. The files in the directory are created with read, write, and execute permissions for all. The directory is broken. Everyone can just delete their own files. The directory is a security risk.
38. Which of the following commands can be used to change the owner and group settings of a file? chmod chage chuser chown chgrp.
39. What is the usual absolute path of the home directory for the user foo?.
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