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Moisture Sensitive Device Test

MSD Awareness Training program

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Maximum Temperature for baking Low temperature Carriers: 75°C 40°C 100°C 125°C.
The MBB should meet or exceed requirements for flexibility, electrostatic discharge protection, mechanical strength, and puncture resistance. MIL-PRF-81705 Type I MIL-PRF-81707 Type I MIL-PRF-81705 Type II MIL-PRF-81707 Type II.
MSD Level 4 floor life is? 1 year Unlimited (<=30Deg C / 85% RH) 4 Weeks 72 hours 168 hours.
Effective method to detect such internal defects during assembly is to use a tool called Electron Microscope Thermalscope Scanning Acoustic Microscope X-ray inspection.
When is a device moisture sensitive? When devices sinks in water There are no moisture sensitive parts When the package indicates an MSL level between 2 and 6 When devices floats in water.
The allowable time period, after removal from a MBB and before the solder reflow process called as Shelf life Floor life MSD life Device Expiry.
Who must ensure that unused components are immediately re-bagged to limit exposure Supplier Manufacturer Customer Vendor.
Kitting opens a Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB) and noticed that all dot's on the Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) are pink. What do you have to do? Change the bag and seal as nothing happened before Continue business as usual Replace the HIC Scrap the parts The seal was compromised and nobody knows for how long. Add a warning sticker to the bag that will indicate that you have to bake the components before machine soldering. Attach a warning sticker also on the other bag when you split the qty.
What happens to parts if they are not rebaked during machine soldering (IR, Vapor Phase or conventional reflow) I don't know what will happen The vaporized gas inside the package will desolder the joints inside the component The moisture in the package vaporizes quickly and creates pressure inside the component package. Most likely the package will burst (pop) why we call it popcorning. The device explodes like a bomb.
JEDEC stands for Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council Joint Equipment Device Engineering Council Joint Education Development Engineering Council Joint Electronic Device Engineering Committee.
On a bag you'll find following notice: MSD Level 3, 168Hrs. What does the 168Hours note mean? After breaking the seal, the components have to be processed within 168 Hours or must be rebaked prior to machine soldering. No impact at all You have to wait 168 Hours before you can solder them After 168 hours they will pop like popcorn.
IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D standard belongs to Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Nonhermetic Surface Mount Devices Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture, Reflow, and Process Sensitive Devices Acceptablity of MSD devices and Printed Circuit boards Acceptablity of Electronic Assemblies.
MBB bags may be opened for component inspection by cutting left side of the bag top of the bag near the seal Near the label pasted on MBB with scissor only.
Electronics devices Lead to Plastic-body/organic material packages such as Thick flim resistors Ceramic capacitors (QFP) & (BGA) Connectors.
To avoid thermal damage in SMT process can be eliminated through Prevention of moisture absorption Protect from physical damages Handle the devices by wearing gloves Low Temperature Environment.
As water vapor pressure builds during the reflow process may cause Surface peeling Popcorn Effect Microcracking Bulge issue.
Which tools do we need to have an effective MSD program? (Multiple choice) Desiccant HIC Card MSL label Rock salt Vaccum sealer Themometer Moisture Barrirer Bag (MBB).
Which components are most likely moisture sensitive? (Multiple Choice) Axial resistor SMD devices (IC's, Crystals, ...) Raw PCB's esp. made of Polyimide Mil Grade Connector Sealed Battery.
Why is rebaking required? (Multiple choice) The devices tastes better To get the moisture out of the device package To avoid popcorn effect To prevent damages to the device during machine soldering Rebaking is never required.
Which departments need to follow the MSD rules? Warehouse, Inspection, Manufacturing and outside EMS Outside EMS only Manufacturing only The whole company Everyone except yourself.
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