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Marg ERP9 Level 1 and Level 2`


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The shortcut used to activate calculator is Ctrl + C Alt + F12 Alt + C F12.
Recording of actual stock as physically verified or counted is done AND GET Stock is less,so on that case from where they will treat? Journal Stock Issue Stock Receive Sales.
what is MRP? Market Price Maximum Retail Price Marginal Price Minimum Retail Price.
A ledger can not be deleted if it is caring Opening Balance True False.
To see ledger balance which process do we follow Final Report > all ledger Reports > All Ledger Books > all Ledger Accounts > All Ledger.
shortcut used for sales voucher is Alt+C Ctrl+S Alt+N None of these.
the short cut key to quit from Marg software is Alt+x Ctrl+P Ctrl+E Ctrl+Q.
How to create user in Marg Software? MasterMarg SetupOperator Power. MasterMarg SetupUser MasterOperator Power. MasterMarg SetupCreate.
TDS stands for Tax Drawn at source Tax deduct at source Tax deducted at source Tax deduction at source.
Match Making the Perfect Daily Report Transaction FINAL REPORTS ACCOUNTS.
What is the Shortcut Key of SalesBook? Alt+n Alt+s Ctrl+s Alt+m.
What is the Password for open Self Format MARG marg Current Date Current id 001.
Shortcut key for Item Store Ctrl+e Alt+e Ctrl+i Ctrl+e+y.
Shortcut Key for Ledger Account Ctrl+W Alt+L Ctrl+G Alt+G.
If a person want to sell the product inclusive of all taxes as rate we put on sale ,then what will be the Calculation procedure Inclusive MRP 9 2.
What is the shortcut key for Current Date Billing and show stock as on date Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Alt+C Shift+? Shift+!.
How many Godown can work in Marg? 12 32 34 36.
Write down the shortcut key of change Company in Marg?.
Shortcut key for Create Button ?.
Shortcut Key for Change Button.
Marg is _____________software.
_____________ is the right place to have a look at all the vouchers entered till date.
Transfer Fund from Cash A\c to Bank A\c you require to pass _____ _____ voucher.
How many Maximum number of store available in Marg software. ____________.
Goods returning to a Creditor, we need to pass Debit Note Credit Note Stock Issue None of these.
How many max store we can make in Marg? 32 36 34 40.
How to enter opening of Cash A/c ? Master > Ledger Master > Modify Ledger >Select Cash > Enter > Ledger detail > then enter opening Balance Master > Ledger Master > Modify Ledger >Select Cash > Enter > Other detail > then enter opening Balance Master > Ledger Master > Modify Ledger > Select Cash > Enter cash balance > then enter opening Balance Master > Opening Balance > Leger Opening > Select Cash > Enter > define opening balance here.
To alter a master while making an entry or viewing a report Alt + F3 F2 F3 None of these.
Balance sheet display …. Entire summary of the all ledger accounts Balances of all individual account Bank and cash Balances Exact financial position of the business on specific date.
How Many Types of working styles in Marg Software 2 4 5 None of these.
We can modify an existing Company from List of Company > Modify Company List of Company > Press F3 Key List of Company >Press F2 Key None of these.
We can't change Business type in company alteration True False.
User screen comes from? Master > Marg Setup > Change User. It only comes when we open marg. Ctrl+ U Master > User > Change user.
A client buy 100kg sugar and now he wants to sell these as Loose sale,Then what will be your suggestion as a Support Consultant? Suggest to Go through Conversion Suggest to Go through Decimal.
Shortcut Key for Stock Ctrl+K Ctrl+S Alt+K Alt+N.
It is possible to Purchase the item without HSN Code? True False.
How many types of GST Percentage Available by default 5 6 3 1.
If a person want two discount column in purchase screen,Is it possible? Yes No.
Match Making Sales Book Purchase Book.
ERP Full form? Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resonable Planning Enterprise Reassign Product Enterprise Resource Product .
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