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A planning area can include one or more planning levels. What are the functions of a planning level? (2 correct) A planning level is scenario specific. A planning level is defined for each planning area; it is the level at which data is saved. A planning level is version specific. A planning level enables users to analyze and plan at different levels.
A time profile is defined with the levels week, month, quarter, and year. Which PERIODID will be assigned to quarter? PERIODID1 PERIODID3 PERIODID0 PERIODID2.
Analytics charts are created by user in the advanced analytics application. What actions are possible in the advanced analytics app? (2 correct) Open Graphics in Excel Merge charts together group data query data/Apply filters to your data.
By default, all charts and dashboards are public. What should be done to make charts and dashboards private ? Enable the relevant settings in the Advanced Analytics and Advanced application. Choose only relevant key figures and filters in Analytics Avanced application. Enable relevant settings in the Global configuration parameters. Set restrictions for charts in the permission filter application.
Co-production allows you to model co-products. The output of a production process is several different products, which are produced concurrently. Which parameters apply to the co-product ? Production Lot size Capacity Consumption Consumption of components Output Product Coefficient.
End users are validating the SAP IBP solution, and are concerned with how long it takes to open templates. Which can impact performance the most, that should you consider checking ? Excessive IBP Formating in Excel UI. Number of local members and complexity of calulcation. Number of analytics charts displaying key figures' values. Key figures complex calculation.
You need to create time periods for the time profile in a planning area. What should you be aware of when executing the Create Time Periods application job ? The planning area with this time profile must be activated so that the application job can proceed. Multiple time profiles can be run with this application job. Job cannot be schduled to start immedialtely. A time profile has to be activated so that the application job can proceed.
For which of the following jobs can you enter planning filters as parameters ? Purge Master Data Create Time Periods for time profiles Purge Non-conforming Data Purge Key Figure Data.
How can you define new key figures ? By converting an attribute into a key figure in the configuration application. You create a key figure in the IBP Excel Add in UI. You create a new key figure with one key figure attribute. You create a new Key Figure in the configuration application.
How is minimum resource utilization considered by the optimizer ? For all buckets and all quantities that represent the minimum utilization Minimum resources utilization may not be achieved in full for restricted storage capacity. Achived in short term and then tail off in future buckets, due to discounts. It depends on demands in future buckets; if there is no demand, no utilization.
How many different time levels can be selected within one planning view ? Only base time levels of planning area. All time levels available in the time profile. Restricted by global configuration parameter. All time levels available in the time profile. Only time levels from base planning level of selected key figres.
While modeling for a large machine with high capital needs, you need it to run cost effectively with minimum utilization, even if it means producing more than demand. Which solution would apply to this scenario? (2 correct) Excess stock to be staged in an overflow warehouse. Enough demands can be pulled forward and pull production will occur. Capacity leveling will be possible for production and storage resources. Balance between excessive prebuild and minimum utilization by incorporating violation costs.
Model configuration allows the attributes of a master data type to be assigned as key figures. Which features are relevant for this type of object ? This object provides a single value for a unique planning. This type of key figure is not usually stored and it cannot be set to be editable. This object contains user-defined criteria that monitor exectuion of business plans. This object is not exposed to the user in planning views or modeling.
Process chevrons can be added to existing dashboards in the Advanced Dashboards application. What do the S&OP process chevrons represents ? Milestone steps that can be configured in an S&OP application. Milestone steps in an organization’s S&OP Process. Milestone steps represented in a dashboard in S&OP. Milestone steps in an organization's S&OP project.
The tiles displayed on the Launchpad homepage are arranged into groups. What applications can you include when you create a new group or add tiles to preexisting groups? Application from all catalogs Only applications that you can see on the Launchpad hompe page Only applications that are available in My home group Application that belong to your assigned catalog.
What action can be performed in the Advanced Dashboards application? (3 correct) Display all assigned analytics on a signle UI Organize charts Link two analytics charts Rename charts Add process templates.
What are the S&OP Operator (optimizer) parameters associated with demand fair share ? Number of fair share segments - Maximum days of coverage - Number of fair share segments late delivery. Number of faire share segments - Maximum inventory - additional tiering costs (default). Number of faire share segments - Additional tiering costs (default) - target inventory violation cost. Number of fair share segments - additional tiering costs (defaults) - Number of fair share segments.
What are some of the available ABC segmentation methods in IBP ? By number of items (Sorted values) By number of items (Sorted Average) By Pareto Principle (Sorted and cumulated%) By Pareto Principle (Sorted and Calculated values).
What are some of the prerequisites for configuring a planning area that results in a successful consistency check ? Configure at most 2 input key figure on the same planning level in a key figure calculation. Assignment of a compound master data type necessitates the assignment of its component master data types too. Specify a planning horizon in the planning area for each level of the assigned time profile Configure at least one calculated key figure for the planning area.
What are some of the ways to create network visualization ? Use the analytics advanced app and create a supply chain network. Use chart functionnality in the planning view Use a dedicated supply chain network app Use an application job for network visualization.
What are the feasible solution for TS optimiser ? Not respecting production capacity Not adherin to maximum transport values Violation of minimum resources utilization Violation of minimum aggregated inventory values Not - fully satisfied demands.
What are the main benefits of using SAP IBP control Tower ? Gain holistic visibility across internal and external supply chain planning and execution systems and networks. To create suitable application job chains Understand the impacts and cause of exceptions, and take action to solve the problem Control which orders are going to be processed first by assigning rank via priority Collaborate, communicate and monitor performance of the supply chain.
What are the main features of alert key figure ? Data for these key figures can be loaded to the system. They can be defined as a key figure in the same way as a unit price. They check the conditions of other key figures. They can be set to both calculated and stored.
What are the mandatory when creating a new time profile ? A start and end date. At least one attribute for the time profile levels Description ID and name.
What are the ways to achieve period shift in SAP IBP calculation ? Use a native IBP formula use a local number use an attribute as a key figure Use an attribute transformation.
What can you use the disaggregation (DISAGG) operator for in planning areas ? Check master data and key figures to reveal inconsistencies. Copy key figure values between the same versions of different planning areas. Copy master data and key figures from one planning area version to another. Create missing planning objects.
What differentiates the Create New (Simple copy) and the Create New with Dependencies (Advanced copy) functions of a planning area? Associated attributes are only shared between the original and the new planning area when you use the Create New (Simple copy) function. Master Data is only shared between the original and the new planning area when you use the create New (simple copy) function. The planning view favorites are only copied when you use the advanced copy. A copy of the time profile is only created when you use the Create New with Dependencies (Advanced copy) function.
What do you have to do to connect to the SAP IBP database with SAP IBP Add_In for Microsoft Excel? (2 correct) Activate the time profile. Install the EPM Add-in for Microsoft Excel. Install the SAP IBP add-in for Microsoft Excel. Check that you have access to the Planning Area.
What does ABC/XYZ segmentation allow you to do ? Identify inventory items that require closer attention. Tailor your forecast strategy and inventory optimization to segment characteristics. Assign more appropritate inventory algorithms to planning objects. Analyze forecast accuracy by product class.
What function would you use to cnfigure year to date calculation? IBP_CAGGR with aggregation mode parameter set to SUM. IBP_LPA with static configuration as you are aggregating across broader time period. IBP_CAGGR with parameter for time profile level restart of a quarter. IBP_LPA with Dynamic configuration to query key figures at request level.
What global config parameter can be used to limit the number of planning versions in a system ? PLAN_VIEW->PV_COUNT_MAX ANALYTICS->MAX_RECORDS SCENARIO->SCN_COUNT_MAX.
What is a possible technique used by forecast models in IBP S&OP Module ? Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) Predictive Analytics Statistical Algorithms.
What is a prerequisite for modelling outsourced manufacturers with production capacity ? Model target inventory and stocks at the outsourced location. Use production lead times and offsets to manage components at the outsourced location. Model production cost for internal and external production resources to model priority Esure set up of multiple modes of transportation.
What kind of algorithms can you combine to come up with the best forecast in IBP (2 correct) Mid-term ones, and machine - learning ones Mid-term ones, and long - term ones. Short-term ones, and machine - learning ones Short-term ones, and mid-term ones.
What must you do to enable change recording for a key figure ? Set the planning levels to active for change logging Set the planning area to active for change logging Set the key figure to active for change logging Set the change log to active for master data type used.
What must you do to integrate order data into SAp IBP Microsoft Excel UI Cloud Platform Intergation for Data Service Smart Data Intergation Web UI data Load.
What objects do you need ot upload before key figure data ? Time periods and relevant master data one simple master data record and one compound master data record Time periods and time profile attributes Time periods and business roles.
When can you use the TS optimizer ? (2 correct) When generating an operational production plan in daily or weekly buckets When generating a procuremental plan for raw materials and components Create a short-term distribution plan For creating simulation for tactical planning.
When you promote calculated and approved inventory parameters from SAP IBP for inventory, what other IBP modules can be receiving them ? SAP IBP for demand SAP IBP for response and supply DDMRP SAP IBP for SandOP.
Which action that can be performed with an existing configuration object will result in the creation of a D record in the database ? Modifiying the active record Modifying the inactive record Performing the active deletion Generating any new object.
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