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MSD (Moisture Sensitive Device) Test

MSD Test

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Creation Date: 30/10/2013

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What does MSD stands for? Moisture Sensitive Device Mustang Speeding Machine Mold Sensitive Device Most Sensitive Device Mind Sensing Device.
When is a device moisture sensitive? When the package indicates an MSL level between 2 and 6 When devices floats in water When devices sinks in water When my supervisor says so There are no moisture sensitive parts.
Which tools do we need to have an effective MSD program? MBB (Moisture Barrier Bags) Dessicant HIC (Humidity Indicator Card) Vacuum Sealer MSL Label Rock salt Thermometer.
Which statement is correct? As higher the MSD level as more sensitive is the part As lower the MSD level as more sensitive is the part All levels are same sensitive Level 5 is the most sensitive level There are 20 MSD levels defined.
Which components are most likely moisture sensitive? SMD devices (IC's, Crystals, ...) Raw PCB's esp. made of Polyimide Sealed Battery Axial resistor Mil Grade Connector.
MSD Level1 storage time is? Unlimited (<=30Deg C / 85% RH) 1 year 4 Weeks 168 hours 72 hours.
On a bag you'll find following notice: Shelf life time is 12 month from date of sealing the MBB. (6-25-2013) Today is 10-25-2013. When do we need to rebake the devices? After 6-24-2014 After 6-24-2013 From today on (10-25-2013) I don't know, too difficult As soon as possible.
What is the popcorn effect in the electronic industry? When components crack during reflow soldering Getting some popcorn during the lunch break Components are popping of the PCBA during the Pick and Place process When an earthquake in the bay area creates popping noises When RTV looks like popcorn after the curing process.
On a bag you'll find following notice: MSD Level 3, 168Hrs. What does the 168Hours note mean? After breaking the seal, the components have to be processed within 168 Hours or must be rebaked prior to machine soldering. The components must be scrapped after 168 hours After 168 hours they will pop like popcorn You have to wait 168 Hours before you can solder them No impact at all.
Kitting opens a Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB) and noticed that all dot's on the Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) are pink. What do you have to do? The seal was compromised and nobody knows for how long. Add a warning sticker to the bag that will indicate that you have to bake the components before machine soldering. Attach a warning sticker also on the other bag when you plit the qty. Replace the HIC Change the bag and seal as nothing happened before Scrap the parts Continue business as usual.
How long is rebaking required? Depending of the MSD level, 1) values are noted on MSL label or 2) has to be taken from table 6.1 or 3) per manufacturers requirement Always 168 hours minimum 125 Deg. C 24 Hours at 500 Deg. C 24 @ room temperature Rebaking is never required.
Which departments need to follow the MSD rules? Warehouse, Inspection, Manufacturing and outside EMS QA department only Manufacturing only The whole company Outside EMS only Everyone except yourself.
Why is rebaking required? To get the moisture out of the device package The devices tastes better To avoid popcorn effect To prevent damages to the device during machine soldering Rebaking is never required.
What happens to parts if they are not rebaked during machine soldering (IR, Vapor Phase or conventional reflow) The moisture in the package vaporizes quickly and creates pressure inside the component package. Most likely the package will burst (pop) why we call it popcorning. The device explodes like a bomb Nothing happens The vaporized gas inside the package will desolder the joints inside the component I don't know what will happen.
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