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LPI-3 305-300

lpic-3 virtualization and containerization

Lucas Paulus
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What is the purpose of the command vagrant init? It executes a provisioning tool in a running box It starts a Vagrant box It creates a Vagrant configuration file It installs Vagrant on a Linux host It downloads a Vagrant box.
In order to use the option dom0_mem to limit the amount of memory assigned to the Xen Domain-0, where must this option be specified? In the bootloader configuration, when Xen is booted In any of Xen’s global configuration files In its .config file, when the Domain-0 kernel is built In the configuration file /etc/xen/Domain-0.cfg, when Xen starts In its Makefile, when Xen is built.
Which functionality is provided by Vagrant as well as by Docker? (Choose three.) Both can share directories from the host file system to a guest Both start system images as containers instead of virtual machines by default Both can download required base images Both can apply changes to a base image Both start system images as virtual machines instead of containers bv default.
What is the default provider of Vagrant? lxc hyperv virtualbox vmware_workstation docker.
In an IaaS cloud, what is a common method for provisioning new computing instances with an operating system and software? Each new instance is connected to the installation media of a Linux distribution and provides access to the installer by logging in via SSH Each new instance is created based on an image file that contains the operating system as well as software and default configuration for a given purpose Each new instance is a clone of another currently running instance that includes all the software, data and state of the original instance Each new instance is connected via a VPN with the computer that started the provisioning and tries to PXE boot from that machine Each new instance contains a minimal live system running from a virtual CD as the basis from which the administrator deploys the target operating system.
Which command within virsh lists the virtual machines that are running on the current host? I view list-vm list show list-all.
What is the purpose of cloud-init? Replace common Linux inic systems, such as systemd or SysV init Assign an laaS instance to a specific computing node within a cloud Standardize the configuration of infrastructure services, such as load balancers or virtual firewalls in a cloud Orchestrate the creation and start of multiple related laaS instance Prepare the generic image of an laaS instance to fit a specific instance's configuration.
What is the purpose of the packer inspect subcommand? Retrieve files from an existing Packer image Execute commands within a running instance of a Packer image List the artifacts created during the build process of a Packer image Show usage statistics of a Packer image Display an overview of the configuration contained in a Packer template.
What is the purpose of capabilities in the context of container virtualization? Map potentially dangerous system calls to an emulation layer provided by the container virtualization Restrict the disk space a container can consume Enable memory deduplication to cache files which exist in multiple container Allow regular users to start containers with elevated permissions Prevent processes from performing actions which might infringe the container.
Which directory is used by cloud-init to store status information and configuration information retrieved from external sources? /var/lib/cloud/ /etc/cloud-init/cache/ /proc/sys/cloud/ /tmp/.cloud/ /opt/cloud/var/.
Which of the following statements are true about container-based virtualization? (Choose two.) Each container runs its own operating system kernel Different containers may use different distributions of the same operating system Container-based virtualization relies on hardware support from the host system's CPU All containers run within the operating system kernel of the host system Linux does not support container-based virtualization because of missing kernel APIs.
How does Packer interact with system images? Packer has to be installed within the target image and is executed during the image's first boot in order to execute preparation tasks Packer installs a client within the image which has to be run periodically via cron in order to retrieve the latest template from the Packer server and apply it locally Packer periodically connects through the network to the Packer daemons of all running Packer images in order to re-apply the whole template to the running instance Packer downloads and extracts an image in order to make changes to the image's file system, repack the modified image and upload it again Packer creates an instance based on a source image, prepares the instance through a network connection and bundles the resulting instance as a new system image.
After setting up a data container using the following command: docker create -v /data --name datastore debian /bin/true how is an additional new container started which shares the /data volume with the datastore container? docker run --share-with datastore --name service debian bash docker run -v datastore:/data --name service debian bash docker run --volumes-from datastore --name service debian bash docker run -v /data --name service debian bash docker run --volume-backend datastore -v /data --name service debian bash.
After creating a new Docker network using the following command: docker network create --driver bridge isolated_nw which parameter must be added to docker create in order to attach a container to the network? --eth0=isolated_nw --alias=isolated_nw --ethernet=isolated_nw --network=isolated_nw --attach=isolated_nw.
What LXC command lists containers sorted by their CPU, block I/O or memory consumption? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.).
Which of the following network interface types are valid in an LXD container configuration? (Choose three.) ipsec macvlan bridged physical wif.
What happens when the following command is executed twice in succession? docker run -tid -v data:/data debian bash The container resulting from the second invocation can only read the content of /data/ and cannot change it Each container is equipped with its own independent data volume, available at /data/ in the respective container Both containers share the contents of the data volume, have full permissions to alter its content and mutually see their respective changes The original content of the container image data is available in both containers, although changes stay local within each container The second command invocation fails with an error stating that the volume data is already associated with a running container.
What is the purpose of the kubelet service in Kubernetes? Provide a command line interface to manage Kubernetes Build a container image as specified in a Dockerfile Manage permissions of users when interacting with the Kubernetes API Run containers on the worker nodes according to the Kubernetes configuration Store and replicate Kubernetes configuration data.
If docker stack is to be used to run a Docker Compose file on a Docker Swarm, how are the images referenced in the Docker Compose configuration made available on the Swarm nodes? docker stack builds the images locally and copies them to only those Swarm nodes which run the service docker stack passes the images to the Swarm master which distributes the images to all other Swarm nodes docker stack instructs the Swarm nodes to pull the images from a registry, although it does not upload the images to the registry docker stack transfers the image from its local Docker cache to each Swarm node docker stack triggers the build process for the images on all nodes of the Swarm.
What LXC command starts a new process within a running LXC container? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.).
Which of the following commands executes a command in a running LXC container? lxc-accach lxc-batch lxc-run lxc-enter lxc-eval.
Which of the following statements in a Dockerfile leads to a container which outputs hello world? (Choose two.) ENTRYPOINT "echo Hello World" ENTRYPOINT [ "echo hello world" ] ENTRYPOINT [ "echo", "hello", "world" ] ENTRYPOINT echo Hello World ENTRYPOINT "echo", "Hello", "World* .
Which of the following statements are true regarding a Pod in Kubernetes? (Choose two.) All containers of a Pod run on the same node Pods are always created automatically and cannot be explicitly configured A Pod is the smallest unit of workload Kubernetes can run When a Pod fails, Kubernetes restarts the Pod on another node by default systemd is used to manage individual Pods on the Kubernetes nodes.
What command is used to run a process in a new Linux namespace? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.).
Which of the following values would be valid in the FROM statement in a Dockerfile? ubuntu:focal docker://ubuntu: focal registry:ubuntu:focal file:/tmp/ubuntu/Dockerfile http://docker.example.com/images/ubuntu-focal.iso.
Which CPU flag indicates the hardware virtualization capability on an AMD CPU? HVM VIRT SVM PVM VMX.
What is the purpose of a .dockerignore file? It lists files existing in a Docker image which should be excluded when building a derivative image It specifies files that Docker does not submit to the Docker daemon when building a Docker image It exists in the root file system of containers that should ignore volumes and ports provided by Docker. It must be placed in the top level directory of volumes that Docker should never attach automatically to a container It specifies which parts of a Dockerfile should be ignored when building a Docker image.
Which file in a cgroup directory contains the list of processes belonging to this cgroup? pids members procs casks subjects.
What kind of virtualization is implemented by LXC? System containers Application containers Hardware containers CPU emulation Paravirtualization .
Which subcommand of virsh opens the XML configuration of a virtual network in an editor in order to make changes to that configuration? (Specify ONLY the subcommand without any parameters.).
Which of the following statements is true regarding networking with libvirt? Libvirt's network functionality is limited to connecting virtual machines to a physical network interface of the host system Libvirt assiqns the same MAC address to all virtual machines and isolates their network interfaces at the link layer Libvirt networks appear, by default, as standard Linux bridges in the host system Libvirt requires a dedicated network interface that may not be used by the host system Libvirt supports exactly one virtual network and connects all virtual machines to it.
Which of the following are true regarding the CPU of a QEMU virtual machine? (Choose two.) The CPU architecture of a QEMU virtual machine is independent of the host system's architecture Each QEMU virtual machine can only have one CPU with one core For each QEMU virtual machine, one dedicated physical CPU core must be reserved QEMU uses the concept of virtual CPUs to map the virtual machines to physical CPUs QEMU virtual machines support multiple virtual CPUs in order to run SMP systems.
Which of the following statements about the command lxc-checkpoint is correct? It creates a clone of a container It doubles the memory consumption of the container It only works on stopped containers It writes the status of the container to a file It creates a container image based on an existing container.
The command virsh vol-list vms returns the following error: error: failed to get pool 'vms' error: Storage pool not found: no storage pool with matching name 'vms ' Given that the directory /vms exists, which of the following commands resolves this issue? dd if=/dev/zero of=/vms bs=1 count=0 flags=name:vms libvirt-poolctl new –-name=/vms –-type=dir –-path=/vms qemu-img pool vms:/vms virsh pool-create-as vms dir --target /vms touch /vms/.libvirtpool.
Which of the following values are valid in the firmware attribute of a <os> element in a libvirt domain definition? (Choose two.) scsi virtio efi bios pcie.
Which statement is true regarding the Linux kernel module that must be loaded in order to use QEMU with hardware virtualization extensions? It must be loaded into the kernel of the host system only if the console of a virtual machine will be connected to a physical console of the host system It must be loaded into the kernel of each virtual machine that will access files and directories from the host system's file system It must be loaded into the Kernel of the host system in order to use the visualization extensions of the host system's CPU It must be loaded into the kernel of the first virtual machine as it interacts with the QEMU bare metal hypervisor and is required to trigger the start of additional virtual machines It must be loaded into the kernel of each virtual machine to provide Para virtualization which is required by QEMU.
Which of the following mechanisms are used by LXC and Docker to create containers? (Choose three.) Linux Capabilities Kernel Namespaces Control Groups POSIXACLs File System Permissions.
Which file format is used by libvirt to store configuration data? INI-style text files SQLite databases XML files Java-like properties files Text files containing key/value pairs.
Which of the following statements is true regarding the following output of xl list: Both Debian and Ubuntu require xl commands to start running The domain with ID 2 uses Para virtualization CentOS is the domain which has consumed the most CPU time Ubuntu is idle or waiting for I/O It is necessary to use the xl command to change Ubuntu’s state to running.
What is true about containerd? It is a text file format defining the build process of containers It runs in each Docker container and provides DHCP client functionality It uses rune to start containers on a container host It is the initial process run at the start of any Docker container It requires the Docker engine and Docker CLI to be installed.
Which of the following resources can be limited by libvirt for a KVM domain? (Choose two.) Amount of CPU lime Size of available memory File systems allowed in the domain Number of running processes Number of available files.
Virtualization of which hardware component is facilitated by CPUs supporting nested page table extensions, such as Intel Extended Page Table (EPT) or AMD Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI)? Memory Network Interfaces Host Bus Adapters Hard Disks IO Cache.
If a Dockerfile contains the following lines: WORKDIR / RUN cd /tmp RUN echo test > test where is the file test located? /ting/test within the container image /root/tesc within the container image /test within the container image /tmp/test on the system running docker build test in the directory holding the Dockerf ile.
Which of the following commands boots a QEMU virtual machine using hardware virtualization extensions? qvirt -create -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d -driver hvm vm -kvm -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d qemu-hw -create -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d qemu -accel kvm -drive file-debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d qvm start -vmx -drive file=debian.img -cdrom debian.iso -m 1024 -boot d.
Which of the following tasks are part of a hypervisor’s responsibility? (Choose two.) Create filesystems during the installation of new virtual machine quest operating systems Provide host-wide unique PIDs to the processes running inside the virtual machines in order to ease inter-process communication between virtual machines Map the resources of virtual machines to the resources of the host system Manage authentication to network services running inside a virtual machine Isolate the virtual machines and prevent unauthorized access to resources of other virtual machines.
Which of the following devices exist by default in an LXC container? (Choose three.) /dev/log /dev/console /dev/urandom /dev/kmem /dev/root.
Which of the following services can QEMU provide in a user network? (Choose three.) DHCP BGP CIFS AppleTalk TFTP.
Which of the following statements are true regarding VirtualBox? It is a hypervisor designed as a special kernel that is booted before the first regular operating system starts It only supports Linux as a guest operating system and cannot run Windows inside a virtual machine It requires dedicated shared storage, as it cannot store virtual machine disk images locally on block devices of the virtualization host It provides both a graphical user interface and command line tools to administer virtual machines It is available for Linux only and requires the source code of the currently running Linux kernel to be available.
Which of the following commands moves the libvirt domain web1 from the current host system to the host system host2? virsh node-update host1=-dom:web1 host2=+dom:web1 virsh pool-add host2 web1 virsh migrate web1 qemu+ssh://host2/system virsh patch web1 .Domain.Node=host2 virsh cp .:web1 host2:web1.
A clone of a previously used virtual machine should be created. All VM specific information, such as user accounts, shell histories and SSH host keys should be removed from the cloned disk image. Which of the following tools can perform these tasks? virc-reset virt-sparsi virt-rescue virt-svspre sysprep vire-wipe.
Which of the following commands deletes all volumes which are not associated with a container? docker volume cleanup docker volume orphan -d docker volume prune docker volume vacuum docker volume garbage-collect.
Which of the following types of guest systems does Xen support? (Choose two.) Foreign architecture guests (FA) Paravirtualized quests (PVI) Emulated guests Container virtualized guests Fully virtualized guests.
Which of the following commands lists all differences between the disk images vm1-snap.img and vm1.img? virt-delta -a vm1-snap.img -A vm1.img virt-cp-in -a vm1-snap.img -A vm1.img virt-cmp -a vm1-snap.img -A vm1.img virt-history -a vm1-snap.img -A vm1.img virt-diff -a vm1-snap.img -A vm1.img.
How can data be shared between several virtual machines running on the same Linux-based host system? By writing data to the file system since all virtual machines on the same host system use the same file system By mounting other virtual machines' file systems from /dev/virt-disks/remote/ By setting up a ramdisk in one virtual machine and mounting it using its UUID in the other VMs By using a network file system or file transfer protocol By attaching the same virtual hard disk to all virtual machines and activating EXT4 sharing extensions on it.
Which of the following values are valid in the type attribute of a <domain> element in a libvirt domain definition? (Choose two.) proc namespace kvm cgroup lxc.
Which of the following statements are true regarding resource management for full virtualization? (Choose two.) The hygervisor may provide fine-grained limits to internal elements of the guest operating system such as the number of processes The hypervisor provides each virtual machine with hardware of a defined capacity that limits the resources of the virtual machine Full virtualization cannot pose any limits to virtual machines and always assigns the host system's resources in a first-come-first-serve manner All processes created within the virtual machines are transparently and equally scheduled in the host system for CPU and I/O usage It is up to the virtual machine to use its assigned hardware resources and create, for example, an arbitrary amount of network sockets.
What does IaaS stand for? Information as a Service Intelligence as a Service Integration as a Service Instances as a Service Infrastructure as a Service.
Which of the following kinds of data can cloud-init process directly from user-data? (Choose three.) Shell scripts to execute Lists of URLs to import ISO images to boot from cloud-config declarations in YAML Base64-encoded binary files to execute.
Which of the following statements are true about sparse images in the context of virtual machine storage? (Choose two.) Sparse images are automatically shrunk when files within the image are deleted Sparse images may consume an amount of space different from their nominal size Sparse images can only be used in conjunction with paravirtualization Sparse images allocate backend storage at the first usage of a block Sparse images are automatically resized when their maximum capacity is about to be exceeded.
What is the default path to the Docker daemon configuration file on Linux? (Specify the full name of the file, Including path.).
Which value must be set in the option builder in the configuration file of a Xen guest domain in order to create a fully virtualized machine instead of a paravirtualized one?.
Which programming language is QEMU primarily written in? C C++ Java Python.
What are the key benefits of using cloud management tools? Automated scaling of virtual machines Efficient resource allocation Streamlined billing and invoicing Enhanced security through encryption.
Which of the following are container orchestration platforms? Kubernetes LXC Docker Compose Docker Swarm.
What is the name of the global configuration file for the xl tool stack?.
In the command - vzctl ____ 105 /usr/bin/apt-get install wget which subcommand of vzctl is missing in order to install wget in the OpenVZ container 105?.
Which command in the KVM monitor restores a snapshot?.
Which sub-command of xl changes the media inside a virtual CD-ROM drive of a Xen guest domain?.
What is a container image? A snapshot of an application and its dependencies. A lightweight virtual machine An operating system kernel A physical server.
What is Packer? An image building tool A container orchestration tool. A virtualization platform A configuration management tool.
In order to determine if a virtualization host offers Intel VT-x support, which CPU flag must be searched for in the file /proc/cpuinfo?.
Which virsh subcommand is used to change the CD-ROM image file attached to a virtual machine?.
Which command was used in Xen 3.x as a predecessor of the xl command?.
Which sub-command of xl lists the block devices that are currently attached to a Xen guest domain? .
When using direct Linux booting to start Linux within a KVM virtual machine, which KVM parameter is used to specify parameters for the Linux Kernel? (Specify ONLY the option name without any values or parameters.).
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